Successful On-demand Food Delivery Apps

Successful On-demand Food Delivery Apps


Based in Chicago, Illinois, Grubhub is one of the leading marketplaces for online food ordering and deliveries. It has an extensive network of restaurant partners and features nearly 3,00,00,000 restaurants across the United States. The idea which started as an alternative to paper menus is now leading the US markets to deliver online food. One major reason for its growth is the merger with Seamless.

Grubhub has a lion share of 23% of all food deliveries happening across the USA. It is way ahead of other competitors in the food delivery market. The main reason Grubhub surpassed other competitors is its Takeout feature. Adding this unique feature to its application had an immediate impact on its sales.

Grubhub saw a huge success mainly because of this Takeout feature. We have also added the Takeout feature to the Dinedoo application to attract customers towards the app.


Founded in 2013, in San Francisco, Doordash is an on-demand food delivery service. It aims to connect customers with their preferred restaurant partners, which spans 4000 cities and 50 states across the United States and Canada.

Doordash is currently the largest third-party delivery service in the USA. As of 2019, the company has a net worth of more than 13 billion dollars and has managed to surpass Grubhub, to become the leading food delivery service in the US.

Doordash has a compelling business model that delivers better in-store efficiency and data-driven insights to its merchants, which in return, empowers them to grow their business. One of the critical features inducted by Doordash into their application is the Most Popular Items feature, which highlights the best-selling item of a restaurant.

Using this, customers can quickly access the popular items on the menus, which, as research suggests, is quite a user friendly. We have introduced this feature in our Dinedoo application to make it more user-friendly.


Deliveroo is a London based on-demand food delivery company. It operates in 200 cities across multiple countries. Deliveroo also provides delivery services from cloud kitchens.

Capital Economics (a consultancy firm) in one of their studies in 2017 revealed that Deliveroo has managed to provide 7,200 jobs across the restaurant sector, which also boosted the industry’s revenue by £460 million.

Keeping in view the current health scenario regarding COVID-19, Deliveroo has introduced a Contact-free delivery feature to their application. The rider will deliver the food at the door instead of handing it over. The Dinedoo app comes with a similar delivery feature, which will help us engage more customers without jeopardizing the health of the individual.


Zomato is an online platform where users can order, review, and rate various restaurants and their services. It was once operating in the name of Foodiebay in 2008 is now serving under the name Zomato. They are currently operating in 10,000 cities across 24 countries.

Zomato has partnered with 1.4 million restaurants, and its estimated list of food deliveries is around 28 million per month. Several investors have backed Zomato, and so far, they have received funding of over 600 million USD. The company has a current valuation of 3 billion USD.

Recently, Zomato came out with a Self Pick-up feature that allows users to pick-up their meals instead of waiting for the delivery executive. We have also introduced this feature in our Dinedoo app to provide our users with multiple options for deliveries.


UberEats is the thriving portion of the massive Uber Corporations. Based out of San Fransisco, California, UberEats delivers food from the local restaurants to its customers through online orders.

UberEats also has plans to deliver food in the Northern Hemisphere with the help of drones. During the last financial quarter, UberEats pulled in $3.7 billion in gross bookings, and its revenue saw an increase of 64% year over year to $645 million.

One of the prime reasons for the growth of UberEats is its Intuitive UI. An application is more likely to be successful if it has a clean and well-designed UI. The flow should be intuitive so that it can cater to every demographic of age. We have implemented a similar UI to our Ubereats Clone app and ensured that there are no complexities when a user navigates through the application.


India’s most successful and largest online food delivery service (Swiggy) is operating in Bangalore since 2014. It is now providing services across 500+ cities in India and has over 1.6 lakh restaurant partners. In 2019, Swiggy also introduced subcategories like Swiggy Go and Swiggy Stores, which in turn boosted the overall user base for the company. By the end of the financial year in 2020, Swiggy has a whopping valuation of $3.3 billion.

