• Instant & Convenient Booking
  • Real - Time Tracking
  • Push Notifications

Why Choose Dectar?

Unique design & UX

Our expert designers delivered an exceptional application that can help you to attract visitors.

Deployable on Cloud

The app is easily Deployable in Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and also easy to maintain.

Flexible Application

The design and modules are 100% customizable. It is entirely adaptable to serve as a Multi-Purpose software.

Prebuilt Solution

Our solution is readily available to provide robust & scalable technologies that are specific for on-demand services.

On Demand Delivery - Advanced Features

Couriero app has some attractive features that differ from our competitors.

Convenient Payment Methods

Users can pay for the services based on their convenience either through cash, wallet, or any secure payment gateways.

Easy Commission Tracking

With the in-built admin panel, the site owner can track the commission and payout to all the courier partners.

Promo code

The Admin has the option to send promo offers like coupon codes via push notifications and emails. Using these promo code users can get a discount on their courier services.

Couriero - On Demand Delivery - Highlighting Features

  • In-App Navigation 

    Both partner and user app come with advanced real-time tracking system integrated with the built-in Google map function.

  • Social Media Login 

    Users can sign up or log in to the app by using their social media accounts like Facebook & Twitter. It will increase the registration count and minimizes the time to create a new account.

  • Integrated Wallet option

    Users can pay for their booking from their Couirero wallet. The wallet can be topped up by using debit/credit cards.

  • Dispatcher Availability Switching

    The partner can go online/ offline instantly with a single click. They need to go online to accept/ reject dispatch requests.

  • Rate & Review

    Both users and partners can rate and review each other after the completion of every delivery.

  • Caller Identification  

    Partners can view the user details such as the user's location, landmark, and their contact information instantly.


On Demand Delivery - How it Works

  • 1

       Register and Sign-In
  • 2

       Enter Pick Up, Delivery Location and Send Request
  • 3

       Dispatcher Accepts Your Request
  • 4

       Dispatcher Picks Up Your Items
  • 5

       Dispatcher Delivers the item at the Destination
  • 6

       Gets Paid And Review

Have A One On One Interaction With Our Experts Now!

Couriero - The Best Uber for Courier Application in the Market

If you want to start an On-demand business model in the courier services platform, then Couriero is the best option for you.

This app can help you find a dispatcher near you and get your product delivered to the destination safely, without having to worry about turnaround times or delays.

All you need to do is to select the pickup location and delivery location using the pin on your map. Then you have to send a request to the dispatcher for pickup. The delivery request will be sent to the nearby dispatchers instantly. Once he accepts the offer, he will reach the pickup spot with the help of integrated maps. He will then deliver it safely to the destination.

With this app, you no longer have to wait for hours to find a suitable courier. If the dispatcher didn’t accept the request, the Couriero app will instantly find the next available dispatcher and helps you with the lightning-fast delivery. Turnaround times will be significantly low.

So if you’re looking for the most competent On-demand courier application, then Couriero will match your request. You can ensure fast pickups and less delivery time to customers by choosing this reliable courier application. Couriero comes on both iOS and Android platforms.

Couriero - One-Tap Solution for Your Delivery Needs

Sometimes people may find it challenging to send packages across the city. Couriero app can help you submit a request in just a single tap, and the nearby dispatcher will get it done quickly. With this Uber for courier services, you can get in touch with a rider who will immediately collect the package and gets it delivered to the destination regardless of its size. Courier companies can keep same-day shipping cheaper by using local delivery boys because same-day delivery is going to be the future in the next five years.

Use your iOS or Android-based smartphone and eliminate the need to send complicated instructions. Just tap the pickup location and delivery location on the app and submit the request.

Customers can also pay by credit/debit card or using the COD module quickly. The payment gets deducted automatically after the delivery. Customers can track the dispatcher in real-time, and they can also rate the dispatcher after the delivery. So if you want to start an Uber for courier business then get this turnkey solution now.

Build A Reliable Courier Service Business using Couriero

Sending Packages with high speed and minimize the turnaround times with the Uber for Courier services application.

When it comes to lightning fast delivery, there is no better solution other than using the Couriero app. This Uber for courier services will improve turnaround times and help customers to connect with a delivery person near to them instantly. It eliminates the need to deal with complicated forms with pick-up and delivery addresses details.

Customers can track down the rider directly from their smartphone. Start Sending envelopes or packages to any place with just one tap of the button. Choose the delivery location and track the package in real-time from your smartphone using Couriero.

Couriero has the best interface when compared to other on-demand delivery apps in the market. It also has lots of power-packed features in the app. It has a user-friendly, vibrant, and attractive interface along with well–crafted and easy-to-use app.

Dectar tech team will support the customers for the easy cloud installation along with the set-up.

Features of the On-demand app - Couriero

The on-demand delivery app is the hundred percent customizable application. Website and mobile apps are easy-to-use and user-friendly. The solution is readily available for customers to provide robust and scalable performance. We have loaded lots of features in the application.

♬ The app has a powerful dashboard with an interactive admin panel. The site owners can track the commission and payout to all the delivery partners.

♬ After receiving the parcel, users can pay for the delivery based on their convenient payment method. The app allows the user to pay for the delivery by cash, wallet, or any other secure payment gateways. We can customize and integrate any new payment gateway into the application at low hourly rates.

♬ You can send offers to the customers using the push notifications feature. Admin can use the short messaging service or email option to promote their business. Admin can also share promo codes to offer discounts to customers.

♬ Customers can track the dispatcher in real-time as we have integrated the GPS tracking module into the app. With this tracking module, users can make sure that the parcel reaches the delivery location safely on time.

♬ After downloading the app from the app store/play store, the users can log in into the app either through Facebook or Twitter. This social media login will reduce the time to create a new account.

♬ To encourage new users into the app, the owners can promote the referral program option. With this module, the users can invite their friends by sharing it through social media.

♬ There is a wallet option in the app where users can load their money into the wallet anytime using credit/debit cards. It allows the user to pay for their courier services instantly.

♬ Customers can send the delivery request to the dispatcher by merely entering their pickup and delivery location. The dispatchers will get the request from the user, and they need to stay online to accept the delivery request. With a single tap, the partner can go online or offline instantly.

♬ After completion of every delivery, both customers and dispatchers can register their experience by leaving ratings about the service in the app. The app also allows them to write feedback about each other in detail within the app.

♬ The app comes with an integrated GPS module. It will help the dispatcher to reach the exact location on time using the integrated GPS module.

Get our Turnkey On-demand delivery application now and level up your delivery business today as same day delivery market is going to hit $9.96 billion by 2025.