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Renters - Airbnb Clone Description

The Renters software is one of the best Airbnb Clone software that centralizes your property management regardless of the places you wish to promote your business. It provides you with the profits to each landlord by increasing the exposure of the property and allows each property manager to create their own Airbnb Clone platform and encourages them to manage the website. Renters software offers you the best software to build your own marketplace for online reservation.

One of the best advantages of Renters is it is built with advanced node.js technology, which is one of the scalable and fastest web technology. Node.js has proved to be a great milestone in IT market and has become a sure shot savior for heavy load web applications. Many popular websites/organizations are employing this technology particularly real time web applications like Renters - Airbnb Clone Script.

Renters - Airbnb Clone - Highlighting Features

Currency Converter

Our Airbnb Clone script comes with Integrated Currency Converter which helps users to convert native currency to foreign currency coupons.

Coupon Code Module

This is a user-friendly module that allows Admin to assign a discount code to each booking in Airbnb Clone Script.

Message Communication System

Guest & host can easily communicate with our advanced message communication system inside Airbnb Clone.

Commission Management

Efficient commission management in the admin panel allows the Admin to track the amount he/she earned and the amount needs to pay for hosts with very good user interface.

Secure Payment Gateways

The Renters Airbnb Clone Script provides secure payment with stripe, PayPal, and It can also be customized to any payment gateway as per client’s preferences.

Google Maps Integration

Renters Airbnb Clone application is integrated with Google map function for searching and listing a property in any location.

Mobile Application Features

Switch To Host

The guest can switch to the host dashboard from the app itself. No separate App needed.

We Offer

Renters offers web, iphone & android apps for guests and iPhone and android app for hosts based on the package you have purchased.

Native ios and android guest application

Native ios and android host application

Powerful Admin panel with host and guest login.

Free customer support and 24x7 indispensable supports

Get access to 100% source code

Re-branding your application and move to the up market.


How to earn revenue using Renters - Airbnb Clone Script

Property Listing Fee

The admin can define the fee for listing a property and host has to pay separately for each of his listings.

Guest Service Fee

Admin can earn money by adding a commission amount in the guest service fee tab so that it will be added to check out when a guest attempts a booking.

Host Service Fee

When the booking is completed the owner receives a commission. The admin can customize the percentage of commission for listings in Airbnb Clone.

Banner Management

Banner Management Module can be used for displaying banner ads online to maximize revenue from Airbnb Clone.

Airbnb Clone - Technologies Used

Technologies Used

Airbnb Clone - Architecture & Framework

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Axibnb- Airbnb Clone Script

The Axibnb Airbnb clone is a specialized rental accommodation and Peer-2-Peer (P2P) script adapted from the award winning Airbnb software. The parties involved in completing the accommodation service matrix are the site administrator, host and guest or visitor. Axibnb comes with a host of incredible features designed to help the host pick whom to host and the guest to pick the most suitable accommodation using the information provided. The system administrator is charged with running the rental accommodation site to ensure everything runs smoothly. The role of site administrator includes permitting users and setting everyday tasks such as the duration of stay and the commission limits. Axibnb is also customizable and flexible because it gives the administrator power to modify existing code to match the various business objectives and client needs. Making money using the Axibnb platform is easy because of the availability of safe and advanced booking and payment module. Whether you are operating an everyday bed and breakfast accommodation or a seasonal rental vacation outfit, every feature included in the Airbnb clone will make the administrator’s role seem more like an oversight. As the site owner, all you need to do as is monitor subscriptions, members and the properties listed online. The site targets entrepreneurs looking to invest in the promising virtual marketplace for travel and rental accommodation.

What is Airbnb Script?

Airbnb clone script is an easy to use online rental platform that gives users the opportunity to own, operate and promote a profitable rental business by booking orders online from travelers and other guests. The growth of Airbnb Clones largely stems from new funding initiatives the company continues to churn out as well as the responsiveness of its platform to various market needs. Since its release, the home sharing startup has transformed the vacation rental business by encouraging dozens of startups to set up their own unique and successful market niches. According to an Excerpt published by Wired Magazine, Airbnb is now valued at a whooping $25 billion, two positions behind Uber and Xiaomi in the list of most valued private companies.

How Axibnb Clone Works?

