Jizby - Cloud Based Hotel PMS System

  • Easy Setup
  • Unlimited Users
  • Direct Booking Technology

Moderate level reservation

The terms and conditions, which are provided here, are predefined with the Hotel PMS Systems. The user while booking the hotel service through online strictly follows those crucial considerations.


With respect to the users, experience and reviews there is so many modifications have been arrived on the application. Dramatically it reveals a performance in order to fulfill the demands of the guest.


The service will provide a proper response to the users who are all booking the service through online and instant notification will be updated to the respective account of the guest to know about the complete actions.

Different platform

Usually, the applications are activated in the platforms of Android and iOS. Numbers of web services are interconnected with the Hotel PMS System to accomplish the desired task to satisfy the guest.

  • Resource for an online payment

    There are different gateways are available on the web server to achieve the process of an online payment while booking the service. If there is any issues are arriving, those can be intimated to the web server.

  • Introduce and activate

    To improve Hotel software’s standard there are so many indispensable advanced features are arriving on it. This process would be the best one while logging in the account and activating it with promo codes.

  • Device to operate

    The smart phone is the better place to access the application and their specifications are much flexible towards the demands of Custom Hotel PMS. It provides an effective performance through its advancements.

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  • Additional performance

    As per the technology development, online marketing is one of the best ways to sale the products. Similarly, in the Hotel PMS Software, most of the services are provided at the reasonable cost.

  • Construct packages and offer

    Posting offers to attract more online bookers in the status of both end benefits. The pay stay deals convert the viewers to bookers by mesmerizing offers. It is one of the easy ways to promote the discounts.

  • Private deals

    There are special offers for the regular guest by creating the promo codes to them which is used by the regular guest while booking on the website. This offers also limited to the certain period.

Promo codes

For the members, there are the special offers and promo codes are waiting for them to surprise rates offers. The hotel property management software will track the offers and detailed history of the reports.

Join partners

By organizing the affiliated programs by which the users getting as the guest in the hotels and tools are facilitates to join them in the programs and get the wider audience to book in the hotel.

Monitor earnings

Tools allow setting rates based on the availability and merge other features like room type and other service fees for breakfast, lunch. By combining factors help to target the guest.

Multi-Currency and lingual supporter

Our Jizby software supports global languages. If the rates are in the different currency then allow the users to convert to their choice of currency. The booking engine can convert to the desired language.

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    Ideas to arrive

    In the hotel reservation management, there is availability for the route to the user. While pre-arriving to the service, the user can perform the advance check-in process and upgrading techniques for a room.

  • Welcome to glad hands

    Day by day the visitors are increasing and it will support the service to implement and improve its performance. It is effectively passing the information to guests through an online with a number of pre-defined conditions.

    Uber clone script
  • Uber clone script

    Estimation about the service

    After leaving the service of a hotel, the guests can update the feedback either it is positive or negative. Those reviews and feedbacks will be helpful to the users who are all going to access in the future.

  • Cloud hosting

    The process of cloud hosting is developing the PCI data storage in the Hotel Property Management System. It reveals the information about the global cloud locations, which are authenticated to access on the web server.

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Audit emails

The software of the online hotel booking system allows tracking the booking; every payment confirmation turns to booking failure. This system simultaneously sends an email to track every booking.

Social media follow up

Most of the software are having a login facility with the social media like Facebook and WhatsApp etc through online. In fact, these kinds of pages are continuously following the actions, which are arriving here.

Associate partner

The trip advisor connecting the hotels with the global travelers and book the rooms instantly, it is the latest booking feature of the immediate booking and get facilitates and hotel also ready to provide service for them.

Message reservation

The Cloud PMS Software allows users interface to end the notification as the SMS to intimate the guest about the cancellation, booking confirmation, and room upgrades offer. The SMS easily alerts for the special events in the hotels.

Handling locations

There are different functional areas are available for the guests who are all looking for the Hotel Property Management System through online. It complete details about the locations will be updated on the software.

Visitor’s experience

Due to its effective performance, there are different and numbers of users are accessing this hotel management service with the limited restrictions. After that, the reviews are updated directly on the software for the future use of the guests.

What’s new?

The experience and the other information are updated in the form of WordPress document or some other file format in an online. Activating these documents is a trendy technique, which has been introduced by the software.

Number of guests

The guests will have different actions to perform those are such as pre-arrival, staying time and the post-departure performance etc. The increased amounts of guests are sometimes updating the feedback as per their experience.

Advertisement on Google

The World is full of marketing which establishes them on an online and advertisements are the tools for that. Google hotel ads are displaying or providing the complete strategy of the hotel service.


The complete details of the business are the guidelines to enhance the performance and learn from the past mistakes. By analyzing the report the hotel management can re-evaluate the room rates which help to increase revenue.

Vacation notification

Automatically the system will indicate the holidays or weekends. To predict the business revenue in the peak days by increasing the rates and send the push notification to the customers to updates the availability.

Scrutiny rivals

One of the essential factors to monitor the rival’s movements even changes in their business activities of competitors. Simultaneously managing the customer also challenge in the business, they may get attracted towards other competitors in the business.


Compare the visitor report the system generated analysis to the Google analysis. Set the goal and work towards to reach the target. Help to get the clear idea about the business status of their visitor according to visitors of the Google ads.

Guest record

It is essential to keep eye on the book features access by the users in order to enhance the revenue and also necessary to monitor the packages more payment mode and currency, when the booking was made, the device used for booking.

Caller statement

The visitors’ statics can know real-time data for the availability of the reservation, recent reservation made, periodical revenue in the form of the chart for better understanding about the current situation of booking system.


