Maidac - On-demand Maid Services Application

Build your Uber like House Cleaning Services App

  • On-demand booking
  • Effortless payment
  • Fully Automated

Why Choose Maidac?

Excellent UX and UI Designs

Our designers delivered the application with attractive design patterns & easy-to-use UI.

Immediate Cloud Installation

We can do instant provisioning on the cloud server. Custom Software with Immediate Cloud set-up.

Custom application

Customize the application without any decrease in instability. The app is completely Scalable and secure.

Turnkey Application

The software is idle for users who are looking to launch a business in the on-demand industry instantly.

Maidac's Highlighting Features

  • User-ID Feature

    Maids can see the user details and complete customer location before accepting the Job.

  • AutoRoute Navigation

    Maids can reach the user’s location hassle-free with the in-App GPS Navigation function.

  • Schedule Booking

    Schedule your booking at your convenience, and Maidac will send an automatic request to the nearby maids at your scheduled time.

  • Pay by Credit Card

    Customers can make an instant payment with the help of integrated credit card module after the service.

  • Digital Wallet

    Go cashless! Maidac comes with an efficient wallet payment system. Topup using your debit/credit cards.

  • Quick Chat & Alert

    Customers can chat with the Maid instantly after accepting the job. They will get alerts on every activity taking place to keep the customer informed with the ongoing task.

Maidac Additional Features

Maids Availability Switching

Maids can go online/offline instantly in just a single click. They need to go online to accept jobs.

Job History Details

Maids can navigate to my jobs tab to see the complete job details for reference.

Work History

Maids can find a detailed summary of all the cleaning services performed in the entire history.

Detailed Profile View

Customers can see the complete profile details of the maid along with their photo, address, ID proof, address proof.

Payout Details

Maids can add their bank account details in the app to get payouts at regular intervals.

Promo codes & Discounts

Admin has the option to send promo offers like coupon codes via push notifications to customers directly.

How Maidac Works?

Schedule and Book

Choose the date and time that you want the service. You can book it immediately or later in the future according to your wish.


The maid will arrive at your location and start cleaning services based on your demands.


Payment can be made through debit/credit card option or by cash. There is also a provision to pay from the wallet.

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Maidac – The Best Uber for House Cleaning Application

Maidac is nothing but an Uber for Cleaning services app that works on an On-demand architecture model to find the best nearby maids quickly with minimal effort.

Customers can hire a reliable team of cleaners through the Maidac app.

Admin can screen the cleaning staff from backend by performing thorough background checks. It will make sure that the hired maids are “clean” and don’t have any felonies or any other legal issues.

Maidac is an easy to use Uber for maids app that allows you to find the kind of cleaning specialists as per the requirement.

Whether you want more help with hardwood floors, bathroom sanitizing, or cleaning behind household appliances; there is an expert for all your needs. Your cleaners will appropriately suit all your needs perfectly.

Cleanise app will allow you to schedule all cleaning services conveniently and make payments online easily so that you don’t have to carry the cash.

The Advantages of Using Maidac as Your Turnkey House Cleaning App

If you want to launch an Uber for maid services app at short notice, then there’s no better way to go other than choosing Maidac. This app will help you find the most reliable experts in your local area and save a lot of time and money through affordable housekeeping.

Here are just some of the main features of this app:

➤ The Uber-like app is designed to help you locate reliable cleaners in your area.

➤ The service is quite affordable.

➤ Convenient payment options are available.

➤ The app has a comprehensive set of selection options.

➤ Feedback and ratings are also available for both maids and customers.

➤ You can also schedule your house cleaning service.

➤ Maidac also allows you to select the nearby cleaners in your area based on built-in GPS.

➤ You can also select multiple locations on the map for scheduling cleaning jobs.

➤ Admin can perform background checks on all the maids.

➤ You can use the app for both maid services and a variety of house cleaning services.

➤ The app will work on all varieties of devices as it comes on both Android and iOS platforms.

➤ Maidac has an excellent reputation as an Uber for house cleaning app, and it continues to gain momentum now.

Convenience, ease of use, and the ability to save money are just a few of the many advantages that have led Maidac to become so popular. Some of the popular cleaning app are Tidy, Cleannow and Hux.

Introducing Maidac – The Uber for Cleaning App to Revolutionize the House Cleaning Services

You would have probably heard about different large companies launching Uber for house cleaning services that aren’t up to par with their clients’ expectations. Whether you’re a small entrepreneur or you own a large cleaning company, this is your chance to step up and take over the industry quickly. It all starts with the On-demand Maid app called Maidac.

Maidac is a highly flexible, easy to use, and well-designed Uber for cleaners app. It receives the request from clients who are looking for a house/apartment cleaning service and connects them with the cleaning staff directly to ensure a quick and straightforward service. By incorporating Maidac, you can make sure that your maids show up for the job on time. Also, you can handle payments more conveniently than ever before.

The app is entirely automated, and it requires less administrative issues and fewer resources to organize your business. You can also offer the most competitive prices on the market while ensuring that your workers receive the best compensation. No matter what your policy is, Maidac can act as your technical aid for creating the fastest growing business in your city. You’ll quickly gain popularity and an impressive income through your new On-demand maid app!

Maidac's clear advantages over traditional maid book system:

Whether you manage your own cleaning company, or you want to play the role of the middleman by hiring contractors, you can use make use of this app. Using Maidac, you can promote your service and provide a more convenient service to your customers than ever before.

♛ The app brings customers in contact with cleaning professionals without the need to communicate with the cleaning staff, either by phone or in person.

♛ All requests can be made conveniently online via mobile devices.

♛ Admin can configure the app anytime and edit the fees, charges, maid commission, types of cleaning services, etc..

♛ The service is much faster, and your customers can request a maid to stop by anytime. They can also schedule their cleaning sessions for the whole week.

The Maidac App is available both in the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

The Convenient Way to Renew Your Old-School House Cleaning Business

Our On-demand maid's app will provide you with the perfect platform for building your very own Uber-like maid services app, and having local clients flocking to download your app and schedule their cleaning services with maximum convenience.

The app uses a highly secure coding platform, and it is available as a native app on both iOS and Android stores.

Admin can determine the rates, fees, payments, tips, etc..

Business Owners can sit back and relax, while the maidac app automatically sets locations, schedules, and rates. It eliminates the need for training additional employees for handling those types of tasks. Contact us now to get started with the Maidac App.