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  • Voice & Video Calling
  • Encrypted Messaging
  • Secret Chat
  • Disappearing Messages
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Android & iOS Versions

Scimbo - Whatsapp Clone - Highlighting Features

Whatsapp Clone comes in both Android and iOS platforms. You can also use it as a web application with a user-friendly interface.

WhatsApp clone app

Push Notification

Scimbo comes with an in-built push notification feature. It sends a regular alert for individuals, group chats, voice, video calls, and more.

Document Sharing

Scimbo users can share their documents on both individual and group chats. It supports all major document formats like PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, and TXT.

Profile Management

Users can add/edit details in their profiles with pictures, videos, and GIFs. They can also update other details like nicknames, gender, and hobbies.

Blocked Contacts

Users can block/unblock any chat instantly to avoid spam/unwanted chats. They can also prevent them from adding their contact to unknown groups.

Star/Unstar Messages

Scimbo allows users to bookmark important messages by starring them. By starring an important message, the users can go back to that message instantly.

Privacy Settings

Users have complete control over their profile picture, status messages, last seen time, data, storage, and more.

Notification settings

Users can customize the notification settings as per their preferences. They can set a different notification to a group message, individual message, voice call, and video call.

Data Usage Management

Users can have complete control over the data used on their mobile phones. They can enable/disable options like Media auto-download, network usage, and more.

Direct Reply

If a user wants to reply to a particular message, he/she can quote the message while replying.

Mark as Unread

Users can mark a message as unread and reply to those messages later to keep it a visual reminder.

Invite Friends

You can invite your friends/families to use the scimbo application using the in-App invite feature.

Instant Search

Users can search for chats, contacts, videos, files, and more with the integrated instant search module.

Scimbo - Whatsapp Clone - Advanced Features

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Voice And Video Calling

Enjoy free, unlimited voice and video calls. Our scimbo app allows the users to make a voice/video call through mobile data or a WiFi network.

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Emoticons help the user to understand the context and tone of the message better. We have integrated a wide range of emoticons into the app to keep the conversations fun and engaging.

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Chat Backup

Scimbo data synchronizes with the cloud server automatically through Google Drive. So you do not need to worry about losing your important messages/files.

whats app clone whats app clone whats app clone whats app clone whats app clone
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Secret Chat

Users can have secret conversations with any other users in the app. The messages sent through secret chat expires automatically in 24 hours.

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Lock Chat

Users can secure their messages using this option to prevent other users from seeing them. It improves security and restricts access to other users.

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Two Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication during the login provides an added layer of security. It helps in verifying the legal owner.

Why Choose Our Software?

Upload Documents

Driver-partners can upload their ID proof, address proof, driving license, and all other details in the partner panel for approval.

Interactive Bot

Our intelligent chatbots save your time by interactively responding to customers. It is one of the easiest ways to increase your website’s engagement rate.

Location Sharing

Users can easily share their location instantly using the scimbo app. Users can share their location through instant messages or SMS at their convenience.


Our powerful app works on all platforms, including Android, iOS, and the web. You don’t need any coding skills to start using the application.

Custom Stickers

Customers can create their stickers for the scimbo app. Our app also comes with thousands of pre-built stickers along with the app.

Animated GIF’s Support

Scimbo allows the user to send and receive images in GIF format. It helps the users to share emotions easily with one another. We have developed the apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Send Voice Messages

Users can send, save, and forward the voice messages with a single click. They can also record a lengthy voice message from their smartphone and share it in a group.


Users can select or switch language quickly with a single click. They can also set their default language in the app. You can set your default language by going to settings > language > change language.

Detailed Documentation

Along with our script, we provide complete documentation of the workflow of the app. It helps the users know more about our messaging platform.

Paypal Integration

We have integrated Paypal into our script. So, users can easily send/receive instant payments securely using the app.

White Labelled

Users can get the app white-labeled with their brand name and logo. We will remove our company name and logo and replace them with your brand name and logo.

Data Protection

The users can export all their data and restore them anytime with our easy-to-use data backup module. We have also integrated Google drive into the app.

Synchronizing Phone Contacts

Users can easily import/export contacts in the scimbo app. They can sync their phone contacts with the scimbo app to avoid adding numbers manually.

Credit/Debit Card

Users can pay/upgrade their plans using their credit/debit cards. Users can also top up their wallets using their credit/debit cards.

Lower Battery Consumption

Mobile apps will drain your battery if it uses low-quality coding in the app. Our scimbo app consumes less battery and saves your mobile phone from draining.

Last Seen Time

If you go offline, the other users can check your last seen time in the app. You can also hide the last seen time in the app through the settings.

Broadcast Communication

One easy way to send a mass message is to use the broadcast message option. Using this option, the users can send bulk messages to all their contacts instantly.

Reply Privately

You can send a reply to a particular user in a group by clicking “reply privately.” It will help you to continue your conversation in private.

