How to Develop a Video Conferencing App like Zoom?

How to Develop a Video Conferencing App like Zoom?


How Long Does It Take to Develop a Video Conferencing App like Zoom?

As we know, the world has undergone a radical shift in recent times due to the unfortunate pandemic. Applications like Zoom that has video/audio communication have seen a massive spike in popularity.

From a business perspective, investing in developing an app similar to Zoom will pay big. Your playing field becomes global, and the user base can reach millions of people!

Here are the key factors that determine the time taken to develop an app similar to Zoom:

a) Identify your Platform: It’s important that you perform adequate user research to identify a platform. The app can be mobile-only or support other platforms such as Windows and Mac. It enables you to estimate the time and the cost of the project. As a rule of thumb, the more platforms you target, the longer is the development time.

b) Identify your target audience: Who will use your app? Are you focused on business users, or wish to target a mixed bag of personal and business users? This demarcation will help you focus on the set of features for the app. An app that caters to both personal and business users needs more features. Also, it needs more development time.

c) UI/UX design and Research: App design and testing is a key component of app development. You must factor in the time taken for design and prototyping. Allow enough time for QA and usability testing. This process can take several days, and you should not ignore it.

List of Attractive Features

Video conferencing apps boast a range of features. It can deliver a delightful customer experience.

Several features are desirable in a video conferencing app:

1) Chat

Chat is an essential feature in any conferencing app. It enables participants to type out text messages during a presentation or webinar. Chats can be one-to-one or addressed to an entire group attending the conference call. You can personalize the chats with preferred fonts and emoji.

2) Share files

The app must allow file sharing among participants in multiple formats. The file transfer must be secure and fast, and it must include documents, audio, and video. It should restrict sharing very large files to preserve bandwidth.

3) Desktop sharing

Desktop sharing is a coveted feature in a conferencing app. It enables the presenter to share information from their computers. It saves bandwidth by not having to send the files across to all participants. This feature is particularly useful while remotely troubleshooting problems on another user’s computer. Users should be able to share their entire screen or specific applications.

4) Whiteboard

The whiteboard feature is useful if the presenter wishes to explain a concept visually. It’s similar in purpose to a blackboard or physical whiteboard in a conference room. Users in educational backgrounds widely use whiteboards. It helps the students to grasp the idea easily. Integrate whiteboard functionality in your app to let your presenters convey ideas visually.

5) Multiple User Connectivity

The number of simultaneous participants supported by an app is crucial. It is the key to a great conferencing app. The app must be able to support multiple participants without lag and disconnections. This feature requires a robust back-end and strong network connectivity. Your app adoption depends on the number of users it can support. The more, the better.

6) Call Recording

Recording a conference is a key feature that is a part of most video conferencing apps. It enables the presenter to record the entire call as a video file and share it with other participants. This feature helps participants focus on the topic instead of taking notes. They can go back to the recording anytime to review key items.

7) Privacy and Encryption

We cannot stress enough that data privacy and encryption are crucial elements. Your app must conform to essential security standards and protocols in the industry. It must be strongly encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to a live stream. Authentication of users must be robust and secure. Any data shared during a conference must be secure from security breaches.

8) Easy Scheduling and Reminders

Customers will love your app if it’s easy to use and quick to learn. The app design must be intuitive and user-friendly. It should allow users to schedule calls and select participants easily. Additional features like automatic scheduling, recurring meetings, and automatic recording add value. The app should be easy to download and join a meeting as a participant.

9) Effortless Participant Control

It can become chaotic if multiple participants are speaking on a call at the same time. The moderation of other participants is a very useful feature. It allows the presenter to mute all participants. It also allows presenters to prevent chatting and file sharing during an ongoing conference call.

10) In-meeting Controls

Participants and presenters alike should be able to manage several aspects of the meeting during an ongoing call. Intuitive icons for in-call controls help the user perform many actions on a call. It includes muting audio and video, file sharing, chatting, and much more. Advanced features include changing backgrounds and inviting other users to the conference.

How Does Zoom Make Money?

Zoom offers a wide range of video and audio-conferencing products. Apart from consumers, it also aims at big corporations. The company operates on a “Freemium” business model.

Zoom makes revenue by offering premium features to consumers and commercial customers. You can, but some of these features on-demand, or you can also avail it through a subscription model.

The main offerings by Zoom are:

a) Zoom Meetings – Zoom meetings and chats enable users to use audio/video and send messages to each other. It includes sharing files. The basic plan is free, but the premium plans start at $14.99/month. The basic plan has a 40-minutes duration limit and has a limit of 100 participants.

b) Zoom Rooms/Workspaces– Zoom rooms/workspaces have dedicated conference room systems. These rooms have advanced conferencing hardware for seamless communication. Subscription to each Zoom room starts at $49.00/month. This feature is highly sought after by large organizations.

c) Zoom Webinars– You can host an online webinar event with up to 10,000 participants. You can do it seamlessly by buying a webinar package. The pricing is dependent on the number of participants and hosts in the event. Several interactive features such as virtual polling, hand raising is available. Pricing begins at $40.00/month.

d) Zoom Phone– Zoom phone is a cloud-based telehealth solution. It is available as an addition to your existing subscription. You can dial a regular mobile or landline number with it. You can also withhold a conference and share functionalities. It provides these softphone capabilities starting at $10.00/month.

Increase in Demand for Video/Web Conferencing Apps

The world, as we know it, has undergone a radical shift in recent times owing to the unfortunate pandemic. This unprecedented global event has permanently changed the way we interact with others. Individuals and corporations are in a state of anxiety. Also, it is leading us to a global economic standoff. Seamless digital communication is emerging now! It is the key to overcoming new challenges posed by the pandemic.

The number of downloads after the pandemic struck earlier this year has surged. Millions of people from different industry verticals are now working from their homes. Social distancing rules to contain the spread of the virus has made video conferencing highly popular. It is empowering individuals and organizations to be productive and connected.

A large section of the corporate population was already using these apps. They use it for remote work and business purposes. Now, a whole new segment of personal users has embraced this medium to keep in touch with family and friends. Its popularity stems from several factors. Most video conferencing apps like ZoomSkype, or WebEx are free to use. But it restricts based on call duration and number of participants.

Companies no longer engage employees and customers in face-to-face interactions. For them, adapting to a remote working model using video conferencing apps is vital. Companies, both large and small, are investing heavily in upgrading their bandwidth. It enables their employees to be seamlessly connected to the corporate network via a VPN at any time.

Among the key players that emerged on top during this time were Zoom and Google Meet. Both these platforms saw a massive surge in users in a matter of a few days. Experts predict that these solutions’ usage might be long-term and a sort of “New Normal” in the world.

The market for video conferencing apps is growing. It offers immense revenue potential shortly. The target audience is in the millions and is present everywhere in the world. Video conferencing solutions with advanced features enhance connectivity and productivity. They offer a safe and efficient method to interact with the world around us.

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