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Datecy - Tinder clone App


Datecy is a more reliable Tinder clone App and professionally constructed as an alternative to the Tinder dating service.

Create Profile

tinder clone script

With the aid of Facebook, you can log in Datecy or create an account by providing your name, email, date of birth and gender.

tinder clone script
tinder clone script

Find perfect matches

tinder clone script

Find matches based on your search criteria, swipe on the screen to like/unlike profiles as similar to Tinder.


tinder clone script

Datecy App's core concept is to help a user for finding their perfect match and want to know each other through the chat option.

tinder clone
tinder clone

Start Dating

tinder clone script

Find your perfect partner with this Datecy application & let the relationship bloom into a harmony.

Datecy - Advanced Features


Datecy's - Highlighting Features



After matching with individual profiles or groups, a user can engage in seamless conversation with each other in Datecy App.


Like, super like, reject

Users can like, super like, and reject individual profiles or groups by increasing the chances of finding an apt match.


GEO- location

The user can search for matches from their current location or they can also increase the search distance to enhance the potential matches.

tinder clone app tinder clone app tinder clone app tinder clone app tinder clone app
tinder clone14

Instant notification

The users will be notified instantly when their profile was super liked. Push notifications ensure that the user will always notify of incoming messages.

tinder clone15

Discover profile

The users can toggle their profiles visibility from the Datecy app if they want their profiles public no longer.

tinder clone16

Rewind feature

The users can use the rewind functionality if they want to make a change on their last swipe in Datecy App.





Our Clients

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Have A One On One Interaction With Our Experts Now!

Uber for Dating – Datecy Native Mobile Application

Datecy – A Whole New Approach to Dating and Matchmaking

Something like a blend between Tinder and a brand new Uber for dating, the all new Datecy app promises to offer you the best opportunity to meet singles in your area who may be best suited to your criteria for dating.
The service works like a clone of Tinder, but has features you only get from services like Uber. For instance, instead of just having people post random photos online without having the assurance that those pictures are genuine, you will be able to know for a fact that you’ll be meeting up with the person you expect.
The experts who run Datecy will meet up in person with the candidates, and screen them to make sure their applications are genuine. You can then use the app to look up potential new partners in your area, and hook up either for short term or long term, depending on your preference. The system is quite flexible, and it’s also very low-cost, so you don’t have to worry about paying too much to find a date.
Datecy can offer you the best chance of actually meeting someone in person that you’ll like, and start a lasting relationship. With this clone of Tinder, you will have complete control over who you meet and what you can look forward to when it comes to future dates.

The Most Significant Features of the Datecy App

Datecy is a more reliable and professionally constructed as an alternative to the Tinder dating service. Unlike Tinder, it offers screening capabilities similar to what Uber-like services offer, and it is accessible through an easy to use app for your convenience.

The main features of Datecy are as follows:

  • Datecy is an Uber-like dating app designed to take the hassle out of meeting new people.
  • It provides a fun, easy to use interface to help you locate potential prospects.
  • Select your location and find all the potential partners in your area.
  • You can then choose your future dates based on your preferences, and see if they respond.
  • The service will provide you with all the tools and information you need to make a valid choice.
  • They will even screen your potential partners to prevent any kind of deceit.
  • Datecy is quite affordable, and it can help you save a lot of time and effort.
  • It is available for both iOS and Android.
  • Payments are made convenient, so you don’t need to worry about paying cash for the service.
  • It is also one of the most affordable dating services you will ever find.

You no longer have to worry that your date will look completely different from the photo he/she has posted. With Datecy, you will be in full control over who you choose, and you can enjoy more memorable dating experiences that any other service could offer.

Exploring the Popularity and Convenience of Uber for Dating Apps

How would you like to start a new business with a Datecy app – a clone of Tinder – designed for dating services that want to become the next Uber like services for dating? Datecy is an easy to configure, intelligently designed dating app that is a blend between Uber and Tinder, providing users with the ability to find and date local singles in a safe and convenient fashion.
With Datecy, you can have your very own dating service, screening singles you accept into the service, allowing people to search for compatible singles based on a wide array of variables, and make it possible for them to meet up, and get to know each other, before possibly engaging in a brand new relationship.
According to most startups who already use Uber-like apps to attract customers, the profitability is skyrocketing only after a few months of the app being in use, while users simply love the service because of the convenient and easy way it can be utilized to meet new people, start a meaningful relationship and even achieve better self-knowledge.
So here is your chance to make the singles in your area (and possibly all over the country, once your business grows) happy to find their soul mates, while earning a lot of money with the best On demand dating app out there.

How Will the Best Tinder Clone software on the Market Help You Make Money?

