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Snapchat clone - Knisy Description

The mobile application won everyone heart with their features. If you take a look at the world, you will notice that most of the persons you know have an android or an iPhone of their own. From friends and colleagues to family and neighbor, almost everyone owns a mobile phone device through which they connect with other and handle their daily activities. This is not surprising as the mobile phone usage trend is only allowing an upward trend.

The rising trend in Smartphone usage of the user can only mean that the number of application users will be rising as well. Another Statist analysis shows that more than 103 billion applications have been downloaded around the world and the number is expected to extent of 268 billion by the year 2017. So it is clear that the upward trend is not just limited to the Smartphone usage but expands across the application usage as well. Since a sudden rise in Smartphone users’ means, there will be more user downloading and using the applications, the 2 elements are inter-connected by themselves. Lifestyle and the shopping travel and exploration, sports, mental wellness and fitness, and messaging services and social were some of the other top-ranking application types.

The user may have heard about the Snapchat application, the mobile phone app that grants the users to capture the videos and images that self-destruct after some seconds. When a person sends a text message they get to make a determination whether it will continue for between 1 and 10 seconds. After that its history, probably would be vanished.

Snapchat Clone
Snapchat Clone

How does the application work?

Once the Snapchat app is downloaded from the Play Store or from App Play, the user registers in the application with the personal details and sets a password. It then approaches the contacts on the user’s cell phone to load their friends to the application, or the user can add other further people on their contact list. Once the user loads the application and log in, they can take a picture, they can edit it; add a caption on that or any other doodles.

When the user selects the friends to send the pictures to and set a timer from 1 to 10 seconds. Once the photo message is sent, the other end user has the time set by the timer after they approach the application to look at the pictures before the text message self-destructs. Friends can then take their own pictures to reply or just send a text message back. The application certainly works well when all groups have immediate access to their mobile phones. It is essential to use the Snapchat application for its destined purpose and recall that not all the recipient groups will be able to react quickly enough to see the text message.

Advantages of using Snapchat application

In the initial stage, the Snapchat application was just treated as a fun messenger application, where the user could send instant pictures and videos to the friends and family. Now, the businesses are using the Snapchat application to interact with their user. In the month of April 2016, it was predicted Snapchat app gets 10 billion video views per day. YouTube application only gets 3 billion views per day. If the users are not using the Snapchat application for marketing, then here are the assets you could be getting. One of the main benefits of the Snapchat app is that it’s appropriate. Any users can easily make their story by sharing with other users, which is a quite same like tiny profile. It is active strings images or photos, videos, and headings composed so that they can be read or seen by joining together. By utilizing the stories which are posted by the user, businessmen can uncover among the potential clients about what they are an auction in a quick and attractive way.

Another benefit of the Snapchat app for the businesses is that its data disappear so fast. This may look to be a negative thing because there is no security of the user will remember the data once it has vanished. But when the data disappear, the possible errors and meaningless content vanish too. There is no need to the business holders have to frequently pull through the content and update the status as they would do with site, blog or the Facebook page.It has been found that the possible users shy away from the Snapchat application because it is too visual to see, depending on graphic and short heading as related to the various conventional statuses which are found on the social sites like the Facebook app and Twitter app. In fact, the pictures and announcement will be more easily drag customers rather than classical statuses. This can be because of our world becomes more technological driven; naturally, concentration spans have become small.

Are you interested to Launch an app like Snapchat?

If you are interested to launch an app like Snapchat and we are here to fulfil your wish with excellent Knisy script. Our clone script called Knisy script which is similar to the Snapchat application and it is nothing but the Snapchat clone. We are here to help you and your business on a different level. The features of the clone script are given below.

How to earn money by using Snapchat?

Instead of using the Snapchat application to viewing and watch the stories of the crash on the daily basis, the user actually can earn money from this application. And here some points are given find out how to make money from the Snapchat app. Snapchat application is relatively new one but slowly earning the popularity among the small businesses for promoting and for the advertising intention. Opening a Snapchat app account is simple. It can be said that the small businesses and management can assign their marketing budget for the Snapchat app as this is proving to be efficient. Here are some tips to use the Snapchat app for business.

