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Uber Clone Highlighting Features

  • Surge Pricing 

    We have designed the app to notify the customer during the time of surge pricing. Specific prices are allotted for a different time period.

  • Waiting Time Calculation 

    Riders have to be at the right time. Additional charges will be collected for the waiting time of the cab.

  • SOS Emergency Button

    SOS emergency button aids in an emergency. With the single tap of this option, an emergency alert is sent to your contacts in that location.

  • Schedule Rides

    Schedules detailed description of the riders (ID, request creation time, pick up time, user name, status, destination address) can be viewed by admin.

  • Inbuilt Chat Feature

    Inbuilt Chat-Feature helps you to have a real-time conversation with the admins. This avoids unnecessary chaos or inconvenience for both riders and drivers.

  • Driver Tips

    You can pay tips to the driver only through a mobile app. Tips are the recorder for the purpose to display on financial reports.

Uber for X Handyforall - Highlighting Features

  • Book Later  

    Book later feature highly helps in scheduling your booking at your convenient time. This avoids the Chaos in time of emergency situations.

  • Track in Real-time 

    This feature helps you to know the real-time updated status of your tasker. It also helps in finding the location of your tasker from the time of starting to arrive.

  • Adding Miscellaneous Charges

    Miscellaneous and other charges can be easily added by taskers along with the generated bill for the relevant task done.

  • Easily Track Transactions

    Real-time transaction history can be easily viewed through a mobile app. Miscellaneous and additional updated charges are also accounted for and viewed.

  • Instant Bill generation

    Along with the task completion, you will get the install bill for confirmation that helps in acknowledging and paying made easier.

  • Fully Customisable

    A user can accommodate their process and task according to their usability and convenience. In addition to that time and work of tasker also customizable.

Ubereats Clone Highlighting Features

  • Multiple Payment options 

    Payment is made easier with multiple payment ways like cash or digital cards which helps the customer to handle payment management for their cuisine.

  • Push Notifications 

    Real-time location of the user, drivers, and restaurant helps in keeping engage with customers. Instant notification is updated through the highly defined app.

  • Automated OTP Verification

    Installation and use of the mobile app are made easier with Automated OTP verification. This aids the customer by avoiding the confusion in searching for OTP.

  • Invite/Refer Friends

    Options are available for the customer to invite/refer friends with an added advantage of Offers with discounts for a particular invite.

  • Schedule Food Order

    You can schedule your cuisine at a precise time, a particular time or later. There is no need for worrying about the timing of the order dispatch.

  • Live Tracking

    This feature allows you to track the order with updates of the real-time location which helps you to avoid confusion in waiting.

WhatsApp Clone Highlighting Features

  • Share GIF’s/Stickers 

    Now you can enjoy your conversation by sharing Gif and Stickers to your loved ones. Updated and new Gif’s and stickers are added.

  • Secret Chat Option 

    Secret share option is mainly helps you to maintain the privacy with your closed ones. End to end encryptions are safely maintained with reliability.

  • Video Calling

    High clarity with featured options is updated in video calling options which suit all devices. Filter options with beauty effects helps you to use hangout joyfully.

  • Group Chat

    Group chat feature options are made easier for sharing or adding the new entries in your group. Group link can be shared to your friends for easing adding.

  • Location Sharing

    Real-time location of the places can be easily shared with high degree of accuracy. The exact latitude and longitude position details are helpful in finding the person.

  • Sync Contacts

    Your contacts are easily synchronized with your e-mail or other services help you to maintain consistency and privacy.

Tinder Highlighting Features

  • Like, Super like options 

    Like option is an elementary feature whereas the super like option will make your interested partner to notice you.

  • Integrated Chat option 

    Integrated quality helps you share emotions, pictures, and audios added with the help of self-destructive messages.

  • Random Match Options

    In case of profile not up to the liking, random match option will assist you in finding your desired profile based on probability.

  • Age Based Profile Match

    The users can create their profile mentioning their age so the desired profile will be shown to the users based on age.

  • Match Based on Distance

    Distance-related preference is quality and highly used option that allows the users to find matches that are near to the location.

  • Integrated Voice/Video call

    Chat option helps you with video and voice call experience so the users can enjoy using the app. This is applicable only for users who are connected.

About Dectar

Dectar is an application and service provider; initially it has been started with a single taxi app in the year of 2014, April. There was no more time was taken by the organisation to resource and team for growth and expanding its functions. Currently, it distributes nearly 20 quality, leading edge mobile applications. These are mainly for tutoring and maintaining the dog watching service to truck delivery, taxi transport and food delivery with respect to the demand to the user. Within four years, the team of Dectar is maintained the organisation with more than 180 professionals for the proper management and satisfying the quality. For the Android and iOS platform which access the Uber-like apps and it is ensuring that the customer’s satisfaction towards the service.

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Clients Testimonials

Boost Your Business’ Returns and Get the Best Results

Ever since the first Uber apps appeared on the market, Uber like script technology has become extremely popular and thousands of companies started using these script clones to try and get an upper hand on their competition – whether by using it for taxi services, deliveries or even dating services.

The problem was that there has never been a well-organised, professional provider of Uber-like script before that could provide businesses with a powerful turnkey solution for any application they may require. This all ends now, as our experts at Dectar have come up with 11 reliable On Demand services apps that can easily be configured to meet your business’ specific requirements.

