Cabily - The most scalable and elegant Uber Clone

  • Auto Completion of Address
  • Instant & Convenient Booking
  • Advanced Back-end System

100% Customizable

Our Uber Clone will be tailor-made for your business needs to deliver a truly unique experience.

In-App Navigation

The partner and user app come with advanced real-time tracking system integrated with built in Google map function.

Ready to Market

Our Uber Clone Solution is readily available to install on a cloud server, so the need is over, be ready to hit the market.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are for real-time communications for sending and receiving ride status, special messages to the users and partners as well.

Cabily's Highlighting Features

Cabily has some attractive features that differ from other Cab App competitors.

  • Book Later Function

    Bookings can be scheduled for a later ride in Cabily App & ensure that the rider is notified & the request will be sent accordingly to the driver at the scheduled time.

  • Social Media Login

    Users can sign up and log in to the Car Pooling App or use social media accounts like FB. This will increase user registration and minimise the time to create a new account.

  • Surge Method

    Surge feature is One of the most prominent features in our Ready-Made Uber Script, which provides more better rides in peak hours or in the late nights by applying surge pricing.

  • Secure Payments

    The app comes with secure payment systems to make sure that safe transactions are made & keep fraudulent transactions at bay.

  • Promo And Referral Codes

    Promo or referral code can be used to credit money to a users account by using a referral code. With this system, the user can enjoy a free ride or the wallet will be credited when referred.

  • Emergency Contact

    In the case of any emergency, the user can press the alert button and the location details will be sent to their emergency contacts or helpline.

Cabily - Advanced Features

Cabily has some attractive features that differs us from our competitors

Fare Estimate

Users can get the estimated fare for their trip by entering the details of the location & destination in the estimation section of the app.

Feedback and Ratings for Users and Driver

Feedback is one of the crucial features in our application; with this the user and driver can send feedback to each other.

God's Eye View

Want to know the exact status and location of the users and drivers? Our powerful Admin panel has the view option with integrated Google maps, where you can check the real time status of all the rides.

Easy-Commission Tracking

With the interactive Admin panel, the site owner can track the commission and payout for all the drivers.

  • Secure Authentication

    The practice of secure application design and development is one of the important and necessary attributes for a secured computing environment. Therefore, we make sure to protect your data from unauthorised access or modification.

    Cabily script
  • Cabily script

    Locate Passenger on Map

    For safety reasons, the user can share his/her journey with their loved ones with a tracking code system which will show the moving location of the cab throughout the journey.

  • Wallet system

    Users can pay for their rides by using wallet function system; you can recharge the wallet using credit cards.

    Cabily script

Cabily App - How It Works


User search for a Cab


Cabily system automatically dispatches for the ride request in an instant to the available drivers


Drivers receive ride request


Driver accepts the request & completes the ride


Payment (Online/Offline)


Ratings & Review

Technologies Used

Cabily Architecture



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Our Clients

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Plan Your Transports Easily with Cabily – The Advanced Uber App Clone

Getting a cab has never been easier with a taxi booking app that will take the hassle out of getting to your destination quickly and without having to spend too much. Using highly advanced Cabily script, it will provide you with a quick quote to help you avoid any surprises when you get to your destination, and assign you to a professional and responsible driver.

This Cabily Script is geared toward simplifying the booking process as much as possible. It allows you to get an estimate for your ride, quickly get in touch with a nearby taxi driver who can take you anywhere you want to go, and enjoy faster turnaround times than any other taxi booking apps can offer.

A great advantage of this automated dispatch system is that it’s foolproof, and it can help you find a nearby driver much more easily than conventional taxi services. Also, since it involves cashless payments, there will be no room for guesswork when you arrive at your destination, and the taxi dispatch system will provide you with accurate information on your route and payment requirements, while allowing you to pay through your online account.

Cabily is one of the best Ride Sharing App you will ever find, and it is also among the most affordable and convenient ones, the app helping you get around town faster than ever before.

What Can Cabily Do for You? A Look at the Best Uber Clone App

Cabily is an affordable and reliable automated dispatch app you can use to book a cab from anywhere in town at a short notice. The app and service offers the advantage of a powerful Cabily script that comes with numerous exceptional features you can benefit from:

  • Cabily is a powerful Taxi Booking Script designed to work extremely fast.
  • It uses an interface that’s extremely user friendly.
  • Cabily is a complete clone of Uber
  • You can conveniently access your location on a map, even if you don’t know the address.
  • Similarly, you can select the destination on the map provided by the app as well.
  • You will easily find out how much your trip costs without booking by getting a free quote.
  • Once the app has found a suitable cab in your area, the driver will arrive within a few short minutes.
  • The system will provide your driver with information about your route.
  • You can then just sit back and relax until you get to your destination.
  • Cashless payments are available.
  • Rates are very affordable, and there are no hidden fees or costs involved.
  • The app can be downloaded both on the Android Play Store and from the Apple App store.

Unlike most taxi dispatch apps, Cabily makes it extremely easy to book your driver, take a close look at the feedback other passengers have left for particular drivers, and learn all about the flexible options and affordable payments associated with the service, even before you book your trip.

The Advantages of Using Cabily as Your Main Uber Clone Script

Cabily is a taxi dispatch system like no other. While providing features offering convenience, ease of use, security and speed – which are similarly powerful to what you’d get from one of the more expensive apps out there – this software is based on highly stable and affordable code that will transform the way you do business.

