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The Need for UberEats Clone App

UberEats Clone is an on-demand food delivery application used as a turnkey software to launch your own food delivery business instantly in your vicinity.

The on-demand food delivery business is rapidly growing day by day. In this fast-moving world, everything is happening swiftly in minutes. The on-demand model has attracted almost every industry, and the food industry is one of them.

People are quite busy with their work schedules, and they find it hard to allocate time to cook every day. That's the reason there are restaurants all around the corner to grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

DineDoo app has some competing features that differentiate us from our competitors.

There are tons of apps for food delivery in the market to have your meal delivered in less than 30 mins. Uber has been the pinnacle of the ride-hailing industry. It has been a while that it has taken the first step towards delivering food to its consumers.

Using the UberEats app, people can place an order for food from a nearby restaurant and have it delivered to their doorstep in a short period. If you want to launch an app like Ubereats, then you are in the right place.

It is the right time to launch your food ordering business with our UberEats Clone into the market. You don't need to possess any programming or technical skill to operate the app. We are always there to help you to launch your UberEats Clone Application.

Hundreds of Dinedoo-like apps already flocked into the market last year. Anyone needs to choose the right kind of app to ensure that they are on the right path with the right script. Of all the UberEats like App scripts available in the market, DineDoo is the best.

Dinedoo - Advanced Features

DineDoo has some competing features that differentiate us from our competitors.

PayPal & Stripe Module

DineDoo app comes with an Integrated Paypal module. It also has a Stripe payment processing platform to accept credit cards, manage subscriptions, and send money.

White Label Customized Solution

It is quick and effortless to deploy your on-demand food ordering app. Our white-label solution comes on both Android and iOS platforms, along with the web panel.

Multi-Currency Suite

Our app supports the multi-currency feature. This module will help you to recalculate money automatically to the local currency. The currency exchange happens in real-time.

In-Built Dispute Module

Dinedoo app has a dispute settlement module integrated into it. Inside this module, the admin can overview the conversation and documents submitted by both parties.

Instantaneous Search

With this search feature, the user can apply multiple filters to see their favorite restaurants instantly. They can filter the restaurants by cuisine, ratings, and delivery time.

OTP Verification

We use Twilio to do mobile number authentications instantly. Once a new user registers in the app, they need to complete the OTP Verification before placing orders.

Customer Support

Owners can provide a wide range of online support to users by replying through built-in chat or responding to emails, or supporting through voice/video calls.

SMS/Phone Booking

Customers can also make the booking through SMS or a phone call. The moderators need to add those orders manually into the admin panel. The system will process those orders and dispatch the request to the restaurant for processing.

Native Mobile Apps

We deliver native apps on Android and iOS platforms. The speed and performance of mobile apps will be incredibly fast and highly efficient.

Wallet Payment Option

We have integrated a digital wallet into the app. It allows the customers to top up and pay for food orders anytime without using their credit/debit cards.

In-build Chat Option

We have integrated a simple app-based chat module into the Dinedoo app. It will help the customers and delivery partners to chat with each other.

Multi-Language Settings

Using language settings, users can change the whole app/website into their local language in just a single click. We have integrated hundreds of languages into the app.

Customer App Features


Customers can give ratings to the delivery partner after getting the food. The users can write feedback about the restaurant and the delivery partner in the app.


Using the booking tab, customers can check their order history easily. They can also see the complete invoice details, including the tax and tips spent during the order.


Customers can make use of this GPS tracking option to locate the delivery partner on the map. Using this module, customer's can guide the driver to their home quickly.


Our app automatically fetches the customer's location and lists the nearby restaurants based on the ratings and prices. Also, the app will directly retrieve all nearby bars and restaurants using GPS.


Customers can use promotional codes to get discounts on their food orders. They can add a variety of valid coupon codes into the app with just a single click.


Existing users can earn money by referring new users to the app using a unique referral code. They can also share the referral code via social media profiles easily.


We have integrated this brand new takeaway option into the app recently. Using this option, customers can give takeaway orders in the app to pick the food anytime.


