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Datecy - Tinder clone App


Datecy is a more reliable Tinder clone App and professionally constructed as an alternative to the Tinder dating application.


tinder clone script

Users can instantly create an account in datecy by providing their name, email, birth date, and gender.

tinder clone script
tinder clone script


tinder clone script

Find matches based on your search criteria, and swipe on the screen to like/, unlike profiles. Users can also find their perfect match based on location.


tinder clone script

Users can get connected in datecy and chat with one another using an integrated chat module.

tinder clone
tinder clone


tinder clone script

After finding their perfect partner, users can chat with each other, start dating, and get into a relationship.

Datecy - Advanced Features


Datecy's - Highlighting Features



After connecting with individual profiles or joining a group, users can engage in a seamless conversation with other users.


Like, Super Like, Reject

Users can like, super like, and reject individual profiles. It will increase the chances of finding the perfect match.


GEO Location

Users can search for matches based on the distance from their current location. They can also increase the search distance to enhance the list of potential matches.

tinder clone app tinder clone app tinder clone app tinder clone app tinder clone app
tinder clone14

Instant Notification

Users will get notified instantly when their profile gets a like or a super like in their profile. Users can choose to be notified through push notifications whenever they get an incoming message.

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Discover Profile

The users can toggle their profile's visibility in the Datecy app if they want to change their private/public profile status.

tinder clone16

Rewind Feature

Users can use the rewind functionality to make a change on their last swipe in the Datecy App.

Admin Dashboard Features

Admin Dashboard

The Datecy admin panel is fully responsive, and it is a highly interactive panel. Our all-in-one dashboard has access to control all the users. Admin can also import/export users easily.

Google Ads

Enhance your marketing spent by integrating Google Ads into the app. You can earn extra money by displaying Google Ads inside the app. It will boost your overall revenue.

In-App Purchase

Using these In-app purchases, users can purchase premium plans easily. The admin can make money from the user's debit/credit card attached to the google play store/Apple App Store.

Secure Payment Authentication

Google does complete payment processing for Android users. And Apple store processes iOS payments. User don't need to worry about entering their credit/debit card details.

Hide Adverts

Admin can enable the option to hide ads for premium users. The admin can earn more money by enabling this option as users will try to eliminate the ads by subscribing to premium plans.

Integrate Instagram

Admin has the option to integrate Instagram into the app. This option will enable users to invite their friends from Instagram. It will increase the user base.

User App Features


Datecy has an integrated audio and HD video calling feature. It allows the user to make in-app calls to matches with just a single click. This option is available on both Android and iOS.


The Datecy app will match the user's profile with an unlimited number of users in the application. There is no limit in finding new users, which will help the user find their match easily.


We coded the app intelligently to match your profile with some random profiles in the app. It will also ensure that your search doesn't go beyond the distance and age limit you have added.


If someone is annoying you by sending frequent requests or pinging you in private chats repeatedly, you can instantly block the user. Once if a user is blocked, he won't be able to see your profile again.


Users can share images with their friends through the in-app chat with a single click. They can share their stored images from their mobile phone. Also, they can take live photos using their camera and share them with other users.


Users can use a variety of smiley faces along with a massive list of Emojis. It will help the users to express their interests more conveniently. We have pre-loaded hundreds of Emojis to the app.


Datecy has an integrated auto spell module in the chat. It will help users to type fast and have a quick chat with their matches. It will also auto-correct grammar mistakes in the conversation.


If someone is continuously annoying you (or you don't like them anymore), you can unfriend them quickly with a single click. After that, the app will remove them from your friend's list automatically.


Find a perfect match based on location using the location filter option. This filter weeds out people who are outside a particular radius and shows only profiles within your locality.


The Datecy app has a filter that allows you to fetch profiles based on distance. Users can find their love within particular proximity. It will help them to go for a date quickly on the same day.


Datecy app will accurately fetch the user location in the app. The users can manually change their location by subscribing to premium packages. Admin can earn money using this feature.


Users can make use of this multi-filter search module. It will help the users to filter their match from thousands of profiles in the app. It will weed out the unwanted profiles and display the filtered results.


Users can share their profiles on their social media accounts. We have integrated Fb, Twitter, and Linkedin into the Datecy app. It will allow the users to share their profiles easily.


Users can hide their profiles for a particular period by subscribing to a premium package. Using this feature, they can browse through the other profiles without showing their identity.


This option allows you to explore new profiles, images, and videos in the Datecy app. It enables them to connect with random users easily.





