Scale-up Your Taxi Business with our Scalable and Elegant Uber Clone

  • Auto-Completion of Address
  • Instant & Convenient Booking
  • Advanced Back-end System
  • SOS panic button
  • Add/Edit Car Categories
  • Add Stopover Points

100% Customizable

Our Uber Clone Software is fully customizable and tailor-made for your business. It will deliver a unique experience.

In-App Navigation

Cabily comes with an In-App Navigation module for both users and partners. It has an advanced real-time tracking system built with a Google map function.

Ready to Market

Cabily is a ready-to-use and instantly deployable mobile application. You can install it on any cloud server.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are real-time updates that get shared between drivers and riders. Both drivers and riders receive a push notification for every update.

Cabily's Highlighting Features

Cabily has some attractive features that differ from other taxi dispatch software developers.

  • Book Later Module

    Users can schedule the booking using this book later module. It will trigger the booking request automatically to nearby drivers at the scheduled time.

  • Social Media Login

    Users can sign up and log in to the carpooling app easily. They can also use social media accounts like FB and Twitter for signup. It will increase user registration and reduce the time to create a new account.

  • Surge Pricing

    The surge pricing feature is one of the most prominent features in our Uber-like Script. It allows the admin to make extra money during peak hours or the late nights by applying surge pricing.

  • Secure Payments

    The app comes with a secure payment gateway to make sure that the transactions are safe and secure. It keeps the fraudulent transactions at bay.

  • Promo and Referral Codes

    App uses a promo or referral code to credit money back to the user's account. With this system, the user can make some money by referring their friends.

  • Emergency Contact

    In the case of an emergency or accident, the user can press the SOS panic button. It will instantly dispatch the location details to their emergency contacts.

Uber Clones - Impressive Features

Fare Estimate

Users can quickly get their trip estimation by entering the pick up and drop location.

Feedback & Ratings

Feedback is one of the essential features of our application. Both users and drivers can rate each other. They can also leave feedback about their ride experience.

God's Eye View

Admin can see the exact location of the users and drivers from the panel dashboard. We have integrated Google maps to check the real-time status of all the drivers & riders.

Easy-Commission Tracking

In the interactive Admin panel, the admin can track the details of all driver-partners. They can track their earnings, commission, rides, driver details, and payouts.

Blended Chat Platform

Cabily comes with an in-app chat option. The drivers and riders can chat with each other without coming out of the application.

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles

Customers can choose wheelchair-friendly vehicles for aged/disabled people. Grab uncovered audiences and increase the customer base to a significant extent.

Gender-Specific Preferences

Customers can choose drivers based on gender preferences. Women can select female drivers while booking, which will increase women's safety and curb sexual assault on women.

Schedule a Ride

Users can schedule the rides after choosing the pickup, drop locations, & finalizing the car type. The system will trigger the booking automatically at the scheduled time.

Phone Number Masking

Customers and drivers can speak with each other without revealing their numbers using this number masking module. They can only see a short-lived phone number during the call.

Scan Credit/Debit Cards

Customers can scan their credit/debit cards using their cameras and save them directly in their profile. They don't need to type the card number, expiry date, and name.

Real-time Currency Exchange Rates

The app has an integrated currency converter that converts the money in today's bank exchange rate instantly in real-time. Customers can pay in their local currency quickly.

Request Ride for Others

Customers can book a cab by choosing a different location away from them or book a taxi for guests from the cabily app. They can also gift rides to friends/families.

Set Preferred Language

Customers can set their language preferences as per their wish. Whenever they open the app, it will work in their preferred language. They can also change it anytime.

Mark as Favorite

Users can mark a location as their favorite and save it as a label by naming them. They don't need to search for the same place on the map when they want to use it again.

Setup Bank Account Details

Driver-partners can change their bank account details anytime by logging into the application. The changes will get reflected instantly on the owner's admin panel.

Uber Clone Script - Stunning Features


Cabily is a cross-platform mobile app, and it is compatible with any mobile and tablet device. Dectar experts designed cabily with an advanced architecture framework


Using this Geofencing module owner can make sure that the driver-partners are not going out of the city limits. It will also help drivers to accept rides within the city.


On both driver-partner app & customer apps, the users can change color instantly with a single click and customize the app as per their wish.


Admin or sub-admins can also assign rides manually to drivers from the admin panel using this module. If they get a ride request via telephone, they can add it manually.


Admin can save some set of predefined email templates in their admin panel module for later use. They don't need to compose the email every time from scratch.


You can add multiple cities to the app. It will help users to use the same app to book a cab from different cities. This multi-city module comes with the app for free of cost.