Customers may want to repeat the same food order sometimes. To help them, we have added an option called reorder, where users can click on that to repeat the order.


The customer can schedule the order anytime so that the dinedoo app processes the order at the scheduled time. Orders get processed only if the restaurant is online.

Delivery Partner App Features

Earnings Tab

Delivery partners can see the complete details of their earnings in the earnings tab. This tab will show you the full earnings summary of the driver since its inception.

Review & Feedback

Delivery partners can submit their ratings and share their comments about the restaurant and the user. The admin can make use of this feedback to improve their service.

Social Login & Sign-On

Drivers can instantly sign-in using their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. They don't need to enter their username and password in the app.

In-Built GPS Navigation

Dinedoo app comes with a built-in GPS-navigation system. The delivery partners can use this feature to find the customer's location on the map.

Edit/Update Profile

Delivery partners can add/edit the profile anytime and change their photos. They can also change the password in the profile section instantly.

Change Online/Offline

Drivers have to go online to receive orders from the restaurants. If they want to take a break or stop taking orders, they can go offline anytime with just a single tap.

Partner Registration

Using the partner app, delivery guys can register for a new account by uploading valid documents into the app. They can also upload multiple files at the same time.

Payout Tab

Delivery partners can add their bank account details to this tab. Admin can send payout to their bank accounts directly in batches. They can also change it anytime.

Accept/Reject Orders

The delivery person can either accept the order or reject the order. If they reject the order, the app will automatically send the request to nearby delivery partners instantly.

Restaurant App Features

Availability Status

The restaurant can change the availability status anytime with a single tap. They can go Online/Offline instantly by changing the status in the restaurant app.

Add Categories/Varieties

The restaurant can add an unlimited variety of food varieties to the menu using the app. They can also add categories and categorize them in batches for future reference.

Real-time Tracking

Using the Restaurant app, restaurant owners can track the delivery partner's real-time location in the app. It helps them to calculate the estimated time easily.

Booking Status

The restaurant owner will get real-time updates in the app. They can also edit the status and update it using their app.

Update Business Info

The restaurant owners can add/edit the business information section in the app. They can edit information such as the opening/closing hours, holidays, delivery distance, and more.

Notification Alerts

The app will send automatic notifications to both customers and delivery partners instantly. It also sends an automated SMS to the users.

Manage Orders

Restaurant owners can manage and customize the orders easily from their restaurant panel dashboard. They can change the status of the ongoing orders, canceled orders, and completed orders.

Manage Reviews

With our all-in-one restaurant & review management, panel owners can respond to reviews in the app. They will also receive reports from the delivery partners.

Separate Dashboard

Our Restaurant app comes with a separate backend panel dashboard. It contains the information history of all the orders placed, canceled orders, and driver commission.

Admin/Owner App Features

Comprehensive Admin Panel

Admin will get a fully responsive extensive admin panel. Here he/she can moderate all the details like adding sub-admins, restricting IPs, and verifying documents.

High-level Analytics

Admin can analyze the traffic data to alter and make changes to the app. Admin can also check the flow of traffic in the app. It will help them to sort and list the restaurant accordingly.

Built-in Banner Management

This module allows the admin to add banner ads to the app. It will help him to make some extra money with the app. We developed the dinedoo app with a powerful ad management module.

Website Earnings

Our script comes with a commission module and Ad revenue calculator. It helps the admin to check the earnings from commissions and banner ads.

Manage Settings

Admin can manage the cost, delivery charges, promo codes, filters, and categories from the settings module. We have integrated some powerful insights into the admin dashboard to help your business.

Sub-Admin Management

Owners can add any number of sub-admin to manage the website and app. They can limit the access privileges to sub-admin, and they will always have control over them.

Manage Restaurants

Admin can add/edit/remove restaurants anytime from the admin panel dashboard. They can also add address details and phone numbers of restaurants.

Manage Users

Admin can manage all the users, and they have the option to categorize them accordingly. It will help them to send promos to a particular set of users quickly.

Add/Edit Payment Modules

Admin can add new payment gateway modules in the app. You can contact us to customize new payment gateways in the app. Also, you can enable/disable them anytime.

