Rise of Cloud Meeting Software & Their Impact on Various Industries

Rise of Cloud Meeting Software & Their Impact on Various Industries


The year 2020 looks like we have all shifted our life in virtual mode. From school to corporate businesses, everything has transformed into a virtual model.

Of all these, the only thing that has been a life savior during this period is video conferencing apps.

How has technology made it easier for people to meet without an actual direct meeting?

Let’s take this technology a step forward. We need video conferencing for each organization. Then, why not create a personalized app for each company, wouldn’t it be easier?

Without worrying about it, people will use it. They will have clarity about meeting timings and the happiness of having a personal feel! It would be a great idea. But wait! It’s possible, yes, I’m not even kidding.

Here at Dectar, we have created a personalized cloud meeting app for your organization. You can make your meetings easier and more productive. We can deploy it in two days. Yes, just two days. That’s insane, right.

We know You must be busy working. So, we value your time and provide you with your personalized cloud meeting app.

We shall now have a look at how cloud meeting apps play a huge place in peoples’ lives in different sectors;

Cloud Meeting App for Education

Students worldwide had to take a step back from their education due to the ongoing pandemic.

But, can we stop studying because of this pandemic?

No. How can that be possible? Education is so important for everyone in this era, we all know this. And we have found our alternative classrooms. It is cloud rooms – cloud meeting classrooms.

All the educational systems have got shifted to online education. No matter which degree you are in, which grade you study in, everything has now shifted online. Around 20000 schools worldwide now conduct their classes online. Do all these people have an app?

What if we provide a specific app for your students?

It is an app for your educational organization.

We will design it for your students’ based on their convenience. You can tune it up according to the needs of your school/colleges.

Online education isn’t that easy. But, having a personalized app for this might make it easier for your organization. It will help to thrive for education better. It will also make it easier for your students to connect with the school. They can do it without the hassle of going to different meeting rooms.

You can assign everything under one app for your students and your organization.

Important Note: Jizby is a Zoom like application specialized for your educational organization. It will be an ideal approach for you and your students.

Cloud Meeting App for Healthcare

During the lockdown, people had to face many issues. One of them was not being able to visit the doctors. The health care personnel could not give time to their patients. Now, with the help of the cloud meetings, you can be with your patients anytime, anywhere.

You can develop better communication. Also, you can feel connected without actually being there. The doctors can provide an immediate response to emergency cases. Thus, many emergency services can prevail.

The health professionals are now getting trained through the phone. They can observe the patients effectively through the phone. And we at Dectar have made it easier by creating an app for the healthcare sector.

You can connect with your patients, train your students & counsel people with your app.

You can get a clear vision of your health organization and meet its goals. The better future is one way ahead of you. It’s your personalized way of communication, your name, vision, and plan. It’s not just an app; it’s a new direction towards the healthcare system.

Important Note: Zoom-like app crafted specifically for healthcare communities. You can treat your patients with the utmost care with your hospital brand name and identity.

Cloud Meeting App for Cooking Classes

Everything can wait, but hunger can’t! Be it hunger for food or hunger to learn cooking, why should it wait? You can learn to cook in your own home from your screens.

Your Zoom for cooking classes, teach the art of cooking from your phone. You can also connect with your students. The High Resolution will let the students understand the color of the food better.

High-quality audio will help the students understand your instructions better. It will help them cook without missing any instructions. You can handle multiple students at a time, and students can connect.

Food connects people, and Zoom lets you connect through your food without limitations.

Important Note: Jizby is a personalized Zoom like app for your cooking classes. We made it for you and your cooking classes. Connect with students in a better way.

Cloud Meeting App for Corporates

Gone are the days when you sit around a table, talking to your employees and clients through a meeting. Now you can sit at your house and connect with clients and employees everywhere from the world. It will help you expand your business.

You can not only discuss your plans but also prepare strategies without interruption. You need an excellent connection to do your presentation with a high-quality video.

Listen to your employees and consider them in your plans while they are at their homes. You give your employees freedom as well as responsibility. It will make them more productive.

You can easily allow anyone from your company to come to your meeting. You can do it without disturbing other members of the meeting.

Important Note: This is a personalized zoom app of your company. It will give an identity for your company, and build a brand identity. You can get this app to do effortless communication with your team.

Cloud Meeting App for Government

The whole country can take a break, but the government cannot. They need to make decisions and send confidential reports. They have to communicate with many people.

They need to follow the whole procedure, and all this is now easier with Zoom. As a government, you can take your decisions and fulfill all your duties within a cloud app.

Good quality audio helps you to communicate and regulate your forces with ease. You can plan and execute your strategies. A happy country needs good government. But, if the government fails, it’s the failure of the country. So, we won’t let you fail as a government.

Important decisions can take place without getting worried about confidentiality. It’s crucial for the government plans to be within some boundaries, and we understand it.

Important Note: This will be a personalized zoom app for your government. We can do a quick implementation of the app as it only takes two days to deploy it. It’s not just for the government; it’s for the country.

Cloud Meeting App for Lawyers

Law plays a crucial role in maintaining peace in the country. The people who are there to protect the law are lawyers. They are there to support the victims and be the unheard’s voice. But, can we stop them within their houses and except the law to formulate just like that, no, right? We need law, and so we need lawyers too.

Zoom can be an important tool for lawyers too. Apart from hearing about the victims, they can also file cases from their phones. They can collect voices about the evidence and the eye- witness.

The lawyers can help the people and counsel them about what law can be there for them. It’s not hard to support people within your house premises if you have an app like this.

Important Note: Jizby is a personalized Zoom app. We can launch it in two days. So, get our app to talk to your clients and work on your projects efficiently.

Cloud Meeting App for Dance classes/Zumba

Dance and Zumba are not only for the entertainment of the people. It is also for people’s fitness.

Do you go Dancing/Zumba classes? Or Do you have plans to join one?

Are you thinking about how?

Zoom classes are here for you.

You can learn to dance, join a class, and practice with your friends within your house. It’s not just fun but also healthy, both physically and mentally.

Important Note: This will be a personalized zoom app for your own Zumba classes or dance classes. It’s an easy step towards success.

Cloud Meeting App for Media/ Entertainment

Media/entertainment is a part of the world. It plays an important role in living for the happiness of the people. But we have put a full stop in the activities of media houses. Many artists have been unemployed just due to this pandemic. Now we know media houses can run just with the help of an app, a cloud meeting app.

You can not only plan for your coming projects. But, you can also audition people for your upcoming projects, meet probable producers for your missions. You can even continue shooting with your app.

Important Note: This is a personalized Zoom app for your media house. An app to conduct all your organization related activities easily and systematically.

Cloud Meeting for Financial Institutions

Maintaining financial institutions is, in itself, a very much tough job. And with the scenario going around, it’s more challenging. But, we can’t let the economy stop, we can’t let our institution die. This Zoom app for your rescue will make your conversation with your employees more comfortable. Financial Institutions have a lot of responsibilities. A cloud meeting app makes the teamwork part easy for you.

Important Note: Jizby is a zoom clone app designed for financial & fintech companies. It will make operations easier for every organization.

Cloud Meeting App for a Non-Profit Organization

Non- profit organizations are there for everyone when in need. And now that we all need help, how can a non-profit organization stay aside. Will it be there to help, how?

They can do it through a cloud meeting app. Yes, it’s possible with this technology. We can touch the lives of people, get connected with them. It’s not just about the people. It’s about the target of an organization, and this app will help you reach that target.

Important note: Jizby is a cloud meeting app for your Non-Profit organization. It will help you spread your organization’s word to the world.

Get in touch with us to know more about the Jizby app.