Introducing MAIDAC - UBER for House Cleaners

Rich Interface

Our rich & responsive interface will give you the best user experience.

Easy Cloud installation

Maidac's Cloud installation is made easy with Quick & instant set up.

100% Customizable

Both App and Backend panel are completely customizable & easy to use

Track the Maid

Both admin and user can track the maid easily using the tracking code.

MAIDAC Features

  • Auto Completion of Address.
  • Instant & Convenient Booking
  • SMS verification
  • In-App Navigation
  • Mobile Dispatching
  • Alarm Button
  • Advanced Backend System
  • Buy it now

Advanced Features

Fully featured Analytics

You can easily calculate the ROI using our inbuilt analytics feature. Using this tool you can plan & increase visitors conversion rate

Multi Location Access

Multi location access is nothing but giving access to multiple admin's where multiple dispatches can be created from admin panel.

Complete fare history

If you want to take a look at your history of work and the payment history, you can access it anytime from fare history.

Caller ID

Using the caller id the, maid details can be found very easily and it makes the work simple for the dispatchers.

Capture signature

Our driver app comes with signature capture function, where all the invoices will have the drivers signature in it when mails out.

Pay by card and Account

You can pay the money using credit card, or you can also go cashless by using wallet money to pay the travel charges.

Maidac Maid Features

Maid App comes on both Android & IOS App with Advanced Dashboard

Once the user sends a request it will be sent to multiple maids available near their location and once the maid accepts the users request he can easily communicate with the user and the communication via app can easily be managed by the admin office.

  • Auto Fare estimation & calculation.
  • Instant Notifications.
  • Estimated Time of Maid arrival.
  • Trip History details.
  • Favourite your booking.
  • Search nearby Maids using GPS.
  • Setup profile.
  • Create bills easily.
  • Complaint Management.
  • Loyality Programs.
  • Separate Login for maids.
  • Find premium Customers.
  • Go Online/Go Offline.
  • Export Reports.
  • Booking Cancellation.
  • Email Alerts.
  • SMS Alerts.
  • Auto Billing.
  • Automatic Dispatch.
  • Scan Credit card.
  • IM Chat.
  • Accept/Reject Request.

Secure Authentication

Upon Signup the user needs to confirm his account by call/sms verification and automatic call/sms verification has been embedded with maidac and it will be done in a secure way without disclosing any details.

Locate passenger on map

For safety reasons the user can share his/her journey with their closed ones with a tracking code which will show the moving location of the cab throughout the journey

Push Notification setup

You can send real time notifications/messages directly to the customers who have installed your app by sending relevant informations to the subscribers such as updates, offers etc,.

Maidac's HIGHLIGHTING Features

Maidac has some attractive features that differs us from our competitors

Advanced Search Options

Advanced search with precise results

Maidac's new version has advanced search option, which comes with more filters. More the filters you will get more accurate results & it also saves time


Launch app with your local language

Maidac comes with multi language option, where the maid and user can change any language to their desired language easily.

Complete Dispatch Kit

Dispatch kit includes Maid & User app

Once you purchase the software you can launch instantly, as you get both maid and user app along with the backend admin panel.

Feedback Matters

Get feedback and improve standards

Both maid and user can give feedback on each other to the admin, and admin can review both the feedbacks along with overall ratings

Text Back option

Automatic SMS sent to Maid

Automatic messages will be sent to maid when maid starts from their location and another SMS will be sent when waiting for pickup

Cashless & Convenient

Easy and convenient, go cashless

The Journey can be made convenient by going completely cashless by using wallet money - prepaid money stores in account

Pricing Table



  • Maid App
  • User App
  • Admin Panel
  • Email Support
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Free Upgrades

IOS+Android App


15% OFF

  • Maid App
  • User App
  • Admin Panel
  • Email Support
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Free Upgrades

Android App


  • Maid App
  • User App
  • Admin Panel
  • Email Support
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Free Upgrades

Maidac Key Features

Track maid

Maidac is built using Google Maps API and it comes with mobile based app tracking mechanism. The location of the maid can be tracked using GPS

Track Transactions

Maids can track and analyse all the transactions, credit history, payment information and booking history of their work from their maid app.

Track Ratings

Individual Maid ratings can be tracked by admin from admin dashboard easily. Also maids can track their overall rating from their maid app.

Custom Payment Gateway

Some countries restrict some payment gateways, so we have developed maidac in such a way that any payment gateways can be integrated into it.

Maid Feedback

Apart from adding maid rating, there is another option called Maid feedback, where user can give his/her feedback as text which can be viewed by admin.

Social Login

If you want to use the app you dont need to login by typing the username, password etc,. rather you can signin easily using your social media accounts

Social Sharing Feature

Maidac comes with social sharing features whether the user can share their work instantly on social media accounts like Fb, twitter, google plus etc,.