One of Swiggy’s most talked about aspects is the Dynamic feature, which comes as part of its bundle. This feature optimizes the application’s installing size at their respective platforms, which in turn allows users to download the extra components as per the user’s requirements. We have added a similar feature to the Dinedoo Application.


Foodpanda is another online food delivery platform currently operating across 13 countries in Asia and Eastern Europe. Foodpanda has over 115,000+ restaurant partners, including heavyweights such as Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s, and Subway.

In 2017, Foodpanda declared that it had added a Recommended Restaurants feature to its application, which will subdivide the nearby restaurants into separate categories. It, in turn, would make it more user friendly. These categories may range from Express Delivery to Popular Restaurants to Top Rated Restaurants.

Our Dinedoo application has an inbuilt Recommended Restaurants feature which will help users to navigate around the app with similar ease.


Dominos Pizza is one of the most well-known pizza chains in the world. The leading pizza delivery chain in the world has over 16,000+ stores worldwide.

A report from 2020 suggests that Dominos received a $400.7 million net income on their revenue of $3.6 billion. The Dominos app now comes with a Zero Click Feature, which lets users save their account and address details as a result of the next time they place an order, the algorithm will grant them a 10-sec timer before automatically submitting the pre-saved data.

It turned out to be quite a successful idea, and so we have also included the Zero Click Feature to our Dinedoo food delivery application.


Just Eat is another online food delivery service founded in Denmark in 2001 and currently provides services in 13 countries across different continents. By the end of 2017, Just Eat gets officially pushed into the FTSE 100 list of Britain’s blue-chip companies with a valuation of 5.5 billion pounds.

One of the driving factors for Just Eat’s success is the Inline Ordering feature. It provides users with all the possible options for a meal offered by various restaurants right in front of their screens without redirecting them to the restaurant’s menus.

Inline Ordering feature helps massively in reducing the time for takeaway orders, and so we have also added this feature to the Dinedoo food delivery application.


Postmates are a US-based company that deals with the delivery of food and other goods prepared by local restaurants and stores. According to a report by Forbes, Postmates approximately did around 5 million deliveries per month and had more than $1 billion in sales during the preceding year. It recently received a funding of $300 million, which has now pushed its valuation to $1.2 billion.

One of the pivotal features in Postmates’ application is its ability to provide users with Multiple Payments Options. Postmates provides users with the option to pay for their products using various payment gateways like PayU, PayPal, Bankwire, and Quickpay.

At Dinedoo have also implemented the multiple payments feature to our application to provide users with their preferred payment gateways.


Instacart is the leading online grocery and pick-up service provider across the US and Canada. Instacart is now operating across 5500+ cities and 25,000+ grocery stores to ensure quick delivery to its customers.

By the end of 2018, Instacart had total funding of $871 million, which pushed the valuation of the company to $7.87 billion. An interesting feature that has been added by Instacart is Order Ahead.

Using this feature, customers can schedule an order in advance of up to two weeks instead of one. The Dinedoo app also comes with this feature, as it will help people plan their orders according to their payday.


GoPuff provides delivery services for essential commodities, cleaning supplies, medications, and food. Founded in 2013, in Philadelphia, GoPuff was quickly included in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for retail and eCommerce.

GoPuff is quickly establishing itself throughout the US markets by providing services across 175+ locations. GoPuff also has this feature, which enables users to order for someone else. By using this feature, the customers can deliver the required commodities to others who might not be able to order through the application for various reasons.

Keeping an eye on such scenarios, we have also added this feature to the Dinedoo application.


Goldbelly is an online marketplace in the USA which allows regional bakeries and specialty food makers to feature its products in its app and website. Goldbelly provides the sellers with an option to ship their products across all 50 states in the USA.

TIME magazine listed Goldbelly as one of the 50 best websites in 2013. Another report suggests that Goldbelly’s revenue is growing at 500% year over year. One of the major reasons for its growth was the introduction of this unique feature, which allowed users to browse through their food collections.

Using this feature, the customer can select from the very best diners and add an item accordingly to their cart. After conducting a detailed study on the benefits of this feature, we have decided to add it to our Dinedoo app.

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