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The Rising Growth of Tinder-like dating apps

Impact Of Tinder On Dating

Tinder was able to change the dating app scenario for everyone. Tinder makes a lot of money, and its valuation crossed $10B. There were a lot of dating apps before Tinder, but none of them were as famous. The reason is that Tinder was implemented and marketed better compared to the rest of them. It gamified the process of online dating. This was a much better way to look at the dating scene. Tinder also had the best algorithms and targeting, which meant it was enjoyable for everyone. Another significant fact is that it lets users have instant access to their services. You could get started with a single click from your phone. This made it even more accessible for the millennials and Gen Zs.

The Dating App Landscape

The dating app landscape has three major companies. Their products are the ones that are most popular on the market. Match Group, Bumble, and Dating Group are the companies that control the dating app landscape. The Match Group created Tinder. But Bumble (the app) and Dating.com offer a reasonable amount of competition for Tinder. But due to several reasons, Tinder has always been the most opted platform. Tinder is the best example to follow if you want to create a custom dating app of your own. It has one of the highest growth rates and revenue of all the existing platforms. The app is also talked about extensively, even on other social media platforms. It has become so popular that it is a pop culture reference today.

Who Uses Dating Apps?

There is no wrong answer to this. Statistically speaking, any older person than 18 years old and looking for a relationship falls under the demographic. The highest number of users come under the 18 to 50 years old category. In the US alone, 75% of young adults (18 to 24) use Tinder. It is considerably more than Bumble, which is in second place with only 31%. A lot of people use dating apps, and they come from various backgrounds. And since this is a rapidly growing industry, the numbers are only going to increase.

How Simple Is It?

Creating a Tinder-like app from scratch is not going to be easy. There are so many variables to consider, and the development time will take months or even years. As technology advances, creating a Tinder clone gets out of reach for most people. But this is nothing to fret about - you can easily get a Tinder-like platform from Dectar. Their development process is highly advanced, and they have even incorporated AI into their app. It can help your users get much better results than with the clones in the market. And when you buy from them, you save years in development time and money as well. You also get a custom solution that is better and more functional than the rest.

The Business Side Of Things

And another fact that many brands don’t see is that Tinder is one of the most popular business platforms. It has been downloaded more than 340 million times since its launch. The premise was simple: help single people meet other single people. But the way Tinder implemented it was enough to make it a billion-dollar business. And Tinder even has a record to show this year. On March 29th, it recorded its highest ever number of swipes in history - 3 billion. People initially interact with other profiles on the app through swipes.  Tinder is the most popular way of meeting people online today. It has more engagement than Facebook or Instagram. And this is one reason why it is worth $10 billion today. It also uses clever monetization techniques to ensure profitability. See how tinder makes money.

Should I go for Ready-made Tinder Clone or an app development company to develop from scratch?

Using The Latest Technology

As you might have heard, developing an app like Tinder from scratch is difficult. And because of the way technology is progressing, it isn’t viable either. One reason is technology latency. Creating something like this with all features included can sometimes take years. And here, once your app is ready for deployment, technology has already moved on. Opting for a ready-made clone is always a much better option. It has been developed with the latest technology, and you can get started immediately. Choosing this means that you will be right where you want to be with respect to your technology.

Dealing With Complexity

Developing an app also brings with it several issues of complexity. There are several components to a Tinder-like app. Each functionality needs to be recreated for it to work. While each of them is complex, you also need to factor in working together. Getting professionally made apps from agencies like Dectar is much easier compared to the alternative. Their team is experienced and can deliver quality software when it comes to Tinder like apps. And the best part is that you don’t need to fiddle around with anything. It will be delivered to you, ready to be deployed.

Beating Time Constraints

Another aspect of creating an app is the time it takes for a full-fledged Tinder app to be created. An app has to be built from the ground up. Meaning, You should create various functionalities with your requirements in mind. This, by itself, can take a lot of time. But the most time taken is during bug testing. More than millions of people will use these apps. So you need to do extensive testing and regular modification to the app. And if you want to get into the market quickly - this is not the fastest way. Opting for an existing, highly customizable Tinder app like Datingo might be the right way to go.

Including App Customizability

The requirements of a tinder app vary according to several aspects. And sometimes, when building the app, these requirements are liable to change, especially because of the long development times. But with a ready to deploy solution like Datingo, you can start strongly. You research the market and let the professionals at Dectar know what you want. They can deliver the app with all customizations included inside a week. This customization means changing UI, themes, or functionality. There are no restrictions on what you can choose.

