Best Instagram Clone in the Market

Bring your own Instagram like App to the market in few hours on both iOS and Android

How to get started with Instact - Instagram clone?

Our Instagram Clone app comes on both the Apple Store and Google Playstore. If you want to start an App like Instagram, them Instact would perfectly fit in for your requirement.
➤ Users can signup for an account using their email id. They can also use social accounts to login to the Instact app.
➤ Users can set up their profile by filling in necessary details like sex, mobile number, etc..
➤ They can also upload their photos to their profile picture.
➤ You can also add a short biography in two or three lines into the profile.
➤ Once the account is set up, they can start sharing their photos and videos in the app.
➤ Users can search for their friends using their email id.
➤ They can also invite other friends to use the application using the invite module.
➤ Both followers and people who we are following will get displayed in the app at the top.
➤ Users can also make use of the block feature to block unwanted people.
➤ Instact app has integrated chat feature where users can chat with their friends easily.
➤ We have also added group chat option into the app where you can create a group and chat with your group of friends.
➤ Customers can also customize the app according to their convenience as the app is completely customizable.

How to earn money using Instagram Clone?

Instagram generated a revenue of $6.84 billion in 2018. There are several ways to make money like Instagram, using our Instact App. First, you need to advertise and make your social sharing app free to everyone and make it popular.

➤ After gaining users, you can start making money through sponsored posts.

➤ You can also run Ad campaigns from ad partners.

➤ Owners can sell any physical or digital products and make money through affiliates.

➤ You can offer a featured content option to users to list their content for premium pricing.

➤ Owners can also add eCommerce shopping features into the app and make money from it.

Instagram's revenue is forecasted at $14Bn If you are looking for a turnkey solution to launch an app like Instagram, then Instact should be your choice as it is 100% customizable.

Launch an app similar to Instagram with our Instact App, which contains all the features similar to that of Instagram.

Home Screen

In the home screen, you will get all the latest updates from the people whom you are following.

Activity Log

The activity log will show all the updates from your friends and the new users who have joined the application.

Search Module

You can search for any details within the application. You can search for the username, page name, email id, etc..

Followers Log

The follower’s log contains complete information about the list of people who are following you. It will also include the likes received from the followers.

Upload Media

Using this module, you can upload photos or videos from the library easily. Users can also use the camera option to upload pictures/videos.

Profile Details

In this section, users can find the number of followers, the number of people the user is following, and the total number of posts.

Edit profile

In this tab, users can change their profile photo, username, password, sex, email id, etc..

Social Login

Users can sign up to the app using their social media accounts instead of using Email id and filling in all details.

File Uploads

Users can upload their photos, videos, GIFs, etc.. There is no maximum count for the file uploads.

Online Payment

Instact app comes with an integrated Online payment module. App also allows Users can also make payment through PayPal.

Cross Platform

As Instact is a cross-platform app, it instantly synchronizes with the web platform. All File uploads, user registrations get reflected quickly.


Using this feature, Admin can translate the entire app, website, and the backend into their local language.

Custom image filters

Users can make use of filters in the app instantly after uploading the photo. They can easily edit the pictures and create custom images within the app.

Live videos

Users have the option to post their live videos from the app. There is no need to access the gallery and post any outdated videos.

Custom Group module

The users can create a group and share the videos and photos in the group instead of sending it to one by one individually.

Pay pal integration

The app comes with an integrated Paypal Payment Gateway. Paypal modules come along with the app cost.


If any user want to check their activity history then can go to the history tab and get the information spontaneously.

Latest news

Check out all the latest trending things happening in your friends life and updates from your favorite celebrities and followers.


Make new posts

Users can create a new post and share their everyday happening instantly using the Instact app.

Integrated chat

You can chat directly with your friends and followers on the Instact app anytime. You can also create a group and initiate a group chat.

Image Sharing

Instact allows you to share your life moments through the photos, and at the same time, you can customize the sharing options anytime.

Video Sharing

You can share your videos on Instagram anytime by uploading it in a single tap of a button.


In the explore posts tab users can see the list of popular photos and videos trending in the Instact app.

Edit Images

Give effects to the images you have uploaded using our amazing filters to change the look and feel before posting in the app.

Read-write comments

Users can read and write comments on the app. They can also like any comment under any post.

HashTag Functionality

Users can add hashtags to any post or on the comment section. Users can also change the settings to private or public.

Video filters

Users can add live videos or upload recorded videos into the app. Users can also apply filters for every video they are adding to the app.

Direct Messaging System

Users can instantly chat with followers and friends anytime and talk to them personally.

Invite friends

Users can invite their friends and relatives to use the app anytime using a unique referral link option.

Geo-location Integration

Whenever a user tries to post something in the app, the user's Geo-location will get fetched automatically.


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