Scimbo – a star in the making

Today, no person exists without a smart phone and it is only a surprise if the phone does not have a messaging application! There are so many messaging applications around the world and people have a lot to choose one from. One such popular messaging application is Whatsapp and it has even paved a way to many clones. Sadly, the so called “Whatsapp dupes” do not make any justice to the original. They fail miserably either on adapting the look and feel of it or the features itself, but the tech market never fails to introduce new tacky messaging applications every now and then. The question is, are they are good enough to replace the very successful Whatsapp? The answer is not a shocker because it is a big fat NO! So what makes Whatsapp superior to its contenders around the world?

  • It is designed for multi and cross platforms
  • It is reliable and well secured for the users
  • It is absolutely free of cost
  • It does not entertain advertisements
  • It works on simple identity that requires phone number
  • It is simple yet elegantly designed for the users
  • It does not require a fantastic internet connection to exchange messages
  • It lets you to invite non Whatsapp users through a text message

Whatsapp was found in 2009 and it has been the most used application in many countries ever since then. The famous app has handy features and is very user friendly when compared to the gazillions of messaging apps out there. You can exchange texts, pictures and videos with your friends who are also on Whatsapp. It simply requires a stable internet connection to exchange messages and it does not drain a lot of internet data either. The best part is that you do not have to go through intense tutorials on “how to use the app”, sarcasms much? It is very easy to understand and even a toddler could be a ninja on using the app. So much for the mankind that depend on technology for communication these days, can’t help it though! Is there any other app out there on tech market that is as decently good as Whatsapp? Umm, yes there is! Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with the closest replica of Whatsapp, Scimbo. Scimbo – a threat to all other infamous clones Amidst a lot of clones, Scimbo is sure a standout and a winner! The app has features that are user friendly and it looks elegant as well. It is definitely not one of those cheap and bizarre gimmicks that leave behind a bad mobile app experience after one time use. The app is available for both IOS and android and is absolutely free. It does not consume much of phone memory space and it releases many updates with better mobile app experience. Scimbo is hassle free and is here to put a full stop to Whatsapp clones on tech market. Some of the features include,



  • app
  • app
  • app
  • Free messaging
  • Encrypted messages
  • File sharing
  • Photo sharing
  • Video sharing
  • Contact sharing
  • Location sharing
  • Emotions
  • Group chat
  • Starred messages feature
  • Mark as unread option
  • Voice messages
  • Audio call
  • Video call
  • Push notifications
  • Chat lock option for individual and group chats
  • Secret chat
  • Block contacts
  • Mute option
  • Archive conversation option
  • Status option
  • Set a display picture option
  • Broadcast option
  • Last seen feature

We all know Whatsapp is hugely famous for its wide collection of smiley icons and it has icons for almost anything and everything. Likewise, Scimbo has them as well, even better than any other clones. The app focuses to deliver a user friendly experience to all of its users by avoiding even the smallest of glitches on its features. It has voice call feature just like Whatsapp and it lets you keep in touch with friends without having to shed money on those regular phone calls. What if the recipient is not available for a call? No worries, Scimbo allows you to send voice messages and it is as simple as that. You can even get rid of your stalkers by blocking them with the help of block option. Group conversation feature allows you to have a chat with a group of people and you can also mark your chat as unread using mark it as unread option to keep track of it later. Secret chat feature allows you to have a secret conversation with your *cough cough* without having to worry about it simply because it automatically deletes after a particular time interval. Also, if you’re not a big fan of texting back to your friends or a nagging partner, you could just mute the selected conversation with mute option. It has push notification alerts to keep the users informed on messages and calls. Photos, videos and location can be shared on app and it does not even require a lot of internet data. How cool is that? One can never forget about the so called “internet memes and trolls” on Whatsapp’s last seen feature that revolved around social media sites. Scimbo has not missed to add this feature in its list and you can adjust last seen feature with privacy settings just like Whatsapp. With all these handy features, Scimbo - Dectars Whatsapp Clone is the frontrunner in the race, no doubt about that!