Send Notifications

Admin can send push notifications to all the registered users in the app. They can also post the announcements to selective set users based on categories.

Bulk Email Option

Business owners have the option to import/export user details into the dashboard. They can also send bulk emails to the registered users anytime from the admin panel dashboard.

Commission Management

Admin can edit and change the fees anytime just by logging into the admin panel. They can also export the list of earnings and commissions into a CSV file.


How Does the Dinedoo Customer App work?

  • Customers Download the App and Register for a New Account.
  • They Can Signup Using an Email Id or Using Their Social Media Accounts.
  • Customers Can Search for Their Favorite Restaurants by Applying Multiple Filters in the App.
  • After Selecting the Restaurant, Customers Need to Add Their Favorite Food to the Cart and Proceed to Checkout.
  • Then They Can Complete the Order by Making the Payment Using Their Convenient Payment Gateways in the App.
  • If the Payment Is Successful, the Order Will Be Sent to a Driver-partner Instantly.
  • Customers Can Track the Order in Real-time From the App.
  • After Receiving the Food, The User Can Rate Both the Delivery Partner and the Restaurant in the App.

How Does the Restaurant App work?

  • Firstly, the Restaurant Owners Have to Register With Admin to Get the Login Details.
  • They Can Log in to the Account Using the Username and Password.
  • After Logging in, They Need to Change the Status to Online to Start Receiving Orders.
  • They Can Also Set Standard Opening and Closing Hours in the App.
  • Once They Receive the Order, They Need to Check and Confirm the Order Manually.
  • They Will Also Get the Complete Details of the Assigned Delivery Partner.
  • They Can Hand Over the Food to the Assigned Delivery Partner and Monitor the Driver in Real-time From the App.
  • The Restaurant Owner Can Give Ratings and Feedback About the Delivery Partner From the App.

How Does Driver Partner App work?

  • The Driver-partner Can Register for a Part-time or Full-time Work in the App.
  • They Need to Upload All the Documents, Including Their Id Proof and Address Proof.
  • They Can Upload Multiple Files Instantly.
  • After Approval, They Need to Login to the App and Change Status to Online to Receive Orders.
  • Once They Receive the Order, They Can Proceed to the Restaurant to Pick the Order.
  • Using the Built-in Gps, They Can Navigate to the Customer Location Easily.
  • After Delivering the Food, They Can Rate the Customer as well as the Restaurant in the App.
  • They Can Check Their Earned Commissions by Navigating to the Earnings Tab. Also, They Can See the Tips Received From the Users in the App.

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Have A One On One Interaction With Our Experts Now!

It’s 2 AM, and you can hear your stomach roaring with hunger. You go to check your fridge for snacks. When you realize that there are no snacks to munch on, you reach out for your phone to order something online. You open a food-delivery app, search for your favorite restaurant, and place an order to fulfill your cravings. Depending on the restaurant and the order-preparation time, you’ll get the order right at your doorstep within a few minutes. It feels like magic, but it isn’t. For the past ten years, the development of online food delivery apps is on the rise. The food delivery market is experiencing what we call a mushroom expansion. The current generation is growing more dependent on the technologies at their disposal. The “Millenials,” as they are commonly known, are spending more time ordering food online than going out for takeaways. As business owners, we get curious about such apps.
  • How do they work?
  • How can we create a similar app for our business?
  • What are the options we have to get such apps?
  • How to develop an Uber Eats Clone app?
These are few queries business owners tend to face daily. This article will get to know all the necessary details about the Online Food Delivery market and Online Food Delivery App.

4 Reasons Why the Future of On-Demand Food Delivery is Bright

1. The “Millenials” and Their Food Habits

The “Millenials” or Generation Z, Call them whatever you want to, but they are the priority customers for any online food delivery business. Most of them lead a lifestyle where they spend a hefty amount of their expense on ordering prepared food online. They spend most of their time online compared to other older generations.  Their lifestyle is fast-paced, and food choices are quick-to-eat. They are more apt to go for online food delivery and quick-service restaurants. They are the driver of the online food ordering industry due to their ample expense power.

