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Uber for Handyman App

#1 Award Winning On-Demand Handyman Services App

  • Launch App Instantly
  • Truly On-demand
  • Ratings & Reviews

Bridge the gap between Customers and Handyman with Uber for Handyman Services App

Our application comes with a well-designed seamless interface for both Customers and Handyman. Admin can monitor them from the backend powerful admin panel dashboard and manage your entire business efficiently.

Stunning & Responsive UI designs

Our stunning apps visuals and appalling UI can thrive your business into a success.

Safe & Secure Cloud deployment

Our application is entirely deployment-friendly to cloud servers, and we can install it quickly.

Personalizable Application

We deliver a personalized application to Increase Transactions and also to withstand Rapidly Growing Market.

Ready-to-use Applications

With some small customizations and add-ons, you can quick start your business instantly with our Ready-made mobile apps

Handy For All Highlighting Features

HandyforAll has Some unique and attractive features that differentiate us from other competitors.

  • Easy On-boarding

    Smoother and seamless onboarding for Users and Taskers.

  • Instant Booking

    Customers can place a service request in just a single tap.

  • Schedule for later

    Customers can schedule assistance at their convenience time.

  • Route map integration

    The truck drivers can navigate real-time easily using the integrated Google maps.

  • Rate & Review

    Customers can drop their reviews and ratings in the app, along with detailed feedback.

  • Discounts Offers

    Users love to pay less than the original price. Owners can send promo codes using push notifications.

Advanced Features

Advanced Analytics

Analyze traffic In-depth to improve and maintain excellent customer relationships.

Unified payment methods

Get the blend of secure and efficient payment gateway to ensure customer’s trust towards the service and enable smooth online transactions.


The App will notify every update to the customers and taskers by Messages, Emails, and Push notifications, and thus, it ensures full job transparency.

Detailed Tasker Profile

Admin can add the tasker’s complete details, including the address, photo, email id, and phone number in the profile section.

Job Tracking Management

Customers can track the tasker in real-time to know the exact location using the GPS.

Automated Solutions

With our Automated routing module, the handyman app will Increase your productivity and save time.

Advanced Features

Handy for all is a powerful application for all service providers to maintain a robust accomplishment site.

Developed Using Top On-demand Technologies

Handyforall is built with a technical edge using all modern tools and frameworks.

Framework & Architecture of HandyForAll

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Kickstart an On-demand Handyman business using Handyic App

Scale up your Handyman business to the next level using our Handyic App. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use our handyman app. Handyic app can help the customers to find an experienced handyman to their nearby location and connect with them instantly. This On-Demand handyman app is one of the easiest & fastest ways to find a handyman nearby.

★ Our app comes on both Android and iOS platforms.

★ Customers have to signup for an account using their email id.

★ After creating an account, they need to choose their location on the map.

★ Then customers have to criteria such as project type and price.

★ After completing all the details, they can submit the details in the app to get connected with a nearby handyman.

★ Hiring a local handyman is the most affordable way to get the work done quickly.

★ You don’t have to go around asking for a reliable handyman nearby.

★ Handyic will find an experienced handyman for you in just a few minutes.

Get this valuable On-Demand handyman services app to quickstart your handyman business spontaneously rather than working on old school techniques

Use Handyic App to Turn Your Big Dream Into Reality

A new turnkey mobile app has arrived to scale up your handyman business. It is nothing but Handyic App which has all the features needed to help you find a local handyman nearby. Just by selecting your location on the map you can get connected to a nearby handyman instantly. After the service, both customers and taskers can rate each other and leave feedback about their experience.

Perhaps many people thought that Uber is fit for transportation alone and it is not possible to apply it to other domains. This handyman services app is proof that most people prefer the convenience and the use of modern On-demand technology to find help rather than spend hours looking on the internet.

We developed the Handyic app using a clean code and intuitive interface. With this Handyic app, customers can also get an affordable service and make sure that they are getting what they are paying for by checking the reviews of every tasker.

Handyic is your best bet in getting a quality job done the affordable way. Customers can easily find a tasker locally who can help them out with minimum fuss. This is a next-generation version of the TaskRabbit app.

Boosting Your Credibility with Handyic – The Best Uber For Handyman Services App

Using this app, you can pick the taskers who are handy with the tools and looking for a way to promote their business and add them to the dashboard.

Handyic is one of the best Uber for X app entered into the market. Some popular Handyman apps in the market are Bright Nest, Thumbtact and Family Handyman.

It comes with a highly secure protocol and the best design possible. It is perhaps the best handyman services application in the world today. You can use it to showcase your services and set your rates so that the people in need of hiring someone can quickly find your tasker.

With this app, you don’t have to pay for marketing or other conventional advertisement forms. Your clients will be able to request help on various projects conveniently.

So get the Handyic working for you and ensure that clients get to find you easily. Contact us now to get started.