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How to use Instagram for business? Using Instagram Clone

Instagram app is free of cost one and it can be downloaded it to the mobile device from the App Store or Google Play. A master email id and a secured password are the most important ones and once after entering the app, completion of the profile is mandatory. In order to attain the factor of discoverability, the username on the Instagram should match the username of the popular social media files. A short biography and the information are the two things that appear in the public profile.

The business runners can use the biography information in order to understand the business views and what the folks can from the Instagram profile. The entrepreneurs can also include the branded hash tags; what they want the followers to use. The Instagram profile photo should be a promising one which can be a company’s logo. At the same time, the profile photo can be copped into a circle on the app so it is better to choose an image that will look good in that shape. The next decision is to choose a larger image since it will appear large on the web; on the other side of the flip, it will be about one hundred and ten pixels in diameter on the mobile app. You can also buy one Instagram Clone from dectar and launch an instant Instagram like app within a day and also you can customise it according to your convenience.

How to earn money using Instagram Clone?

There are several ways to make money on the Instact App. Totally depending on the unique brand of Instact content, design and the level of commitment the entrepreneurs can make money on using our Social Sharing Application. First, involve in the sponsored posts for the brands that will reach the audience soon. Then it is important to become an affiliate and create a commission amount by selling other brand’s products. Then create and sell a physical or digital product or also offer a paid service. At last but not least it is better to sell the photography in order to earn more money in the Instagram. A question is raised among the folks about the influencer. An influencer is a one who built themselves in the terms of online reputation by sharing astonishing things through the online. In the view of the audiences, the influencers are the tastemakers and trusted experts whose opinions are always respected. Most of the brands that can’t compete with it so that there is a process of tie up instead of doing sponsored posts. Eventually, the influencers are involved in the creation of the content. An Instagram post or video includes the permission for the brand in order to use content on own website or in an advertisement.

Are you looking for a turnkey solution to launch an app like Instagram? Here you can find the appropriate option for you to launch an app similar to that of Instagram with our Instagram Clone. In the clone of Instagram, known to be Instact; the scripts are 100% customizable one and it contains all the features similar to that of the Instagram

Home Screen

Check out the latest updates of your favorite people on this excellent home screen feature of the app.

Activity Log

The activity log contains all the information about the friends who have joined the application and also notifies the details regarding new photos.

Search Module

You can search for any details in the application such as the username or the channel name.

Followers Log

The Followers log contains the entire information about the follower’s list which includes likes and the folks that they are following.

Upload Media

Here, you can upload the photos or videos from the library or with the aid of camera option available in the Smartphone.

Profile Details

This feature contains the posts created by the user and the basic details such as the number of followers, number of people the user is a following and total number of posts.

Edit profile

In this feature, the folks can change their profile photo, username, password, history of details and all others.

Social Login

You can sign up for the Facebook account or any other social media account instead of using an Email account.

File Uploads

The users can upload their favorite photos, videos and there is no any maximum count for the file uploads.

Online Payment

The online payment is easier one more than handing cash over and this feature allows the folks to make the payment through PayPal.

Cross Platform

Both the web app and the mobile app are synchronized such as booking on the web on the other side of the flip paying on the mobile app.


In this feature, the entire app, website and the backend will be translated into the language of user’s choice.

Custom image filters

The folks can access the multiple numbers of filters which are integrated along with the default ones.

Live videos

The folks can post their live videos and there is no any need to access the gallery and post the outdated videos.

Custom Group module

The users can create the group and post the photos instead of sending it to each other.

Pay pal integration

The app is integrated with Pay pal, credit card processing, and Cash on Delivery as default and we can also add more based on the request.


Never miss out on what are the things that you were doing on the app, simply get into this feature and get the information through history.

Latest news

Check out all the latest trending things happening in the life of your favorite celebrities and followers too.

Make new posts

Is there something interesting happening in your life or at the moment? Use this feature to update a new post and let the world know.

Integrated chat

You can chat directly with your friends, colleagues using the Instagram clone direct chat feature.

Image Sharing

Instact allows you to share your life moments through the photos but at the same time, you are not allowed to share someone else’s photos.

Video Sharing

You can own the videos you post on the Instagram. If you want to express your opinion on a video, you can comment on it.


In this feature, you can view the popular posts and the pictures that your friends and colleagues have liked.

Edit pictures

Give effects to those wonderful snap with amazing filters with this edit picture feature and share it with your friends.

Read-write comments

Have you come across something interesting and want to leave a comment, use this feature for it.

Hash tags functionality

You can ass hash tags in the comment section of the concerned post and you can change the settings to private or public.

Video filters

You can select the video from the phone’s library or the recorded video and choose the filter option in order to preview how it looks.

Direct Messaging System

Here the folks can instantly chat with their friends and colleagues if they want to talk personally.

Invite friends

The users can invite their friends, relatives, and colleagues to join the Instact Live broadcasts in order to have a better communication.

Geo-location Integration

Integrate Google Maps with your app for you to keep posted with your friends on your whereabouts and all the fun you are having


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