Consider just some of the remarkable qualities associated with Dectar’s high quality taxi booking software:

  • It uses a fast and reliable cloud based system that will allow users to book their cabs faster and make it possible for you to introduce more drivers into the system without a problem.
  • The entire system is automatic, so people looking for a cab never have to call to confirm their requests or destinations, while drivers don’t even have to ask them where they’re going or inquire about the payment at the end of the drive.
  • Highly customisable and easy to configure, the automated dispatch system can be personalised to fit in with the standards and requirements of your company.
  • Unlike some other low-cost taxi dispatch systems, Cabily is available in both native Android and iOS versions.

Definitely one of the best kinds of Car hiring Scripts out there, Cabily will never fail to deliver the results you expect, and you’ll find that using it for improving your business’ profit will definitely pay off without delay.

What Are Some of the Main Issues Solved by Taxi Dispatch Apps Like Cabily?

Taxi booking software is slowly taking over the industry, much to the dismay of angry cab drivers who are still stuck in the old system. Many companies, however, are starting to integrate their drivers into systems such as Cabily that operate automatically by allowing people to book their rides through their smartphones.

There are, however, very good reasons why taxi dispatch apps have become so popular:

  • First of all, it eliminated all payment-related squabbles. Instead of arguing with the driver, clients are billed on their online accounts for the trip, together with any additional toll fees or costs.
  • The booking process is insanely simple, and you just have to turn on your phone’s location to get a cab even if you don’t know where you are. You can tap your location on the map, and a driver will conveniently be dispatched to where you are in just a few minutes.
  • Our Taxi Dispatch Solution also allows users to add feedback, reporting any problems they may have experienced, and rating cab drivers accordingly. As a result, it is in the interest of each driver to avoid longer routes and make sure your ride is completely comfortable.

Our Ride Hailing App is not only one of the best taxi dispatch systems you can use for your taxi service, but also among the most popular, and due to its reliability, easy to use user interface and well-designed architecture, you can expect it to make your company equally popular.

Cabily – Taxi Dispatching Software

The transportation service of Uber is providing a better transportation service around the world. It reveals so many trendy and advanced features to achieve the desired task towards the ride-hailing process. This On Demand taxi booking script of Cabily is distributing the secure authentication to the user who is accessing the messaging service. There are some indispensable terms and conditions are available to access the service. Some of the highlighting features are supporting the service to increase its standard and strategy.

Advanced features

In this clone script, there are so many advanced features are available to achieve the exact result. There is an availability of book later function to book the tickets for the service of transportation through online. This Uber like Script is having an interconnection with the Social media to log in and access the account. Most of the prominent features are supporting the rides in peak hours, which may have the traffic. Location sharing and the ride sharing process are effectively achieved with the performance of some indispensable terms and conditions.

The payments are very secure which are the trustworthy one and it could be an efficient way to transfer money through online. This clone app is distributing most scalable performance with respect to the tasks, which are demanded by the user. Instant and convenient booking is possible with the help of mobile application, which facilitates the complete options. Customising the features as per the requirements, which are demanded by the user, is easily possible.

This clone script of Uber is having the navigation key to direct the route to reach the desired destination. This mobile application, which is useful to have a transportation service, is very much effective. Promo and referral codes are distributed to have a happy trip around the world. The emergency contacts are available easily on the initial screen of the application. With the support of some features, which are available on the mobile application, the user can easily access the option.

Agenda to have a journey

Initially, the users have to download this Ride Hailing Application from the App store or the Google’s play store. The cloud installation process will be arrived to make use of this mobile application. The people who are all accessing this mobile application through online should have a proper knowledge about its features and specifications. The mobile application could be the best solution to fulfil the demands f the user towards the service of transportation.

If the user wants to book their tickets through online, there is a need to enter or provide the details of the source, destination, timings and some other details which are related to have a service of ride-hailing. The user can pay the ticket amount with the help of the wallet system by which the transaction will be very easy. This Uber Clone for Android & iOS Application will be very much useful for the growth of the business. For each and every action, the user will get a notification regarding its performance towards the task.

The icing feature which is available in this iOS Application is that the instant alert for the riding requests. This is a highly advanced taxi booking service, which facilitates the hassle free transporting facility. Most of the speculators prefer this service to move from one place to another place with the desired vehicle. The commuter can have a professional and the responsible journey through the ride-hailing service. It provides a dynamic trip service to the users and there are some logic credentials to achieve the desired concept of the user.

Advancements in ride hailing

This ride-hailing mobile application is secure, flexible and the customisable one to the users. This Car Pooling Application is accessible on the platform of Android and iOS. The mobile application is simply performing the renounce process as per the user’s convenience. The clone cost is an affordable one and the users are increasing a lot with respect to its performance. The complete dispatching kit is available on this mobile application, which is cashless, and the comfortable one.

The time management is an important one and it is followed accurately by the service of transportation, which is provided by the Cabily. The authenticated user can easily access this service to have an efficient transportation service. Accessing the details of multiple locations is accessible by the caller identification feature. Integrated analytics for the web is possible in this Cabily application. Even though there is so many mobile application has been introduced as a clone script, the Cabily is performing its best towards the service of ride hailing.