Change Number

Users can change their numbers easily and continue to use the app using the same phone. The users can change their numbers easily without losing old chats.

Delete Account

The users can quickly delete the account in two easy steps. Deleting your account will delete all your data. You can also take a backup of your data before removing it.

Copy and Forward

Users can copy and forward the images/videos and documents to their friends in the app. Forward messages will have a label named “forwarded” in them.

Responsive Design

As our website has ultra-flexible layouts, it is fully responsive to mobile phones and tablets. You can use the web version of the app at web.scimbo.com.

Secured & Encrypted

All the messages that you send/receive on the app are fully encrypted and secure. When a user sends a message, the app will encrypt/encoded it automatically before delivering it to the other user.

Archive/Unarchive Message

When a user doesn’t want to see a chat conversation on the list, they can quickly archive the message. The user can unarchive the message anytime in the future.

Scimbo - Web Features

Scimbo offers a robust, customizable admin panel with an eye-catching user interface

whatsapp clone app
whatsapp clone app
whatsapp clone app
whatsapp clone app
whatsapp clone app
whatsapp clone script

Feature Rich Admin panel

The Scimbo comes with an integrated feature-rich admin panel. You can use it for better monitoring and supervision.

whatsapp clone script

Scimbo - Whatsapp Clone Web Chat

Visit the web page and scan the QR code to continue the conversation on a PC or a laptop.

whatsapp clone script

Media Management

The admin can view all the media files shared through the Scimbo app. They can also back up all the media files from the admin panel’s media management module.

whatsapp clone script

Desktop Notifications

You can turn on the desktop notifications if you want to stay updated with the new incoming messages/calls and updates.

whatsapp clone script

Group Management

The admin can monitor or supervise all the group conversations. Admin can also add/remove members into a group using the group management module.

Scimbo - Whatsapp Clone - Web Features

Scimbo offers a Robust, customizable admin panel with an eye pleasing front end



Our Clients

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Have A One On One Interaction With Our Experts Now!

How Can You Launch a WhatsApp-like App for Your Enterprise?

A dedicated communication app for an enterprise is vital to boost its productivity. Enterprise chat apps effectively eliminate the drawbacks of email communication. These apps are fast, fluid, secure, and generate faster responses. Incorporating an enterprise chat app into a business ecosystem can create a sense of urgency among the team members. The benefits of a WhatsApp clone app for your company are aplenty. Below are the three ways it can help your company.

1. Scales Up Productivity

An enterprise chat app, aka our Scimbo app, brings all communication forms that happen within your organization under its umbrella. This streamlining process is essential for your company. It will avoid miscommunications and business blunders.  Another great feature that comes with Scimbo is the ability to share files among team members. One proven major psychological benefit of an enterprise chat app is the improved work ethic among employees. An exclusive inter-office communication app fixes responsibility on your employees. Hence, employee-employer interaction becomes smoother. For a company, seamless communication translates into quick decision making.  

2. Secure, Bug-free & Affordable

Relying on a third-party chat app for official communication puts your company’s confidential information at risk. On the other hand, Scimbo is extremely secure and apt for confidential conversations. Having Scimbo helps your company cut down international communication costs. Scimbo is stable and checked for bugs. The clone app uses state-of-the-art encryption to ensure confidentiality. 

3. Feature-packed

Scimbo comes with a ton of features. Some features, like direct messaging, in-app notification, and group chats, are the most popular. Next comes the file-sharing feature. Be it a video or a spreadsheet, sharing files among the employees through Scimbo is a breeze. The app supports a range of file formats. Needless to say that it supports video and voice calling. Another feature that ensures accountability is Scimbo’s delivery notification. The app will notify senders after delivering the message. Scimbo also has a push-notification feature. We have optimized the app for all major OS platforms, such as iOS and Android, and you can use it on web browsers. The app has a location-sharing feature. You can use this feature to help employees reach new branches and units. All chats in Scimbo are traceable using the ‘Search’ feature. Akin to WhatsApp’s real-time presence status, Scimbo too shows whether a user is online or offline. Users need not create a username and password to access Scimbo. They can use their social media credentials to access the Scimbo app.

How To Build Your Own Social Commerce Platform With Scimbo?

Millennials view email as an archaic thing. They prefer WhatsApp as their primary form of workplace communication, as voice calls are a bit intrusive. They love to use emojis, stickers, hand-drawn illustrations, and other visual elements in their messages. For them, everything needs to be instant and fun to use. Companies must understand this reality to scale up their productivity, real-time collaboration, and task management. You can build your social commerce platform using Scimbo’s following features.


Interactive bots are the future of customer-business interaction. AI-powered chatbots are increasingly solving the queries of customers than by humans. Chatbots are an excellent tool to address Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Scimbo’s chatbot is interactive and saves money that would otherwise have been spent on customer care executives.

