18 Uber Alternatives in the Market

18 Uber Alternatives in the Market



Careem is a vehicle rental company. It operates in the greater middle east and Africa region. They established it in 2012, and Uber acquired it in 2020. It has headquarters in Dubai and operates across 15 countries. In 2015 they became the largest taxi aggregators in Dubai. They started facilitating bookings via the Careem app. 

Careem has been working on expanding its services with a SuperApp. It will consolidate a host of services. These include mass transit, payments, and delivery services. 

One of the most popular features of the Careem app is quick scheduling. It allows you to book a future ride using a simple date/time selector. We have equipped our Cabily app with this feature to help customers book rides for a date in the future.


Ola is India’s most popular taxi aggregator and ride-sharing company. They got financial backing from prominent venture capitalists like Softbank. Now, the company has a valuation of over $10 billion. Their headquarters is in Bangalore, India, and they are serving since 2010. Ola saw success overseas with operations set up in Australia, New Zealand. Most recently, they have started operating in the UK in 2019. 

Ola offers both economic as well as luxury rental options. It has expanded operations to include food delivery. Now they have acquired several companies. Some of them are Taxi For Sure in 2015 and Food Panda in 2017 to support expansion plans. 

Cabily app carries a feature like Ola’s Emergency contact and Emergency button. This safety feature allows you to add an emergency contact to share ride details. The Emergency button alerts authorities in case of emergencies.


Lyft is a US-based ride-sharing company that also operates in Canada. Users can book car rides, scooters, bicycles, and even order food by downloading the Lyft app. They started it in 2012 by two young computer engineers as part of Zimride. Since then, it has grown with a valuation of billions of dollars. 

The company offers five types of rides ranging from economy to high-end luxury. Users can also schedule future rides up to 24-hours in advance. It is the second-largest ride-sharing company in the US following Uber closely behind. 

The emergency alert safety feature of Lyft is available in our Cabily app. This great feature allows a passenger to alert emergency services at the tap of a button. They can do this if they feel they are in danger.


Hailo was a leading mobile-based ride-sharing technology platform. Apart from the UK, they are also serving in the European markets. Hailo started serving in London in 2011. They have swiftly expanded to nearby Ireland and parts of North America.

Original investors include Japanese mobile telecom group KDDI and business tycoon Richard Branson. A German e-hailing company, myTaxi bought Hailo in 2016. The takeover resulted in a massive re-branding in 2019 to Free Now. Free Now serves over 100 European cities and accepts payments via credit/debit cards. At certain locations, customers can hail taxis as well as e-scooters. 

Hailo featured a ‘Save Destinations’ feature now available on our Cabily App. This useful option enables a registered user to save frequent destinations. On future rides, they can select it with a single tap.


Grab Holdings Inc. is commonly known as Grab is a popular taxi-hailing app service in South East Asia. A Malaysian entrepreneur established the company and has a base in Singapore.

Originating in Malaysia, the company expanded to neighboring Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand. They further expanded to Vietnam and Indonesia in 2015. They also offer bike hire services. Grab offers car and bike hire, carpooling as well as last-mile deliveries. 

The Grab Chat feature lets riders and commuters use the simple in-app chat option. Users can use it to share their ride details. The Grab app provides Estimated Arrival Time to commuters. It helps them to plan the commute better based on GPS traffic data. Our Cabily app has this ETA feature. It will help your passenger to know the Estimated Arrival Time of drivers.


Gett is a popular on-demand taxi app company founded in 2011. Apart from Israel, they also operate in Russia, and the UK. Israeli e-hailing company GetTaxi developed the app. The app received a positive reception from tech portals. Also, it has won many awards for the revolutionary service. 

Volkswagen invested $200 million in getting into Gett in 2016. It has helped them to expand more in the European markets. The Gett app is one of the highest downloaded apps in Israel. Apart from iOS platforms, it is also available on Android. The “Visually Impaired” feature of the app received appreciation from the community. It helps guide visually impaired customers through the app using audio prompts. 

