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Our experienced team will guide you to design an app with cloning scripts that ultimately help to run your business successfully. 


Get more values to your mechanic business with our mobile app services that enable you to serve the customers at the right time. 


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Mechaniz advanced Features

Mechaniz has some attractive features that differ from other competitors.

Loyalty Programs

Loyality Programs

In Mechaniz App, loyalty program is nothing but invite friends to sign up our application using unique referral code through social media like Whatsapp, SMS, Mail, Messenger, Twitter and Facebook.

Cashless & Convenient

Cashless & Convenient

Payment can be made easily by going completely with cashless mode by using wallet money or pay by cash or using the credit card via our custom payment gateway.

Multi Location Access

Multi Location Access

Multi-location access is nothing but giving access to the multiple admins where multiple dispatches can be created from admin panel.

Multiple Category

Multiple Category

User can choose Mechanics under multiple categories like brake services, Engine repair, Collision, general electric repair,etc.

Mechaniz Highlighting Features

How It Works

1. User search
for mechanics

2. Choose/book mechanics
with on demand skills

3. Mechanics arrived
at user location

4. Repair/Maintenance

5. Payment

6. Ratings and

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Uber for Mechanics

This Is The New Way Of Finding A Reliable Mechanic Near You To Fix Your Car

If your car has broken down and the last thing you want is to have to go to an auto body shop and wait there for hours on end for the mechanic to solve the problem, then you should definitely learn about the new Mechaniz app. This Uber for mechanic services will get you in touch with a certified mechanic near you so that you will get on demand repair as soon as possible.
The long waiting lines at the auto shop are no fun, and neither is having to go back home on foot. With Mechaniz, you can now enlist the services of a reputable mechanic with a single tap on the screen. Not only will you save time and effort by having the mechanic come to you, but you are also able to see qualifications as well as reviews of mechanics so that you can ensure a high quality repair.
With this Uber for mechanics, you can also schedule a particular day on the calendar as well as letting the part supplier know when the part is needed – and all that straight from your iOS or Android smartphone.
Get the best on-demand car repair service and ensure your vehicle is back up and running in the fastest time possible by using Mechaniz.

Uber for mechanics – Turning A Long And Tedious Car Repair Into An Easy Job With Mechaniz

You probably dread car repairs more than anything else in the world. The long waiting, the smell of paint and oils and the tired mechanics, all make for an unpleasant experience you are probably not looking forward to. Fortunately you don’t have to, thanks to the new Mechaniz app.
You are probably wondering, “how does an Uber for mechanics work?” Well, it’s as easy as with the well-known car transportation service: you enter the app, pinpoint your location and then choose between one of the available car mechanics near you. You can look at their profiles and reviews and hire the one you think is the best match, all without wasting time going to an auto shop.
Since everything is automated, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Need an oil change? Then consider it already solved. Want to get the engine looked at or need a part? Both the mechanic and the part supplier will know what and when is needed without further complicaitons.
There is simply no easier way to get your car fixed other than using Mechaniz. Therefore, get this great Uber for mechanic services and make your car repair a positive experience rather than a waste of time.

Save Time By Using Mechaniz To Have Your Vehicle Checked Or Repaired By A Qualified Mechanic

Uber has finally extended to the mechanical services department thanks to the new Mechaniz. The Uber for mechanic services allows you to hire a mechanic to come to your location rather than go to an auto shop yourself, thus helping you save time in addition to ensuring that you get to choose between the best certified professionals in your area.
This popular app can help you choose an experienced mechanic, automating most of the process to get your car checked and fixed with speed. With Mechaniz, everything is simple – even the payment as your credit card gets charged for the service with the amount agreed upon, once the job’s done and you’re happy with it.
Just use the pin to point your location on the map, and a skilled mechanic will come to look at your car and see what’s wrong with it. Regardless if it’s an oil change, a thorough technical inspection or a paintless dent removal service, you can rest assured that Uber for mechanics will connect you with a certified mechanic to help you out.
Use Mechaniz to get your driving buddy back on the road hassle-free and lightning fast, while you go about your business without wasting your time.