The app is classy and elegantScimbo is designed in such a way it delivers an efficient service to its users. No one likes a messaging app to hang or show up an error message during an important conversation. You do not have to worry about it on Scimbo because it never lets you down especially when you’re on “date chat” with your massive crush, we feel your pain! On a serious note, the app is very sleek and the smooth run of it could throw any clone under a bus! The rival clones would now be wondering on how to catch up with people in today’s technology.Scimbo, the instant messaging app has grown to be people’s favorites in a very short span of time, kudos to its features. Whatsapp has sure inspired many to clone but it has never been beaten by its cones. Its timeless features and easy user interface has always put the app on top of the list. It keeps coming up with many features on every update and they never fail to fulfill users’ expectations as well. Scimbo has offered what many other clones failed to offer and it would pose a serious threat to renowned instant messaging apps like Hike and weChat. The user interface is simple and neat, it does not go overboard with the bright colors that are out of synch. It has controls neatly placed and hits on the right target. It is not shabby as other Whatsapp gimmicks and it delivers what it promises to offer. The best part is that it does not require some serious skills to use the app because it is very easy and legit even for your grandpa, not kidding!

Scimbo - Whatsapp Clone could be yours too!Owning an app like Whatsapp is not a dream anymore, we make it happen for you. After all, it is not rocket science! If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is looking to make money off mobile instant messaging app that is similar to Whatsapp, then you have landed on the right site. With slight changes and customizations accordingly, you could make Whatsapp Clone of your own. No one really cares about the websites anymore because it’s all about the smart phones now. Today, it is very rare to find a sane human without a smart phone and it is the reason why every possible mobile app exists. Keeping in touch with your friends was always difficult back then but not anymore! Whatsapp has certainly changed that phenomenon and now, Scimbo has joined the club as well. It supports multi and cross platforms just like Whatsapp and consists of features that do not even exist on the original. To make the app your own, you will have to let us know your requirements so we can customize the script accordingly and deploy in your server. The app will then be launched in your play store and iTunes with the chosen name and you will get started right away. It is as simple as that! We offer free installation of the script on your server which in turn gives you the extra benefits in owning the app. That is not the end of the story, you will also be provided with free support after you purchase the script. You could even be the next Mark Zuckerberg in a matter of days, not kidding! It is all about the wise choice and smart business, so what are you waiting for? Get started, it’s time to explore the tech market with your own mobile app!

In the recent times, tons of instant messaging applications have hit the consumers market and not all of them are popular. Some of them have even been brutally demolished but Whatsapp has always been the best ever since it was introduced. It has even inspired many people to clone but none of the mobile phone applications have even made close to where the original is now. The stakes are up so high that one cannot even imagine defeating Whatsapp just like that. But that does not mean Whatsapp is immortal and cannot be replaced by its competitors. Scimbo has arrived to slay all other clones like a pro ninja!

Scimbo is not just like any other clone, it has indeed represented the best of Whatsapp. It has even proved the age old saying “clones cannot sustain for so long in the industry” is nothing but a myth! It has the most sophisticated look and a classy touch to it. It stands out among the other so called “Chinese dupes aka hookups” that are way out of league. Scimbo - Whatsapp Clone could be the true love that sticks to you forever no matter what, just a cheesy metaphor!

It could be another star in the tech industry as it has many features, even better than Whatsapp! The features list is highly reliable, secured and to the point. We offer brand new features for every update on play store and app store. People can now stay connected to their loved ones 24/7 with the help of Scimbo that offers voice call, voice messages, etc.

With so much to offer in this industry, you could make profitable business if you join hands with us, it’s never too late! We treat our clients like our entrepreneurs and we always make sure to live up to the current market trends. We have dedicated employees and highly trained Project Managers who could handle the projects with a touch of professionalism. The hard work is what that drives us to offer the best product to our clients. We have clients around the world and all of them are pretty much satisfied with Scimbo. We can help you make more money off an instant messaging application that could eventually pose a threat to Whatsapp in the near feature. Is it too good to believe? Well, anything is possible in the tech world! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us right away and find out more about Scimbo!