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Why Choose Dectar

Rich Interface

Our rich & responsive interface will give you the best user experience.

Easy Cloud Installation

Tutorill's Cloud installation is made easy with Quick & instant setup.

100% Customizable

Both App and Backend panel are completely customizable & are easy to use.

Tutorill Tutor App  Features

Tutors App comes on both Android & IOS device with Advanced Dashboard.

  • Go Online/Go Offline
  • Instant Notifications
  • Accept/Reject Request
  • Chat with students
  • Update Bank Details
  • Booking Cancellation
  • Setup profile
  • Booking History details
  • Track Transactions
  • Locate students on map.

Tutorill's Highlighting Features

Tutorill has some attractive features that differ from our competitors.

  • Multiple Category 

    The Students can choose Tutors from the list of available options such as Physics tutor, Music Tutor, Mathematics Tutor, etc.

  • Profile Set Up

    Both Student and Tutor can set up their profile using App alone. It includes update the contact details, changes the password, updates availability slots, etc.

  • Cashless & Convenient

    Payment can be made easily by going completely with cashless mode by using wallet money or pay by cash or using the credit card via our custom payment gateway

  • Social Login

    You can also log through social media accounts like Facebook and so on, rather by using username or password.

  • Loyalty Programs 

    In Tutor App, a loyalty program is nothing but invite friends to sign up our application using unique referral code through social media like WhatsApp, SMS, Mail, Messenger, twitter, and Facebook.

  • Schedule Booking

    A student can be schedule his/her booking by using the option called book later, so booking will automatically start at the scheduled time.

Get Your Children the Best Tutor with Tutorill – The Reliable Uber for Tutor

All on demand services are going “Uber” today, and with Tutorill – a new brand Uber for tutoring app – you will not only benefit from fast services delivered to your doorstep on your part, but you will also be able to hire the best tutors for your children at a short span time.

How It Works?

Student looking for best tutors

Select a tutor based on the need

Chat and book the tutor

Tutor arrived at student location

Tuition starts

Payment and Review

Have A One On One Interaction With Our Experts Now!

Uber for Tutors

Get Your Children the Best Tutor with Tutorill – The Reliable Uber for Tutor

All on demand services are going “Uber” today, and with Tutorill – a brand new Uber for tutoring app – you will not only benefit from fast services delivered to your doorstep with virtually no effort on your part, but you will also be able to hire the best tutors for your children at a short notice.
Here’s how it works: you simply have to download the Uber for tutors app on your phone, launch it, and start looking for a suitable tutor in your area that can provide the best tutoring services for your child. The tutor matching application will help you locate a tutor close to your area, and allow you to compare services and ratings to make sure you make the right decision. Soon after, your tutor will arrive at your doorstep, and get to work.
As an added bonus, payments can be handled conveniently through your online account, so there will be no need to keep cash at hand, and the app can be used virtually any time you need it, within regular hours.
Tutorill will help transform your children’s school performance and get you off the hook from helping them with homework, so you can manage your household chores or work related tasks without worrying about your kids. All you have to do is download the Uber for tutor app, and you’ll be all set.

Tutorill Features – Why You May Need an Uber for Tutors

Providing your child with proper and affordable academic support is not always easy. However, with the new Uber app for tutors, Tutorill, you will be able to find a reliable tutor without any difficulty, and watch your little one’s grades improve.

Consider a few of the most notable features of the app:

  • The app works just like Uber, but for massage services.
  • You can book your massage therapist with just a few quick taps on your phone.
  • The app has a few key selection options allowing you to choose a specific kind of massage therapist for a given amount of time.
  • The service screens its own massage experts.
  • All therapists are licensed and qualified to perform the task they are entrusted with.
  • The app will give you relevant results based on your location.
  • You can compare and choose massage therapists based on price.
  • The rate for a booking is quite affordable.
  • You can pay conveniently online.
  • The app can be found both on the Android Play Store and on Apple’s App Store.

Tutorill is the only app you will need for ensuring your child receives the best tutoring support available. Even at a short notice, you can find the best and most affordable tutoring service, and have a reliable and responsible tutor be sent to your home in no time at all.

Tutorill: Offering the Clearest Advantages of All Uber for Tutor Apps

If you’ve heard of the world renowned Uber app, you probably already know what Uber for tutors is. Apps like Tutorill are designed to offer an on demand service to people who need assistance with anything from providing their children with extra tuition classes, to making sure their students meet the right criteria for passing their exams.

Tutorill offers a few excellent advantages that, as a business owner, you’ll be happy to have both for yourself and for your clients:

  • It provides a perfect opportunity for you to start a service that will always be in demand, due to the need for qualified teachers and professors.
  • Essentially, you can use it to run an agency that connects children and students with reputable and knowledgeable teachers willing to prepare them for an exam or help them further their understanding of a specific subject.
  • Tutorill is a straightforward app that can be used to request on demand tutors who can teach any topic, from basic English and math to advanced physics. The parent or student simply needs to use the native Android or iOS app to make a quick request in just a couple of minutes.

The simplicity of the app and the idea are quite impressive, and the potential gains are staggering. Tutorill is the most stable and well-designed Uber for tutoring, and it can provide you with the flexible settings, fast functionality and straightforward interface that you need to make the process as simple as possible.

Using Tutorill to Launch a Catchy New Service: Uber for Tutoring

Tutorill is an exciting new Uber for tutor script designed to provide college and high school students, as well as younger school children, with a means to improve their education and learning power with the help of qualified, responsible teachers who agree to tutor them at their own home.
Having the app configured according to what you require is a snap. You can have your agency or academic institution’s name and various other details included, as well as information about the teachers and professors who will be a part of the program.
The apps can also be customized appearance-wise, according to your specific preference, and they can be deployed both on the Apple and Google Play markets to cater to the needs of virtually anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet.
Once parents or students download the app, they can use it through just a few quick taps to find tutors in their area, select their preferred tutor and make a request for a 1-2 hour class. The teacher will conveniently show up at their doorstep, without them even having to place a phone call.
Using this Uber for tutors can be an exciting adventure and a rewarding experience for all involved, and can help you introduce a very practical and often needed service into your local community.

Full Academic Support with Tutorill – The Best Uber for Tutors

Academic support is in high demand, so that whether you own a private school, are part of an agency that connects tutors and students, or manage the tutoring services provided by a university, an on demand Uber for tutor app would provide some much-needed organization and convenience in handling all demands more easily and with better results.
Tutorill is one of the best Uber-like apps for tutors. It works on both Android and iOS, offering a wide array of advantageous features and benefits that could help the future generation learn more effectively:

  • It delivers an on demand service, notifying teachers of students’ request for tutoring sessions, and having them provide lessons in the comfort of the student’s home.
  • Parents and students can choose the right type of teacher based on their qualifications, specialization, as well as how close they are located.
  • The entire system is automatic, and works online, being accessed conveniently through the client’s mobile devices.
  • Maps, location tracking, cashless payments and a host of other features are available that will make organizing the tutoring process much more fun and straightforward than ever before.

One of the greatest qualities about Tutorill is that it can help students learn much faster and without having to limit themselves to what their schools can offer. This Uber for tutoring developed by Dectar can certainly show us a glimpse of what the future of education may look like.