Introducing Tutorill - On-demand Tutors App

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Ways to Earn Money using the Tutors App

Admin can make take a commission fee on every successful course completion.

Owners can charge tutors during the document verification process.

They can charge a service fee from students after every successful course completion.

Tutors can offer sponsors to admin to list them as featured tutors in the app.

By displaying banner ads, admin can make some extra money from the app.

Working of Tutors App

Tutors can upload their valid documents and papers through the mobile app.

Tutors have to stay online to receive a course request from Students.

Once they accept the request, they can go to Student locations using the in-built GPS.

Tutors can rate the students after the class and leave a review.

Tutors can signup for an account and register themselves from the website or using a mobile app.

Once the admin approves the documents, tutors will start getting course requests from students.

Once they get a request, they have to accept the invitation from students.

Tutors will get paid instantly after the course using payment modules.

Tutors can add their bank account details to get regular payouts.

Why Choose Dectar?

Creative Designs & User Experience

With the innovative design, users can get connected to the application easily.

Instant Cloud Deployment

Launch your application easily in the cloud easily and get world-class connectivity

Completely Customizable

You can completely change the look and feel fo the website by customizing the application

Working of Students app

Students can skim through the relevant classes and search for the nearby Tutors

Students can choose the tutors after checking their ratings and understanding their reviews.

Students need to select the date first, and then they need to choose a convenient time to schedule a course with the Tutors.

Tutors can be tracked in real-time from the student's app with the GPS module.

Tutors arrive at home, and after the class, the student can make the payment online instantly.

Students can rate the tutor and the tutor can rate the student and leave a review in the app.

Some successful Uber for Tutors Applications:


Book tutors based on hourly and monthly packages from Chegg


Save time and get a professional tutor from Kumon online


Students can meet expert tutors online from Wyzant

Tutor Vista

1-on-1 Online tutoring service from Tutor Vista

Tutorill Tutor App  Features

Tutors App comes on both Android & iOS platforms with Advanced Dashboard.

  • Go Online/Go Offline
  • Instant Notifications
  • Accept/Reject Request
  • Chat with students
  • Update Bank Details
  • Booking Cancellation
  • Setup profile
  • Booking History details
  • Track Transactions
  • Locate students on the map

Tutorill's Highlighting Features

Tutorill has some attractive features that differ from our competitors.

  • Multiple Category 

    Students can choose Tutors from the list of available options such as Physics tutor, Music Tutor, Mathematics Tutor, etc.

  • Profile Set-up

    Both Students and Tutors can set up their profile using the App. Both of them can update the contact details, modify the password, change their availability slots, etc..

  • Cashless Payments

    Payment can be made easily by going ultimately cashless with the wallet money option. Students can also or pay by cash, or they can also use using the credit/debit card.

  • Social Login/SignUp

    You can also log through social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. instead of using a username or password.

  • Loyalty Programs 

    Loyalty program is nothing but inviting friends to sign up into the application using a unique referral code. They can invite through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, etc..

  • Schedule a Tutor

    A student can schedule a tutor by using the book later option. The booking will automatically start at the scheduled time.

A Reliable On-demand Tutor Application

All on-demand services are going “the Uber way” today. Tutorill is a brand new Uber for tutoring app which can be used by entrepreneurs for creating an On-demand Tutor Application with their logo and name instantly. Children can hire the best tutors, and tutors can make extra money using this application. Kickstart your business today with Tutorill.

How It Works?

Students search for tutors

Students select the best tutor

Chat and Book the tutor

Tutor Arrives at Student Location

Tuition Starts & Completes Session

Get Paid & Review

Have A One On One Interaction With Our Experts Now!

A Reliable Uber for Tutor Application

Here’s How it works:

1) Students can download the Uber for tutors app on your phone and start looking for suitable tutors in their area.

2) It will provide the best tutoring services for your children.

3) The tutor matching application will help you to locate a tutor close to your area.

4) It will also allow you to compare services and ratings to pick the right tutor.

5) After the booking, the tutor will arrive at your doorstep, and start the session.

6) Payments can be done through online payment gateways like Paypal, stripe, etc..

7) Students can also pay by cash or through a wallet.

Tutorill will help you to transform your children’s school performance and get you off the hook by assisting them with their homework so that you can manage your household chores or work-related tasks without worrying about your kids. All you have to do is download the Uber for the tutor app, and you’ll be all set. Tutor Me & Varsity Tutors are the best on-demand tutoring services in the market. It recently acquired Veritas Prep at an undisclosed amount.

Why You May Need an Uber for Tutors App?

Tutorill - Stunning Features

Providing a child with proper and affordable academic support is not always easy. However, with the new Uber app for tutors, Tutorill people can find a reliable tutor without any difficulties and watch their little one’s grades improve.

Consider a few of the most notable features of the app:

♡ The app works just like Uber, but tutors can only be booked on for taxi drivers.

♡ You can book your expert tutor in just a few taps on your phone.

♡ The app has a few key selection options allowing you to choose tutors from various categories.

♡ You can also choose tutors based on experience & reviews.

♡ All tutors are certified & experiences to teach the sessions.

♡ The app will also fetch you the tutors based on your location.

♡ You can compare and book tutors based on price/reviews. The rate for a session is entirely affordable.

♡ You can pay conveniently online using PayPal or credit/debit cards.

♡ The app is available both on the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Even at short notice, you can find the best and most affordable tutoring service at your home.

Tutorill: Offering the Clearest Advantages over other Uber for Tutor Apps

If you’ve heard of the world-renowned Uber app, then probably you would have some idea about Uber for tutors as well. Apps like Tutorill are designed to offer an on-demand service to people who are looking forward to starting an Uber-like tutoring service to customers.

Tutorill offers a few sets of excellent advantages over other tutor applications:

✱ It provides a perfect opportunity for you to start a service that connects qualified teachers and professors with children.

✱ Primarily, you can use this app to start a business that connects students with knowledgeable teachers who are willing to prepare them for exams or help them with their subjects.

✱ Tutorill is a straightforward app that can be used to request on-demand tutors who can teach any topic like English, Maths, Physics, etc. Parents or students can use the Android or iOS tutor apps to make a quick booking in just a couple of minutes.

The simplicity of the app and the idea are quite impressive. The potential gains are staggering. Tutorill is the most stable and well-designed Uber for tutor app with flexible settings, fast functionality, and straightforward interface. It will help you to complete the process as simple as possible.

The Complete Uber for Tutors Application

Tutorill is one of the best Uber-like apps for tutors. It works on both Android and iOS platforms, offering a wide array of advantageous features and benefits that could help the future generation to learn more effectively:

  • The entire system is entirely automatic, and it can be accessed from any PC, tablet, or mobile devices.
  • Maps, location tracking, cashless payments are some highlighting features that are making the tutoring process much more organizing, fun, and straightforward.

One of the most exceptional qualities about Tutorill is that it can help students learn much faster and without having to limit themselves to what their schools can offer. This Uber for tutoring app developed by Dectar can certainly show us a glimpse of the future education system. Contact us now to get started.