Improving Functionality

Considering that you are releasing a new Tinder-like app, most people are looking for something new. Delivering something new is the only way you can survive in the market against competition. Our Tinder clone app comes with a lot of built-in functionalities. But you can also add them according to your unique requirement. It can range from specific improvements to your existing modules to revamping the whole thing. You might have unique ideas that are difficult to implement. At Dectar, we can deliver what you’re looking for. 

How To Create A Strategic Plan for Tinder Like Startups?

Fast-Growing Market

The dating app market is growing rapidly and in such a short time as well. It has an average revenue of over three billion dollars this year. Also, it is projected to grow to $4.36 billion in 2023. This is a great time to get started on a Tinder-like app for your business with such numbers. Opting for a ready-made solution means that you don’t need a lot of investment. You can also get started quickly before your competitors do. Professional app developers like Dectar are flexible to your needs. You can make and release your own branded app within a week.

Platform Independent 

An important criterion when it comes to mobile dating apps is compatibility. It is something that can make or break your dating app. Our ready to implement dating app Datingo is highly platform and device-independent. You can implement it both on the iOS and Android platforms at the same time. It can work effectively on a large number of devices and screen sizes. It offers a consistent look and feels over any platform your client uses. It is important when you are looking to improve brand perception.

Real-time Connectivity

A competent dating app needs to have a strong foundation for connectivity. The reason is that they have a lot of components that rely on this, like messaging and searching. To this end, we make sure that the apps we create have reliable and strong data connectivity. We make sure to test it over all environments to ensure reliability. It makes sure that even with a bad internet connection, the apps work perfectly well. We also use several optimization techniques to economize our data use. It means you only need to send and receive less data for the app to work.

Comprehensive Search 

The search is a critical module for any dating app, and the key is to make it as customizable as possible. We understand the requirements of the typical Tinder user. If you want to search for people with a specific preference in mind, we can help. This level of customizability is just not found on other apps in the market. It helps your users discover more people who have common tastes. This results in more successful matches than the original Tinder app.

Monetizing It Correctly

Every app has monetizing options because that is how companies make money off them. The key is to pick and choose the right options that are suitable for your company. The ideal method would be to offer a free version that is time-limited. And then give them the option to switch to the paid version. You should not use intrusive means of ads or push notifications. You can also limit certain search options in search to encourage users to subscribe to the app.

Implementing Business Metrics

It is important to remember that, like social media apps, dating apps also need to include business metrics. This is how a company that implements them can leverage its position in the market. All our Tinder clone apps come with extensive business metrics that you can use. From engagement numbers to usage reports per demographic, you can get a lot of information from our reports. And this makes it easy to get feedback on your business aspects as well.

How to launch a Tinder-like dating application with a Tinder clone app?

Selecting The Right Demographic

It is perhaps one of the most important considerations when you’re choosing to launch a Tinder clone. You need to make sure that you are aiming it at the right demographic. Tinder by itself is aimed at people who are 18 to 24 years old, young adults. It is important to establish this early on in the campaign.

Selecting And Building Workflows

When creating an overview of the app, workflows are important. They describe how the user interacts with your app as well as the appropriate response. It gives you an idea of where and how you need to improve your app when it comes to UI. Since most of our workflow at Dectar is configured and customizable, this is something that we can help you figure out easily.

Configuring Your Database

A central database is where all data is stored and retrieved. It can be a difficult task when hundreds of thousands of people are concurrently using the app. We have built extremely optimized database functions. These are much more effective and efficient than other Tinder apps found on the market. It means there are fewer data to transmit, and so makes our app much quicker.

In-depth Matching Algorithms

The objective of building a dating app is to match better with other people. We use proprietary algorithms that are engineered to deliver better results. It considers various aspects like geotags, likes, interests, and browsing habits, to name a few. It can help you users find the person they are looking for in as little time as possible.

Implementing Chat Functionality 

Once users are matched, the chat is necessary to help them connect better with each other. It can help determine if they want to take it forward. Our Datingo app has a full-fledged chat functionality that is included in your package. It can offer seamless real-time communication between your users.

Additional Features And Accessorizing

When you choose a Tinder-like app from Dectar, you can customize it to your brand image. You might need to add more features for people in your area. Or, you would like to include elaborate emojis as part of your default chat functions. Whatever the requirement, we can deliver it to your exacting specifications.