• Intelligent Routing to nearby Babysitters

  • Interactive Admin Panel Dashboard

  • Ratings & Reviews

  • Integrated Payment Modules

Why Choose Dectar?

Rich UI functionality

The applications Rich UI will attract more users, and in turn, will fetch you more ROI

Deployable in Secure Cloud Server

Our on-Demand application is completely safe & secure and can be quickly installed in the cloud.

Fully Modifiable software

Our software can adapt to user needs as per their requirements. With fully customizable functionality, turn your dream app into reality.

Automated solution

Our applications are entirely automated, and it can tackle complex situations to help you withstand your business.

Advanced Features

How It Works?

  • Search babysitters in nearby location

  • Choose your perfect sitter

  • Sitter confirms booking instantly

  • Your kid will enjoy mom like care

  • Babyous Highlighting Features

    Social Login

    Both parents and babysitters can log in through their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. They can also login using their username and password.

    In-App Chat

    Parents and babysitters can chat with each other before confirming the booking request. In this way, communication can be useful, and caretaking would be even more efficient.

    Wallet System

    Parents can pay for the service using the built-in wallet option. Users can get their wallet points through referral programs. Users can also recharge their wallets using payment gateways.

    Promo code

    The admin has the option to send promo offers like coupon codes via push notifications, SMS, and emails. Using this promo code user can get a discount on their bookings.

    Schedule Booking

    Parents can schedule their booking using the babyous app. An automatic request gets dispatched to the nearby babysitters at the scheduled time.

    Cashless & Convenient

    Users can make payment easily by going completely cashless by using the wallet option. Parents can also pay by cash or by using their credit card in any of our custom payment gateways.

    Have A One On One Interaction With Our Experts Now!

    Babyous - The New Uber for Babysitters

    Babyous is an Uber for nanny app for entrepreneurs to kickstart an on-demand business like Uber for babysitters in real-time. It will help users to find reliable babysitter services with their locality at short notice.

    It merely connects busy parents with reliable and verified babysitters to take care of their children.

    We have designed the application by keeping parents in our minds. Busy parents after driving their kids from school may want to take some rest for a few hours. They can schedule a session with the babysitter so that they can relax comfortably at home for some time.

    Parents can read the reviews of the babysitter before scheduling the babysitting session. They can also read other people’s feedback within the app.

    Babyous is affordable, easy to use, and it provides the fastest results you can expect from a nanny service. With just a single tap on your phone, the nanny will arrive at your doorstep.

    Babyous provides a set of few notable features over others:

    ♛ It is one of the most versatile and affordable Uber for nannies app.
    ♛ You can use it conveniently to find a nanny in a single tap on your phone.
    ♛ All babysitters are professional and certified childcare assistants.
    ♛ Compare the prices and services to get the best nanny in your neighborhood.
    ♛ Babysitting charges need to be approved by the admin.
    ♛ You can use the service at your convenient time.
    ♛ The app will be extremely easy-to-use and user-friendly.
    ♛ The system itself is designed to intelligently route and help you find the best nannies near your location.
    ♛ Babyous will allow you to quickly select the right babysitter depending on your children’s needs.
    ♛ Parents can also read feedback about the babysitter.
    ♛ The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

    Even though there are many other Uber-like apps for babysitters in the market, Babyous is considered to be the best. You can use it to hire the most responsible and experienced babysitters in your area. Babysitting apps stated to grow everywhere as parents would like to have some free time.

    Build Your Uber for Babysitter Business in Your Neighborhood using Babyous

    Our app is a turnkey solution to kickstart an On-demand babysitter business in your neighborhood instantly.
    ♛ You can purchase our script and use your name and logo to launch in your neighborhood quickly.
    ♛ Our app comes on both Android and iOS platforms as native apps.
    ♛ It just works like the Uber taxi application.
    ♛ Parents will search for nearby babysitters on for cabs and make bookings based on the reviews.
    ♛ Once the babysitter accepts the booking, they will go to the parent’s location at the scheduled time for service.

    How Does Babyous Work?

    The On-demand economy is booming every day. Uber-like services are increasing rapidly for every industry vertical. Now the babysitter market also started to adopt the On-demand business model to bring in more customers and also to connect parents and babysitters quickly.

    Using this system, entrepreneurs can make money by taking a commission from both parents and babysitters after the service.

    The app is created to be very similar to the original on-demand Uber app for taxis, with a few minor adjustments. Instead of getting a cab, parents will use the service to find a local, qualified nanny screened by your company to provide the best babysitter service.

    The babysitter will get the complete details of the booking after accepting the request. They can also reject the invite so that the offer will automatically go to the next nearby babysitter instantly.

    Parents can load money into the wallet and use cashless payments. They can also avoid paying huge fees on babysitting services by using wallet payments.

    Using Babyous to Ease the Stress Out of Busy Parents

    You may be having a busy schedule, and you may need a break from your baby for a day. Then the parents can use our On-demand babysitter application to find the nearby babysitters to take care of their children.

    Now parents can easily book immediately or schedule a babysitter to take care of their kids using the Babyous app.

    They can either use your smartphone or your tablet to schedule a nanny for your kid. They need to enter all the details, including their complete address details, phone number, and landmark in the app. The babysitter will get the full address details along with the phone number after accepting the booking.

    The working of the babyous app is similar to the taxi booking app Uber. Parents can save their time and money by booking a babysitter quickly. Get in touch with us to kickstart an On-demand babysitting business in your locality today.