Zoom Clone Software with HD Video Quality Cloud-based Video Conferencing Software

  • Emoji Icons
  • Status Indicator
  • Group Chat
  • Waiting room for Participants
  • Sync invite with calendar
  • Private Chatrooms
  • Notification via Email & Phone
  • HD Video Conferencing

Record Meetings Automatically

Our zoom clone comes with an ability to record the session completely with both audio and video. You can also schedule recordings easily.

Syncing To Your Calander

Connect with any third-part calendars like Google, Outlook, or Yahoo calendars instantly. The Syncing will be entirely seamless and powerful.

Connect Your PC/Mobile

Now you can attend calls and share screens using your mobile. Our new version of the Zoom clone supports both desktop/mobile sharing.

Send/Share Pictures

Jizby allows you to send and share pictures with others during the meeting. It's quick and easy to send and share pictures through Jizby.

Jizby's Highlighting Features

Jizby has some attractive features that differ from other Video calling App competitors.

  • Dedicated Meeting ID

    Jizby generates a unique personal ID for every meeting. You can share this meeting id easily with your friends using social profiles..

  • Change Package

    You can offer various packages and show differences in meeting rooms and participants. You can allow users to upgrade anytime.

  • Manage Password

    Use this section to reset your password if you forgot your old password. It will enforce strong passwords if you are trying to add a week one.

  • Join With/Without Video

    Users have the option to choose the turn off the video before joining a meeting. Turning the video On/Off is a single tap of a button.

  • Create/Edit Polls

    Users have the option to add/edit polls in the app. They can participate in polls created by other participants. Start gathering responses using polls.

  • Attention Tracking

    The host can track the attention of the users using their browsers. The host can also ask the user to be attentive, and it works in real-time.

Zoom Clone Script - Stunning Features

Join With/Without Audio

Jizby users can mute the microphone from the app before joining the call. You will have this option both on the computer and mobile devices.

Personal Meeting ID Settings

Using the Configuration tab, the admin can customize settings related to Meeting ID. They can limit access using a password.

Instant Chat

The individual messaging option is available in our Zoom clone application. Participants can select a particular person & chat with them.

Enter With Meeting Code/Link

Share a meeting link or personal id to your friends and invite them to join sessions quickly. You can also share the links via email/social profiles.

Meeting Password

Conduct safe and secure meetings by securing it with a password. Participants need to provide the correct password to enter the session.

Schedule Recurring Meetings

Do you want to conduct a recurring meeting in a particular/different timings? You can schedule a meeting by setting a date/time.

Virtual Waiting Room

The host completely controls the waiting room section. The host can move a set of attendees to the virtual waiting room anytime.

Mute Audio/Video Upon Entry

Most of the time, meetings are noisy nightmares. So, we have added an option to mute all participants upon entry automatically.

Recurring/Non-Recurring Meetings

Send a recurring meeting invitation to anyone by setting the date, time, and duration. You can also select the time zone and break timings easily.

Zoom Clone App Features

Audio/Video Settings

Using this setting, you can change color, virtual background, appearance, and more. You can also make changes to your test call settings.

Change Account Settings

Sign in to the Jizby web portal to change the profile management and billing settings. You can also manage the users and meetings.

Emoji & Symbols

Start showing expressions using the Emoji & Symbols in the app. You can also upload your custom Symbols and GIF files into the app.

Presence Indicator

Users can see other user's presence using the presence indicator. It will show whether the person is available or away or busy.

Raise Digital Hand

Users can raise or lower their hands anytime. You can use this if you want to ask any questions with the host or say something during a meeting.

Meeting Time Pre-Defined / Custom

The host can send pre-defined meeting time with timezone and duration. The users can attend back to back meetings with scheduled breaks.

Screen Sharing With/Without Sounds

The host can permit users to share their screen with/without sounds. Users can stop sharing the system audio anytime.

Manage Calander Appointments

Our Jizby app allows you to easily schedule and manage the appointments easily using the integrated calendar.

Record/Access Meetings in the Cloud

Users can save audio, video, and screen recordings into the cloud easily. They can also access/download and delete the recording anytime.

Jizby App Features

New Video/Audio Meeting

Quickly schedule a new audio/video meeting and send the invitation to a group instantly. You can generate unlimited new meetings in Jizby.

Add/Edit Personal ID

The hosts have the option to add/edit the personal ID. They can also copy and paste another personal ID and join another session quickly.

Turn-ON/OFF Video for Attendees

The host has the power to Turn-ON/OFF Video/Audio for all the attendees. The hosts can also authority them from sharing their screens.

To Join Before Host

The host can enable the "Join Before host" option to start the meeting before the host arrives. It will allow users to join sessions without a host.

Message to Individuals

Do you want to message to an individual during a meeting? Initiate a private chat with the individual in the group during meetings/webinars.

Mark a Message in Chat

It is difficult to find a chat if lots of users chat with each other in a group chat. Use the star message feature to find the conversation easily.

Technologies Used

Jizby Architecture



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How to Make a Successful Video & Web Conferencing Software like Zoom?

(I) Zoom Business Model 

Zoom is the new fad in long-distance communication. COVID-19 era has made lockdowns and social distancing a new normal. Video conferencing provides a viable alternative to the physical modes of communication. Jizby is the clone of Zoom developed by the Snoota team. It is available on Android as well as iOS. It provides all the services similar to Zoom-like functionalities.

