Introducing Costrip - Uber for strippers

Quick and easiest way to book strippers online

Easy To Customize

Our web and App is 100% justifiable and dynamic with which you can run your business according to your requirements.

Exalted design

Using high-end graphics in our App and website comes with marvelous user interface and experience.

Easy To Use

It's quite easy to view and book strippers with a single click inside the Application.

Costrip Advanced features

Fully Featured Analytics

Multi-Location Access

User Identification

Comfortable payment methods

Complete booking history

Secure Authentication

Costrip Strippers App Features.

Strippers App comes on both Android & IOS App with Advanced Dashboard.

  • Instant Notifications
  • Setup Profile
  • Go Online/Offline
  • Accept/Reject Booking Request
  • Cancel Booking
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Push Notification
  • Social Sign Up
  • Email Alerts
  • In-App Navigation
  • Secure Authentication
  • Feedback and Ratings

Costrip Highlighting Features

Costrip has some attractive features that differentiate us from our competitors.

  • Advanced Search Options 

    Costrip has an advanced search option, which comes with more advanced filters. More filters you get, the more accurate the results are, which probably saves time.

  • Custom Payment Gateways

    Get the blend of secured and efficient payment gateway to ensure user's trust towards the service and enabling smooth online payments.

  • Schedule Booking

    The users can schedule their bookings based on their needs. They can schedule at an instant or later.

How it Works?

  • Schedule and search the strippers based on category
  • Send booking request
  • Strippers accept your request
  • Enjoy the exotic service
  • Payment
  • Ratings and Reviews

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Uber for Strippers

How To Get Quality Exotic Dancing Services – Using The Best Uber For Strippers

If you are looking for an exotic dancer to live up a party, using Costrip can provide you with just what you need while making things simpler. If you thought that simply tapping a few times on smartphone in this case is impossible, then you were wrong.
There are times when you have to organize a party and you don’t manage to think of everything that is needed. Sometimes you miss a thing, and in this case you might realize that you have just failed to hire an exotic dancer. Worry not, as the best Uber for strippers is here. You can run Costrip on your iOS or Android-operating mobile device and get the service you need lightning fast.
You can effectively minimize turnaround times and, in this case, get an exotic dancer at your doorstep even in minutes, thanks to the way the system works. Enter your location, then your requirements and select from the available gallery based on preferences, rates and other considerations.
Don’t allow your party to be dull and boring! Get the right dancer to lighten up the mood with Costrip – your best Uber for exotic dancers that can make things happen as soon as possible.

The Benefits Of Using Costrip To Find A Suited Dancer For Your Needs

Whether you are looking for an exotic dancer for a private party or an important event, Costrip can provide you with an easy to use interface which can make the selection process so much easier.
Costrip has become the new standard when it comes to Uber for strippers. Rather than going to a nightclub and getting into lots of trouble you can use this intuitive and simplified app to find the person you need. You can achieve this in 3 small steps: choose your location by pinning it on your map, enter the specific requirements and then browse through the gallery of screenshots to find a suitable escort.
The benefits are numerous. First of all, you don’t need to head out and spend a night in a foggy smoke-filled bar. You can simply make a request, select an escort or exotic dancer and have it at your doorstep in the least amount of time possible. The reviewing system of this Uber for strippers is also a great tool that helps evaluate both parties.
Use your Android smartphone or iPhone and get a service to exceed your expectations by using the Costrip Uber app and make the process easier and more satisfying.

Promote Your Services To A Wider Audience With Costrip – An Easy To Use Stripper Uber

If you are providing quality exotic dancing services, yet you find it hard to reach customers these days, then you would definitely enjoy using the new Uber for strippers. It is called Costrip and, thanks to a clean layout and simplified process, you can promote yourself easily and conveniently without having to turn to third parties.
In order to use the app, you need a mobile device running on either Android or iOS. Download and install the app and you can set it up easily and start using it right away. You might be wondering how this works for clients. The process starts with them pinning their address by using the apps’ map and then entering specific requirements. Available dancers in the area will appear and the client will choose depending on specific criteria, including ratings and fees.
With this Uber for strippers, you can promote yourself without having to work for a company and you also get to keep all the profit rather than just a small portion of it. The incorporated evaluation system can also work in your favor and spread the word about your exotic dancing to other prospective clients. So use Costrip and reach more clients through one of the most popular apps on the web!