17 Top Cloud Meeting Software’s in the Market

17 Top Cloud Meeting Software’s in the Market



Zoom is a famous cloud-based communication app. People can set up virtual meetings, conferences, webinars, and participate in live chat.

Zoom is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. It makes it a highly versatile platform for online meetings and discussions.

  • The app has free and paid packages.
  • Up to 1000 members can participate in the zoom discussion.
  • Users can record calls, share screens, send group messages, and use breakout rooms.
  • Users can also provide remote support to other users by controlling their screen.
  • Users can place virtual backgrounds, such as images or videos.
  • Users can integrate Zoom with Google services, salesforce, and the workplace.
  • There is no need to create an account to attend the meetings. But to conduct one, you need to create an account.

Zoom saw triple-digit growth in the last year, which led to an increase in the number of Zoom Clone applications worldwide.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings is a video conferencing platform. It allows video conferencing through mobile phones, computers, laptops, and tablets. It works on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Webex offers four price packages- free, starter, plus, and business.

  • You can also use the mobile app with smartwatches.
  • Webex offers HD video quality for users.
  • Sharing screen, recording the meetings, and hosting video conferences is simple and easy.
  • Users can host webinars with 3000 attendees. They can make use of features like Q&A, polling, text chat, whiteboarding.
  • You can use Webex to provide training to employees. There can be both live and recorded sessions.
  • Cloud calling is another famous feature of Webex. Make calls, forward them, hold them, use the do-not-disturb mode.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based virtual collaboration app. It allows users to create separate teams, channels, and chat groups. You can use it to converse and share Office 365 files.

Using the Hubs option, users can work on Powerpoint, Excel, Word, from the same platform.

  • MicrosoftTeams is a part of Office 365.
  • Schedule meetings share private and group information. Use emojis, stickers, and gifs to lighten up the conversations, and do much more using Teams.
  • Make use of the available 24 bots to get answers for FAQs and share reports with colleagues.
  • Use a common platform to work, share, and exchange information through the central database.
  • Organize audio and video calling (meetings) through Android and iOS apps. The users can arrange only audio calls on iOS.


Skype is famous and free (almost) video calling software. It allows users to connect and talk to others through the app/ platform. It uses VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol). Using VOIP, it transmits data from one device to another.

  • Users can create an account for free. They can make voice and video calls to individuals & group calls. They can also send text messages and conduct meetings using the software.
  • Most of the features are free. Users have to pay per minute to call the landline numbers or mobile phone numbers.
  • Users can check the chat history for 30 days. You can store the data on Skype’s cloud. If the user changes their device, they can sync the details. This way, they do not lose important information.
  • Emoticons, formatting, and quoting are available for text chat.

Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is now Google Meet and is available for free for Google users. It is a part of G Suite. You can use it to organize meetings and live to stream on a much larger scale compared to Hangouts.

  • Users can have a meeting with 250 participants though Google Meet.
  • The video can be live-streamed to 100,000 viewers.
  • You can schedule Meetings in advance for convenience. Users can either use Google Chat or Google Calendar for the purpose.
  • Users can access Google Meet through their Gmail. They have built the chat version into the Gmail main page.
  • Users can also use the mobile app or the website to schedule a meeting and attend it.
  • Google Meet has free and paid versions.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is software used for online meetings and conferences. You can conduct webinars for a cost-effective price. Users need to download and install the software. Once they install, they can participate in the meetings and discussions.

  • The host can invite, share screen, record, and mute other users during the meeting.
  • Scheduling meetings is possible, and so is sharing business reports.
  • Hosts can provide role-based access to control and monitor the meetings.
  • You can integrate Zoho with CRM and other business systems.
  • Hosts can conduct polls and surveys during the meeting.
  • Hosts can get reports about the participants who attended the meeting.
  • Zoho is easily accessible from mobile phones, computers, laptops, and tablets.
  • Users can choose a mobile app, download the software, or use the web browser.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

Messenger Rooms is the latest feature by Facebook. Apart from video conferences, it also allows users to have virtual meetings. You can have it through the social media website/ app.

Up to 50 users can join and have meetings in the messenger rooms. The best part is that you can open the rooms from Messenger and WhatsApp. You can also open it from Instagram Direct, Facebook, or Portal.

  • Users can either lock or unlock the rooms based on privacy requirements.
  • The creator of the room can either add or remove the members of the room.
  • Members of the room also have the choice of leaving the place any time during the meeting.
  • If the room violates the community guidelines, members are free to report it to Facebook.
  • You can broadcast the meeting in the room live on Facebook.


Discord started as a chatting app for gamers to communicate with each other. Now it is more of a general platform for people to meet, socialize, and start conversations.

Users can make voice and video calls on the platform. They can also do live streaming their games (and other programs). The app works on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows PC.

  • Discord divided the platform into servers (communities). Every server has text channels and voice channels. Along with that, they can also share videos, pictures, links, and a lot more.
  • Discord has classified the servers based on topics users like to discuss.
  • Users can start their servers for free. There is no charge to join other servers, either.
  • You can connect Discord to YouTube or Spotify to share links.


UberConference is a cloud-based voice calling platform. It is for teams to conduct and schedule meetings without too much fuss about phone numbers. It has a free version and a paid version.