Our Cabily app comes with this feature. It improves the app’s accessibility to visually impaired users.


Bolt is a popular e-hailing company from Tallinn, Estonia. Apart from taxi services, they also provide food delivery services. Bolt operates services across Europe, Africa, West Asia, and North America. They have started the company in 2013 and was earlier known as Taxify. 

Bolt has since expanded across diverse markets. It has reached 10 million customers as of May 2018. They have expanded into electric scooters in the same year. Also, they launched Bolt Food delivery services in 2019. 

Bolt app allows users to add “Multiple Destinations” in the app. It is a useful feature for the riders. It allows a commuter to stop at various points for a short duration using the same car. They can choose up to three stops, including the destination. We have equipped the Cabily app with this feature. During their journey, it enables customers to add additional stops.


Kapten is a French ride-sharing company with huge popularity in France and Portugal. They started the company in 2012. They rebranded to Kapten in 2019 and were previously known as Chaffeur-Prive’. 

As an eco-friendly measure, they are paying incentives to drivers with green or hybrid cars. They are the second most popular ride-hailing app in London, in just four months after the launch. The app took advantage of Intelligent Apps, a collaboration with BMW. It will allow it to provide additional services like parking and free-floating. 

Kapten app features a unique “Rewards” program, which we have included in our Cabily app. It offers exciting rewards for driver-partners. They get rewards when they complete weekly ride targets set by the app.

Addison Lee

Addison Lee is a Taxi company, headquartered and operating in London. As a private company, they started serving since 1975. Addison Lee has embraced technology, and they use IT and Automation technology. It helps them to power its fleet of over 4000 vehicles. 

Its technology usage has led to lesser emissions. It won the company several prestigious awards for its eco-friendly measures. In 2015, they announced a service called CycleCab. It allows the passengers to carry a bicycle inside the cab. The company’s annual revenue exceeds 900 million Pounds. 

A popular in-app feature is a tipping option after a ride is complete. Cabily also features this option. You can tip a driver using credit or debit cards from the app, and the entire amount gets transferred to the driver.


Heetch is a French ride-sharing app startup founded in 2013. They have specifically targeted people seeking transportation late at night. Apart from Cathay Innovation, the company also got funding from Total Ventures and Felix Capital. 

It is popular with the younger generation under the age of 25, and you can now use the app 24-hours a day. The services are now available in France, Belgium, and Morocco. It has plans to expand to the African continent soon. The driver’s on-boarding process in the app is highly streamlined. It makes it quick and accurate for drivers and admins. 

Cabily integrates a similar and hassle-free driver on-boarding and management system. It allows new drivers to upload detailed information and documents easily. On the back end, it enables an administrator to validate the uploaded information accurately.

Didi Chuxing

Didi Chuxing is popularly known as DiDi. It is a Chinese app-based transportation company based in Beijing. They started in 2012 as ‘Didi Dache.’ It quickly rose to capture half of China’s transportation market. 

It merged with Kuadi Dache. It was another leader in the app-based transportation business in 2015. The company was also in talks to acquire Uber China and invest heavily in AI technology. DiDi has a huge presence across 400 cities in China. It operates taxis, buses, bikes, and food delivery services. 

The company has since expanded globally across many countries. The 3rd party ride-hailing feature in the DiDi app is also available on Cabily. It allows customers to hail rides from external agencies. This feature ensures that customers have plenty of ride options during peak hours.


BlaBlaCar is a popular carpooling service that connects drivers and passengers. The app lets them co-ordinate intercity trips and share the costs equally. The app is available in over 20 countries and continues to expand. 

Established in 2004, it expanded across Europe gradually between 2011 and 2014 and to India in 2017. The company does not own any cars and works on a commission basis for every successful ride. They have over 70 million users worldwide. 

