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  • Instant service anytime & anywhere
  • Truly Ondemand
  • Flexible Schedule

Bridging the gap between you and your Service Provider is faster with Handy for all.

Our application comes out with a well-designed feature making it seamless for the users to access an on-demanding and powerful panel/interface to manage your entire on-demanding service.

Rich Interface

Handy for all stands out amongst other popular launchers with a well-crafted and easy-to-use interface.

Easy Cloud Installation

Handy for all provide easy cloud installation set up.

100% Customizable

Our solution will be tailored to your on-demand business needs, delivering a truly unique experience.

Prebuilt Solution

Our solution is readily available that offers robust & scalable technologies specific to on-demand service.

Handy For All Highlighting Features

Some of the unique and attractive features differentiate us from other competitors.

  • Easy Onboarding

    Smoother and seamless on-boarding for User and Tasker is taken care on the set.

  • Instant Booking

    Place a service request with a single tap.

  • Schedule for later

    Schedule tasks based on your convenience.

  • Route map integration

    Navigate your nearest way to the destination with real-time ETAs.

  • Reviews & Ratings

    Jot down your reviews and ratings to help customers gain trust towards the service as they feel that your feedback and suggestions are valued.

  • Promotions and discounts

    Users love to pay less than the original price. Referral bonuses also generate more tasks and retention.

Advanced Features

Handy for all is a powerful application for all service providers to maintain a robust accomplishment site.

Advanced Analytics

In-depth analysis to help improve on task offerings to sustain good customer relationship.

Unified payment methods

Get the blend of secured and efficient payment gateway to ensure customer’s trust towards the service and enabling smooth online transactions as well.


Messages, Emails, and Push notifications at all points in the customer and the Tasker's journey ensures transparency for all the stakeholders.

Detailed Tasker Profile

The ultimate database of a Tasker.

Job Tracking Management

Great deal of control over each Tasker activity and that is the reason why it is easy to keep track of time.

Automated Solutions

Increase productivity and save time through automated online business management channels.

Advanced Features

Handy for all is a powerful application for all service providers to maintain a robust accomplishment site.

Top on-demand technologies implemented

For the best service deliverables, Handyforall is built with a technical edge using all modern and prime tools and frameworks.

Framework & Architecture of HandyForAll

Our Clients

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Uber for Handyman

Finding A Trustworthy Handyman When You Need One With The Help Of The Handyic App

If you are not really skilled with the hammer and you need some tweaks or repairs performed, then you should know that there is an app called Handyic, which can help you find an experienced handyman near you to help you out.
This Uber for handyman services is perhaps one of the easiest as well as the fastest ways to find an available handyman nearby. All you need is a mobile device operating on either Android or iOS and this app to get it to work. Point your location on the map and then choose your criteria such as project type or price. You can enter these details in a couple of minutes and once finished a list of handymen will appear that you can choose from.
Hiring a local handyman is the most affordable way to get small projects performed. Not only do you get to save money, but time as well, as you don’t have to go asking around for a reliable handyman – Handyic will find him for you before you blink. Get this invaluable Uber for handyman to provide you with the help you need for your projects and upgrade your home on the cheap – you won’t regret it!

Use Handyic To Make Your Projects A Reality While Saving Time And Money

For all the not so do-it-yourself-ers out there, a new app has arrived. It is called Handyic and it has all the tools needed to help you find a local handyman who can start work right away. Just mark your position on your mobile phone, enter the details and then choose the right professional to suit your needs.
Perhaps many people thought that Uber is fit for transportation alone and that it cannot be applied to other domains. Actually, this Uber for handyman services is proof that most people prefer convenience and the use of modern technology to find help rather than spend hours looking on the internet.
Handyic makes use of clean coding and an intuitive interface to help people looking to hire a handyman for a small job to find help fast with a minimum amount of time spent. Wit this Uber for handyman app, you also get to choose an affordable service and make sure that you are getting what you are paying for by checking the reviews of each professional.
If you want to do things the easy way and find someone locally who can help you out with minimum fuss, then Handyic is your best bet in getting a quality job done the affordable way.

Promoting Yourself And Boosting Your Credibility With Handyic – The Best Uber For Handyman Services

If you are one of those people who are handy with tools and you are looking for a way to promote yourself and the quality services you are offering, perhaps you would be interested in reading on the benefits of using Handyic to make yourself better known.
Handyic is one of the Uber for X apps that have recently appeared on the market. However, thanks to highly secured protocols and the best design possible, this one is perhaps the best Uber for handyman services. You can use it to show your services and set your rates so that people in need of hiring someone with your skills can quickly find you.
With this app, you don’t have to pay for marketing or other conventional advertisement forms. Clients are also having an easier way of learning about as all they need is a mobile device using iOS or Android and the Uber for handyman app.
Your clients will be able to request help on various projects conveniently and with speed while you get to promote your services. So get the Handyic working for you and ensure that clients get to find you easily – you will certainly appreciate it.