Designed as a clone of Tinder – the popular dating service, and with the same remarkable capabilities of an Uber like app, Datecy is a powerful mobile dating application you can use to configure for your own dating service.

An important part associated with making money with the help of a dating service is to have a clear and honest intention of helping your clients to find their future partner. With the help of the Datecy app, you can accomplish this by creating a straightforward but comprehensive matchmaking process, and setting up the app to automatically analyse all the variables to come up with the best matches.

The Datecy App can then be used by your clients to quickly find their best matches based on their location, as well as the various factors included from the matchmaking process. You can charge a small amount per person, a membership fee or just a small fee people can pay only when they actually find their new significant other. The app is also available both on Android and iOS, so you’ll have no trouble in finding people who use any of the mobile platforms.

You will never regret trying out this reliable Uber for dating app, and with the power of Datecy backing you up, it will be easy to expand your business and make a lot of money, while also bringing joy to thousands of unhappy singles.

Can Your Business Survive with the Help of a Clone of Tinder?

When it comes to dating services, new businesses come and go, but for some time, various services using Datecy software have experienced a lot of success. With the help of Datecy, a powerful clone for Tinder with features similar to the well-known Uber, you can not only keep your business afloat, but also expand your horizons and create a completely unique Uber-like dating service.
Although there are some dating services out there that try to be like Uber, most of them don’t actually have the technology that would give them the edge. Here is where Datecy comes in:

  • Designed for both iOS and Android, Datecy uses some of the latest, most advanced and flexible matchmaking criteria and algorithms to create matches.
  • It is fast, easy to use and can be combined with dating services that prefer both the Tinder and Uber approach for finding the best matches.
  • It can allow users to find all potential matches in their area.
  • Datecy can also be used by services that employ very strict criteria for matchmaking, as well as those that screen their applicants in person.

With this fast, easy to use and reliable Uber for dating services, your business can thrive, and no matter the various details of how you want to run your dating app, Datecy will always deliver the best and most accurate results.

Datingo – Tinder Like Application

The tinder’s clone script of Datingo is efficiently used for the service of online dating. With the help of this online dating clone script, the user can find their perfect match through online. Each and every user will have a respective profile in which the personal details have been updated. It is starting with the online conversation and ending with the offline dating between the users. With the help of the mobile application, the specific user can understand about the opponent user.

The features of Datingo

Datingo is distributing so many advanced features to perform a specific task. The mobile application is displaying the complete details about the opponent users and their profiles. A particular user can select the desired opponent user to chat with them through online. There is an availability of an option to like, super like or reject the information or post, which are uploaded by the user.

An authenticated user who is registered and has a profile for this service can access this app very easily. Finding the desired life partner with the help of mobile application is an advanced thing towards the technological growth. Rewind feature is very much helpful to recall the online conversation, which is occurred with the opponent user. In this location based dating app, the specifications are defined in a friendly manner to perform a specific task.

Datecy - Available specifications

In this Datecy script, there is an option to create a profile by updating required details of the respective user through online. The account will be shown in a public manner and the specific user who is having a similar profile can choose them to chat through online. There will be a number of profiles are available on the Datingo, clone script which is used to have an online dating. The chat options will be arrived with some of the security and privacy options to protect the updated information very carefully.

Similar to the usual chat, the Datingo also facilitates the online conversation with the text, multi media or GIF animated videos etc. usually, the online dating is ending up with the offline dating and it could be a better way to select an opponent user. This is mandatory to follow the terms and conditions, which are provided by the mobile application to have an online dating. This mobile application has a Social media login and the app can be activated with the help of Facebook. The reason is that the mobile application is interconnected with the Facebook to have some benefits.

Datingo is providing a hassle free chat and conversation by which the users can develop their relationship. For the service of an online dating, the single user can create a group to chat with a number of an opponent user. At the same time, it requires subscription techniques to add some additional features to the application. Each and every action is updated to the user as a notification and the profile will be discovered by the service of dating.

Instant chat

In this online dating script, the features are allowing the users to have an instant chat. It also invites the user to have a group chat and distance based matches are possible due to the conversation of this mobile application. By using the profile, the particular user can select the age-based matches and the payments are done by the PayPal service. The instant updations and notifications are achieved through online.

If the new user wants to chat, there will be a notification to the user regarding that. It has a direct interconnection with the Facebook, social media and it reveals the unlimited right swipe to achieve the desired task. With respect to the gender interest, the user can find their match on the respective filter service. The user who is accessing this clone script can share the app through Facebook or some other social media.

An instant chat will be enabled only for the matched profile, which is maintained by the authenticated user. In this online dating clone script, there is an availability of admin panel to control and monitor the functions. The Datingo is very useful to get into the relationship and it could be an effective process to make an online conversation.