Uber Clone App Features

Uber Clone App Features


10 Best-in-Class Features that come with your Uber Clone Application

1) Create Geofences

As the name suggests, the technology allows a company to segregate the geographical areas to suit its needs. For instance, the company can send curated offers to riders who frequent an area but intermittently use it.

2) Clear Invoice

Every rider will instantly get a detailed trip receipt delivered at their email address once they finish the ride. This feature is automated in our Uber Clone app and does not need a bit of human intervention.

3) Manual Taxi Booking

There are times when a rider does not have an Internet connection to book a cab. Don’t let such situations take a toll on your business. Cabily has a Manual Taxi Booking option using which you can manually dispatch a taxi upon a request from a user over the phone.

4) SOS Alert

Ensure the safety of your riders with this SOS Alert in your Cabily App. Activating the SOS will connect a user to the police control room, besides alerting the three contacts he/she added to the app in advance.

5) Tailor-made Application

Our Uber Clone App is a 100% white-label product. The app is extremely customizable, and therefore can be rebranded as yours. Right from the logo to the color scheme, we can personalize everything as per your requirement and taste.

6) Social Media Login

The lengthy registration process drives away a potential customer like anything. It is where social media login gains traction. Your Cabily app allows prospects to sign up using their social media apps. Cabily will authenticate one’s identity using their social media account details.

7) Live Currency Rates

We equipped our Cabily Application with a currency converter feature. The algorithm retrieves the value of any currency against the US dollar in real-time and calculates the trip fare as per the day’s currency value.

8) Fare Estimator

Once the user selects the destination, an estimated fare gets displayed for each type of vehicle. It will allow the rider to choose the vehicle best suited for him/her.

9) In-App Tipping Option

At the end of each trip, a user will get notified if he/she is willing to tip the driver. Likewise, the drivers have to enable the option that allows them to take tips.

10) Multiple Payment Options

Cabily offers a range of payment options — Stripe, third-party wallets, debit, and credit cards — for a rider to pay the driver.

Driver App Features

1) Wait Time Charge

When a user chooses to stop by a restaurant for a quick bite or by any other place, for that matter, the driver can activate the waiting time feature. The option will get disabled when the user reboards. At the end of the trip, the waiting charge gets added to the trip charge.

2) Instant Driver Notification

With the Cabily Driver App, checking the veracity of a driver’s documents is a breeze. Any document recognized by the government institutions — passport, driving license, national identity card, insurance card, and the like — can be verified in just a few seconds using the app.

3) Instant Ride Request Alert

A notification will pop up on the driver’s mobile when a customer from the nearby area requests for a ride. The driver can check the rider’s basic details and suggested route.

4) Total Earnings

The Uber Clone application has an in-build feature that allows the driver to check the day’s earnings in real-time. This feature will come in handy for your driver to plan a day. One can also check their past week(s) earnings and compare it with the present week’s income to get an idea of how the week is going to pan out.

5) Automated Payouts To Your Local Bank Account

Your earnings will get transferred automatically to your linked bank account. Once the transaction is processed, you will get an email containing details such as trip-wise earnings and incentives.

6) Native Mobile App

Cabily is a native mobile app but not a web one, meaning it works seamlessly across various platforms such as iOS and Android. Unlike a web app, Our Uber Clone App assimilates well with your mobile platform and functions fluidly.

7) Surge Pricing

Surge Pricing is a feature that benefits the driver. At times when the potential riders outnumber the number of cars available due to bad weather or vehicle congestion, surge pricing comes into place. To check whether an area has a high demand for cars, check the map in your Cabily driver app. A place that has a high demand will have a distinctive color with a multiplier to the standard fare.

8) Reduced Battery Usage

Our Cabily Driver App will work perfectly fine even if there is a low charge in your phone battery. We have optimized the app so that it needs minimal power to function without any hiccup.

9) Mark Favorite Location

With the addition of this feature that allows a rider to bookmark his/her favorite places, the booking time gets faster than ever.

10) Goes Offline When Idle

When a driver is idle and doesn’t confirm a ride request, auto offline mode kicks in with a warning and makes the driver go offline. However, a driver can go online once he/she is ready to take requests.

Rider App Features

1) Track The Driver In Real-Time

Our Uber Clone Rider App users can track the driver’s location in real-time in the map incorporated into the app. By using that, the rider will know the real-time location of the driver.

2) Convenient Payment Methods

Our Cabily Rider App has an integrated payment gateway that allows a rider to pay the fare through debit, credit cards, or even through Stripe.

3) Cashless Wallet Payment

For the riders’ comfort, we have also added an in-built wallet to the app. Those who are not fond of using cards for payment can recharge the wallet for a seamless payment experience.

4) Hourly Car Rental Option

The Cabily Rider App is not just for short rides. Those who want to book a vehicle for an outstation journey can do the same by using the hourly car rental option in the app.

5) Automatic Push Notifications

Our Cabily Driver App has an in-build push notification feature, meaning you do not have to spend a penny on sending messages/alerts to the drivers and users. It replaces the traditional SMS feature.

6) Rate The Driver

A user can give a rating to a driver and leave a review based on the ride experience. It will help a company to distinguish the right drivers from the bad.

7) Call Masking

Cabily Rider App ensures riders’ privacy by hiding their identity and number using advanced masking technology. Therefore, a driver can’t see a rider’s personal information.

8) Ride Later

Not everyone wants to ride immediately. Some will prefer to book a ride in advance. Cabily understands that, and thus has a feature called ‘Scheduled Ride.’ Riders can use this feature to book a ride up to 30 days in advance.

9) In-app Chat Feature

For those riders who prefer texting to calling the driver, this feature comes in handy. Our Uber Clone application comes with a dedicated chat feature, wherein a user can chat with the driver regarding the ride.

10) Multiple Language Integration

This feature is for those who choose to ‘Go Local.’ Apart from English, one can integrate any language with the Cabily. It will strengthen the bond between the users and the company, especially when the users prefer their native language to English.

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