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Dogise Dogwalker App Features

Dogise App Comes On Both Android & iOS platforms With Advanced Features

  • Instant Notifications
  • Booking History Details
  • Multi-Language
  • Profile set up through App
  • IP Based Currency
  • Advanced Filters
  • Easy-Commission Tracking
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • Rich Interface
  • Transaction History

Dogise Highlighting Features


The Signup process has been simplified by implementing social signup module in the Dogise App.


The users can provide reviews and rating to their dog walkers once the booking has been completed. The user’s review will be available to others only after the admin’s approval.


Advanced calendar module has been implemented in Dogise to help the users and dog walkers keep track of their dog walking sessions.


Admin has the options to send promotional offers as coupon codes through push notifications or email.


Both the users and dog walkers will receive alerts as Push notifications, SMS, and emails.


The user and dog walker can chat with each other after the booking process is completed. With the aid of in-app messaging system, they can communicate each other.

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Uber for Dogwalkers

Walk Your Pooch with Dogise – The Ultimate Uber of Dog Walking

A new Uber for dog walking is available. It’s called Dogise, and it can help you locate and hire responsible people who love dogs and would be happy to take your beloved pooches for a walk when you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself.
Picture it: you’ve just got home after a tiring day at work, and your dog, as always, wants to be taken out for a walk. Instead of taking an energizing dring to prepare for a challenging day at a park, all you have to do is use your new Uber dog walker to find someone in your area who can take care of the job for you.
Dogise works just like the popular app for taxi transportation, Uber, and is fitted with similar features, including online payments straight from your account, reliable matching features to find dog walkers close by and a solid architecture that makes it work on virtually any mobile device.
If your pet just needs some company while you’re gone, you can also use the app as a Uber for pet sitting service that works just like the mainstream on demand mobile solutions for finding babysitters.
Dogise is the best Uber of dog walking, and it comes with the most affordable fees. You can make it work as both an Uber for dog sitting and for any other pets, making it one of the most versatile apps of this type currently on the market.

Introducing the Versatility of Dogise – A Fully Featured Uber for Dog Walking App

These days there are Uber-like apps for virtually any kind of service you can imagine, and dog walking is no exception. With Dogise, you can get a sitter or walker for your pet to help you get some free time to relax or take care of other pressing tasks.

These are some of the most important features of Dogise:

  • With just a tap of your phone, you can use Dogise to locate responsible and caring dog walkers.
  • You can select your location from a map to get the best results.
  • A detailed screening process is observed, before anyone is allowed to join the system.
  • The service is designed for both pet sitting and dog walking on demand.
  • Dog walking sessions are quite affordable, and you can schedule them in advance.
  • The app will put you in touch with people who are experienced with dog walking and pet sitting.
  • Like in Uber, payments are made conveniently after the service is completed.
  • The app is easy to use and available for both Android and iOS.
  • You can also hire someone to take care of your pet for a longer period of time.

The Dogise app for pet sitting and dog walking was designed to make your life easier, while also providing your dogs with a better opportunity to get some healthy exercise. All you have to do is download it, and you will gain access to all of its remarkable features!

Here’s the Uber of Dog Walking That’s Perfect for All Pet Owners and Animal Lovers

When it comes down to making money, being an animal lover can have its advantages, especially when you consider the Dogise app – an affordable mobile Uber for dog walking system that can help you connect vetted and insured dog walkers with pet owners who don’t have the time to care for all of Fido’s needs.
Who said starting a business can’t have a meaningful positive effect on humanity, as well as its best friend, the canine? With Dogise, you can actively transform the community and city around you into an animal-friendly park.
The convenience it provides by allowing pet owners to order a dog walking service for their pooch, and having a screened and insured dog walker sent straight to their door can be an idea that would quickly catch on in most area.
Also, the app works perfectly both on Android and iOS, so it doesn’t matter what type of phone or mobile device owners have, they can still use it to contact and request their favorite dog walkers through just a few quick and simple taps.
Dog walking, pet sitting and various services for other animals can also be set up, allowing you to configure the app in no time at all in order for it to suit your needs. Dogise will quickly grow on you and become your faithful Uber for pet sitting that everyone will want to download and use.

Dogise – The Most Practical Uber for Dog Sitting You Will Find

Looking for a reliable Uber dog walker to help you launch your start up and bring mobile dog walking to your community? You’re in luck, since you can now use Dogise to solve any technical problem associated with your plan.
Dogise is more than just an Uber for dog sitting. It provides you with intelligent coding that can determine the best choices for each of your clients when they make a request, and produce excellent recommendations based on their dog sitting needs and their location. Moreover, Dogise is available both as a native iOS and Android app, and it was designed to be fast, convenient and easy to use, so that your clients are able to find a reliable dog sitter and place a request within minutes.
The Dogise app is also extremely practical for your company, while keeping safety and security in the foreground. Users are able to track the location of their canine companions, make convenient cashless payments or request a wide array of services, including dog walking and hiring someone to care for their pet for a longer period of time – for instance, if they’re out of town.
Dogise is the #1 app that will take care of the dogs and pets in your community, while making it easy for you to build a successful business. For that purpose, this highly efficient Uber for pet sitting is all that you’ll need.

The Many Uses of Dogise – The Friendliest and Fastest Uber of Dog Walking

If you need a reliable Uber dog walker who can be at your house at a short notice to take good care of your canine friend, there is no better solution to use than Dogise. This comprehensive and easy to use app designed by Dectar, a renowned mobile app developer, was made for businesses that want to go the extra mile to help their local city and community residents with their pet problems.
Just like the highly successful mobile apps designed for taxi, babysitting or dry cleaning, Dogise aims to help people save more time, have an easier life and avoid the effort associated with walking or taking care of their pets when life’s challenges just keep coming.
Sometimes, even if you love your pets much more than your job or than having to deal with any issue in your life, you have to set them aside and resolve the problem, especially when no one will. Whenever your clients will run into this dilemma, Dogise will provide them with the way out.
Dogise can also be a great app to be used for finding someone for a pet sitting job – even for other pets such as cats or rabbits – for either a short or longer period, even at a short notice.
There are plenty of great uses for this exceptional Uber of dog walking, and even though Dogise is only one simple tool you can use for boosting your company’s success, you will find it can definitely play its part in that.