How Can On-demand Food Delivery Apps Ease Users’ Pain?

How Can On-demand Food Delivery Apps Ease Users’ Pain?

It’s Convenient 

No one can deny the convenience factor that comes with online food orders. One can sit on their couch, scroll through the countless food options, and choose the one they want. 

Online food order services bring comfort, convenience, and options together. It saves a lot of time for a user. 

Visiting restaurants across a city to taste different dishes is a thing of the past. One of the best features of online food order is the varieties it offers the customers. 

From continental lamp patty to Japanese sushi, the platform offers so much. The selling point here is the convenience of exploring new restaurants in one go. 

In the Dinedoo app, finding restaurants that offer the food you love is a breeze. Type in the dish you want in the search box, our smart algorithm will list the eateries that offer the dish. If you wish for quicker delivery and from local joints, fret not. Our app helps you find restaurants in any area of your choice. 

Online food delivery apps empower users to sort their preferences. One can narrow down an eatery by cuisines, place, offers, rating, budget, and other features. With so much convenience at a click, no wonder food aggregators are mushrooming.

Easy To Order

Compared to ordering food over the call or by visiting a restaurant, placing an order on an online app is quite easy. 

In an app, one need not wait to order the dish they like. Whereas, ordering food by visiting a restaurant consumes your time. At times, it may be frustrating, too, if the eatery has a crowd. 

Same with the ‘food on-call’ option. Sometimes, one has to wait in line for a long time for the eatery staff to take orders. The chances are high that there would be some miscommunication. It may result in you getting the wrong order delivered. So much heartburn just because of the mayhem. 

Online food delivery apps remove these issues. If you like it, you can order it in a few clicks. It is that simple. Another edge apps have over traditional food order methods is payment flexibility.

Not all restaurants accept all types of payments. But almost all major online food delivery apps have a wide range of payment options. Apart from net-banking and cash cards, options also include cash on delivery and e-wallets. Some food aggregators also accept Paypal, gift cards, Apple Pay, and Google pay.

One can also save their card information in the app for faster checkouts. Thus, online food ordering apps provide users the liberty of using many payment options. 

In Dinedoo, sensitive information of customers is 100% safe. We use state-of-the-art encryption technology to keep your card and personal details safe. One can use the same for faster checkouts. We use industry-standard encryption to save your sensitive data. So, if you are interested in launch an on-demand food delivery platform, then remember Dinedoo.

Avoid Confusions

Customers who place orders often over phone calls have terrible tales to tell. Misunderstandings and delivery of incorrect food are common in phone orders. It may happen due to the background noise either at the restaurant or at the customer’s place. 

Some restaurant staff has a problem with understanding different accents. It often leads to wrong orders and unhappy customers. 

In contrast, online food delivery apps generate happy customers. They achieve this due to their straightforward and precise descriptions of food items.

Ordering food in person can happen only when the restaurant is open. In food delivery apps, one can pre-order the food they want, even if the concerned restaurant is not open. Some online food delivery apps provide an option to fix a delivery slot. 

Our Dinedoo app is open to customization as per your taste. We can incorporate features such as pre-order into the app at the request of clients. 

Made for Millennials

In 2018, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Viggle conducted a user behavior study. The results said that 69% of people liked ordering food using apps. A majority of the respondents were none other than millennials. 

Millennials are conscious, curious, and are a bit impatient too. They exhibit these traits on consumer goods and services. 

Research by Retail Institute Scandinavia suggests that millennials research before they buy. This behavior influences all sectors that have millennials as their customers. 

Online food delivery is not an exception. The behavior is pushing restaurants to come up with the best offers to stay relevant in the game.

Gone are the days when one had to put some real effort to know which restaurant gives what offer. With all restaurants lined up in the app, one gets to see all offers at one glance. 

As the domain has become crowded, restaurants give compelling offers to stand out. The competition-driven pricing benefits the millennials. They enjoy the benefits in forms of offers, coupons, subscription meal boxes, and the like. 

In the Dinedoo app, one can create special offers and coupon codes to attract customers.

More Power to the Users 

A streamlined online food delivery app gives its users more than freedom. The app gives the users a near real-time tracking of their food. 

Taking advantage of the GPS, the app does not even trouble the users by asking addresses for delivery. It simplifies the food ordering process. One can add the food items they like to wish list for ordering at a later time.

Some apps list the favorite food of the customers on their respective dashboards. It allows one to reorder their favorite food with a quick checkout option. 

From the moment a customer places an order to the time the food reaches him, he sees the process in near real-time. The app keeps the users in the loop at every step of the food delivery process. 

Our Dinedoo app also works in real-time. Customers can have a close eye on the food they ordered, thanks to GPS. 

  • 1) It starts with greeting a customer upon placing an order. 

  • 2) Once the restaurant confirms the order, the customer will get to know the development. 

  • 3) The customer will get information when a delivery person picks up the food. 

  • 4) The app will also show the real-time location of the delivery personnel.

In the Dinedoo app, one can save their favorite food items for reorders. A user can track the order in Dinedoo as the app makes use of the GPS.

Rating the Restaurants

Users of online food order apps can rate the restaurants from where they have ordered food. Ratings usually range from one to five stars. The more stars a restaurant gets, the higher the chances of its survival. 

Users can also sort the available restaurants based on their ratings. This power in the hands of users acts as scrutiny for restaurants. 

Dinedoo also allows users to rate restaurants. This feature is customizable according to the client’s needs. 

Generally, eateries that provide good food reach the top spots in search results. It will result in more sales. Whereas, restaurants that fail to please the palette of customers rank lower. But, those who rectify their mistakes and care about customers’ happiness stay in the game. The ones who do not bother despite low ratings will go out of business soon. The customer rating system obliges restaurants to maintain quality.

Price Reduction

The response for online food order apps has opened a whole new avenue for restaurateurs. Upon witnessing the number of orders, many delivery-only eateries emerged. It is beneficial for the customers as they get good food at an affordable cost. 

Dubbed as cloud kitchens, these facilities became an instant hit. It gained traction in the Food and Beverages (F&B) domain in no time. 

Unlike traditional restaurants, cloud kitchens can function with a very less operational cost. These kitchens do not have a physical space for customers to dine in. Owners save the money that would have otherwise gone into dining space investment.

It benefited the customers in the form of affordable food. Internet-only food brands are better placed compared to brick and mortar restaurants. Why chicken, Mott Street Pizza, and Calorie Care are some of the virtual eateries. These virtual restaurants often give customers great deals and offers. Some brands rely on the campaigns within the app to market their food items. 

In the Dinedoo app, campaigns are effective in promoting restaurants. By giving a good display for such eateries, restaurants can advertise and promote their restaurants.

A report by Goldstein Research valued the global cloud kitchen market at $700 million in 2018. Experts expect the domain to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.25% till 2030. These eateries favor aggregators offering logistics support. The reason is simple: It saves them both money and time. And for customers, such an arrangement brings convenience. They get to taste their favorite food at an affordable rate.

As these On-demand Food Delivery Apps ease the pain of users, more people started using these apps. It right time to launch a food delivery app like UberEats/Grubhub/Zomato/Swiggy. Call us now!