Instant Payments

Gone are the days where only apps and websites had direct payment options. Our Scimbo app comes with an integrated PayPal and Stripe payment modules. They [PayPal & Stripe] are the class-leading payment gateways that make transactions secure and fast. We can integrate new payment gateways into the Scimbo app at additional costs. With this feature, sending or receiving money using Scimbo is easy as pie.

Instant Sharing

Scimbo allows its users to create groups with family members, colleagues, and friends. Users can share information related to products/services within the platform instantly. When such sharing happens, the group members are likely to know about the products and services. The idea behind this feature is to make use of the relationship between people and soft-persuade them to buy your products and services.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are great to keep your audience engaged with your products and services. Scimbo’s push notification feature is capable of alerting users individually as well as through group chats.

Two-factor Authentication

Our WhatsApp clone app provides its users with an extra security layer. It is 2FA, aka Two-factor Authentication. It will increase your company’s credibility. 


Upon purchasing our WhatsApp clone app, we will provide the users with complete documentation on using the app. We can rebrand the app as per the purchaser’s wish. Right from the logo to the brand name, we will rebrand everything. So, the app will appear as if your company develops it.

Differences Between Ready-made WhatsApp Clone App and Chat Apps Built from Scratch

Quick Start

It is an indisputable fact that developing a chat app from scratch and perfecting it takes quite a long time. However, clone apps are plug-and-play software that you can rely upon for a head start. We already put in the time and effort required to brainstorm, build, refining, and troubleshoot a new app. So, buyers need not worry about a clone app’s functionality.


By purchasing our WhatsApp clone chat app, a company can save a chunk of its investment. They could have otherwise spent them on research, development, and support teams. Another advantage a buyer gets with our WhatsApp clone app is people’s familiarity with the User Interface. This particular factor will lower your branding and advertising cost.

Customizable and Scalable

Akin to an app that is built from scratch, our WhatsApp clone app Scimbo is also customizable. We can tweak the Scimbo app to suit your taste and aspirations. Aspects, including color scheme, layout, font, transitions, text fields, and notification bar, can be altered to reflect your company’s personality. The customizability will allow your app to be unique among other similar apps. Since the app is made emulating the highly-successful WhatsApp, the script is of high quality. We can modify the script to scale up your business. 

No Need To Reinvent The Wheel

Over the past few years, on-demand apps and instant messaging apps have attuned the users to their user interface, functionality, and navigation. We have developed clone apps like Scimbo by leveraging this phenomenon. So, the buyers do not need to reinvent the wheel. Remember: Even popular apps such as LyftRapido, Ola, Aisle, Airizu are clones.

How To Launch Your Own Enterprise Chat Software With Our WhatsApp Clone Script?

Instant messaging apps are not just software pieces. They are platforms for shopping, payments, and promoting stickers. Popular messaging apps such as Line, Tango, and Kik have several revenue models. There are various ways to make money by launching your enterprise chat app.

Free-to-play Video Games

Upon buying our WhatsApp clone app, a company can let its users play free video games. Eventually, the company can make money through in-game purchases. In-app purchases are upgrades, extra features, and ad-free games. When your users make such purchases, you being a facilitator, will get a share.

Official Accounts

Businesses, influencers, and celebrities prefer to send mass promotional messages to their customers, followers, and fans, respectively. They will not shy away from paying a premium to use your app.


For Gen Z, messaging is not just about texts; it is more than that. Quirky stickers themed emojis, GIFs and whatnots find a place in every message they send. As a company owning an enterprise chat app, you can bank on this phenomenon. You can introduce buyable stickers and emojis. Except for WhatsApp, major chat apps such as WeChatViber, Line, Tango, Kik, and Nimbuzz earn handsome revenue by selling these digital media. 

e-Payment Feature

Allowing your users to send money to their friends, family, and colleagues through our WhatsApp clone app is effortless. Scimbo is integrated with PayPal, a leading online payment portal. The best part is that this feature comes free of cost when you purchase Scimbo. Once integrated, you can charge a nominal fee for handling charges from your users to make transactions.   

Subscription Fee

You can make some of the apps features premia. It will help you to charge a subscription fee from your users to access them. For example, Scimbo comes with a feature wherein customers can create their stickers. We can make this feature into a premium one. Likewise, you can restrict the ‘Group participation’ feature to a paid plan. 

In-app advertisement

Usually, the ads appear to be intrusive in chatting apps. But, if you skillfully include ads in the WhatsApp clone app, you can make some money out of it. You can partner with the official accounts for advertisements on the user’s chat screen. E-commerce and music distribution are some other ways to monetize Scimbo’s features. 


Yes, you can make money through donations. Telegram is one such chat app that relies solely on donations by providing its services 100% free. You can introduce a voluntary donation feature within the app for your users to support your vision. Even though there are many alternatives to WhatsApp in the market, only a very few are giving fierce competition.  Make use of our WhatsApp-like app. We have brought in almost all major features from WhatsApp. Get in touch with us now to see the demo