The free version requires users to enter a PIN to become a part of the call. Up to 10 members can attend the call at one time. There is a 45-minute time limit. But, users can share documents and screens during the meeting. Call recording is also possible.

The paid version allows up to 100 members per call. It also has additional features such as custom numbers, international calls, dial-out option.

  • The app is available for iOS and Android.
  • Users can link the app to their social media accounts.
  • The calls get recorded as an MP3 file.


Slack is one of the well-known messaging and file-sharing apps in the market. The app is available for free. It also has a Standard monthly-billed version, and a Plus version. It has a monthly-billed version with more features.

The fourth package is for large scale organizations. The package name is Enterprise Grid.

  • Users can chat in the channels and also send direct messages to each other.
  • The account name is vital in Slack. You need the part of the URL to send it to other users to invite them to join the platform.
  • Users can use the mobile app (Android and iOS), the web browser, or the desktop app created for Windows.
  • The channels can be public or private. Users can use emojis, share files, create chat threads.


GoToMeeting is a famous online video conferencing platform. It allows people to talk face to face in a virtual setting. There is no free version, except for a demo offer.

Users have to pay $12/ month to use the platform. There is an enterprise version for $16/ month.

  • You can use the platform on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, web browser, and through the cloud.
  • The app offers remote collaborations, live chat, web conferences, and meeting management.
  • You can do Screen recording, screen sharing, and presentations.
  • You can also do webinars, training sessions, and virtual classrooms, using GoToMeeting.
  • You can do third-party integration, sharing files, and making audio calls. You can also collect feedback during team meetings.
  • Private chat among users is yet another convenient and useful feature.


AnyMeeting is previously known as Freebinar. AnyMeeting is helping small scale enterprises conduct online conferences and webinars. It is a web-based application and has a good number of features.

  • The free version of the app displays ads, and the paid version is ad-free.
  • It runs on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Explorer. The platform uses Adobe Flash Player to run in browsers.
  • Apart from video conferencing, the platform offers audio calls too.
  • You can do application sharing, screen sharing, and recording. You can also conduct polls, surveys, and share videos on YouTube.
  • The hosts can also accept payment from attendees of the webinar. They can get it via PayPal when using AnyMeeting.
  • The hosts can keep the meetings private. They can use the encrypted password feature to restrict access.


Crowdcast, as the name says, is a live video platform. You can use it to organize meetings, webinars, workshops, in a virtual setting.

Hosts can invite guests, viewers, attendees, take questions from them. Hosts can also provide answers with a timestamp, and add numerous people to a single screen. They can also conduct online events on a large scale.

  • Hosts can make the events private, provide limited access. They can also collect payment from users.
  • Sharing polls, surveys, Q&A, will attendees is possible.
  • You can do Screen Sharing, Chat, invite more guests, and check their profiles.
  • You can also manage referrals and share information through Crowdcast.
  • You can integrate it with third-party apps and platforms for better results.
  • The price package starts at $29/ month.
  • You can schedule interviews with two-way audio and video.
  • You can also customize templates and landing pages using Crowdcast.


TeamViewer is a famous software app used for providing and gaining remote access. You can also share desktop, organize video conferences. People also use it for file sharing between two remote computers. The main purpose of using TeamViewer is collaboration.

  • The software app works on Windows desktop and phone (higher versions). It also works on macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and BlackBerry OS.
  • It uses a two-factor authentication system with password protection. It allows sharing desktop or remote control between two computers/ devices.
  • Users can chat with each other when sharing files.
  • The password changes whenever the user connects (if the previous session expires).
  • Users can share HD live videos through the app.
  • TeamViewer has both free and paid versions.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a flexible and extensible web conferencing software. It allows users to conduct virtual meetings, conferences, and discussions.

Users can customize the layout, images, on the platform based on their preferences.

  • The software has free and paid versions and 90-day free access for those who want to test the platform.
  • The free version allows one host and three attendees to be a part of the conference.
  • The 90-day free access allows one host and 25 participants (T&C apply).
  • The paid version (starts at $50/ month) provides an array of features. It includes document and screen sharing, polls, Q&A, audio integration.
  • You can make us customizing layouts & it has breakout rooms.
  • You can have multiple hosts, backstage meetings, video recordings, whiteboards, and URL sharing.


As the name suggests, teachers and students mainly use the Blackboard app. It was previously known as Blackboard Student or Blackboard Mobile Learn.

They use the app to view the course content. It has become a part of the discussions, submits assignments, and post on the discussion board.

  • You can use the app on mobile phones and desktops. We recommend you to use the platform on the desktop for taking tests.
  • Blackboard provides almost the same feeling as a face to face classroom does. Teachers and students can interact with each other through the app.
  • Users can customize their profiles and get targeted notifications.
  • Interested users will need to contact Blackboard directly to know the price of the app.


Fuze is communication and collaborative software. It allows users to navigate between calls, data sharing, and video conferences. You can chat on any device.

Fuze doesn’t have a free version or a free trial offer. The price package starts at $20/ month.

  • You can do Phone calls, desk-to-desk calls, and screen sharing.
  • You can also chat messages, video conferencing, and do conference calls.
  • You can download Fuze and use it on mobile phones as an app. You can also use it through the web browser and desktop application.
  • You can play music for contacts on hold.
  • It has features like setting up automated attendants and VoIP number for calling. It also has browser extensions, pairing software, whiteboarding, live chat, and hand-raising.

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