• Real Time tracking
  • Instant & Convenient Booking

How it Works

Enter Your Location

The user needs to select the restaurant’s location and food delivery location by using the integrated Google map in our App.

Search Available Drivers

After the address is confirmed user need to select drivers for the service and send the request.

Track Your Driver

Once the driver accepts your request, he starts the job immediately and you can also track the status of your order in the App.

Food at your Door

The ordered food gets delivered to your specified address with the help of GPS tracking system.

Eatura's Highlighting Features

Relax while your meal is prepped, cooked and delivered.


    Integrated with Google, The user can easily track the exact status of the order.


    Payment can be made through either by credit card option or by cash method. There is also provision for payment from the wallet.


    The user App has the option of tipping their driver if they choose.

Advanced Features

Eatura has some attractive features that differ from other competitors.

  • Custom payment gateways

    Get the blend of secured and efficient payment gateway to ensure user's trust towards the service and enabling smooth online transaction as well.

  • Push Notifications

    The push notification services are for the real-time communications by sending the booking status, special messages to the users and drivers as well.

  • Promo and referral codes

    Admin can send promotional offers as coupon codes through push notifications or email.

  • Feedback and rating services

    Feedback is one of the most important features in our application, so the user and driver can send feedback to each other.

  • Wallet system

    Users can pay for their booking from their Eatura wallet. The wallet can be topped up by using credit cards.

  • Easy-Commission Tracking

    With the interactive Admin panel, the site owner can track the commission and payout to all the drivers.

  • Have A One On One Interaction With Our Experts Now!

    Uber for Food Delivery

    Food Delivery Made Easy with Eatura – The Best Uber for Food Delivery

    If you’re familiar with Uber for food deliveries, you will love Eatura. Similar to the newly launched Uber delivery services, Eatura takes food delivery one step further, helping you get your favorite food on time with the help of punctual, reliable drivers who will take good care of your food on the way to your location.
    For anyone familiar with the Uber taxi app and with restaurant delivery services, Eatura will prove to be highly convenient. You’ll find the app to be quite easy to use, providing you with a quick and straightforward view of your favorite menus and a fast system for ordering anything you like.
    Once you’ve placed your orders, your driver will pick it up, and bring it to you as quickly as possible, helping you avoid the effort and inconvenience of using regular delivery services that are always late. Finally, your payments can be made as easy as for the Uber taxi service, so you won’t need to have any cash on you when the driver reaches your home.
    If you want the best Uber for food delivery, consider getting the Eatura app, and you will be surprised at the proficiency, friendliness and timely deliveries that Eatura drivers can provide you with.

    Eatura Features and Benefits – Accessing the Best App for Quick Food Deliveries

    With Eatura, the task of getting your favorite food without even moving out of your home can be entirely easy. You can use the app to order from the comfort of your home, and get your delivery while it’s still fresh and hot. The app has quite a few other advantages you need to know about:

    • The service offers similar benefits as Uber, but is geared strictly toward food deliveries.
    • The booking system is made extremely easy so you can order with just a few quick taps.
    • Get food and drinks at your leisure.
    • Benefit from fast turnaround times and professional, friendly drivers who know your area perfectly.
    • Bill splitting can be made convenient.
    • You can pay using cash or your online account.
    • Reliable pick-ups will keep your food in perfect shape until it arrives at your location.
    • Affordable lunch and dinner options are available.
    • You can also order at a short notice at any time of day.
    • The app can be downloaded to work on both Android and iOS platforms.

    All you need to do is get Eatura for your phone or tablet, and you no longer have to worry about your food orders getting to your location on time, regardless of whether you need to order in at home or at your workplace.

    Uber for Food Delivery – The Best Business Idea Since Sliced Bread

    Eatura, the new Uber for food delivery app developed by Dectar, has quickly become one of the most popular Uber like apps available. But is it even profitable to run a food delivery service that uses an app such as this?
    A good short answer to that question is that even Uber itself is doing it. However, there are plenty of good reasons why Eatura would be a good choice as the basis for your delivery service:

    • Deliveries are extremely popular, whether you own a pizza place, a well-known restaurant or a small fast food place.
    • Eatura has the same unique features associated with Uber – such as cashless payments, convenient ordering and tracking capabilities and the ability to choose your location on a map – but you don’t have to start hiring cab drivers, since it’s an app completely dedicated to food deliveries.
    • It features a user friendly interface, it’s fast, and it’s also available as a native app both for the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

    Eatura will help you set up a fast and convenient food delivery service that will be the envy of all your competitors. This Uber for food deliveries will be perfect to help your business expand and grow more profitable.

    Easy Steps to Using Eatura – The Ultimate Uber for Food Delivery

    Designed as an Uber for food app that can provide your customers with the convenience of placing fast and easy to place orders without even talking to a call operator, Eatura is one of the few quality Uber like apps that can be used for food deliveries by any restaurant or food place, no matter how big or small.
    Using and even configuring Eatura is a no-brainer, allowing you to create a stronger bond with your customers by providing them with exactly what they want:

    • The script that Eatura is based on is highly secure, easy to configure and extremely fast. You can set up your restaurant, menus and driver location data for tracking purposes with just a few simple actions.
    • Once the app is configured for your restaurant or fast food place, and ready to used, it will be downloaded by both Android and iOS users and used to create fast orders to bring your customers their food in record time.
    • Customers can order the food of their choice, place and track their order and even pay for it straight from their phones, with no cash money being required.

    Taking the hassle out of old fashioned issues such as customers who can’t pay for their food or drivers who don’t understand the directions to their destination, Eatura is an Uber for food delivery services that you’ll be glad to have, regardless of the type of restaurant you own.

    Solving the Most Common Food Delivery Issues with the Best Uber for Food Delivery

    Eatura, the proficient Uber for food app developed by Dectar, was designed to account for and solve many of the significant problems and difficulties that delivery drivers, business owners and clients ordering food have been going through ever since the first pizzas were ever delivered.

    Here are just a few of the age-old problems Eatura has solved:

    • Customers no longer have to worry about saying the wrong address while ordering their meals. They can simply tap the map on their phone, and the driver will instantly know where to find them.
    • Deliveries made with Eatura’s help are much faster, virtually eliminating the risk of unwanted delays.
    • Restaurant, pizza and fast food business owners have to pay much less organization and administration tasks, and they no longer need their employees to waste time taking orders.
    • Customers also don’t need to worry about ordering the wrong dish or not being able to pay for it. The payment is provided online, and the app will even allow you to set up your default tipping value for automatic tips.

    Eatura is available on both iOS and Android, and, as long as you use this Uber for food delivery, it will never let you forget how useful it can be for maximizing your business’ profits and making your life so much easier!