Complete records of the past and current scenario of the hotel from the user- interface as well as from back-end. Various set of reports are provoked in the system like the revenue reports, reservation report etcetera.

Outright statement

The log generated for every transaction made to pay the hotel and also details customer who triggered the transaction as well as if any changes made in the rate, inventory, or hold sale alerts can be sent to the admin.

Occasion notification

Concentrate on the local events also brings the fruitful result of the hotel management by increasing the rates in the reasonable price to attract the users. Get the alerts for every events, festivals, conference exhibition etc.

Accessible Quota

Immediate fetch of the data from the backend database as per the requirement. The real-time scenario of the hotel reservation in the report generated according to the old records.

Expeditious booking

With the minutiae of room available in the hotel integrated facility to book the rooms immediately via the websites of the hotel along with the prepayment for the rooms in advance within the few taps.

Additional maintenance

With the efficiency Application Programming Interface in the system of reservation can add more features and services like free breakfast providing, meals plans, dinner voucher, extra events, new room availability or new hotel in the different location etc.

Hotel queue & priority

In the reservation system of Jizby software, the immediate access of the API always gets the update of the current room rates and availability, properties in the rooms along with the service provided in the hotel.

Social media assimilation

Using Jizby it is easy to send the request to friends as it was integrated with the social usage software or application. Valuable customers can easily access it and invite them to visit the website of the hotel.

Rapid books export

Information about the payment and earnings are updated to the rapid books immediately. It saves the time and reduces the error while report generating to analyze them and reduce the loss of the data.

Credit card progress

The software allows the users to use the current credit card and even charge the credit cards. It processes the card within nanoseconds and also supports the card reader with the safe and secure protocol.

Party reservation

Jizby welcome group reservation for weddings and for a meeting, to any gatherings. Payment for the group reservations pay either collectively or a number of people gathers for the party.

Affordable rates

API integrated with the reservation software allows the users to add or encourage them to expand their stay by providing cheap rates for every individual night they add in their reservation.

Simple to understand

Jizby Application is easy to learn & it is easy to start working on the hotel reservation software and also very effective. With the support of the manuals, it is very convenient to work in the site/app.

Leading services

Effective furnishes accounts, logbook, sending push notifications, packages, and meals management of the hotel. Mesmerizing services, upgrade the software of rates for the room according to the season.

Consolidate web features

For the efficient progress of the software is linked with the Reservation.com synchronisation for the two-way communication. It helps to skip the channel manager requirement.

Discount facility

Alerts the guest with the special offers via push notification are available in the hotel booking systems which provides different service in accordance with the user’s demand. In fact, the software reveals some unique features than others.

Systematic templates

In the Online Hotel PMS, the user can have the default or predefined comments with respect to their desired task and it could be the best way to get know about the complete actions with proper updation.

Queued emails

Automatic email generates and schedules email save the precious time and effort. Even in the hotel management system assists to set default templates in accordance with the requirement.

Hand-held device templates

Most utilized device for the internet access to check the emails, thus high efficient and responsive templates are provided in the hotel reservation management. It is easily accessible from all platform devices.

Draft messages

The Jizby software allows creating a number of messages or emails save it for the future in accordance with the requirements. They can collectively store and send it later.

Core of management system

The central reservation system allows the admin to merge all the booking tools of linear property from one location. It helps to get the prior information of the arrival of the guest and provide service for on-call reservation.

  • Equipped dashboard

    The Dashboard displays the best performing list of the daily/weekly/monthly revenue break down, data of reservation summary, a current status of the reservation, real-time booking confirmation and will merge the booking information from OTAs.

  • Regulates booking and rates

    A single account is required to go through inventory and bookings of the hotels and can access another hotel in the different location with a simple toggle feature. There is no necessity to maintain multiple login accounts to access the information.

  • Price maintenance tool

    To generate the exact rate strategy according to the market prices to gain the desired profit. In advance, it also fetches the price details of the competitors for the comparison.

  • Reliable Booking system

    Highly secure server with the seamless operation service to the users and all the data immediately get backed-up in the server without any loss of data. The encryption of the data used as similar to the bank used for their security transaction.

  • Frequent growth in the revenue

    The service of the hotel management will distribute most of the advanced techniques with some admirable offers to the guests. This process leads the service to have increased revenue in the marketplace.

  • Pay while checkout

    There is the transparency in the payment and the guest can enjoy the facilities and service of the hotel reservation system without making any additional payment sign up for free trial or demo.

Friendly user experience

Friendly user experience

The application or website for the online hotel booking system accessible in the low internet connection and room booking will be done within the few clicks. To complete the simple tasks just drag & drop features and for complex task right click.

Full-time hospitality

Full-time hospitality

There will be the 24×7 support team to help the guest with the in-house hospitality experts. They are dedicated to providing service to the guest to make the hotel business to success and the account managers are monitoring every step.

Expanded revenues

Expanded revenues

Due to its efficient performance and the specification which are available in the Hotel PMS System is making the service to have a number of reservations via online with limited restrictions.

Handling multiple reservations

Handling multiple reservations

The services which are provided here are expandable in the marketplace and performance will be highly concentrating on the guest satisfaction and it is looking for the positive feedback towards its efficiency.

Functional area management

Functional area management

There are different kinds of hotel services are provided to the customer as per their demand to the hotel booking system software. In fact, it has to distribute a service from various locations.

Cost factor for the reservation

Cost factor for the reservation

In order to maintain the strategy of the service related to hotel management are provided at an affordable cost. If the user is booking the hotel through online, the payment will be trustworthy.

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