Why Choose Dectar

Rich Interface

Zosyst is the best one when compared to the other popular launchers which are integrated with well-crafted and the interface is easy to use.

Easy Cloud Installation

Zosyst provides easy cloud installation and set up.

100% Customizable

Our solution will be personalized to your on-demand business needs and deliver a unique experience.

Prebuilt Solution

Our solution is readily available to provide robust & scalable technologies which are specific to on-demand services.

Zosyst Features

Zosyst App comes on both Android & IOS App with Advanced Dashboard

  • Hourly Rate for Technicians
  • Setup Profile
  • Chat with Available Technicians
  • Instant Notifications
  • Repair History Details
  • Loyalty Programs
  • User Wallet system
  • Report Issues
  • Invite Friends
  • Schedule Booking

Zosyst Advanced Features

Multiple Category

The user can choose technicians under multiple categories like software installation, data recovery, hardware malfunction, etc.

Convenient Payment Methods

Users can pay for their services based on their convenience either through cash, wallet or any secured payment gateways.

Ratings and Reviews

Both Users and Technicians can give feedback with each other to the admin, and admin can review both the feedbacks along with the overall ratings.

Job Details

The technicians can see their job details including key notes from a user with a detailed view on a map with user's current location.

Social Login

Users can log in to Zosyst application with social media accounts like Facebook rather by using username or password.

Detailed Transactions View

Technicians can view their transaction details related to completed jobs details through the App.

How it works?

User select category and choose available technicians

View profile and chat

Send service request with key notes

Technician accepts the service

Service Done


Ratings and review

Have A One On One Interaction With Our Experts Now!

Uber for PC Repair

Using Zosyst – The best computer repair Uber to get your PC’s functionality back

Whether you can’t tell the difference from a hard drive and a driver or you do have some basic computer skills, having problems with your machine doesn’t have to be that complicated. Rather than googleing all sorts of solutions or endlessly searching the internet for a PC repair company, you can now use Zosyst to get a PC technician to come to you and get your machine working as soon as possible.
With this Uber for PC repair services, you get to select a certified and licensed IT professional to come and check your machine. You can have just about any job performed, from virus removal to operating system installation or even software issues.
You can also make sure that the technician you hire is a match for your needs and budget. Select a specific operation and choose between the IT professionals near you with just a few taps on the screen. This Uber for PC repair uses your smartphone’s GPS – regardless if it’s operating on iOS or Android – and offers you a selection of choices based on preferences, service type, price etc.
Don’t let a computer malfunction spoil your day – use Zosyst to get an IT technician on short notice to fix your machine as soon as possible.

Uber For PC Repair – Provide your PC repair business with the perfect start by using Zosyst

If you plan on growing your PC repair business and beating the competition, then you definitely need to read on about Zosyst and the benefits it has to offer. You can get clients to see your services first, as well as gain help in building a reputation that will exceed your competitors.
The Uber for PC repair services has finally arrived. You can now get requests instantly and send your technicians to provide services to clients almost instantly. Being highly visible on Zosyst will help your business grow and give you an edge over the other companies.
Thanks to its innovative reviewing system, this app will also provide clients with the tool to offer feedback about your technicians. This can help spread the word about the high quality services you provide and make you an obvious winner in terms of PC repair services. Not only that, but you will also easily find out how well your employees are handling their tasks and take the appropriate measures.
This Uber for PC repair will also cut down on the costs of operating your business, since you won’t need to pay for the expenses associated with conventional services. So get Zosyst to work for you and have the best clients turning to your services – you will see some amazing results!

Zosyst – The Fast And Convenient Way To Get Your PC Repaired

Whether you are dealing with a virus infection, a hard disk crash or a security breach you can now easily get a local PC technician to come by your home and help you get your machine back on its feet by using Zosyst.
This incredibly easy to use app is built on the Uber platform. What this means is that you download and open the app, pin your location with a tap, and a list of computer repair services will appear. You can choose depending on rates, type of services etc., in order to ensure that the service will match your expectations as well as your budget.
You might have the need to use the computer as soon as possible, and that is why this Uber for PC repair services will connect you with an IT professional who can show up at your place even on short notice. Computer cleanups, data recovery or hardware tweaks are now easy jobs which can be handled with a simple tap.
Whether you are using Android or iOS, get the best Uber for PC repair to come to your aid – get the all-new Zosyst!