TikTok Clone App with Advanced Features

  • Live streaming
  • Upload soundtracks
  • Social Sharing
  • Add Special Effects
  • Advanced Filters
  • Alerts / Notifications
  • Hearts & Likes
  • Advanced Search

Video Uploading

Users can quickly shoot a film, edit it, and upload it into the Zotok application. Create a video and then publish it on your channel instantly.


Add the trending soundtracks into the app to increase the engagement of the users. Users can use any soundtracks and make their videos to make it viral.

QR Code Scanner

Use the QR code scanner to find friends nearby. You can use QR code to promote your channel and invite more users into the application.

Duet Option

You can use their delete option to create a video on the left and right or top and bottom. Use this duet option and get maximum reach for your videos.

Zotok Highlighting Features

Zotok has some attractive features that differ from other Video calling App competitors.

  • Geo-location

    This ultimate feature will bring geolocation-based videos to users. This feature will bring in relevant videos together based on the IP address.

  • In-app Reporting

    Users have the option to report a comment or a video to the admin. This feature will help the admin to remove the spam videos out of the application.

  • Private Account

    Users can change their account from the public to a restricted private account. Once you do this, only an approved user can see your profile. It will restrict the public users to check your profile.

  • Block Users

    Blocking any user either by entering their username or with their email address. Once you block a user, they won't see your profile or comment on your channel.

  • Embed Your Memories

    Create a memory in the form of video slideshows. You can come by a lot of photos and videos together to create a slideshow. The video site so will be eye-catching to the users.

  • Set Timer

    Users can now record videos using the timer feature. They can set a timer and prepare themselves before recording a video. The admin, you change the timer limit from the backend dashboard.

Tiktok Clone Script - Stunning Features

Username Change

Users can change their user name by going to the edit profile section. That they can type in the new username and click Save.

OTP Verification

Whenever a user creates an account, they will automatically get an OTP in their mobile number. Only after successful confirmation of the OTP the user account will get verified.

Invite Friends

Using the app, you can invite all your friends through email, WhatsApp, and more. Users can send an SMS invitation using a link generated inside the app.

Save Videos

Our application allows the users to save the video inside their profile. Users can go to the "Saved videos" section to watch those videos again.

Administrator Panel

Admin can control the content and videos easily using the backend dashboard. The admin can also ban any user those who are violating the terms of service.

Unlimited Scroll

Once the user opens the app, they can scroll and see the videos continuously. The videos will continue to as long as we scroll inside the app.

Family Pairing

Our team commits to building safety among our users. So we have added a feature that allows parents to pair channels with their children. It will allow them to take control of their kids inside the application.

Content Preferences

Users can personalize the content based on their age, gender, and location. Users can send their native language to see videos based on their preferences.

Edit Profile

Use this edit profile feature to change your name and email address. You can also use this feature to change your profile picture. You can also remove your profile picture from this section.

Tiktok Clone App Features

Video Editing

Users can trim or cut a video using the inbuilt video editor. Users can touch or retouch the videos before uploading them into their channels.

Live Streaming

Engage with your users using our live streaming option. The admin can limit this feature to a particular set of users. You can also apply restriction based on the number of followers every user have.

Social Sharing

Share the precious life moments instantly on your social media. Our app comes with an inbuilt social sharing option that allows you to share videos quickly.

Filters And Effects

Our application has an integrated video filter. Users can use that filter to apply effects through to their videos. You can add anime effect, time effect, and much more.

Likes And Comments

Users can follow, like, and comment on their favorite videos. An increase in the number of likes and hearts will put the video into millions of users' eyes.


Users can enable or disable the push notifications inside the app. Alerts will increase the interaction between the users. It will help users not to miss any updates on their channel.


Viral videos get popular based on the reactions they get from the users. We have added lots of interactive gestures into the app. Users can make use of this beautiful feature.


We have added the hashtag feature to the app. It will help users to categorize the videos. It is one of the most effective ways for users to search for the video they like.

Real-Time Analytics

Users can make use of a real-time analytics platform to check user statistics. It will also help you to make future predictions and estimate your earnings.

Zotok App Features

Restricted Mode

Users can now enable and disable the restriction mode. Using this restriction, the parents can take control of their kids from using the app.

Time Management

Set the time limit and cut down the time spent on the application using the time management feature. Parents can override their kid's account by restricting their timing.

Rewatch liked Videos

Users can watch any videos again that they have liked in the past. They may want to rewatch those videos again. So, they can go to the liked video section and watch the videos.

Restrict Comments & Messages

Every user can restrict comments by blocking particular words from the settings. The admin can also block sensitive words from the dashboard.

Audio Catalog

Our app comes with the audio catalog feature. It allows users to search for particular audios. Our app categorizes a similar set of audios. It will make it easy for the user to see videos with the same sounds.