On Demand Service Solutions are booming everywhere, but before you plan to build a Uber for X Script you need to consider 5 basic things. Because it is not easy to simply jump in and succeed in your business by implementing it under On Demand Apps model; Because there are hundreds of startups that has failed to survive every for few months after they launch the startup. The sharing economy is booming day by day and its growth is rapidly higher when compared to others. Since it is trending in the market everyone started to make Uber for everything now. Mentioned below are some highly popular Categories Uber for House Cleaning, Uber for Food delivery, Uber for Dating There are lots of opportunities with this Uber for X model & ideas as well as there are lots of challenges to be faced when you are running a uber like app model. On a whole if you know the complete working model of Uber and your business, you can definitely make your's a profitable working model. Conclusion is on a whole Uberization of Everything is the future. Check out the four effective Business Models that built some Billion Dollar Companies.

What Are Uber Like Apps?

Handyforall application is essentially clone scripts of the Uber system that behave similarly to the original app, but can also provide additional features and functions geared toward facilitating other services, such as dry cleaning, pizza deliveries, truck deliveries or even tutoring and medical services. Uber has grown to $120 billion valuation from nothing.

From the client’s point of view, using our dectar application is extremely easy: all they have to do is access the app from a smartphone or other mobile device, locate the service they want, and have it either delivered to them or – in the case of taxi services, for instance – have it prepared for a destination of their choice.

One of the greatest advantages of this type of on-demand service is that clients no longer have to deal with the hassle of having to pay the service provider, cab driver or delivery person with cash or credit card. Instead, electronic payments can be set up, so that the entire process is streamlined and made to be extremely convenient.

As a business owner cashing in from providing these services, you will find that the entire process will be automatic and many of the problems that you have experienced in the past will be completely gone. Therefore, you can instead focus on improving the quality of your services, and expanding your business for enhanced future returns.

Uber Like Scripts Make It All Possible

Here at Dectar, are able to provide you with all the advantages mentioned above and much more. We have made sure that the turnkey solutions we provide offer the highest quality in terms of technical design and functionality, while also being built to offer fast, accurate results that your clients will thank you for.

Some of the technological advantages provided by our Uber for X software will include:

  • Complete cloud based solutions that will not require you or your clients to buy any additional software or hardware to keep the system working;
  • Easy configuration and minimal maintenance;
  • Real time, accurate vehicle position tracking for taxis and delivery vehicles;
  • The ability to track orders and locate nearby locations for preferred services with ease;
  • User friendly admin panels and user interfaces to streamline the use of the applications;
  • Intelligent route calculation features;
  • Flexible payment options and accurate fare, service cost and delivery pricing calculations.

On Demand App Developing companies often boast similar applications that are, however, much more general and require heavy reconfiguration and adjustments, before they can be ready to fill the specific needs of your company. At Dectar, we have done away with all that by providing the best quality turnkey applications that are already configured for targeted use, meant for a variety of particular services.

What is Handyforall? What Business Advantages Can They Offer?

A Uber based Model has much more to offer than just a platform you can use for improving the experience of your customers. Through a well-designed business plan, you can also advertise its advantages to find more prospects and clients, expand your business, and gain a significantly larger income without the same efforts and expenses you may have had to deal with in the past.

Regardless of the services you have to offer, the main advantage is that customers will be able to find one of your outlets or drivers with ease, using only the Uber like apps they are provided with. Then, just like with the original Uber, they can schedule their journey in advance (when it comes to getting a cab) or provide all the information about what they need, so that there will be no risk that the order they want to place or the service they are looking to find may not be adequate.

What this means for your business is that you will be able to offer exactly what your clients need without even coming in contact with them or putting together a call center for that purpose. The process will eliminate any potential problems and reduce the number of complaints that your company might receive. Uber like apps are even launched for private jets to have a flight sharing experience like car-pooling for private jets. With better reputation comes better business. In due time, you will find that more and more people are using your services, especially once the number of positive reviews and social media feedback posts starts to grow.

Advanced Scripting Features on Demand

The apps we develop here at Dectar are made to provide an easy way for service providers to deliver their services to clients without the added hassle and payment related problems that, for instance, taxi services and delivery companies have to deal with.
With the help of our powerful Apps & their features, you can configure your apps to behave exactly as you want them to, while benefiting from fast functionality, as well as secure and reliable connections that will link your business’ infrastructure and your employees to clients from all around your city or area:

  • Fast, easy to configure interfaces that can be adapted to your business’ specific requirements;
  • Powerful features for accessing locations on the map, even if the address is unknown;
  • Intelligent selection processes can be implemented for apps that are designed to help your clients find the closest and most suitable services;
  • Complex ordering features are available in the case of apps designed for dry cleaning and deliveries;
  • The Uber like apps can be configured to allow clients to book services and therapy sessions from home or from their office;
  • Cashless payments may also be included;
  • Apps can be made available both for the Android and iOS platform;
  • As a business owner, you will find the apps to be extremely user friendly, and the personalisation process will be entirely straightforward.

With regards to any one of our specific applications, more targeted benefits and features are also available, and we invite you to browse through our list of apps to find exactly what you need for your company.

Why we need Uber like Applications for all Services

Nowadays, there are so many clone scripts having been introduced around the world to perform the specific task. As per the technology development, there are so many additional features are implemented and added up with the mobile application. Currently, the Uber service has introduced the clone script of Uber for Everything to perform the similar projects, which are done by Uber.

This is mandatory that the user has to follow the terms and conditions, which are defined by the service. These mobile applications are very much useful to perform the different kinds of a task, which are demanded by the user of the clone script. These clone scripts are especially used for specially rebranding the specific product and it provides a complete support from the organisation.

Requirements of On demand Application Services

The user has to access this clone script for achieving their desired task on the platform of Android or iOS. The operating system is an important thing to lead or perform the specific task and with the help of the admin panel, the complete process will arrive. The notifications are updated via Emails or SMS service, so the users have to maintain those aspects in an efficient manner.

The process of an automatic billing is arriving by default in order to increase the speed of the performance and it could be the best way to improve its standard and strategy. This is completely customisable and it contains some flexible features to lead the project for the multi currency.