Create the audience which is getting a lot of followers or the friends. Once the user signs up in the Snapchat account and all of the friends on the contact list of the user and they have the option that they will add back because they know the user already, not just some frequent creep. Announce the Snapchat username everywhere on the Instagram and also in the twitter bio. Just find out more how to get more followers on the Snapchat app here, or the user has the option can put their username here, many of these blog users did that to get more member.

Promote the Snapchat app content to various social media application. Create a mystery of what the user going to do on the Snapchat app to make the other user curious so they will follow on the Snapchat app to understand what it is. This will also attract the firms that might want to use the platforms. So that is how to earn money on the Snapchat app. An essential thing is to be an innovative content creator.

What are the Unique Benefits of Using Snapchat?

Our Knisy App is basically a platform which allows the user to share the pictures or the videos based messages to others, which will vanish on their own within a time period as specified by the application. The other user cannot record or save the pictures or videos. Actually, the Snapchat platform is so popular among the users. Knisy script has been created on a model that is fixed in engagement.

The user can keep the other users engaged with the pictures, and they can use it efficiently. Among the various user based advantages of Knisy App are the three advantages that mark it as different and innovative. Firstly, it uses the visual web application which is quite famous in the recent times. There is a change between sharing the similar content via visuals and using the text. They get to engage user which is better when they are using the visuals. It changes the way people which interact with visuals content.

Secondly, the privacy setting is something that the users need even when they are easily chatting or to share any kind of media. Most of the social networks just built an illusion of privacy setting but don’t really deliver it to the user. But our Knisy messaging application looks to be changing how the privacy really works. With the self-destruct feature in the application, the users can’t keep or use the pictures or the videos. There is no saving the pictures or forward option which is available with Knisy App, which advantages the businesses, and the users. This messaging application is totally free for the user but this will help the owner to gain more money. There are no restrictions, and you can easily the clone script at anytime from our team.

Features of Snapchat clone script

Our Knisy App is a fast as like the Snapchat application, beautiful and fun way for the user to share the private pictures messages. Experience a totally new path to share the pictures today. Snap pictures or a video, add a caption on the pictures and send it to a friend in the contact list. Send and receive pictures and videos that vanish or not vanish with the choice up to the sender. The clone script has the special which is given below.

Add friends from phonebook and find nearby users

The user has the option to add friends from their contact list on the Knisy script and also find the users around the contacts which are based on the user’s current location. The Knisy script also comes with the function to block the unwanted users that who bother.

Therefore the Knisy scripts help you to develop your own business in a better way and our team supports you during at the installation period and also at any time which you need us and also you can contact our customer care at any time for further doubt clarification. So if you are thinking to make your business in big level, then this is the time to take the right action and we will assist you. The authentic platform of the Snapchat application can make an effect with your followers and enhance your brand’s point of view with the real-time marketing field.

User registration

The Knisy App script has a custom sign up or login option so that the users can register with their personal details like email id, name on their form, username and the age. If the user approves his or her phone number which they are using currently, then their phone contacts are synced with it and they can find friends from their contacts on the Knisy App.

Login option

Users who registered on the Knisy application can log in to the Knisy application by using their email id and password. In any case, if a user has lost his password then they have the option that they can reset the same through a web link that will be sent on his or her respected email id.

Send photos and videos

The user can share their pictures and videos with their friends or with the other people nearby them.

View messages on the clone application

Watch the text message till it vanishes on the Snapchat clone script. A message could be pictures or a video.

About Snapchat clone

Knisy is an App like Snapchat comes on both iOS device and Android device is a fast, smartness and fun way to share the private pictures messages. Experience a totally new path to share today. Picture or a photo or a video, the user can add a caption to the picture, and send it to others. Our Knisy App has the features which are similar to the Snapchat app but with high-security service. The clone script has a lot of application which helps you to earn money. The benefits and the features are explained in the below content.

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