• Integrated Payment
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Wallet Option

Why Choose Zamassage?

User-Centric Designs

Application design is carefully crafted to get extensive attention from the users.

Quickly Deploy & Maintain

The apps are designed to deploy easily in the cloud. Also, it can be managed easily.

Easily Customizable

Our Expert developers can customize the application at low hourly rates and deliver it on time.

Zamassage's Features

Zamassage app comes on both Android & iOS platform with advanced features

  • Setup Profile
  • Go Online/Go Offline
  • Instant Notifications
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Booking Cancellation
  • Email Alerts
  • Booking history details
  • Separate login for users and massagists.

Advanced Features

Save Favourite locations

Zamassage allows customers to save multiple addresses and also mark their favorite places as labels to simplify the booking process.

Miscellaneous Charges

The miscellaneous charge allows the therapist to add any additional service fee to the bill. It will get added automatically to the invoice.

Schedule Booking

Schedule the booking at your convenient time. The Zamassage app will automatically trigger the reservation at the scheduled time.

Zamasage's Highlighting Features

Precocious Search Options

Zamassage has advanced search filters which help the users find therapists of their preference

Total Dispatch Kit

Once you purchase the software, you can launch it instantly as you will get both user and partner apps along with the backend admin panel.

Masseuse Availability Switching

The therapist can go both online/offline instantly in a single click from the app. The therapist has to go online to receive therapy requests.

Working of Customers app

Users can look for expert massage therapists in and around their locality.

From the list of massage therapist users can choose a therapist by checking their reviews and feedbacks.

After selecting the expert, therapist user has to choose a date and time for the therapy.

Therapists will arrive at home at the scheduled date & time to start the massage therapy. Users can also follow the location of the massage therapist using GPS.

After finishing the treatment, customers can pay using the app by paying through any of their convenient payment gateways.

Users can rate the massage therapist after the treatment, and they can also leave feedback.

Some successful Uber for Massage Services Applications:


Find the right massage therapist using zeel in a compassionate environment.


Safe and professional way to get a massage therapist all around the world.


Get a massage therapist on-demand using Getblys.

Massage Joy

Pamper yourself with their On-demand massage services application.

Working of Therapist app

The expert therapists can add their ID proofs, address proofs, experience letters, etc.. from the website or mobile app.

Massage therapists have to keep their status online to get a request from nearby customers.

Massage therapists will get paid immediately after the completion of treatment either by cash or any of customers convenient payment gateways

Massage therapists can get daily/weekly/monthly payouts from the website owners to their bank accounts directly.

Massage therapists have to get membership through the website or by android or iOS app.

The webmasters will approve the details after verification.

Once they receive a request, they can accept the job and see the complete customer details, including their location and mobile numbers.

The expert therapists can rate the customer about their experience after the treatment, and they can also leave feedback about the customer.

Massage therapists will get paid immediately after the completion of treatment

Ways to Earn Money using the Massage services App

Owners can earn a commission payment from every expert massage therapists on every treatment.

During the registration process, the admin can charge a fee as registration charges from the massage therapist.

Owners can also earn a commission payment from the customers after every treatment. The fee gets added automatically during checkout.

The massage therapist can list themselves as a featured therapist by providing a small fee as sponsorship to admin.

Owners can also make extra money by displaying banner ads inside the app using a banner ad management module.

How it works?

  • 1. User search for therapist
  • 2. Select therapist category based
  • 3.Therapist accept request
  • 4. Chat with therapist
  • 5. Enjoy the service
  • 6. Payments and Ratings

Have A One-on-One Interaction With Our Experts Now!

How Can You Start a Successful Business with Zamassage

If you are looking for an Uber for massage services app, then there is no better solution than Zamassage.

This app will help you to get in touch with professional, vetted, and licensed massage therapists who can reach your home at short notice. The owner can add many categories of massages like Swedish massage, Thai massage, Balinese massage, deep tissue massage, etc.. to the dashboard at an affordable cost.

One of the essential advantages of using Zamassage as an Uber for massage app is that you don’t even have to walk out your front door.

The app will help you to locate and book the best massage therapists in your area, based on your budget, preference, and needs.

The process is simple. All you have to do is to download and access the app on your phone.

You will be able to book a massage based on your preference from your location, type of therapy, and length of the massage. You can also compare the price of the list of therapists.

The app will help you to pick your choice easily, and it will help you to sit back and relax until you get a massage specialist of your choice.

Zamassage is the most convenient and easy to use On-demand massage app in the market. It is a professional and affordable app that comes with all top-notch features compared to our competitors.

What Is Zamassage and How will It Help you to scale up your Massage services?

Zamassage is probably the best Uber-like on-demand massage app you will ever get a chance to Whitelabel and launch. It can be used by your customers to book a massage appointment quickly. It will help your customers to control anything from the type of massage they need to the length of the session and the amount they would like to pay.

There are lots of successful uber model massage application in the market like Blys, Zeel, soothe, etc..

There are many vital advantages associated with this mobile app:

The app works just like Uber. Here the customers can search and book therapists on for cars.

✱ After choosing the therapist, customers can track the location of the therapist instantly using GPS.

✱ Customers can also select the type of massage they want to get along with their convenient time to start the session.

✱ All therapists are fully licensed and qualified to perform the entrusted task.

✱ The app will fetch you the nearby therapist based on your location.

✱ Customers can compare and choose massage therapists based on the price.

✱ Admin can change the price of the sessions, duration of the therapy, etc.. from the panel dashboard.

✱ Customers can make payments conveniently using integrated payment modules.

✱ The app can be found both on the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

With the help of Zamassage, you can gain access to the best massage service partners in town. Book your services with ease, furthermore, save time, and money using the Zamassage app.

What can you expect from Zamassage App?

The market is getting flooded with Uber-like apps for all sectors. Trying to get an Uber for massage services to run your business is not easy.

However, with the help of Zamassage, you can gain some of the most apparent technical advantages over others to help you improve your business efficiently.

♊ The app is extremely flexible and highly secure. Customers can do customizations based on their requirements before launching the app.

♊ It uses a well-designed programming script that has been thoroughly tested by the Dectar experts over a long period before being launched.

♊ There are native versions of the Zamassage app available both for Android and iOS stores.

♊ Communications are extremely fast, using the best in-app push notification feature.

♊ The cashless payment method is also available in the app.

Uber for massage services app will help you overcome any hassle in the On-demand market easily.

Zamassage is the best Uber like apps you will find on the market. Zamassage app can automatically receive requests from your customers, notify your qualified and vetted massage therapists, and send them to the right location to perform their services.

How can Zamassage help you to start a successful massage business?

Working flow of Zamassage application:

☘ Establish your business plan and set up your business using the On-demand massage services app. Admin can screen the therapist and make sure that they hire the best professionals for the job.

☘ Once it's ready, you can use the Zamassage script to configure the prices, the therapist's specialization, and all the tiny details associated with your business.

☘ Use your preferred marketing techniques to attract clients to download your app on both Android and iOS platforms.

☘ Your clients can then download the app, and use it to send session requests in a matter of minutes.

This simple and convenient app is more than enough to generate a snowball effect that will get you more customers for your business. Massage service is a $18 billion industry. Not many other Uber for massage apps can provide you with the level of sophistication and ease of use to help you achieve this feat. Contact us now to get started.