Our app consumes less battery compared to other apps as we have developed the app using clean code. It increases battery health and extends battery life.


Our app consumes less data, which in-turn will reduce the data cost for all customers and drivers. We have designed it so that it uses fewer data compared to our competitor apps.


You can run your business in multiple countries with this app. From the admin panel, the admin can register the driver in many countries. Then the drivers can start their operations in more than one country.


Admin can make money by displaying banner ads to the users in the app. It will help them to manage the ads. They can check the CTR, conversion rate, impressions, etc.. to manage their earnings.


Customers can also make a booking through the website. Our web version is responsive, and it works on all mobile and tablet devices.


Cabily app is secure and tested to withstand malware attacks. We have tested the app with millions of users, and it works fine without any issues.

Driver App Features

Rental/Inter-city Rides

Customers can book cabs for rent on an hourly basis. Whether they are looking for a local city trip or outstation rides, owners can customize the app as per their choice.

Heat Map Chart

We can integrate the heat map module in the driver partner's app. If the system receives a high number of requests from a particular location, it will automatically apply the surge pricing.

Wait Time Charges

If the driver is waiting for more than a specified time, the app will calculate the waiting time charges. It gets added to the bill automatically.

Upload Documents

Driver-partners can upload their documents in the system and get instant approval for the same. They can upload their ID proof, address proof, and driving license in the partner panel.

Auto Idle Mode

If a driver is idle for more than a certain period when he is online, the app will automatically change his status to "offline mode." It will help the customers to book active drivers.

Driver Earnings Information

Drivers can see their earnings anytime from the driver dashboard. They can see their number of rides along with the total earnings and their profits after commission.

Corporate Bookings

Companies can use corporate booking options to sponsor business travelers. Using this module, drivers can manage recurring bookings.

Add/Edit Car info

Drivers can add their car details or update car details anytime from the driver app's vehicle management section. They can change the type, model, and make in the app.

Profile Management

Drivers can change their details, names, age, sex, date of birth, and experience. They can also add or update their profile photos anytime from their app.

User App Features

Set Manual Location

Customers can change the location manually by adjusting the position on the map using the pin. With this option, you can book a ride for others quickly.

Cancel trip

The customer has the option to cancel the ride anytime. While canceling, it will ask the user to choose a reason for cancellation. Admin can charge a cancellation fee from the user for canceling the trip.

In-call Feature

Customers have the option to make calls to drivers through the app. They don't need to come out of the app and type the number to make the call. An in-built calling feature will help the user to save time.

Vehicle Selection

Customers have the option to choose vehicles based on their choice. They can select a sedan, SUVs, hatchback, etc. Based on the customer's choice of vehicle, prices will vary accordingly.

Gender-Based Booking

If someone wants to book a female driver, they can send a booking request based on gender. The gender-based booking option is available in our app, and it is completely automated.

Handicap Feature

Users can choose cars with unique accessibility features for disabled people. Only a few vehicles come with wheelchair accessibility for handicapped people.

Trip Sharing

Carpooling is a commonly used feature by customers to save the trip cost. Our app supports the trip sharing feature, and it comes along with the taxi script.

Predictive pickup

When a customer starts typing the pickup/drop location, the app will predict the place automatically. It will display the locations as a suggestion to the user to select the address from the dropdown.

Digital receipt

After the trip, the system will dispatch the invoice to the customer through email. It will have all the details, including tax, tips, waiting time, etc.

Book for Others

Customers can book rides for someone else who is in some other location. Some people may not have the app installed on their phone, and this option will help them get the booking done quickly.


Customers can make a stop before going to the destination. If they're going to shop before going to the destination, they can choose this option.

Block Driver-partners

Customers can block a particular set of drivers if they are not happy with those drivers. If they block a specific driver, the system won't assign that driver to the customer.

TIP Driver

Customers can give tips to the driver after reaching their destination. They can pay tips to the driver from the app using their wallet or cards and the trip cost.

User Verification

Users can verify their accounts by uploading their ID and address proofs in the app. Users can also upload multiple documents in the app and get their user account verified.

Recurring Bookings

Customers can go for the recurring trip option if they want frequent trips. They will get good discounts, and it triggers booking requests at the scheduled time.

  • Secure Authentication

    The practice of secure app development is an essential attribute for a secured computing environment. So, our secure system will make sure to protect your data from unauthorized access.

    Cabily script
  • Cabily script

    Locate Passenger on Map

    For safety reasons, the user can share his/her journey with their loved ones with a tracking code. It will show the live location of the cab throughout the journey.

  • Wallet system

    Users can pay for their rides by using the wallet function system. Users can recharge their wallets using debit/credit cards.

