Cabily - The most scalable and elegant Uber Clone

  • Auto Completion of Address
  • Instant & Convenient Booking
  • Advanced Back-end System

100% Customizable

Our Uber Clone Software is fully tailor-made for your business. It will deliver a truly unique experience.

In-App Navigation

Cabily comes with an In-App Navigation module for both users and partners. It's an advanced real-time tracking system built-in with Google map function.

Ready to Market

Our Uber Clone Solution is ready-to-use and instantly deployable. You can install it on any cloud server.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are real-time updates that will be shared between drivers and riders instantly.

Cabily's Highlighting Features

Cabily has some attractive features that differ from other Cab App competitors.

  • Book Later Module

    Users can schedule the booking using this book later module. It will automatically trigger the booking request to nearby drivers at the scheduled time.

  • Social Media Login

    Users can sign up and log in to the Car Pooling App or use social media accounts like FB, Twitter, etc.. It will increase user registration and minimize the time to create a new account.

  • Surge Pricing

    Surge pricing feature is One of the most prominent features in our Uber Script. It allows the admin to make extra money during peak hours or the late nights by applying surge pricing.

  • Secure Payments

    The app comes with a secure payment gateway to make sure that the transactions are safe and secure to keep fraudulent transactions at bay.

  • Promo and Referral Codes

    Promo or referral code can be used to credit money back to the user's account. With this system, the user can make some money by referring their friends.

  • Emergency Contact

    In the case of an emergency or accident, the user can press the SOS panic button, so that the location details get instantly dispatched to their emergency contacts.

Uber Clones - Impressive Features

Fare Estimate

Users can get the estimated fare for their trip by simply entering the details of the from location & destination in the estimation section.

Feedback & Ratings

It is one of the essential features of our application. Both users and drivers can rate each other. They can also leave feedback about their ride experience.

God's Eye View

Admin can view the exact location of the users and drivers from the panel dashboard. It has integrated Google maps, to check the real-time status of all the drivers & riders.

Easy-Commission Tracking

With the interactive Admin panel, the site owner can track the earnings, commission, rides, driver details, payouts, etc.. of all the driver partners.

Blended Chat Platform

Cabily comes with an integrated chat option where the drivers and customers can chat with each other seamlessly without coming out of the application.

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles

Customers can choose wheelchair-friendly vehicles for aged/disabled people. It will increase the customer base to a more significant extent and grab uncovered audiences.

Gender-Specific Preferences

Customers can choose drivers based on gender preferences. Women can select female drivers while booking, which will increase women safety and curb sexual assault on women.

Schedule a Ride

Users can schedule the rides after choosing the pickup, drop locations, & finalizing the car type. The system will trigger the booking automatically at the scheduled time.

Phone Number Masking

Customers and drivers can speak with each other without knowing their numbers using this number masking module. They can only see a short-lived phone number during the call.

Scan Credit/Debit Cards

Customers can scan their credit/debit cards using their cameras and save them directly in their profile. They don't need to type the card number, expiry date, name, etc..

Real-time Currency Exchange Rates

The app has an integrated currency converter that converts the money in today's bank exchange rate instantly in real-time. Customers can pay in their local currency quickly.

Request Ride for Others

Customers can book a cab by choosing a different location away from them, or they can also book a taxi for guests from the cabily app. They can also gift rides to friends/families.

Set Preferred Language

Customers can set their language preferences as per their wish. Whenever they open the app, it will work in their preferred language. They can also change it anytime.

Mark as Favorite

Users can mark a location as their favorite and save it as a label by naming them. They don't need to search for the same place on the map when they are using it again.

Setup Bank Account Details

Driver partners can change their bank account details anytime by merely logging into the application. The changes will get reflected instantly on the owner's admin panel.

Uber Clone Script - Stunning Features

Cross-Platform Compatible

Cabily is a cross-platform mobile app, and it is compatible with any mobile, tablet devices. Dectar experts designed cabily with an advanced architecture framework.

Rental/Inter-city Rides

Customers can book cabs for rent on an hourly basis. Whether they are looking for a local city trip or outstation rides, owners can customize the app as per their choice.

Geofencing Module

Using this Geofencing module owner can make sure that the driver partners are not going out of the city limits. It will also help drivers to accept rides within the city.

Change Theme Color

On both driver partner app & customer app, they have the option to change color instantly in a single click and customize the app as per their wish.

Heat Map Chart

We can integrate the heat map module in the driver partner's app to see the demand for drivers in a particular location. More the request there will be more surge in pricing.

