• Instant & Convenient Booking
  • Seamless payment Methods

Cleanise Highlighting Features

Social Login

Users can log in to a Cleanise application with social media accounts like Facebook rather by using username or password.

Promo code

The Admin has the options to send promo offers coupon codes via push notifications, SMS, e-mails, etc. Using this promo codes user can get a discount on their bookings.

Real Time GPS Tracking

Users can track the current status of the launderers through in-App Google navigation function. By this way, the user can know the ETA of launderers and the job was done.

100% Customizable

Both App and Backend panel are completely customizable and it is easy to use.

Cleanise's Launderer App features

Launderer app comes on both Android & Ios app with advanced dashboard

  • Setup Profile
  • Go Online/Go Offline
  • Instant Notifications
  • Accept/Reject Request
  • Track Transactions
  • Booking Cancellation
  • Email Alerts
  • Chat with users
  • Locating user on Map
  • Update Bank Details

How it Works

Make people’s life happier and satisfying by being one stop dry clean service application.

Step 1

Search & send request to available launderers

Step 2

Job Accepted

Step 3

Launderer pick up your clothes

Step 4

Clean your clothes

Step 5

Deliver clean, folded clothes

Step 6

Convenient and affordable price

Cleanise Highlighting Features

Create/Edit profile

The user and the launderer can edit their profiles with the help of the application.

Wallet System

Users can pay for the service using the wallet option, the wallet points can be added through referral programs and the user also can recharge their wallet using payment gateways.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Using the Admin panel admin can control the both mobile Apps and the websites.

Convenient Payment Methods

Users can pay for their laundry services based on their convenience either through cash, wallet or any secured payment gateways

Ratings and Reviews

Both Users and launderers can give feedback with each other to the admin, and admin can review both the feedbacks along with the overall ratings.

Easy-Commission Tracking

With the interactive Admin panel, the Admin can track the commission and payout to all the cleaners.

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Uber for Dry Cleaning

Get Your Dry Cleaning Done ASAP with Cleanise – The Versatile Uber for Dry Cleaning

If you’re familiar with the taxi app Uber, you already know what a quality Uber for dry cleaning can do. Among them, one of the best you can use is Cleanise – the app that will make dry cleaning extremely easy under any circumstances.
Cleanise will get your laundry done without any hassle, using a service that combines three simple steps to make all necessary tasks as straightforward as possible. First, you will use the app to quickly and conveniently place your dry cleaning order. Next, the app will find the closest service to your location and have them guided to your location in a short amount of time. Finally, as soon as your dry cleaning is ready, the app will notify you, and you can have it picked up without even leaving your home.
As an added bonus, Cleanise will also make it easy for you to customize your service and make sure you receive the best assistance with your dry cleaning that money can buy. With just a few quick taps on your phone or other mobile device, you can order the perfect dry cleaning service, and save time, money and effort along the way.
Get this reliable Uber for laundry today, and minimize the time and effort spent on working with regular dry cleaning services, while ordering the perfect kind of service to cater to all your dry cleaning needs, and make sure even the most difficult tasks can be completed in no time at all.

Features of Cleanise – The Best Uber Dry Cleaning App on the Market

If you’re looking for a reliable app that will make it easy for you to get your laundry done without any kind of hassle, you’ve just found the perfect solution. Cleanise can help you find a reliable service in your area, recommend the best rates available, and make the entire dry cleaning process incredibly easy.

Here’s what you can expect from this revolutionary Uber-like app:

  • The app will reduce the amount of time you have to spend taking care of your dry cleaning.
  • It allows for a comprehensive ordering process to make sure you get exactly the kind of service you need.
  • Choose from a variety of options to select the most suitable service.
  • The app is extremely fast and easy to use.
  • You can select your location from a map to make your orders more convenient.
  • The service providers will be at your location in record time, and turnaround times are also quite fast.
  • Cleanise is available both for iOS and Android.
  • It also features feedback to help you choose the best available services.
  • Fees are extremely affordable.
  • There are no hidden costs involved.
  • You get the best level of quality for your investment.

Cleanise is the best and only affordable solution you will find for getting your dry cleaning done in record time by a professional service. You can use it to get a lot more free time than ever before, and even make the whole dry cleaning process enjoyable.

How to Use Cleanise – Have Your Laundry Service Come to You

Cleanise is one of the few Uber for laundry apps out there, and it can help you set up your high profile dry cleaning business with just a few simple taps. Using Cleanise will allow your clients to find you a lot more easily, by making requests for their dry cleaning to be picked up, instead of needing to haul their own clothes around.
The dry cleaning industry is worth about $15 billion, and there are already plenty of dry cleaning services out there that offer convenient advantages. Yours, however, can go one step further, using an app that can do exactly what Uber did for cab drivers.
No longer will your customers have to carry around their own dry cleaning. They can simply access the Cleanise app – which you can have easily configured to fit your business’ profile and services – requesting one of your workers to pick up their dry cleaning for them.
Cleanise is similar to other apps for on demand services, except it not only uses two highly advanced native apps for Android and iOS, but it was implemented with highly advanced code, using logistics, location tracking and the fastest, most secure software to deliver best results.
You can use Cleanise effectively as a Uber for dry cleaning to revolutionize the market in your home town, and start earning top dollar without much effort.

The Advantages and Powerful Features of Cleanise – The Best App for Dry Cleaning

Want to set up a dry cleaning business using Uber for laundry technology? Hi-tech solutions are more and more often found in our daily lives, and with people willing to spend some extra money to free up some of their time and go through less effort when it comes to tasks such as taking care of laundry, it stands to reason that you can leverage that need by using high quality Uber like technology to have them send you their laundry.
Cleanise is the best solution for the job, the app being designed to completely take the hassle out of your customers’ dry cleaning needs:

  • You can set up Cleanise in no time, and have your clients download it to request quick and convenient dry cleaning pickups.
  • As soon as a client makes a request, your drivers will be notified, and provided with the location they have to go to.
  • Customers can use the app to track their dry cleaning and make sure everything is in order.
  • Notifications are provided to inform the person that their dry cleaning is ready and being delivered.
  • The app is highly secure and designed using the best coding practices from Dectar.
  • Native apps are available for both the Android and iOS platforms.

Not many on demand dry cleaning businesses exist, so now is the time to revolutionize the concept of laundry in your home town. The best course of action would be to use the Cleanise Uber for dry cleaning app to accomplish this.

Use Cleanise to Improve Your Dry Cleaning Business and Find More Customer

Cleanise was designed as an Uber for dry cleaning app that can help you find more customers, improve your returns and make the dry cleaning process more convenient both for your clients and for your workers.
The app uses a powerful online communication system to deliver requests and confirmations, so that the client requesting the dry cleaning service, your drivers and the staff in charge of dry cleaning are all in sync. Cleanise can be configured to adapt to the situation at hand, whether you own a dry cleaning business, or are just providing a service to connect the end user with their laundry service.
Designed to work perfectly both on iOS and Android, the Uber like app can cater to a wide range of people, allowing them to enter all the details they want regarding the laundry and any special requirements that might be associated with the dry cleaning process – such as fragile items that would need a special cycle to avoid damage.
As a result of this highly convenient and fast system, the entire process will be sped up which means more people will want to use your services. Your business can expand and your returns will effectively skyrocket, all thanks to a basic Uber of laundry app that can help your clients simplify their lives!