Reason for the Popularity of TikTok & Guide to Create One

Reason for the Popularity of TikTok & Guide to Create One

TikTok is a highly popular short-video sharing app that took the world by storm. They created it as a rival app to in 2016. Then they bought the same company for $800 million in 2017.

TikTok has seen a lot of success. In 2018, they merged the user accounts to a single app named TikTok. Then, they continue to conquer new markets.

The success story of TikTok and Bytedance has its share of controversies. But no one can deny how the app succeeded in various markets.

It’s no surprise many entrepreneurs are planning to launch similar apps in the local markets.

But, Why Is TikTok so Popular?

What Does It Take to Create Such an App?

Is There an Alternative Solution or a Shortcut to Create a Similar App?

Let’s take a look at answers to these questions in detail.

Reason for the Popularity of the Video Sharing App – TikTok

TikTok is popular for various reasons. It is highly convenient to use. There is no need to spend hours editing a video, and the app does it all. The app targets the younger generation that is tech-savvy and loves unique content. TikTok ticks both boxes.

TikTok is a short-video sharing app. But, music plays a major role in the success of the app. It brought new users and also connected users with similar tastes. It offers a platform for many people to share their creative side with the world.

People who love remixes find TikTok a perfect platform to mix up tracks and personal twist.

But one question remains- what exactly is TikTok?

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform. It is similar yet different from Instagram and Snapchat. The videos usually last for a few seconds and are rarely more than a minute long. They can be just about anything. The users can enact a scene, lip-sync their favorite songs, or take up a challenge.

Videos are the sole form of content on this app. Users cannot share text or images. A new user will get bombarded with a newsfeed full of videos shared by popular users. Depending on what they like, the new users can follow others to access all their videos.

The users share videos on many topics. It includes hobbies, art, music, dance, humor, travel, cooking, photography, and drawing. A video with more views will be further promoted by the app to reach a wider audience spectrum.

Bytedance claims that the app’s success is due to artificial intelligence. Their AI creates customized news feed for every user. TikTok is a highly entertaining and addictive app. It has a never-ending news feed that keeps delivering videos as the user continues to scroll.

Brands have been using TikTok as a promotional tool. They do it by sharing tidbits and short videos about their products and services. They create challenges and encourage users to share videos. They use hashtags to bring more visibility to the brand. They call it as Branded Hashtag Challenges.

Usage Statistics of TikTok from 2019

  • TikTok had a user base of around 800 million in late 2019.
  • Half the user’s age is below 34 years. It has a little more than a quarter of the total users are between 18 and 24.
  • The average user spends more than an hour on the app every day.
  • As of Jul 2020, Bytedance, the company that owns TikTok, has a valuation of $100 billion.
  • TikTok acquired in 2017. Then, TikTok became successful in the Western world with more downloads. It was higher when compared to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Making Money Following the TikTok Model

It wasn’t until 2019 that TikTok began to offer advertising options. This decision’s success gets reflected in the fourth-quarter earnings of the app. It has increased by a whopping 300%.

The ads in TikTok are similar to the ones we find on YouTube. The ad plays before the video. But, the users have an option to skip the ad after a few seconds. Brands can use TikTok advertising in either fo these three ways.

1) Full-screen animated ads

2) Branded Challenges

3) Auto-playing in-feed ads

The brands have to pay the company for the ad based on the impressions. The users have to buy the ads for $10 cost-per-impression. Takeover ads are limited to a fixed number of advertisers each day. However, the cost of the ad campaign can be around $50,000.

Apps similar to TikTok cannot immediately expect to earn the same returns. There is no denying that they have generated a potential income by building a large user base. Every day more people (not just Gen Z) get attracted by this form of entertainment. So, enterprises have great opportunities to capture the markets through video communication apps.

Where TikTok Gains Advantage Over Other Platforms? 

Do you want to know how TikTok is more popular than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat?

TikTok uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to curate news feed for every user. Users see popular videos, coupled with the ones that match their preferences. That helps in bringing two users closer even if they are on opposite sides of the world.

It hardly takes any brainwork to create content and post on TikTok. All a person needs to do is shoot a short video through the app, add filters and effects, make it funny, and share it.

Every TikTok video has the logo of the brand. You can share the same video on other social media platforms. Users who weren’t aware of TikTok come searching for the app after seeing the videos elsewhere on the Internet.

TikTok also has challenges for users to take part in and share their videos with the appropriate hashtag. Though some challenges proved to be risky and life-taking, most of them are sheer fun.

Can You Replicate the TikTok Model?

Many entrepreneurs have an interest in knowing the answer. Who doesn’t want to release a successful app and become famous?

But the costs of developing the app can put most business owners in a tough spot. Should a business owner shell out huge amounts of money? The answer is no.

To help new entrepreneurs, companies like Dectar have come up with a simple solution. They sell readymade clone apps. You can use it to create an app like TikTok.

Known as Zotok, the readymade or TikTok Clone software has all the features of the TikTok app. By customizing the app, we can add a new logo, name, themes, and layout. We can also add new features to the app. The entrepreneur can launch a new app into the market in two days.

You can use the app on iOS and Android mobile phones. Business owners need to spend only a fraction of the actual investment to buy the software. They can customize it, and release a new app into the market.

How to Make an App like TikTok?

Making an app like TikTok requires around $30,000-$40,000. It starts from designing to developing, testing, and launching it. The process will take several weeks or months. By outsourcing the work to other countries, business owners can reduce the cost.

In-depth research about the target audience and demographic profiling is essential. It will help to create features the users would like.

Hiring expert developers is essential for the success of the app. Or, business owners can buy the readymade app from Dectar. Dectar can help you to get it customized as per their specifications.

Advantages of Buying Readymade TikTok Clone App

  • It has all the features of TikTok.
  • It takes two days to launch the app.
  • They will customize the app as per the requirements.
  • The app comes on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Business owners don’t have to spend a lot of time and money, creating a new app from scratch. It is because companies like Dectar sell readymade TikTok like apps at low cost.

Get in touch with us to purchase our TikTok clone at a discounted price.