Manually Dispatching

Admin or Sub-admins can also assign rides manually to drivers from the admin panel using this module. If they get a ride request via telephone, they can append it manually.

Set Manual Location

Customers can change the location manually by adjusting the position on the map using the pin. Using this option, you can book a ride for others quickly.

Wait Time Charges

If the driver is waiting in the pick-up location for more than a specified time, then the waiting time charges will start calculating & it gets added to the bill automatically.

Email Templates & Designs

Admin can save some set of Predefined email templates in their admin panel module for later use. They don't need to compose the email every time from scratch.

Upload Documents

Driver partners can upload their ID proof, address proof, driving license, and all other details in the partner panel and get an instant approval for the same.

Driver Earnings Information

Drivers can see their revenue anytime from the driver dashboard. They can see their number of rides along with the total earnings and their profits after commission.

Auto Idle Mode

If a driver is idle for more than a certain period when he is online, then the app automatically changes his status to offline. It will help the customers to book active drivers.

  • Secure Authentication

    The practice of secure application design and development is one of the important and necessary attributes for a secured computing environment. Therefore, we make sure to protect your data from unauthorised access or modification.

    Cabily script
  • Cabily script

    Locate Passenger on Map

    For safety reasons, the user can share his/her journey with their loved ones with a tracking code system which will show the moving location of the cab throughout the journey.

  • Wallet system

    Users can pay for their rides by using the wallet function system. Users can recharge their wallets using debit/credit cards.

    Cabily script

Cabily App - How It Works


User search for a Cab


Cabily system automatically dispatches for the ride request in an instant to the available drivers.


Drivers receive ride request


Driver accepts the request & completes the ride


Payment (Online/Offline)


Ratings & Review

Technologies Used

Cabily Architecture



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Cabily – The Advanced Uber App Clone

Cabily Script simplifies the taxi booking process as much as possible. It allows you to get an estimate for your ride instantly. You can quickly get in touch with the nearby taxi driver with faster turnaround time than any other taxi booking software.

Even though there are many alternatives to uber thriving in the market every day, it's still maintaining the top spot for years. If you have a robust and secure application, you can compete against the giant. The significant advantage of this automated dispatch system is that it’s foolproof, and it can help you find a nearby driver quickly.

What Can Cabily Do for You? A Look at the Best Uber Clone App

Cabily is an affordable and reliable automated dispatch app which you can use to book a cab.

Cabily script comes with numerous exceptional features you can benefit from:

  • It is a powerful Taxi Booking Script sketched to work extremely fast.
  • It uses a compelling user-friendly interface.
  • You can conveniently access your location on a map, even if you don’t know the address.
  • You will quickly check the trip cost before booking the trip.
  • Once the user clicks ride now, it automatically sends the request to the nearby cab drivers instantly.
  • The system will provide complete details about the customer to the driver.
  • Cabily supports the Cashless payments option.
  • The app can be reskinned both on Android and iOS.

The Advantages of Using Cabily to scale up your Taxi business

Our Taxi dispatch system is easy to use, robust, and secure. The software is developed using a highly stable code that will transform the way you do business.

There are some remarkable qualities associated with Dectar’s high-quality taxi software:

  • It can be deployed in the cloud easily. It is a cloud-based system that will allow users to book unlimited rides without any hassle.
  • The process is entirely automated, and it doesn’t need any manual approval to confirm booking requests.
  • The automated dispatch system is highly customizable and easy to configure. It can be personalized to fit in with the standards and requirements of your company.
  • Unlike other low-cost taxi dispatch systems, Cabily is available in both Native Android and iOS versions.

Why should you choose Cabily over other Taxi Dispatch Apps?

Taxi booking software is slowly taking over the conventional taxi industry, much to the dismay of many angry cab drivers who still got stuck in the old system. Many companies, however, are starting to integrate their drivers into systems such as Cabily that operate automatically by allowing people to book their rides through their smartphones. Thus uber increased its revenue up by 43% in 2018.

These are some predominant reasons why cabily won the race against other taxi apps:

  • First of all, it eliminated all payment-related squabbles. Instead of arguing with the driver, clients were allowed to pay via their wallets.
  • Even if you don’t know where you are the driver can come and pick you up with the help of in-built GPS.
  • Our Taxi Dispatch Solution allows the customer to add feedback/ratings after the ride.
  • Customers can also report any problems with the driver if they have experienced any.

Our Ride Hailing App is the most popular app in the taxi industry because of its reliability, easy to use user interface and well-designed architecture. Contact us now to get started.