• Instant & Convenient Booking
  • Real - Time Tracking
  • Push Notifications

Why Choose Dectar

Rich Interface

Couriero is the best one when compared to the other popular delivery apps which are integrated with well-crafted and the interface is easy to use.

Easy Cloud Installation

Couriero provides easy cloud installation and set up.

100% Customizable

Both app and website are completely customizable & easy to use.

Prebuilt Solution

Our solution is readily available to provide robust & scalable technologies which are specific to on-demand services.

On Demand Delivery - Advanced Features

Couriero app has some attractive features that differ from our competitors.

Convenient Payment Methods:

Users can pay for the services based on their convenience either through cash, wallet or any secure payment gateways.

Easy Commission Tracking

With the interactive admin panel, the site owner can track the commission and payout to all the partners.

Promo code

The Admin has the options to send promo offers as coupon codes via push notifications, SMS, e-mails, etc. Using this promo codes user can get a discount on their bookings.

Couriero - On Demand Delivery - Highlighting Features

  • In-App Navigation 

    Both partner and user app comes with advanced real-time tracking system integrated with built in Google map function.

  • Social Media Login 

    Users can sign up or log in to the app by using their social media accounts like Facebook. This will increase the user registrations and minimizes the time to create a new account.

  • Wallet System

    Users can pay for their booking from thier Couirero wallet. The wallet can be topped up by using credit cards.

  • Courier Availability Switching 

    The partner can go online/ offline instantly with a single click. They need to go online to accept/ reject the job requests.

  • Ratings and Reviews 

    Both user and partner can give ratings and reviews to each other after completion of each delivery.

  • Caller Identification  

    Partners can view the user details such as user's location and their contact number.


On Demand Delivery - How it Works

  • 1

       Register and sign-in
  • 2

       Enter pick up, delivery location and send request
  • 3

       Partner accepts your request
  • 4

       Partner picks up your items
  • 5

       Items delivered at destination
  • 6

       Payment and review

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On Demand Delivery - Uber for Courier Services

Sending Packages With Great Speed And Minimizing Turnaround Times With The Best Uber For Courier Services

Whether you need to send a package in the fastest amount of time possible or you need something brought to you with speed, you can now use Couriero to serve your needs. This app can help you find a courier near you and get the job done fast and reliably, without having to worry about turnaround times or delays.
You are looking at the best Uber for courier services. All you need to do to use it is to request a pickup delivery by using the pin on your map and the closest courier to that spot will quickly get the package and transport it safely to the destination.
With this app you no longer have to wait for hours and hours to find a suitable courier. Couriero instantly finds the next available messenger and helps you send or receive items lightning fast. Turnaround times will greatly be improved, in addition to reliability.
So if you’re looking for the best Uber for courier app, then Couriero is exactly what you need. Ensure fast pickups and delivery times by choosing this reliable app to find a transporter who can make it all possible. It works on both iOS and Android, so you are covered no matter what operating system you have.

A One-Tap Solution To Your Delivery Needs With The Couriero - The On Demand Delivery App

Sometimes you just need a package sent yesterday, but with the crowded market and all the communication problems in between, chances are you won’t get the job done fast enough. This is where Couriero comes in: this app can help you send a request with just one tap and the closest available rider will do the job for you.
With this Uber for courier services, you can get in touch with a rider who will immediately collect the package and get it to destination regardless if you are the sender or receiver. Use your iOS or Android-based smartphone and eliminate the need to send complicated instructions. Just tap the location of pickup and delivery and the courier will handle everything from then on. You also won’t have to worry about payment, as Couriero provides you with a cashless and worry free way of paying: your credit card gets charged automatically once the delivery is performed.
You can track the rider and, at the end of the job, you can also rate the service and thus allow the community to grow. So if you need something sent or received right away, you should definitely give this Uber for courier a try.

Find A Reliable Courier Near You With The Best Uber For Courier Services - On Demand Delivery Services

When it comes to lightning fast delivery, there is no better solution other than using the Couriero app. This Uber for courier services will improve turnaround times and help you find a trusted courier near you so that the package gets picked up and sent to wherever it needs to go fast while you eliminate the need to deal with complicated forms and addresses.
With this app, you don’t need to phone the courier incessantly to find out where the package is. You can track down the rider or car driver directly on your smartphone. Send envelopes or packages to any place with just one tap of the smartphone, regardless if it’s using the native iOS or Android.
Thanks to the innovative reviewing system, you also get to ensure that the courier you are hiring has a top reputation in addition to being able to contribute to the community by writing a review yourself.
Finding reliable couriers is no longer a hassle with this Uber for courier app. Choose the pick-up delivery, track the package in real time with your smartphone and get the fastest deliver possible by using Couriero.