    Cabily script

Cabily App - How It Works


User search for a Cab


Cabily system automatically dispatches for the ride request in an instant to the available drivers.


Drivers receive a ride request


The driver accepts the request & completes the ride


Payment (Online/Offline)


Ratings & Review

Technologies Used

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Cabily Architecture



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The rise in mobile devices has led to a sharp increase in taxi services. People prefer to share a ride or book a call taxi instead of using their transport. Competition in this space has benefitted customers. Services like Ola and Uber make city transit affordable. It's also operational at all times of the day. This segment is expected to grow immensely in the next few years. Apps like Uber have captured the market. Even though there are many alternatives to uber thriving in the market every day. Ubers Gross Bookings grew from $4.0 billion year-over-year to $18.1 billion. Our Uber clone app can help you jumpstart your online taxi business in a short time. Let's look at a few reasons why.

Millennials Love it

Gen Z was born with the internet. They are the most comfortable using technology such as apps and the internet. It's no surprise that this set of people prefer using on-demand cab services rather than invest in a new car. It makes economic sense to them to rent rather than buy. Using cab services also means that there is no hassle of maintenance or insurance, which is the norm with owning a car.

Efficient New Technology 

Technologies like green vehicles and solar-powered cars are on the rise. Soon we will see an era where cars will be fully driverless. These two technologies are becoming more stable and secure each day. They are expected to be a big game-changer for the taxi industry. These technologies are key to solving many problems plaguing the industry. A few examples are pollution, fossil fuel consumption, and manpower costs.

Long-term Cab Rentals 

People renting a car long-term is growing compared to a few years ago. People commuting in large cities find it easier to rent rather than invest in a new buy. It is a feasible option if you have plans to relocate or move between cities often.  Our Uber clone app allows you to customize this option. You can choose the pricing and the term for cab rentals. This could range from a few days to a few months. The app immediately displays cab availability and tariff to the customer. This makes it easier for them to decide and, in turn, brings in revenue to your company.

On-demand Taxi Dispatch

Online taxi dispatch apps are popular the world over. They are most used in tier-1 and tier-2 cities globally. It makes it simple for anyone with the app to book a taxi in real-time. These apps have proved to be a boon for many people who either don't own a car or cannot drive for one or more reasons. It has benefitted:
  • Senior citizens
  • People suffering from physical injuries
  • Young people who don't own cars
  • People without a driving license
Taxi dispatch apps were crucial during the pandemic to assist emergency services to get patients to hospitals.  Our Uber clone app has all the features of a taxi dispatch app. It is future-ready and easily customizable. You can get the app to market in just a few days. Our app has everything you need to compete with other players in the market.

Which is Better? Ready-made Uber Clone vs. Building an app from scratch

Building an app from scratch and using a clone script both have their pros and cons. If you are looking to get your app to the market soon, using our clone app is the best option. Our Uber clone app is a replica of the real app, which has the same functionality and features. Here are a few reasons why our Uber clone scores our building your app.

Faster Time to Market

Our Uber clone app is built and tested to global standards. All your team needs to do is identify the features you may not need. We make it easy to customize features and the look and feel. You can change the colors and buttons in the app with the least amount of code. We take care of the common hurdles associated with developing a new app. This includes code and stability issues.  A new app typically takes 6-9 months to be market-ready. Whereas with our Uber clone, this is reduced to a few days to weeks. Getting your Uber clone to the market quicker helps you compete on a level playing ground with other players. It also prevents the app from becoming obsolete due to long development cycles, common with building a new app.

Cost Savings with Minimal Development Effort

Using our Uber clone app saves you the burden of initial research and design. By bypassing these stages, you save money. You can start preparing the app for launch by making simple branding changes such as app name and colors.  The other big benefit is the developmental effort. A new app requires highly skilled developers to lead the effort. They need to be experienced with the best tools and work over several months to deliver a bug-free app. With our Uber clone app, we have this covered. The code in the app is proven and tested to prevent any issues. You can get the app customized by developers with basic skills.

Customizable with Scalability

Our Uber clone app is fully customizable to meet your business needs. It is designed to be scalable as and when your business grows. You can handle unexpected user volumes without worrying about app crashes. You can customize the source code with unique features that make your app stand out from the crowd.

More Chances of Success

There is a higher chance of your app gaining users than an app that is built from scratch. This is because our Uber app clone replicates the best features of the Uber app. Apps like Uber are already popular with the public. This will make your Uber clone app familiar with the users quickly. It will increase the speed at which more users get adapted to using your app. We have ensured that the Uber clone app is fast and bug-free. New users will start trusting your app and become loyal customers in the long run.

