How to earn money using an application like TikTok?

How to earn money using an application like TikTok?

TikTok, with its presence in over 150 global markets, nets billions of dollars in revenue. When the pandemic struck, apps like TikTok gave an escape to those confined to homes.

Given the popularity of TikTok, it is ever so sensible to emulate it to chart a course towards success.

The following are vital for any video making app: –

  • It should adhere to the guidelines of iOS and Google play store
  • It should have a simple user Interface
  • It should have a target audience
  • It should have unique features to carve a niche

The cost of developing an app like this depends mainly on the following factors: –

  • Number of hours required
  • Complexity and features of the app

An estimate would peg the time required to build an app like TikTok anywhere around 1,000-1,100 hours.

That is where Dectar comes to your rescue. We have our own TikTok Clone Zotok, which is a ready-made video sharing software. It will help you launch a video-sharing social networking software or app in a matter of just two days! That too a customized one to suit your and the audience’s preferences.

By embracing Zotok, you may well become the next big thing in the ever-booming social media market. Our software curtails the biggest step in the cycle of making an app, which is development. It will not only make your business cost-effective but also give you a much-needed head start.

Let’s See How to Make an App like TikTok

Important Features

Several features make TikTok first among equals. You can incorporate these features into the prospective app.

Some are:-

Video Scroll  

One of the main reasons of TikTok’s popularity is its ability to offer videos selected by the AI. The users, without any registration, can go through the almost infinite list of videos. This simple but unique feature saves people from the tedious and time-consuming searches. This feature gets added to your app using the Zotok platform.

Like, comment, share 

The trilogy is synonymous with the virtual world. Expressing feelings and having an opinion is what both the creator and viewer want. Moreover, to reach millions just by a click is phenomenal. Our software would allow you these options too.

Re-watch liked videos

The users can have two different profile sections, one of the created videos and the other liked ones. It allows them to backtrack and save the videos as and when they like. This brilliant feature of TikTok is on offer for your video making app, courtesy Zotok.

Hashtag Discover

It is a rather strange but very popular contemporary trend. To find videos related to a particular term, a hashtag search is a boon. It gives the videos a topical tinge and, thus, relevance.


You can add filters ranging from face to background and foreground to the app. It enhances the fun quotient and gives a unique touch to your app.


The art of editing gives a whole new dimension to video making. The app can have single or multiple capabilities. It can range from cropping to transitional effects. These features also include TikTok’s audio overlap capabilities, thereby enabling dubbings.

Audio catalog

A video making app is inextricably linked to music. It is but natural to have a catalog of all the videos made on a particular song or audio track. It allows for quick reference to and the reaction of the users with similar tastes. It will, in turn, help creators to hone their skills. You can have all these, after the desired modifications, for your homegrown application.

Age gate 

TikTok has a nice feature where it asks the age of its users before registration. It allows only those who are at least 13 years old. You can introduce the same model to your app, making it a responsible medium.

Screen Time Management 

It is for people who are conscious of the time they spend on social media. It empowers them to limit their usage and screen time. It is similar to a prepaid mobile where usage is continually relayed to the customer. It is an underrated yet important attribute of an app.

Restricted Mode 

Parents can have the option of limiting their children’s access to social media. It safeguards them against unwanted influences and trends at an impressionable age. It is a key aspect of an application to have a wider reach and a positive effect on society.

Data Security 

It is a vital concern of users that needs immediate action. Privacy is a right that deserves respect. TikTok takes privacy seriously and has a system in place to protect it. If you incorporate the same security apparatus into your app, you are on the road to success.

Our clone software allows for the addition of any or all the above features to the app. It also has almost all the functionalities of TikTok and works in the same manner. Moreover, you can change it to meet the specific demands of the buyer.

Another important factor in favor of Zotok is that it comes both on Android and iOS platforms. It widens the sphere of users. It improves its compatibility with operating systems, enriching the user experience.

How Tiktok Makes Money?

TikTok had a revenue of $176.9 million in 2019 and had a worldwide user base of almost 800 million. It is an exceptional feat considering that it took only 2-3 years to become a household name. How does an unassuming music video sharing app become an economic powerhouse? Well, it has an interesting business model.

It launches challenges of various types to tap into the creativity of its users. It also helps it generate engaging content for everyone on the platform. These challenges depend on a blend of audio tracks, filters, and AI algorithms for success.

The following explains the business model of TikTok:-

In-app purchase 

In-app purchase refers to the expense incurred by users for additional features. It allows users to buy content, services, or special features within an app.


Just like YouTube, TikTok runs ads to promote brands. It is the most convenient way of making money. With its massive user base, brands can easily reach their customers.

There are various pricing models: –

Cost Per Click: TikTok hosts ads of the advertisers and gets paid every time an audience clicks on it

Cost Per View: This is what advertisers pay TikTok every time their ad gets played

Cost Per Action:  The advertiser pays the app when a specific action is undertaken.

Fundraising: It is a simple way of collecting money by requesting donations.

Demand For Video-sharing Apps

The modern world is replete with people and issues becoming overnight sensations. Everyone from politicians to movie stars has realized the power of social media. To capture the imagination of the people, visual media is the most effective activity. We must analyze the extraordinary rise of video making apps in this context. Several other, hitherto unknown apps suddenly rose to fame. Indian apps like Roposo, available in 12 languages, saw a surge of 22 million users within two days of the ban. Similar spikes are visible in other apps like Mitron and Chingari.

Big brands advertise their products on these platforms to connect directly with users. In many surveys, people agreed that the ads on their social media handle influenced them.

Even political parties, social campaigners deploy these apps to convey their opinions. Even movies do exceptional business after grabbing the mass imagination via interesting challenges.

An app provides a level playing field to individuals of any age, color, or creed. It is a tremendous medium to showcase one’s abilities in this world of reality television. With billions of smartphone users worldwide, all you need is a smartphone, an app, and talent, of course!

How To Earn Money Using Our Tiktok Clone Software?

Zotok allows you to have a video making app with the capability of instant launch. What’s more, it brings down the production cost too. You can tweak it meet your demands, and launch it in varied versions with a la carte features as discussed above.


ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, acquired in early 2018, thus tapping into a huge market. You can have the same results by launching customized apps for different audiences. Our well-equipped software allows entrepreneurs to optimize their business. If ever there was a call for action, it is now, and it is with Zotok.