Schedule booking

Any user can schedule his/her booking using the option work later, where the booking will automatically be initiated at the scheduled time.


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Uber for House Cleaning, Uber for Maids

Get Your Home Squeaky Clean with Maidac – The Uber for House Cleaning

Just like an Uber for cleaning, Maidac was designed to help you find and hire a house cleaning team or a maid service with minimal effort. If you’re tired of spending up to two hours each day cleaning your own home, you can now save time, effort and money by hiring a reliable team of cleaners through Maidac. The service screens its own cleaning staff, performing thorough background checks and making sure each of the people you hire for house cleaning is, in effect, “clean” and has no felonies or other legal issues tied to their name.

Maidac is an extremely easy to use Uber for cleaners that allows you to select exactly the kinds of cleaning specialists you need. Whether you want more help with hardwood floors, bathroom sanitizing or cleaning behind household appliances, your cleaners will be properly selected to suit all your needs just perfectly. Moreover, this Uber for maids app will allow you to schedule all cleaning services in a convenient way, and make payments online, so you don’t have to carry cash around – another important asset of this system. If you want the best Uber for house cleaning solution on the mobile market, consider Maidac – the on demand cleaners app that will solve a lot of your problems with only a quick tap on your phone’s touchscreen.

The Advantages of Using Maidac as Your Sole Solution for House Cleaning?

If you need to find a house cleaning service at a short notice, there’s no better way to go about your search than through Maidac. This app will help you find the most reliable experts in your local area and save a lot of time and money through affordable housekeeping.

Here are just some of the main features of this app:

Maidac already has a great reputation as an Uber app designed for house cleaning, and it continues to gain momentum even now. Convenience, ease of use and the ability to save money are just a few of the many advantages that have led to Maidac becoming so popular.

Introducing Maidac – The Uber for Cleaning App to Revolutionize On Demand House Cleaning

You’ve probably heard about other large companies launching Uber for house cleaning services that aren’t up to par with their clients’ expectations, especially regarding ethical standards. Whether you’re a small entrepreneur or you own a large cleaning company, this is your chance to step up and take over the industry, one city or neighborhood at a time. It all starts with a small app called Maidac.

Maidac is a basic, highly flexible, easy to use and well-designed Uber for cleaners app that can essentially be configured to receive requests from clients who need their houses or apartments cleaned, and communicate directly with the cleaning staff to ensure a quick and simple solution. By incorporating Maidac into your business, you can do away with much of the effort and difficulty associated with spending money and resources to schedule cleaning hours, make sure your cleaning technicians show up for the job, or even handle payments.

The app will do all of that for you automatically, so that with less administrative issues and fewer resources needed for actually organizing your business, you can easily offer the most competitive prices on the market, while ensuring that your workers or the third party cleaning services you employ receive the best compensation. No matter what your policy is, Maidac can act as your technical aid for creating the fastest growing business in your city. You’ll quickly gain popularity and an impressive income through your new Uber for maids!

Uber for Cleaners – The Convenient Way to Renew Old-School House Cleaning

Similar to the famous Uber app for taxi services, Maidac is essentially an Uber for cleaning app designed to provide your clients with the best experience when looking for a quality cleaning service or cleaner. Whether you manage your own cleaning company, or you just want to play the role of the middleman, while hiring multiple third party contractors and cleaning companies for the jobs at hand, you can use Maidac to promote your service and provide a more convenient service than ever before for your customers.

There are a few clear advantages this Uber for maids system has over traditional services:

The Maidac Uber for house cleaning is one of the best designed mobile applications created for this purpose that can be made available both through the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store, to turn your business into the perfect service provider.

Running a Profitable Cleaning Company Powered by Maidac – The Best Uber for Cleaners

Ever wanted to have your own Uber for house cleaning businesses, and just get customers scheduling their own cleaning sessions automatically, while all you have to do is promote your company? Now you can do that precisely, without having to pay a high profile developer thousands of dollars to create your own Uber like script.
The Uber for maids app known as Maidac will provide you with the perfect platform for building your very own Uber like mobile service, and having local clients flocking to download your app and schedule their cleaning days with maximum convenience.

The app uses a powerful and highly secure coding platform, while being available as native for both iOS and Android. It can be personalized in accordance with your company’s services and policy, while you can also determine rates, fees, payments and even default tips that clients may elect to pay through cashless payments.

Through the convenient requests that can be made with the simple tap of their touch screens, your customers – and probably those of your main competitors in the area – will find your new mobile app to be the perfect selling point. At the same time, you can sit back and relax, while the Uber for cleaning app automatically sets locations, schedules and rates, without the need for training additional employees for handling those types of tasks.