BlaBlaCar app has a great Fleet Management system. It allows them to collaborate with public transport services. It is available in our Cabily application as well. It can help in revenue generation by offering discounted tickets for other transport services. Users can also conveniently make bookings within the app.


ViaVan is a European shared transit company. They have formed it in collaboration with Mercedes vans and US sharing service Via. It works in collaboration with transport providers to ferry passengers throughout Europe. 

ViaVan began its operations in 2018. In 2019, ViaVan launched the UK’s first fully electric fleet. The company partnered with Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) and Mercedes Benz Vans. It has helped to form the largest public-sector transit deployment in the world. 

ViaVan also licenses its technology to cities, transit agencies, and private organizations. For new referrals, Via’s new referral program grants a ride credit of up to $10. We have added this feature to our Cabily app as it helps you expand your user base and boost your ROI. It provides an incentive for your passengers to refer their friends and family.


Curb is a mobile app and online service that lets users connect to professional taxi companies and drivers. The company started as Taxi Magic and later re-branded to Curb in 2014. They have headquarters in Alexandria, VA. The company was one of the first to develop an on-demand ride-sharing app on the Apple store. They operate over 90 fleets consisting of 35000+ cars across major cities in the US. 

Popular travel management software Concur backs the company. The location-based targeting system is a unique feature built into the Curb application. It shows relevant ads for events and popular places in a few miles’ radii of the user. This feature is available in Cabily and helps you in expanding your customer base locally. Curb app features the best mobile technology.


Cabify is a popular ride-sharing company from Spain. It lets users book their rides using the mobile app. Apart from individuals, they also offer professional services to businesses. They started the company in 2011 and began operations from Madrid. Apart from Spanish countries, they are also one of the biggest operators in Portuguese speaking countries. 

Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce giant, is backing this company financially. The company has a large presence in Latin American countries since 2013. They offer cab services in both the economy and executive categories. They are the first company to offer cab services for disabled persons. 

Our Cabily app features an attractive and intuitive UI design similar to the Cabify app. The interface is easy to use. It lets users book a ride with no difficulties. It has resulted in a great customer experience.


BiTaksi is one of the leading taxi service providers in Turkey. They operate in Istanbul and Ankara. They have started in 2013 and is the preferred e-hailing app in the region. 

It allows users to find taxis on a map and provides real-time traffic data to help drivers. The company operates a well-maintained fleet of both high-end and economy class vehicles. They also provide corporate taxi services. Their user-friendly mobile app is available for Android and iOS.

BiTaksi has a Rating option in their app, which is also available in our Cabily app. This feature allows a user to rate the driver’s services once the ride is complete. They have rewarded the drivers for good ratings. Also, they have penalized and trained the drivers in case of poor rating scores.


The flywheel is a US-based mobile app company founded in 2012. They started as a software company and created the Flywheel TaxiOS. The app has many smart features that replace the outdated hardware in a cab with a single smartphone. 

In 2016 Flywheel became the first company to replace all the hardware in an NYC Taxi. They have powered the app with intelligent AI. They also had a cutting-edge location and mapping software. The software integrates the best of safety and payment technologies, making it secure. 

The “Grab a Cab” feature is available in the Flywheel app. It is also available on Cabily, which is a game-changer. It lets a passenger flag down any cab, and you can make the payment using the app. They must have registered with their payment information.


Easy Taxi is one of the world’s largest taxi booking and ride-sharing companies. It has a presence in over 30 countries. They started servicing in Brazil in 2011 and has since expanded globally. 

Rocket Internet is one of its biggest investors who expanded the company globally. Their main mission is to solve urban mobility issues. They started serving in places with weak local transportation. Apart from quality, they have also won multiple awards for innovation across the world. The company has headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Along with power-packed features, Easy Taxi also has a well-designed app. Our Cabily app has a GPS tracking feature found in the Easy Taxi app. This useful feature shows real-time GPS information on the taxi location.