Top Apps-like-TikTok Everyone Should Try

Top Apps-like-TikTok Everyone Should Try


Funly is another new addition to the latest launch in the market. Funly is a TikTok Clone application that has all the amazing features of TikTok.

You can create entertaining lip sync videos, and watch funny videos on Funly. You can also make useful videos using Funly.

You can meet and make new friends. You can also create videos with the online friends you meet on Funly: TikTok Clone app.

You can create your funny videos using this TikTok Clone application. Use the huge database of music, songs, movie clips, and funny voiceovers.

You can share these videos easily. You can share it on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Funly is ready for download, and it will be the best TikTok alternative app in the Indian market.


Make sure to check out Triller, if you like making, sharing and watching videos. It is a very handy app for creating and sharing video content online.

Renowned celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Rita Ora have used Triller. They used to create and share videos with their followers. The Triller app has an amazing auto-editing feature. It will help you make your videos look super professional with a single tap.

Other unique features include over 100 different filters. It can add texts, emoticons, or drawings on the videos. This app sure knows how to make your videos more interesting.

Triller is available for android as well as iOS users, and you can download it from the play store or the app store.


Dubsmash is a famous entertainment app in the market. You can make funny lip-syncing videos with this app using an existing audio track or a movie clipping.

Dubmash first appeared in 2015 but started losing its followers soon. The reason was that users could make a video with the app but could not share it. It had the option of creating but provided no option for sharing your creation.

However, Dubmash took the failure in its stride and made a comeback a couple of years later. This time it had the networking option.

With the new Dubmash app, you can not only create a short, entertaining video but also share it. It has features like remixing, which puts it ahead of its competitors.


Mitron is a short video making application like TikTok. Based in Bengaluru, Mitron is steadily gaining momentum among Indian users. It is one of the best videos creating and sharing apps within the country now.

Mitron is a free app, and you can download it and use it on both android and iOS platforms.

You can create short, funny, and entertaining videos on the app and share it for the other users. Or you can also browse through the videos shared by others on the app.

The creators of the Mitron app wanted anyone to be able to use the app. So, the app is easy to use, and the interface is very simple and user-friendly.


Chingari app was recently on the news when it crossed 10 million users in 22 days. Chingari was also one of the two Google play store top free apps for a week.

What makes this app so popular among Indians?

One of the reasons is that one can create, share, and watch videos. It includes funny videos, memes to news videos, and love quotes.

Chingari has another distinguishing feature. The users can make money by creating and sharing videos.

You receive a point every time someone watches your video, and then you can redeem these points for money. It is also available in multiple Indian languages.


Within a few days of its inception Cheez app has become very popular.

Initially, everyone thought it was another video creating and sharing apps like TikTok. However, Cheez is much more than that. It allows users to create, share, and watch videos of less than 17 seconds and also watch live streams. It also allows users to chat with their friends. It is a unique feature that makes Cheez different from its competitors.

Cheez has a very easy-to-use interface. It makes it easy to find live stream videos of high-quality.

Using the Cheez app, you can make new friends, send virtual gifts to them. You can also become popular by sharing interesting videos. No wonder it has become popular in less time.


This Indian social media app is available in around 15 different local languages. Some of them are Marathi, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Tamil, and Bengali.

ShareChat has over 100 million users and lets you make friends and chat with other users. There are many groups within this social media app that you can join to find like-minded people. Some of these groups are exclusive to only Indian users, like Hindi Shayari and Bhajans.

You can meet strangers via different chatrooms. Meet them to make friends and chat with your existing friends too.

ShareChat also lets you make and share short, entertaining videos. There are amazing video filters you can use, more than 300 unique emoticons you can share and face filters you can try.

Vigo Video

Vigo Video lets you share your unique talent with an audience from around the world. The huge community of worldwide users create, share, and watch videos by connecting with others. There are different stickers, filters, and effects available in the app. You can use these to personalize your videos.

Unlike the other apps exclusive to Indian users, Vigo Video has a much wider community. Hence you can meet people from all around the world to make friends.

You will have your tailor-made feed on the app based on your preference. You can see videos that you like to watch on this feed.

You can also share your special everyday moments anytime. You can do it by adding songs or music and making them entertaining.


Firework is a great app for creating short home-made videos. You can share it with people worldwide.

Firework has a unique feature. Using this app, you can curate videos based on trending topics and the type of content. There also conduct sponsored hashtag competitions every week.

They encourage users to participate in contests. You can enter these contests by creating videos about the hashtags and uploads. Winners receive cash prizes or can utilize it for charitable fundraisers too.

As a Firework app user, you will see videos on your feed based only on your interest. It is another attractive feature of the app.

Users can comment on shared content online. They can do it through direct messages, instead of anonymously on a post.


Funimate is a fun video editing and video making app available on both play and app stores.

You don’t need to be an expert to go all out creative to make amazing videos with unique effects on this app.

Funimate allows users to add still images, texts, cool effects, and music to their videos. There are approximately 40 million users of Funimate.

But what makes this app so popular?

You can make all kinds of videos on this app. Start making slow-motion videos, and fan edits to lip-sync videos and funny videos.

You can share the videos on different social media platforms. You can share it on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and

Bolo Indya

The specialty of this Indian app is that you can create many different kinds of video content. There are other categories along with entertainment on Bolo Indya.

Bolo Indya allows users to create and share videos on various topics. You can do it on topics, including general knowledge, health, cooking, travel, and shopping. Apart from this, you can also do motivation, technology, exams, and relationship videos.

You will find a category that interests you. You can make videos according to your interests and passions. If your videos get popular on the app, you will also receive a royalty from Bolo Indya.

The team said that they had created this TikTok Clone app to empower Indians to speak their minds. They can also share their thoughts through videos on a shared platform. The app is available in many different local Indian languages.


Roposo is India’s very own video creating an app. It is available in several local Indian languages. Apart from Hindi, it is also available in Telegu, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, and Odia.

You can watch original videos from content creators on Roposo. You can also make your video content and share it with everyone else.

You can then share the videos with your fellow users. There are many effects and filters to choose from the app. You can use these to enhance your videos. There are different channels on the app that you can watch videos on.

Some of the channels are Beats, Haha TV and Bhakti. The best thing is that Roposo is a free app that is available for download on iOS and Android.


Did you know that you can make music video collage with the Lomotif app?

It allows you to edit your videos effortlessly to make them look professional. You can add filters, emojis, and titles to your videos too. It is a very user-friendly app.

Pick a video or videos from your phone gallery, add music to it, preview your video, and it is ready.

You can choose to share it or save it on your phone for private use. The platforms you can share the video on including Instagram, Facebook, Musically, and Twitter.

Lomotif comes on both android and iOS. So, get creative with Lomotif and start making and sharing amazing videos.

Are you looking for a TikTok-like-app? Get our TikTok Clone application and launch your Social Video Platform instantly.