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Why Choose Dectar?

Rich UI/UX Designs

Our vibrant & responsive UI/UX Designs will give the best experience to users.

Deployable in Cloud

The dectar team can deploy the Doctorive's app in Cloud instantly

Fully Customizable

Both the App and the Backend panel are completely customizable. Users can personalize it.

Doctorive's Features

  •    Setup Profile
  •    Accept/reject appointment request
  •    Loyalty Programs
  •    Social sign up
  •    Email alerts
  •    In-App navigation
  •    Instant Notifications
  •    Go Online/Offline status
  •    Cancel booking
  •    Push Notification services
  •    Convenient Payment Methods
  •    Custom payment gateways

Some successful On-Demand Doctor Applications:

Doctor On Demand

Connect & chat with doctors for an instant consultation


You can schedule a doctor for house calls anytime, anywhere


Students can meet expert tutors online from Wyzant

Working Flow of Patients App

  • Patients can browse through the appropriate category and search for the nearby doctors
  • Patients choose doctors after checking their ratings and reading their reviews
  • Then they select the date and time and schedule an appointment with the doctors
  • Patients can track the doctors using real-time GPS tracking module
  • Doctors arrive at home, and after the treatment, payment can be made online
  • Both Patients & doctors can rate each other leave feedback about each other in the app

Working Flow of Doctors App

  • Doctors can signup using their credentials either through the website or using mobile app
  • Doctors can upload their certificates and documents using a mobile app
  • After approval from the admin Doctors will start getting requests
  • Doctors have to go online to receive a request from patients.
  • Once they get a request, they will have a timeout period to accept the offer
  • Once they take the invitation, they can go to patients location using GPS
  • They can get paid after the consultation instantly within the app
  • They can also rate the patients after the meeting
  • Doctors can add their bank account details within the app

Ways to Earn Money Using On-Demand Doctor App

Doctors Commission Fee

Business owners can make take a commission fee on every successful consultation

Doctors Registration Fee

Owners can charge doctors during the signup process

Patients Commission Fee

They can charge a service fee from patients for every consultation

Premium Listings

They can get money from doctors and list them as featured doctors to drive them more bookings

Image/Video Banner Ads

Owners can display banner advertisements using an in-built banner ad module

Doctorive's Highlighting Features


Dynamic Search Radius

Every doctor can set their own custom search radius for and it can be managed from the app anytime.


Detailed Statistic

The doctors can view detailed and informative statistics regarding their earnings and visits and graph and pie chart from their app itself


Complete Dispatch Kit

Once you purchase the software you can launch instantly, you will get both the user and doctor app along with the backend admin panel.


Ratings and Reviews

Both users and doctors can give ratings and reviews to each other for each appointment after completion

Doctorive App booking flow

  • 1   Choose category of doctor you need
  • 2   Select a doctor based on experience, reviews or distance
  • 3   Send request
  • 4   Request accepted
  • 5   Appointment with doctor
  • 6   Get well.

Have A One On One Interaction With Our Experts Now!

Jumpstart a Uber for Doctors Business Instantly with Doctorive

Doctorive is the best turnkey On-demand doctor app in the market to start an Uber-like Doctor app instantly. The on-demand healthcare market is booming every day. You can quickly kickstart the business by adding in licensed doctors, pediatricians, physicians to the app.

Doctorive is a cutting-edge application available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app features an easy-to-use interface and an intelligent architecture that allows you to select the right type of doctor for your specific requirements easily. Doctorive is a highly affordable, fast, and convenient Uber for doctor’s app in the market.

Our app connects both the doctors and patients under a single portal where they can chat and get consultations quickly. Both doctors and patients can rate each other and leave a detailed review of their consultation experience.

Here is the list of features that you can get from this Doctorive Application:

  • Doctorive App can be white-labeled with your logo and company name.
  • In just a few taps, patients can get the medical assistance they need.
  • Admin has the option to add/edit the doctor’s details from the admin panel dashboard.
  • Apart from doctors, admin can also add many other categories like Ayurvedha, dental, physiotherapist, and much more.
  • Our app will automatically route the patient’s request to the nearby available doctors based on their location.
  • Admin can check the feedback left by the patient to the doctors and make improvements to the app based on the review.
  • Similarly, the doctor’s feedback and ratings about the patient will help the admin to weed out spam/low-quality users into the app.
  • With this advanced application, patients don’t need to wait in line anymore as they can follow the app’s push notifications in every stage of update.
  • Patients can also check the fees along with all tax details completely before the booking.
  • An automatic electronic invoice gets generated after the consultation.

It is the most affordable way to get medical assistance at less time.

How Does Doctorive Work? Exploring the Ultimate Uber for Doctors App

If a doctor is struggling to get new patients, then they can try this app by registering themselves on the portal. They need to submit their scanned copy of their degree certificates and other address proof details.

𝕻 After admin verification, they will start getting a request from patients for consultation.

𝕻 Doctorive is an on-demand cloud-based script that comes on both Android and iOS platforms.

𝕻 Patients request gets automatically dispatched to the nearby medical practitioner in their vicinity.

𝕻 Once they accept the request, the consultation gets fixed automatically.

𝕻 Users have the option to enter information about their symptoms on the app.

𝕻 Patients can also request a doctor from specific specialization.

𝕻 You can also customize the apps based on your convenience.

𝕻 The app quickly selects and lists the closest and most appropriate medical experts and allows the user to choose one of them from the list.

𝕻 Diagnosis and proper treatment can then be provided more rapidly than ever before, without the patient having to visit a clinic or wait in a long queue.

𝕻 This highly efficient and practical Uber script can assist with improving your patients’ conditions and can even help them save their lives.

Doctorive: Doctors & Patients can Get Connected Faster

On-demand software, such as the Uber for doctors application called Doctorive, has been gaining more and more ground. However, while regular Uber for X apps aim for bringing businesses and money, the Doctorive app can save many lives by connecting doctors to the patients instantly.

With just a few taps on their phones, patients can quickly find a reliable and skilled physician who can provide them with a quick consultation at their home. Also, An accurate diagnosis and treatment can be possible even without physically going to the clinic.

The script uses high-end cloud-based services and a well-designed, highly intelligent code. It processes the information entered by patients, and send the request to the nearby physician based on their preferences and location. Once the physician accepts the offer, he/she will arrive at the patient’s home immediately.

Doctorive can accelerate the entire consultation process and makes it easier for admin to book and make appointments easily. Also, with Doctorive doctors can now get more consultation requests than ever before.

Clear Advantages of Using the Doctorive Uber for Health Script:

  • The script allows patients to receive fast and reliable medical attention on demand, allowing them to find a medical expert of their choice in their proximity.
  • The process is much faster than regular visits, especially in the case of patients who are in pain and need more attention.
  • Convenience also plays a significant role as patients can receive private medical care from their own homes.
  • You can flexibly configure the native Uber for health apps on Android and iOS platforms.
  • You can customize it based on your policies, clinic, and patient’s requirements.

Doctorive is an Uber for doctors app developed by Dectar that allows you to kickstart an On-demand health care business instantly.