Uber for X

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Establish your brand in the markets by integrating your logo, name, icon, etc.. into the script.

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We offer 12 months of free support for all the Uber X products you have purchased with us.

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Both installation and customizations will be done and delivered on time. We also won't compromise on quality.

Uber Clone Highlighting Features

  • Surge Pricing 

    Taxi fares vary based on-demand. We will notify the customer if there is any surge pricing applied to it.

  • Waiting Time Calculation 

    Riders have to board the cab at the right time. If there is any delay, extra charges get automatically applied to the fare.

  • SOS Emergency Button

    The SOS emergency button is an emergency button. With a single tap on this button, an alert gets dispatched to your contacts instantly.

  • Schedule the rides

    Users can schedule the ride for a later time. The script automatically sends the request to the drive at the scheduled time with pick up time, name, destination details, etc..

  • In-built Chat

    The in-built Chat option helps people to have a real-time conversation with the driver and rider. It avoids unnecessary chaos or inconvenience for both.

  • Tips to Driver

    You can pay tips to the driver through the mobile app. The driver can also see his complete tips history within the app.

Uber for X Handyforall - Highlighting Features

  • Book Later

    The book later helps the customer to schedule bookings at a convenient time. It will send a reminder with a notification message.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    This feature helps you to know the real-time status of your tasker. It also helps to track the location of your tasker.

  • Add Miscellaneous Charges

    You can easily add/modify miscellaneous charges in the generated bill. If the tasker performs an extra task, then it can be added to miscellaneous charges.

  • Track Transactions

    Real-time transaction tracking is possible in the handyforall app. Users can also see the miscellaneous and additional updated charges in the app.

  • Instant Bill Generation

    After the completion of the task, users will get an install bill generated from our systems. This auto-generate bill includes taskers payment, tax, commission, etc..

  • Fully Customisable

    The admin can customize the script according to his convenience & usability. The app is fully customizable.

Ubereats Clone Highlighting Features

  • Multiple Payment options 

    Users can choose to pay from Multiple Payment Options like credit cards, debit cards, Paytm, wallets, cash, etc..

  • Push Notifications 

    Our Ubereats like app send Push Notifications to all users for every update. It tracks the delivery person in real-time and sends the update instantly.

  • Automated OTP Verification

    Signing up into the mobile app is easy and secure as it has an integrated OTP Verification system. It is completely automated.

  • Invite/Refer Friends

    Users can invite friends and earn a commission. They can also refer friends using a unique referral link and get offers and discounts.

  • Schedule Food Order

    Users can schedule their food at a particular time for delivery. The system automatically sends the order to the restaurant at the scheduled time.

  • Live Tracking

    Live Tracking feature helps the customers to know the live status of the food delivery partner. It also shows the approximate ETA.

WhatsApp Clone Highlighting Features

  • Share GIF’s/Stickers 

    Make your conversation more interesting by sharing Gif and Stickers with your loved ones. Gif’s and stickers are customizable.

  • Secret Chat Option

    If you want to chat secretly with someone, you can choose this option. It will help you to maintain privacy with others. It is secured & reliable.

  • Video Calling

    The application comes with an integrated high clarity video calling option. You can also apply filter options during the call.

  • Group Chat

    If you want to chat with more than one person at a time, you can create a group and chat with them. Users can create unlimited groups.

  • Location Sharing

    Location sharing is entirely real-time. It shares the latitude and longitude of the place instantly. It helps to find a person quickly.

  • Sync Contacts

    The application automatically synchronizes contacts with your e-mail so that it will stay as a backup.

Tinder Highlighting Features

  • Like, Super Like Options

    We have integrated Like and Super Like options into the Tinder clone application. We designed it to look like a tinder app thoroughly.

  • Integrated Chat option

    With the in-built chat option, users can chat with their matches. They can also share unlimited emotions, pictures, audios, and videos.

  • Random Match Options

    The random match is nothing but a module that matches your profile with other profiles based on probability.

  • Age-Based Profile Match

    Our tinder like app brings in profiles based on Age-Based search methodology. Soon after entering your age, it will fetch you the matches.

  • Matches Based on Distance

    Users can find matches based on distance. The application will bring in profiles based on distance with its in-built GPS.

  • Integrated Voice/Video call

    Apart from chat, users can also do unlimited voice and video calls. Both voice and video calling features are integrated and free of cost.

About Dectar

Dectar is the next generation scripts development company that started with a taxi dispatch software like Uber in April 2014. Currently, we are selling more than 20+ applications to entrepreneurs and startups who are willing to launch an on-demand business online. In no less than five years, we have grown from 40 to 200 employees.

We now sell top-notch clone products like Airbnb clone, Uber clone, handy for all, WhatsApp clone, tinder clone, etc.. We do develop the app on both Android and iOS platforms.

Our customers are customizing dectar's on-demand model into various categories like Uber for Dog walking, Uber for maids, Uber for doctors, etc.. Its time for you to take your business to the next level, contact us now.

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Clients Testimonials

Boost Your Business and get the best returns with the uber like applications.

Uber-like script technology has become extremely popular, and thousands of companies started using this on-demand technique to catch the market. The problem is that none of the Uber-like applications in the market are robust and reliable.

Dectar offers a powerful turnkey solution with their Uber X applications for the users at affordable prices.

Dectar has come up with more than 20 reliable On-Demand services apps that can easily be configured to meet your business’ requirements. On-Demand Service Solutions are booming everywhere, but before you plan to build an Uber for X Script, you need to consider five basic things.

Because it is not so easy to jump in and succeed by implementing it using an on-demand business model, even though the sharing economy is booming every day, hundreds of startups have failed to survive. Since it is trending in the market, everyone started to make Uber for everything now.

On the whole, if you know the complete working model of Uber and your business, you can make your business a profitable one. The conclusion is the Uberization of Everything is the future. Check out the four effective Business Models that built some Billion Dollar Companies.

What Are Uber-Like Apps?

Handyforall application is nothing but an on-demand multi-service provider application that behaves similarly to Uber. Apart from the taxi service, it can also provide additional features and functions geared towards the user by facilitating other services such as dry cleaning, pizza deliveries, tow trucks, tutors, etc.. Uber has grown to $120 billion valuations from nothing.

Some of the technological advantages provided by our Uber for X software are:

  • Complete cloud-based solutions. It is easily deployable in AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc..
  • Easy configuration and minimal maintenance
  • Real-time accurate vehicle position tracking system for taxis and delivery vehicles
  • The ability to track orders and locate nearby locations for preferred services with ease
  • User-friendly admin panels and user interfaces to streamline the use of the applications
  • Intelligent routing & calculation features
  • Flexible payment options

In general, the app developed by on-demand companies requires massive reconfiguration and adjustments. But at Dectar, we made it completely customizable by providing the best quality turnkey applications that are ready-to-use for the targeted audience.

What is Handyforall? What Business Advantages Can They Offer?

An Uber based Model has much more to offer than just a platform you can use for improving the experience of your customers. Through a well-designed business plan, you can find more prospects and clients, expand your business, and earn a significantly larger income with fewer efforts.

Regardless of the services you have to offer, the on-demand service app can be customized and implemented for your business quickly. Uber-like apps are even launched for private jets to have a flight-sharing experience like car-pooling for private jets.

  • Fast and easy to configure interfaces
  • Powerful features for accessing locations on the map even for unknown addresses
  • Intelligent routing system
  • Cashless payments
  • Apps launched on both Android and iOS.
  • As a business owner, you will find the apps to be extremely user-friendly.
  • The apps can be personalized

We invite you to browse through our list of apps to kickstart your business with our on-demand applications.