Video Preview

After adding the effects and filters, you can check a preview of the video before publishing. Before posting it to the public, we have an option for the users to check a video preview.

Technologies Used


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How Does TikTok Clone Work? 

All you need is to open an account, and you’re ready to be the next TikTok star. Press the plus sign on the screen, and the camera opens. And you are ready to post as many videos as you want. If you lean towards wacky, you can do that too. 

Here, you get scripts to use on your videos. You also get tracks to add to them. Also, you get your favorite songs to lip-sync.

You can lip-sync, act, and dance or showcase your talents using the available tracks. If you don’t like lip-syncing with existing songs or scripts, don’t worry! Record your original video. You can add different filters, add colors to your eyes and hair, and enhance your beauty. 

After that, choose or create your hashtags. Once you learn how to use the correct hashtag, no one can stop you from going viral.

How To Make Money with Funly: TikTok Clone App?

When you make a video on TikTok, you don’t pay anything. When you watch any video, you don’t pay. Then how does it make money?  

Ads. Ads are a great way of earning. A lot of brands are showing interest in the app. With its growing popularity, businesses find it to be a very attractive platform. The app charges these advertisers for ads. Advertisers pay based on clicks, views, or actions performed on the ads. 

Moreover, when anyone sends a gift to your favorite TikToker, you need to buy coins. You spend money from $0.99 to $99.99 to buy coins. These coins contribute a lot to the revenue of the app. 

That is where Funly emerges as an alternative. You get all the bells and whistles of TikTok without investing months into building a new app. You can download the app from Playstore or Apple Store, and you are good to go in two days flat.

All budding entrepreneurs have to do is download, customize it as per their taste, and make it unique. Who knows, Funly may well turn out to be your growth driver.

TikTok Business Model

If you love watching videos, TikTok is the first choice for short and crisp entertainment. TikTok is a video sharing app where you can create 15-second-long videos. You don’t have to spend an entire day writing interesting scripts from scratch.

You can draw from the scores of readymade scripts and lace them with your creativity to create a fun video. In this COVID era, TikTok has been a really fun way of connecting with people. Reports say that in January 2020, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the US.

ByteDance is the company behind this viral app. Though a popular company, its business model is still under the wraps. The tidbits, when collated, reveal some interesting details. Let’s check out.

The app uses TikTok ads and coins to generate revenue. Fundraising is another source of earning for the company. Now, what are TikTok ads?

TikTok Ads

Businesses find a fertile ground to sow the seeds of interest for their ventures on mobile apps. They consider mobile apps to be a great way of reaching the millennial.

Businesses pay TikTok to feature their ads on videos. It helps them reach millions of new customers every day, cutting across geographical lines. If you have browsed the app, you must have seen their ads. Individuals also get a chance to promote their brands on the app.  

You must be wondering how much the app charges advertisers. That largely depends on the type of pricing models they choose. Yes, TikTok offers different types of pricing models for the advertisers. 

Here are the three pricing models: 

  • Pay per click 

Here, advertisers pay for every click they get on their ads. 

  • Pay per view 

In this model, the app charges the advertisers for 1,000 impressions. 

  • Pay per action  

If anyone performs any action on the ad, advertisers need to pay the company. Actions can vary from subscribing to purchasing, and more. 

TikTok Coins

Another way of revenue generation is TikTok coins, which help both the app and the TikTokers. If a TikToker has 1,000 followers, they can share live videos; their followers can send them virtual gifts

You need coins to buy these gifts. You get ten coins for $0.99, and you can get up to 10,000 coins for $99.99. 

Once the TikToker receives the gift, they can convert it into money. The app gets a 50% commission for each gift received. 

 Remember, the next time you send a virtual gift to a TikToker, you contribute to the coffers of TikTok. 

Some Challenges Faced & Sponsored by TikTok

The TikTok world is full of challenges. Take up any challenge and create a video. It’s a fun way to make friends as well. If you’re someone who loves challenges, this is the right place for you. Even celebrities take TikTok challenges to gain popularity. Let’s find out some popular TikTok challenges that you might have heard of on the Internet. 

The #Savage Challenge 

It was the most popular challenge of TikTok. These videos got 674.9 million views. You need to learn the dance moves of Megan Thee Stallions’ song “Savage” and post the moves. That’s all.  

The #Renegade Challenge 

It is another dance challenge where you have to post dance moves from the song “Lottery” by K Kamp.  

There are various challenges that you can take up as a couple. There have been couples that gained immense popularity by taking up the challenges. Some of the fun couple challenges are #FliptheSwitch, #Plank, and #Uptown.  

If you wish to emulate the success of TikTok, you can check out Snoota’s new app Funly. It’s fun and cool. You will get all the tools to create great videos using the available scripts. Use your talent and our tools to post videos. Who knows! You might be the next social media sensation.

If you are looking for a TikTok like app, then our TikTok clone would be the perfect fit Get in touch with us to get a quote.