5 Steps to Building a Killer Business Strategy for your Taxi business

Quick Availability

The fastest way to win customer trust in the taxi business is to get customers a ride quickly. People begin to rely on your app more when the cab availability is consistent. Your Uber clone strategy must focus on a strong driver network. Make sure that the drivers are professional and background checked. Users should feel secure and comfortable during their trip. Another strategy to grow your business is to make taxi's available at all hours of the day. This is convenient for people who travel at odd hours or need a ride during emergencies.

Easy and Secure Payments

A key factor that attracts customers is the ease of payments. Firstly, ensure that the payment gateway you use is secure and the best in the industry. This builds trust and credibility. Next, make as many payment modes available as possible. The more the choice, the easier it is for the end-user. Choose the payment options specific to the user's global location. Payment methods popular in the US may not be available in India or the UK. Always retain the option to have the customers pay by cash if needed. You can also provide the option to split payments if it's popular among your users in a particular region.

Great Customer Service

Great customer service is hard to find. A customer always remembers moments where they received great support. A good support experience brings in good ratings and loyalty to your brand. Invest in a skilled customer service team and train them well. Identify common issues and put in place strategies to resolve such issues quickly. For example, you can invest in a chatbot to address simple issues.  Be open with customer communication. Let them know when they can expect a problem to be resolved and stick to the timeline. Use emails and push notifications to provide status updates to your customers.

Cross-platform Availability

Your Uber clone app can penetrate the market deeper if it's available on all platforms. People may access your app on an Android or an iOS device. The key is to make your app cross-platform. It must be available on both Android and iOS platforms. This should be one of your top strategies to grow your Uber clone app business.   Developing cross-platform apps saves you time and effort as well. It saves costs as you can use the same code to build apps across platforms. It provides a consistent experience to users regardless of their platform.

Unique Services to Ace Competition

The best business strategy is to carve a niche' in your domain. You earn respect when you stand out from your competitors. You can achieve this by offering unique services that fill specific gaps for your customers. In the case of the Uber clone app, you can introduce services such as:
  • Pick and drop off documents and accessories
  • Food delivery
  • Pick and drops for events
  • Monthly billing cycle
Introducing such innovative services is a great strategy to build your business. Customers love novel services that deliver more than the basic requirements of hiring a cab service.

How to build a billion-dollar taxi business with our Uber clone application?

On-demand Rental Services

The first step in growing a great taxi business is to offer services people expect. At the bare minimum, you should offer cab rental, on-demand taxis, and outstation trips. The focus should be on gaining as many loyal users as possible. People expect certain basic services from a taxi company. Fulfill these expectations to build credibility and trust. As you gain users, add other services to your offerings. These could be services such as providing vehicles for corporates fleets or food delivery. Our Uber clone app makes it easy to deliver key taxi services with very little coding. 

Post-paid Billing for Convenience

Giving users the option to pay later is a good way to earn revenue. Post-paid taxi services allow users to use taxis without worrying about having cash handy. You can offer a line of credit to users based on their usage patterns. For example, give a regular user a large credit line and a smaller amount for new and eligible users.  The billing cycle could vary and is easy to customize in our Uber clone app. You can bill users monthly or once every few weeks. Post-paid services encourage people to use your services more often compared to paying after each trip. 

Invest in Advertising

Advertising your business to people is the most important element of new taxi service. People will not know of you until you invest in marketing. Online marketing is the most effective way to get the word out. Start by promoting our Uber clone app on popular social media channels. This is a medium where you can target people from all age groups. Offer special introductory offers and discounts to onboard new users. Invest in placing Ads on popular websites and apps that cater to local services. Hire a reputed digital marketing agency. This will ensure that new users are onboarded organically. 

Plan Vehicle and Driver Acquisition

A taxi company needs to have an extensive fleet of vehicles and drivers. Your brand gets publicity when people on the streets see more of your taxis. Meet with top car manufacturers to strike a deal to get cars on lease for less. Put together a balanced fleet consisting of both economy and luxury cars. This will cater to different types of users.  Hire a good recruitment team to onboard professional drivers for your company. Ensure that proper background checks are conducted. Once drivers and cars are in place, it's just a matter of getting users to kick start your billion-dollar taxi business. 

Run Promotions and CSR Initiatives

More people will get familiar with your brand when you run promotions. Do promotions on social media to gain visibility for your taxi app. Introductory offers and discounts attract new users to try out your app. Providing a safe ride and payment experience builds customer trust. Involve in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that benefit the community. This is a great way to increase the exposure of your company. Following these strategies are a stepping stone to building a thriving business. Our Uber clone app makes it easy to add promotions and event details in the app.