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  • Uber Clone

    World class Uber Clone Script most advanced dispatcher and admin panel

  • Uber for Doctors

    Launch your own Uber for X - Doctors app instantly. Best turnkey solution

  • Uber for Tutors

    Uber for Tutoring services app is here. Tutorill is one of the best Uber for x kit

  • Uber for Dry Cleaning

    Ultra premium app for on-demand dry cleaning services. Instant launch in hours

why dectar ?

Our Apps

Why Should You Use the Dectar Apps and Services?

The powerful and highly convenient features of the apps we have developed are designed to make your job as easy as possible. We offer:

  • High quality, easy to use interfaces that eliminate all the hassle and time-consuming tasks when it comes to the need for fast and reliable services;
  • Fully automated systems designed to make it easy for both customers and service providers to get in touch;
  • Real-time tracking solutions similar to the ones used as part of award-winning Uber applications;
  • Clean coding and thorough app testing practices that provide the best advantages in cars of stability and updating;
  • A comprehensive admin panel that can adapt to every type of business, and can ensure that company owners using the apps will be able to control every aspect of how the apps are to be accessed and utilized by both consumers and service providers.


  • Enjoy the Technical Advantages of Uber Like Software Designed for a Variety of Applications

    dectaradmin June 17, 2015

    Aside from advantages such as the ability to save time and money with the help of Uber for X apps, you will find these reliable mobile applications are also built for scalability, flexibility and convenience

  • The Uber for X Revolution: Powerful Apps for Every Aspect of Your Life

    dectaradmin June 17, 2015

    Have you ever heard of Uber like software? If you know about the Uber taxi booking service, you should also be aware of all the other avenues for which reliable Uber like apps have been already developed.

  • Turn to the Dectar Uber for X Apps and Get Superior Quality, Security and Reliability

    dectaradmin September 20, 2015

    With a team of over 60 experienced IT professionals and dedicated project managers, Dectar is your best source of Uber like applications. Our busy bees have worked hard to develop over 20 Uber apps for a variety of services

welcome to dectar

Boost Your Business’ Returns and Get the Best Results with Our Uber Like Software

Ever since the first Uber apps appeared on the market, Uber like script technology has become extremely popular and thousands of companies started using these script clones to try and get an upper hand on their competition – whether by using it for taxi services, deliveries or even dating services.
The problem was that there has never been a well-organized, professional provider of Uber-like script before that could provide businesses with a powerful turnkey solution for any application they may require. This all ends now, as our experts at Dectar have come up with 11 reliable apps that can easily be configured to meet your business’ specific requirements.

What Are Uber Like Apps?

Uber for X applications are essentially clone scripts of the Uber system that behave similarly to the original app, but can also provide additional features and functions geared toward facilitating other services, such as dry cleaning, pizza deliveries, truck deliveries or even tutoring and medical services.
From the client’s point of view, using an Uber for X app is extremely easy: all they have to do is access the app from a smartphone or other mobile device, locate the service they want, and have it either delivered to them or – in the case of taxi services, for instance – have it prepared for a destination of their choice.
One of the greatest advantages of this type of on-demand service is that clients no longer have to deal with the hassle of having to pay the service provider, cab driver or delivery person with cash or credit card. Instead, electronic payments can be set up, so that the entire process is streamlined and made to be extremely convenient.
As a business owner cashing in from providing these services, you will find that the entire process will be automatic and many of the problems that you have experienced in the past will be completely gone. Therefore, you can instead focus on improving the quality of your services, and expanding your business for enhanced future returns.

Uber Like Scripts Make It All Possible

Our Uber for X app scripts, here at Dectar, are able to provide you with all the advantages mentioned above and much more. We have made sure that the turnkey solutions we provide offer the highest quality in terms of technical design and functionality, while also being built to offer fast, accurate results that your clients will thank you for.

Some of the technological advantages provided by our Uber for X software will include:

Uber for X companies often boast similar applications that are, however, much more general and require heavy reconfiguration and adjustments, before they can be ready to fill the specific needs of your company. At Dectar, we have done away with all that by providing the best quality turnkey applications that are already configured for targeted use, meant for a variety of particular services.

Uber for X Apps – What Business Advantages Can They Offer?

An Uber for X script has much more to offer than just a platform you can use for improving the experience of your customers. Through a well-designed business plan, you can also advertise its advantages to find more prospects and clients, expand your business, and gain a significantly larger income without the same efforts and expenses you may have had to deal with in the past.
Regardless of the services you have to offer, the main advantage is that customers will be able to find one of your outlets or drivers with ease, using only the Uber like apps they are provided with. Then, just like with the original Uber, they can schedule their journey in advance (when it comes to getting a cab) or provide all the information about what they need, so that there will be no risk that the order they want to place or the service they are looking to find may not be adequate.
What this means for your business is that you will be able to offer exactly what your clients need without even coming in contact with them or putting together a call center for that purpose. The process will eliminate any potential problems and reduce the number of complaints that your company might receive.
With better reputation comes better business. In due time, you will find that more and more people are using your services, especially once the number of positive reviews and social media feedback posts starts to grow.

Expanding Your Business

A natural consequence of using our Uber for X solutions is that your business will expand far more quickly than you can even anticipate. Imagine being free of the limitations associated with needing constrictive marketing practices just to find a few clients willing to use your services, or with the disadvantages of having the very same advantages to offer that any of your competitors would be able to manage.
With the Dectar Uber for x scripts, you will be able to gather more income by letting customers find you, instead of having to spend thousands of dollars to market your services.
Combined with the unique benefits that your company already has to offer, your new Uber for x app will complete the perfect recipe for business success, allowing you to start out as a small business catering to the residents of a single town. Then, you can quickly expand to the surrounding areas, or even as a nationwide business, without having to wait for years before the big profits start coming in.

Advanced Scripting Features on Demand

The apps we develop here at Dectar are made to provide an easy way for service providers to deliver their services to clients without the added hassle and payment related problems that, for instance, taxi services and delivery companies have to deal with.
With the help of our powerful Uber for x Apps features, you can configure your apps to behave exactly as you want them to, while benefiting from fast functionality, as well as secure and reliable connections that will link your business’ infrastructure and your employees to clients from all around your city or area:

With regards to any one of our specific applications, more targeted benefits and features are also available, and we invite you to browse through our list of apps to find exactly what you need for your company.

Superior Value for Your Investment

At Dectar, we have worked hard for the past years to develop the most secure, reliable, convenient and fast Uber for X apps for as many different types of businesses as possible.
We have managed to develop some of the best high quality apps – for taxi, dry cleaning, house cleaning, tutors, massages, clinics, dog walkers, food deliveries, babysitters and dating – and we also offer reliable support and updates to help you get the most out of your Uber for X scripts over time, even as the technology continues to show increasingly quicker advancements.
Our company is continually improving the practices we use when it comes to implementing clean coding, advanced testing practices and detailed planning to come up with new and improved applications that all our clients can use right out of the box.
Through the dedication and hard work of our technicians and the knowledge and insight provided by our business experts, we can make sure that the application you are interested in can be completely adapted to your business, so you will never run into any difficulties when it comes to using it for your own specific business applications.
To get the best and easiest-to-configure Uber for x Apps for your company – whether you need it for a taxi service, dog walking, dry cleaning or any other types of services your business may engage in – simply contact our professional representatives, and they will provide you with all the necessary details for implementing our high quality Uber like software.