• Real-Time tracking
  • Instant & Convenient Booking

Readymade On demand Food delivery Application

Auto Fetch Location

The User app will fetch the customer's location instantly, and it will display the list of nearby restaurants.

Connect to Delivery Partners

After the address is confirmed user app will connect you to a nearby Delivery partner by sending a request to them.

Track Your Driver

Once the driver accepts your request, he will go to the restaurant to pick up the food. Customers can track the status of the order in the App.

Doorstep Delivery

The ordered food gets delivered to your specified address on time. Customers can rate delivery partners after delivery.

Exquisite Features of our Food Delivery Software

Feature-rich UI Designs

Our expert designers have customized the designs and added innovative ideas to the mobile app.

Easy Set-up in Cloud

We can offer you complete support to deploy your application in the cloud.

Tailor-made Software

We give a personalized approach to every application and delivery it in a unique style with a wide variety of add-on modules.

Readily Available Solution

You can scale up your food delivery business to the on-demand model using our popular app, which comes with real-time tracking.

Highlighting Features


    Customers can quickly track the exact status of the order using integrated Google maps.


    Payment can be made through either by debit/credit card or by cash on delivery method. There is also a provision to pay from the wallet.


    Customers can give tips to delivery partners using the in-built tipping feature.


    If you want to reach your app to a broader audience, then user referral is the best option. Owners can make use of this module to spread it across the world.

Food Delivery Software - Advanced Features

Eatura has some appealing features that differ from our competitors.

  • Customized Payment Gateways

    Get the blend of secured and efficient payment gateway to ensure user's trust towards the service and enabling smooth online transactions.

  • App Notifications

    It's real-time communications between the delivery person, restaurant, and customers. The booking status, individual messages, and other updates get dispatched to both users and drivers.

  • Promo & Referral Codes

    Admin can send promotional offers like coupon codes through push notifications to all customers or by email.

  • Leave Feedback

    Feedback is one of the crucial features of our application. Both users and drivers can leave feedback about each other.

  • Wallet Option

    Users can pay for their booking from their Eatura wallet. Customers can top-up the wallet using their credit cards or PayPal.

  • Commission Tracking System

    With the interactive Admin panel dashboard, the site owner can track the commission and payout to all the drivers.

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    Features and Benefits of using Eatura

    You can use the Eatura app to commence an On-demand food delivery business instantly. The app has quite a few other benefits over other apps in the market:

    ⌘ The app works similar to uber. The app comes with an integrated delivery tracking module.

    ⌘ The booking system is straightforward so that customers can order their food quickly through the app.

    ⌘ Benefit from fast turnaround times using intelligent routing technology.

    ⌘ Bill splitting option is also available in the app.

    ⌘ Customers can make payment using debit/credit cards.

    ⌘ Complete address details get displayed to the delivery partner instantly.

    ⌘ The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

    Download Eatura app for your phone or tablet now and stop worrying about food ordering. Whether its your home or workplace you will get your food delivered on time.

    On Demand Food Ordering App

    Eatura is the new Food Delivery App developed by Dectar, and it has quickly become one of the most popular Uber-like food delivery apps in the market. Let’s see how you can run a profitable food ordering business using eatura.

    ☁ Eatura comes with some unique features such as cashless payments, convenient ordering, order tracking, and the ability to choose a customized delivery location on the map.

    ☁ It has a user-friendly interface, and it’s also available as a native app on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

    Eatura will help you set up a fast and convenient food delivery business with its Food Delivery Software. This Uber for food delivery app will be perfect for helping your business expand and grow beyond your imagination.

    The On-demand food delivery market is expanding everyday. Gojek is vaulted at $9.5Billion, Grab is valuated at $14 bllion, Zomato is vaulted at $3.3billion, Ubereats along with uber at $90 Billion, Grubhub at $2.5billion, and Door dash at $12.6 billion.

    Eatura – The Ultimate On-Demand Food Delivery Solution

    No matter how big or small a restaurant is the business owner can add the restaurant to the on-demand food delivery application. This Uber for food delivery app has the convenience of placing fast and easy orders without even talking to a call operator.

    ✧ You don't need any technical knowledge to run your business using Eatura.

    ✧ Eatura script is highly secure, easy to configure, and extremely fast. You can set up your restaurant, menus, and driver location data for tracking purposes.

    ✧ Once we add your restaurant to the dashboard, customers can start placing the order from both Android and iOS apps.

    ✧ Customers can order their favorite food and track their orders quickly. They can also pay for the order straight away from their smartphones using PayPal or debit/credit cards.

    Eatura is an On-Demand Food Delivery Platform that can help you to build food ordering business regardless of the type of restaurants you own.

    Eatura, the proficient Uber for food app developed by Dectar, was designed to solve many of the significant problems and difficulties that delivery drivers, business owners, and clients ordering food have been going through ever since the first pizza started getting delivered.

    Why is Eatura successful & How it solved some age-old problems?

    𝕻 Customers no longer have to worry about telling the address details while ordering their meals. They can simply tap on the map, and the driver will instantly know where they are ordering from using the built-in GPS.

    𝕻 Deliveries made with Eatura are much faster, and it virtually eliminates the risk of unwanted delays.

    𝕻 Customers don’t need to worry about ordering the wrong dish as they can cancel the order anytime within the app.

    𝕻 All payments are completely secure, and the app will also allow customers to provide tips to the delivery partners.

    Eatura is available on both iOS and Android. It can help you to maximize your business profits, and it will help you to run your business easier.