2. Convenient Ways of Ordering Food

A sizable amount of customers abandon digital food ordering platforms due to poor customer experience. The common reasons are poor website management, order customization, and poor handling of customer queries. As business owners, you have to provide an efficient online ordering system.  Now customers can place their orders anywhere, from social media to via virtual assistants. People can now place their digital orders through a tweet on the company’s official Twitter handle. Virtual assistants are the savior of many digital food platforms. They get in touch with you quickly, help you customize your order, and even receive the payments. We at “Dectar” provide you with a customizable Uber Eats Clone app with various ordering options for you to stand out among the rest.

3. Evolution of Cloud Kitchens: 

Virtual kitchens or cloud kitchens are in trend right now. This concept helps the local vendor to expand their brand and business owner to boost their profits. For example, a salad café can offer sandwiches with minimal customization to their in-store ingredients. This café can now become a cloud sandwich station on your Uber Eats Clone app. Virtual kitchens help digital ordering platform to minimize their expense by preparing customized meals on-demand. 

4. Innovative Order Delivery: 

Manual Delivery is becoming obsolete due to the introduction of various advanced technology in the food delivery business. Now businesses are not limited by the manual labor force. Digital Food platforms are now relying more on faster delivery options with low operational costs. Robots, drones, and parachutes are now in for food delivery.  These innovations ensure that the digital food ordering industry is going in the right direction.

What is better? Developing Your App or Using an Uber Eats Clone App

Saves Time

Developing a new app from scratch is a lengthy and time-consuming process. It requires a significant investment of time and patience from your developing team. Developing an app from scratch is not going to be error-free. Using a clone script for your digital food delivery app will save you time. It will create an opportunity for the owners to invest more time in marketing your Uber Eats Clone app.  We at “Dectar” provide you with an Uber Eats Clone app that is pre-approved, bug-free, and legal. It is customizable, and our team of professionals makes sure that you get the desired features for your Uber Eats Clone app.


The development of a new app from scratch is not exactly a budget-friendly option. It would take a sizable monetary investment. As business owners, you have to spend less on developing a new app and focus on earning more out of it. Hence, an Uber Eats Clone app is your safest bait to make a mark in the digital food delivery industry. The Dinedoo app will cost you around half the amount of developing a new app. It will also give you the room to allot an extra budget on maintenance and other necessary services. It is customizable and easy to process. You can upgrade it as per your customers’ feedback by providing regular app updates.

Platform Independent

An app to work across all mobile platforms is a common goal of many digital food delivery businesses. We at “Dectar” provide you with a platform-independent Uber Eats Clone app that is robust and transferable. While developing a new app always arise the question of its working capabilities across different operating systems. It avoids the headache of making two separate databases for iOS and Android for the app. Hence, it is wise to utilize your expense on a robust Uber Eats Clone app due to its efficiency and reliability of working across different operating systems.

Faster Launch Time

Choosing between developing a new app and a clone script also depends on the app launch time. While developing an app from scratch is a time-consuming process, it delays your app launch time. A pre-approved Uber Eats Clone app saves you development time. It avoids any delays in the app launch process. We at “Dectar” provide you with a clone script that not only saves your resources but also helps you with your business planning. Our Dinedoo app avoids any pre-launch business strategies. Hence, it ensures a faster time-frame for your Uber Eats-like app to launch in the market. 

Creating Business Strategies for Your On-Demand Food Delivery Business

Simplified UI

Looking at the current cut-throat competition in the market, launching an UberEats-like app with a simple UI/UX is the best way to stand out. People often go for an interactive and rich browsing experience to order their food. Customers often like a clutter-free food delivery app. Hence, any food delivery app must have the following features to stand out-
  • 1.Quick access to the menu section of a restaurant.
  • 2.Fast access to all nearby food delivery places.
  • 3.Real-time tracking of the placed orders.
  • 4.Accurate food delivery schedule.
  • 5.Delay notifications of the order.
  • 6.Multiple pre-pay and COD payment options.
  • 7.Customer feedback to identify areas of improvement.