Video conferencing is a new mode of working. Zoom is the leader in this domain. When the pandemic struck the world, Zoom popped up as the best option. It is the most successful remote video conferencing platform. Hence, the buzz around its business model. Emulation of this successful business model requires scrutiny.

Zoom is a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform. Apart from teleconferencing, it also provides video telephony, distance education, and social relations. It is a freemium business model. The software platform offers free service for video conferences of up to 100 participants, with a 40-minute time limit. For larger or longer conferences, Zoom offers paid subscriptions. These subscriptions are the major sources of revenue generation. 

The Freemium business model follows the principle of word-of-mouth publicity. It attracts potential customers by providing them sample free services. The potential customer gets to know the features of the product. It helps in increasing the awareness about the product. The word about the product spreads among the users having similar needs. COVID-19 pandemic provided the same publicity when lockdown made physical meetings impossible.

The adoption of the software platform increases in this manner. Zoom added a customer base of around 2.2 million in March. 2020. It is equal to their total addition in the year 2019. Premium services like unlimited conference time and unlimited attendees come at a price. Zoom Rooms and Workspaces, Zoom Phone, Zoom Video Webinar are also payment-based services. 

(II) Some Challenges Faced by Zoom 

Work from home is a new reality. It will continue in the coming years and might become an accepted way of working. That would make Video Conferencing platforms an absolute necessity. Exchange of confidential and sensitive information would take place through these mediums. In this light, security features gain great importance. Zoom has faced some challenges in this regard.

Zoom-bombingis the phenomenon akin to call-hijacking. Zoom has been prone to attacks by hackers. After entering into the chatrooms, they drop racist and violent languages. It disrupts the smooth communication.

Data leakageis another issue of concern. There have been complaints of leakage of data from the Zoom-installed devices.

Privacy concernsalso plague Zoom users. The platform’s ambiguous stand about call encryption adds to the worry. Privacy issues have affected non-password protected communications negatively.

Ensuring quality of serviceis a big challenge in case of bad internet availability. Speed and bandwidth issues also hamper the quality of services.

Jizby is a readymade ZOOM clone that can provide extra features. Anyone willing to establish a business like Zoom can use our readymade scripts. It will be devoid of the general shortcomings of videoconferencing platforms.

(III) How Does Zoom Clone Work? 

First, let’s see how Zoom work.

Zoom is all about virtual meetings. It is necessary to understand how it works. It increases the quality of the video conference as well as the efficiency of the work at hand. Zoom is available for a variety of platforms that include Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. You can use it in the following manner.

If you wish to join a meeting, then follow these steps-

  • Step 1- Go to website zoom.us or download the app on your phone.
  • Step 2- Click on the Join Meeting tab.
  • Step 3- Upon being prompted, fill in the meeting id provided by the host.
  • Step 4- Fill the password provided by the host.
  • Step 5- You’re in and ready to communicate.

If you wish to host a meeting, then follow these steps-

  • Step 1- Go to zoom.us to create a new meeting.
  • Step 2- Choose the tab ‘host a meeting.
  • Step 3- Choose the option of video chat as per your need.
  • Step 4- Create your account and sign in.
  • Step 5- Send the meeting details, like meeting id and password to your intended guests.
  • Step 6- Host the meeting by letting your guest into the meeting.

You can also share your screen on Zoom in an effortless manner!

(IV) How To Make Money With Our Zoom Clone Software? 

Let’s see how zoom makes money and how much.

Zoom makes money by its unique freemium business model. Once a user gets habituated to the features of Zoom, he shifts to the subscription plans offered by Zoom.

Zoom has a 4-tiered subscription model that is the major source of its revenue. The four categories are Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Subscription is available on a monthly and annual basis. In 2019, Zoom posted a massive revenue increase of 88%. This figure is bound to increase for the fiscal year 2020. The exponential rise in the subscriber base would be the cause of this expected surge.

Individual users are major contributors to the growth of Zoom’s business model. Apart from that, business enterprises and corporate companies are their primary target. Distance education and online classes have emerged as another avenue for the Zoom platform. Zoom’s free plan, reliability, user-friendly interface, and low latency forms the backbone of its business model

A customer-driven business model has resulted in an outstanding rise in revenues. $21.1 million was the net revenue of Zoom. It presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs who are willing to start a venture in this field.

JIZBY by Snoota is the perfect means of encashing this opportunity. It provides a Zoom clone. It is a readymade app that provides all the services provided by Zoom. It is a perfect launchpad for those willing to bring new ideas to the field of video conferencing. Present times add to the immense possibilities in this sector.

JIZBY facilitates the setting up of new business by saving development time and cost. You can save the capital and use it for other purposes, such as online marketing. One can buy the Jizby and launch the app in 2 days. 

JIZBY provides customization of the app by changing its colors and functionalities. It adds uniqueness. It enables the addition of innovative ideas to the already successful and tested model of Zoom. Anyone who has used Zoom or Google meet could easily use Jizby clone. If you wish to Zoom to the path of success in less time and money, opt JIZBY!

Do you want to launch a zoom like application in your brand name and logo? Get in touch with us now to get one now!