Truckate - Uber for Tow Trucks

On-demand Roadside assistance App, Uber for Towing Services

  • Auto Address Completion
  • Intelligent Booking
  • High-end Admin Dashboard

Why Choose Dectar?

Elegant UI Design

The software comes with a Clean and elegant mobile application. It is an easy-to-use mobile application.

Set-up in the Cloud Platform

Gain Better Outcomes by deploying our on-Demand application in the cloud platform.

Tailor-made Applications

The applications are custom-made, and it can increase efficiency as it has significant advantages over other apps.

Ready-made solution

One-stop solution to get the turnkey business application for your business. No coding knowledge required.

Advanced Features

Real Time Geotracking

With the help of the Geotracking system, the user can book the truck according to the availability.

Multi-Location Access

Multi-location access is nothing but giving access to the multiple admins where multiple dispatches can be created from admin panel.

Create/Edit profile

The user and the driver can edit their profiles with the help of the application.

Availability Status

Truck Driver can change the availability ON/OFF by using the App.

How it works?

Truckate's Highlighting Features

  • Social Media Login 

    You can also log in through social media accounts like Facebook and so on, rather by using username or password.

  • Service Type

    The user has the option to select the type of Tow Truck depending on their needs and damage condition of the vehicle to be towed.

  • Powerful Admin Dashboard

    Using the Admin panel you can control the both mobile Apps and the websites.

  • Advanced Search Options

    Truckate has an advanced search option, which has more filters. This will helps you to get accurate results & it also saves your time.

  • Schedule Booking

    The user can book the needs at any time with the help of Schedule booking.

  • Promo code 

    Admin has the options to send promo offers coupon codes via push notifications, SMS, e-mails, etc. Using this promo codes user can get a discount on their bookings.

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How to Start a Profitable Business with our Uber for Tow Truck Application?

Commencing with an On-demand trucking app can be tough, but dectar will make it much more comfortable with the help of Truckate application. Our truckers app will help you to launch your Roadside assistance business quickly. It will also make sure that your app can offer much better advantages than your competitor applications.

Here are a few simple benefits of using Truckate app:

✱ Our Uber for truck driver application will provide you to organize and track your trucks in real-time, reduce your expenses, and improve turnaround times.

✱ It will keep your tow trucks engaged all the time.

✱ Our apps are carefully coded and are available on both iOS and Android platforms. Your clients can download the app quickly and find their nearby tow trucks to get a convenient roadside assistance service.

✱ Customers can track the tow trucks and assist them to their location.

✱ Owners can eliminate customers’ payment-related problems as the payment is cleared online instantly.

✱ The script is quite affordable so that it won’t cut down your substantial business capital.

Truckate can help you to achieve your business goal quickly. It will make you a lot of money through small commissions from customers and truck drivers. Roadside assistance market is going to reach $32Bn by 2027

Make Quick Money with our Real-time Uber for Truckers App

Making fast money is possible when your tow truck company uses our Uber for tow truck app. Clients can conveniently access the app and submit a request to a tow truck driver though the app at short notice.

The process is entirely straightforward:

☁ Purchase our affordable Uber for tow truck app and add the list of cities and locations you wish to operate.

☁ After adding the city, you can start adding the vehicle type, license details, driver details, etc.. You can also add the amount of cargo it can carry.

☁ After adding all the details, we will configure the software in the cloud server so that the users can start using it by downloading from iOS/Android platforms.

☁ Customers can create an account from the app and send a request for nearby roadside assistance instantly.

☁ Also, truckers can mobilize themselves and use the app to schedule/organize their routes, to offer safe, transparent, quick, and reliable roadside support for customers.

With truckate, you can surpass all of your competitors effortlessly and enhance your business in a short period to earn a sizable profit.

Some Special Features of Truckate App:

If you’re looking for affordable, highly efficient Uber for trucks app, then there is no better solution than Truckate. This reliable script will provide you with everything you need to increase your business’ availability, efficiency, and returns.

♡ Flexible settings allow business owners to define the type of business they are running, and configure all the necessary aspects into the script easily. The software can easily be customized to fit your needs.

♡ The system works well on a cloud server and is extremely stable, safe, and reliable. You don’t have to worry about your business losing time and money due to technical difficulties.

♡ Users can check the estimated cost for assistance before the booking.

♡ Customers can select a small pick-up truck or a van or a large truck for their deliveries based on their requirements.

♡ The user interface is swift and handy, and app users can access the map to specify the appropriate locations in the app.

♡ Cashless payments will make the entire process more electric and convenient.

There are plenty of highly advanced features in the app. Owners can make full use of the app to ensure that Truckate exceeds your customers’ expectations by providing the best advantages over competitors.

Many new players like jrop, blink roadside have entered into the market and running their business successfully. Contact us now to get started.