Right Target Audience

The competition in the food delivery industry is fierce. It’s not always about the tasty meals that would make your app popular. Defining your target audience is a must for your food delivery app to succeed. Your audience zone can vary from office goers to college students. Every individual has their own set of food preferences. You can’t recommend someone Pizza who is looking for healthy food options. Likewise, you can target the Millennials with combos or food with beverages. Each set of customers is unique and in demand. Hence, choose your target set and stay focused on serving them better.

Favorite Restaurants

Identifying the nearby best-selling restaurants should be on your priority list. Collaborating with such places at the right time in the right way is essential for your success. Create the hype around it, promote it on social media and across other digital platforms.  Our ready-made UberEats-like food delivery app will make the process easier with its restaurant dashboard feature. You can create a dashboard for the tied up restaurants, where partners can see the orders placed, change their menu, and update the prices. This dashboard will serve as a bridge between the restaurants and your Dinedoo app.

Offers On-Demand

Who doesn’t love an add-on with their orders? Keep your customers happy with offers and discounts on occasions. If you can make the user experience friendlier and distinctive, you can gain more users for your app. You can customize a ‘Takeaway’ tab on your app that allows users to pick up their food at a convenient time. With our ready-made food delivery app, you can customize an ‘Alerts’ tab for informing users about the discount coupons, latest offers, and top restaurants. Such a feature will not only engage your users but also will make them come back for more. It will increase your number of users via manual promotion.

User Retention is a Must

Delivering food to your doorstep was a distant dream some years ago. Now it is within your reach to order and enjoy your favorite food at home. It is taking over the global market at a considerable pace.  The Phrase ‘Customer is the King’ also applies to the online food delivery market. If you can retain your old customers, then you have won the race to the top. Hence, reliable and hassle-free customer service helps in customer retention. Loyal customers will get you more profit.

Creating Business Strategies for Your On-Demand Food Delivery Business

How to Start a Food Delivery Business and Grow With Our Uber Eats Clone App? For any digital delivery business, the priority is knowing your set of customers. After that, you can grow your business based on various external and internal factors. We at “Dectar” suggest our customers with the best in class features for their Uber Eats Clone app. Here you will know all the necessary steps to start your own food delivery business and how you can use our Uber Eats Clone app for your business growth.

Master the Dishes and Curate a Menu

The first step to any food-related business is to know your dishes. Customers will order again if they are satisfied with the taste the first time. So you need to include the more popular recipes for your business. You can experiment, but update your menu once you master the recipe.  Preparing a menu is not child’s play. So our professionals at “Dectar” can help you choose the dishes in trend for your menu. Before adding any food items to your menu, try different combinations to identify the complimentary combos. That way, you will get an idea of which two items you can serve together.

Catchy Business Name and Online Presence

Brainstorm a bit while choosing your business title. Try to keep it small yet catchy enough. If you want a longer title, then make sure its abbreviated form is a single catchy word. Get suggestions from your friends and family. Invest a bit of time creating a social media page first for your food delivery business. Before going for an Uber Eats Clone app, try taking orders from your social media page. Engage with more people and influencers to create your online presence. Then you can think about taking the next step of creating your digital delivery app with us at “Dectar.”

Decide Your Pricing and Delivery Methods

Pricing your food items is a must for your online delivery business as well as for your brand value. Study the socio-economic condition of your target area of operation. Compare it to your expense on a single recipe. You can create a menu with trial pricing for your regular customers. Compare it with your local competitors. Finalize your list by pricing your food items on the menu.  Choose your delivery methods as per your customers’ convenience. Be it takeaway or home delivery, let the customers’ decide how they want to get their food.

Launch Your Own Uber Eats Clone app

Launching a ready-made Uber Eats Clone app can help your business gain popularity as well as profit. Developing an app from scratch will cost you valuable time and money. So we at “Dectar” have curated a customizable clone script for your business. You can avail of our services at a nominal cost and grow your digital food delivery business. Our Uber Eats Clone app is customizable and loaded with all the necessary features for an online food delivery business. Our professional development team will assist you with your UI customizations and add extra features to your app. Get in touch with us now!