Sending a package to the desired location in the same city is becomes one of the tedious works to the people. Many on-demand service providers furnish service for delivering the package from one city to other cities. Very few service providers who provide the courier service within the city, so the people have to do this work of their own. We have the solution for this problem through the application.
The on-demand delivery app gets the details of the pickup and delivery address, and then the work will be done in few hours. The on-demand delivery app we can get from Dectar, which develops the best clone app in the market. It has the well –trained and experienced team for the app development. Couriero has the best interface when compared to other on-demand delivery apps in the market.
It has the user-friendly, rich and attractive interface well – crafted and easy to use the app in the handheld device. The tech team will support the clients for the easy cloud installation and set up the device. It also has the power packed features of the Uber delivery app and also has the long list of the unique features developed by the tech team of the company.

Features of on-demand app

The on-demand delivery app is the hundred percent customizable both the app and website are easy to use. The solution is readily available for the customers to provide robust and the scalable technologies. It has the specified on-demand service to the clients with the requested features are attached to the app. The app has a single dashboard with the interactive admin panel. The site owners can track the commission and payout to all partners.
After the parcel received, the user can pay for the service based on their convenience. The app allows the user to pay either to pay cash, wallet or any secure payment gateway. The admin can send the promo code for the offers to the users to encourage them to use the app for the delivery service. The offers are sending to the user via push notifications, short messaging service, emails etc., using the promo code the users will get some discount on their bookings.
Real-time tracking system helps the user and the partners to track their parcel through the app with the support of the navigation integrated into the app with the Google map built-in functions. This feature gets the trust of the app users by tracking their packages whether it reaches the desired destination or not. They can feel free after booking for a delivery through the app because of the tracking system. So they can update knowledge about their packages.
After the app download from either app store or play store the users can login into the app through the social media like Facebook, etc., this social media login may reduce time to create a new account in it. And also it encourages the more users to use the app; the users can invite their friends through the social media. There is a wallet maintain in the app, it allows the users to pay for their courier. The users from savings or debit cards can top this wallet.
Usually, the app users sent a request for the courier delivery by entering their pickup and delivery location. The partners will get the request from the user; they need to go online to accept the request. With the single tap instantly the partner can go online or offline. After completion of each delivery, the both the users and the partner can register their experience in the each delivery. The app allows them to rate the service and the get the comments for the each parcel delivery and after the completion of the each request.
The partners get the details of the users such as the user’s location and their contact number. This feature will be a benefit for both the users and the partners because to pick up the parcel from a user, they need a support of the user to reach the exact location. If the partner can’t reach the destination then they can return the parcel to the users. It may happen any embarrassing moment like any natural disaster or in a winter season.

How does it work?

The users need to get an app of on-demand delivery and install it on their phones. They need to register their details in the app and sign- in into the app. To send a request enters the location details of the pickup and delivery of the courier. The partners will get the request that is in the nearest location of the users’. The partners who first accept the request get the parcel from the user. This app follows the ‘first come first served’. Then the parcel delivered at the destination by the partner. Once delivered at the correct location the users and the partners can register their experience in the review. The user needs to pay for the service to the partners via debit card or credit card or cash. The site and app owner will follow their commission for each service.

User’s profile

The user needs to create their own account by using an email id or via social media. User Signup with the details of their name, email, password, city, phone number etc., they need to verify their email, Facebook account, and phone number. Need to integrate the short messaging service gateway to send the verification code to the users.
If the users forget the password then they will get the password change link to their corresponding email id. The users are allowed to maintain their profile with their own picture to identify the partners. In the profile setting option, the users can change their password, edit profile, and even delete the account.

Search service availability

The users need to check the service availability of their desired location to deliver the parcel. With the help of the tracking system, the users track their courier status and location. To utilize this system the users need to enter the tracking ID to see the current status.

Parcel booking

While the users booking the parcel, they need to select exact area name of the user from and to location. Then they need to select the category of the parcel and pick update and also enter the priority for the parcel service. The app will check the availability of the fleet for that location and send the price to delivery for this parcel.
While making the payment the users need to go through the terms and conditions. Any type of the payment gateway can be integrated into the app but it should accept both credit and debit card. Once the parcel status is updated as delivered, the users can post their feedback and ratings about the service.


They also need to create an account similar to the users like getting the password for their account. However, it should be approved by the admin to access the application. They need to updates the vehicle information which they going to use the service. Maintain their profile with their images in a proper way to have a better performance.