Why Choose Dectar

Rich Interface

Babyous is the best one when compared to the other popular launchers which are integrated with well-crafted and the interface is easy to use.

Easy Cloud Installation

Babyous provides easy cloud installation and set up.

100% Customizable

Our solution will be to customized to your on-demand business needs and deliver a unique experience.

Prebuilt Solution

Our solution is readily available to provide robust & scalable technologies which are specific to on-demand services.

Advanced Features

How It Works

  • Search babysitters in nearby location

  • Choose your perfect sitter

  • Sitter confirms booking instantly

  • Your kid will enjoy mom like care

  • Babyous Highlighting Features

    Social Login

    You can also log through social media accounts like Facebook and so on, rather by using username or password.

    In-App Chat

    Parents and babysitters can chat before confirming the booking request. By this way, the communication can be effective and the care taking would be more efficient.

    Wallet System

    Parents can pay for the service using the wallet option, the wallet points can be added through referral programs and parent also can recharge their wallet using payment gateways.

    Promo code

    The Admin has the options to send promo offers coupon codes via push notifications, SMS, e-mails, etc. Using this promo codes user can get a discount on their bookings.

    Schedule Booking

    Schedule you’re booking at your convenience and Babyous will take care of the booking process for the time you have chosen for your task.

    Cashless & Convenient

    Payment can be made easily by going completely with cashless mode by using wallet money or pay by cash or using the credit card via our custom payment gateway.

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    Uber for Babysitters

    Get the Best Nanny with Babyous: The New Uber for Babysitters

    Do you need an “Uber nanny” to take care of your kids? You can now get the best assistance available with a top-notch Uber for babysitters – an app just like the original Uber for taxi, but specifically designed to provide you with reliable babysitter services at a short notice. The app’s name is Babyous.
    Babyous was designed to bring busy parents closer to babysitters in their areas who have the time and resources to take care of children and babies at even the most problematic hours.
    Whether you’re busy or tired after work, and your child needs help with homework, or you just want to take the afternoon off to recharge your batteries, this reliable Uber for nannies can provide you with everything you need in terms of convenience, punctuality and professional services.
    While Uber for babysitting apps are widely available, what makes Babyous special is it was designed with the parents in mind. With its help, you no longer have to worry about getting someone to drive your kids home from school, help them with their homework, or just watch out for them while you have to leave the house for a few hours.
    Babyous is affordable, easy to use, and it provides the fastest results you can expect from a nanny service. With just a single tap on your phone, this nanny Uber will make your life a lot easier!

    The Most Important Features of Babyous – the Best App for Hiring Nannies

    If you need a nanny at a short notice, there’s no better service to use than Babyous. This versatile app can help bring a qualified babysitter to your doorstep in no time at all, making sure you never have to worry about having to leave your home whenever you need to.

    Babyous provides a few notable features and advantages you will want to know about:

    • This is one of the most versatile and affordable Uber for nannies app.
    • You can use it conveniently to find a nanny with a single tap of your phone.
    • All babysitters are professional and responsible child care assistants.
    • Compare rates and services to get the best nanny in your neighborhood.
    • Transport fees and babysitting rates are generally extremely affordable.
    • You can use the service at almost any hour of the day.
    • You’ll find learning to use the app will be extremely easy.
    • The system itself is designed to help you find the best nannies near your location.
    • Babyous will allow you to quickly select the right babysitted depending on your children’s needs.
    • Babysitter feedback is also provided.
    • The app is available for both Android and iOS.

    While many other Uber apps for babysitters have been popping up as of late, Babyous is considered to be one of the best. You can use it to hire the most responsible and experienced babysitters in your area, and best of all, the app will never let you down.

    Babyous – Build Your Uber for Babysitter Business for the Happy Children of Your Neighborhood

    Ever thought that an Uber nanny service might be a good idea? Why don’t you start it yourself, and provide the children of your neighborhood, city or even the entire region you live in with a little more joy, care and devotion? Dectar can provide you with the perfect technical solution to make it happen: Babyous.
    Babyous is essentially an Uber for babysitter package that can be configured to suit your needs. You can screen your own babysitters, and hire them to cater to the needs of busy parents in your area, as the downloadable native Android and iOS apps provided by Dectar will be used by busy parents to request babysitter services.
    This is an on demand service that will work just like the original Uber app. Except, the babysitters will be showing up upon the parents’ request at their own homes, and take care of their children for a few hours, even at a short notice.
    Your happy little clients will never have to stay without toys, diapers or food again as a result of their parents being in too much of a hurry. Babyous will provide you with the perfect opportunity to help them, while helping qualified babysitters find a good job, and getting the huge returns you would expect from a successful Uber nanny business.

    How Does Babyous Work? Check Out the Best Uber for Babysitting Out There

    With business booming for on demand Uber like services, advanced and diversified solutions such as the Babyous Uber for babysitting script are more and more common.
    Taking the hassle out of the search for a dependable and responsible babysitter, this system will bring you the income your business needs, while helping busy parents find the most suitable, as well as the nearest, local nanny for their child.
    The app is created to be very similar to the original on demand Uber app for taxis, with a few minor adjustments. Instead of getting a cab, parents will use the service to find a local, qualified Uber nanny screened by your company to provide the best available support.
    They will be able to access the native Android or iOS app that you can have configured according to how you want to run your child care agency, and conveniently have her arrive at their doorstep as soon as possible to take care of their little ones.
    The app will allow them to find appropriate candidates as fast as possible, select their location on a map, use cashless payments and avoid paying huge fees and babysitting rates.
    With the help of the Babyous Uber for nannies, you can also cut your own expenses down, reducing the need to charge exaggerated amounts, and attracting more clients while maintaining your returns quite high.

    An Uber Nanny for Each Baby – Using Babyous to Ease the Stress of Busy Parents

    Whether you’re struggling with a busy schedule all day, or you just need a break from time to time, dealing with kids can be a challenging task, and using a nanny Uber app might be your last chance at some relaxation. For any parents who feel that way, Babyous can provide an easy way to find an appropriate, responsible babysitter for taking care of their children.
    Babyous is an app you can set up and personalize to work for your own child care agency, making it easy for parents throughout your area to get rid of stress and exhaustion, or account for quick changes in schedule by calling a babysitter “on demand.”
    Basically, with just a few taps on their phones or tablets, parents are able to select a nanny, provide her with their address and details, and have the babysitter arrive at their door in under an hour – just like a nanny Uber app similar to the original on demand taxi app.
    While parents save time and reduce their efforts of taking care of their babies, the app will also provide babysitters with more work without the need for added advertising and marketing expenses. Your agency will become the most well-known place for hiring nannies in your area, and all thanks to Babyous: the most basic and reliable Uber for nannies.