The platform is easy to operate because it comes with numerous user friendly tools. To get started, a signed up host provides a list of the spaces or items to be rented. Guests and other users who want to access these items, then sign up for the service to get access. The host makes money largely by receiving a percentage of the proceeds or commission obtained from the rent paid by the guest. The administrator, on his part makes money through various means, including premium listings, and commission received from all recorded transactions such as the registration fee, property verification, host service fee and traveler service fee. The property listing fee is a commission received from the host when a property is booked. The property verification fee, on the other hand, is the commission earned when vacation rental script is verified. The admin can also make money using special tools such as Ad banner and Ad Capture. The Ad-Banner is dedicated to promoting online advertisements. The tool allows third party organizations to place their ads on the administrator’s website. Once the ad is uploaded, the admin receives a share of the advertisement money. The steps involved in listing property on our Airbnb Clone are fairly straightforward. The property owner simply needs to fill the form provided with pertinent details regarding the non-used rental property. The details requested include the; Type of Property, Listing Title, Cost of Accommodation, Number of Accommodates, Privacy among other descriptions. Axibnb software backs its products, apps and scripts with own set of unique, customized tools, making it easy for users to operate across various platforms. The platform is also highly adaptable, which means it can be used with other vertical trades besides rental accommodation booking.

Enter the Exciting World of Axibnb Plug-ins

The global online booking business is yet to be fully exploited because many markets have not been fully tapped. Although the rental accommodation market is highly competitive, having the right tools provides a sure way to succeed. Axibnb offers users an opportunity to get a head start in any adaptable business because the tools guarantee scalability, viability and adaptability, which allows users to work faster and smarter. The Axibnb platform is also easy to install and maintain. The site administrator can operate the system even when he or she doesn’t have the technical expertise. Axibnb parent company, Dectar provides timely upgrades and technical support to ensure every client’s rental business stays up-to-date. Some of the exciting tools and plug-ins incorporated into our latest Axibnb software to enhance user experience include:

Get in Touch to Enjoy the Axibnb Advantage

The need to provide accommodation to guests and travelers seeking affordable accommodation in various places has created a once in a lifetime opportunity for entrepreneurs to make extra income. Airbnb clone script such as Axibnb is helping bridge the divide that has long existed existing between those looking for rental accommodation and entrepreneurs with spaces. The growing popularity of Axibnb clone stems from its friendly, automated features that are designed to leverage various accommodation offerings to ensure great returns and efficient management.

To learn more about our hosting requirements and rental software and how to use it to make money, just drop us a line or visit our website to chat with our experts. You can also submit a form with your questions and comments. We provide a demo and premium services to give every investor an opportunity to get acquainted with our products. Our experts are well-versed with various cutting edge technologies, including clone site development, bug fixes, e-commerce solutions and SEO service to give a competitive edge. The experts also work around the clock to meet the needs of all clients.

Axibnb- Airbnb Clone Script

As we know that the Airbnb is one of the best online room rental services which sideline the other services through online. It could be a better way to access the home for a short-term renting service, which can be achieved through online. This Airbnb clone script of Axibnb is implemented a lot and trying to perform some advanced tasks.

Basically, the process of room renting will be achieved with the help of the respective mobile applications and its options. There are so many indispensable terms and conditions are available to access and get benefit through it. In this vocational rental clone script, the user can have a web based facilities and services.

Features of Axibnb

The clone script of Axibnb is having a currency converter to convert the money from foreign money to native money. This process supports the user very much and it also has the coupon code module for the user-friendly process. There is an availability of message communication system to update the information from one user to others.

The payment for the room renting process is a secure and trustworthy which has no issues while transacting. The Google map integration is effective to search and list the property available on the specific location. Admin panel management service is available to control the complete functions, which are achieved towards the room renting process.

The clone script of Axibnb is having an advanced filter to display the information only for the authenticated users. It could be accessible only on the platform of Android or iOS and there are so many advanced features will be introduced to achieve the specific task. This Axibnb is a clone-scriptedapp, which is providing some specialized features for an accommodation.

Pivotal features of the Axibnb

Coupon code

Coupon code module is attached to the Axibnb clone script, which allows admin to assign some discount to the users. It encourages the users to book their holiday rental house and flight ticket via the Airbnb clone scripts app.

Communication system

An Advanced communication system in the clone app supports the host and guest. It avoids the embarrassing situation of the guest to identify their new rental house while their trip. This message communication system allows the user to share their location, photo, landmarks, timing about to stay and food preferred by the guests. The admin can track the amount they are earned and the amount needs to pay for the host with very good users interface with the special efficient commission management in the admin panel.

Secured payment

This app provides the secured payment gateway with the support of the PayPal and According to the requirement and preference of the client and it is customized any payment gateway. It makes feel the guest more convenient for the payment. Renters Airbnb Clone application is integrated with the Google map function. It makes the users to easily book their rental house by taping the map in the app.

Even if any one of the guests lost their path in the new city then they can easily find their friends with the help of the GPS on their phone. The guest can switch from the app to the host dashboard from the app itself. No separate app or any desktop monitor needs to activate the cost.

Listing the space

The app allows the users to list the space by monetizing any extra space. Listing the space can be added and manage unlimited listing easily. There are a lot of options and also the app displays the lots of rental house in the different place. In that case, users may get confused with the choices. So, an advanced filter is added to the Airbnb Clone app, which shorts out the long list and helps the guest to find their preference rental houses in the affordable price.

Currency converter

The Airbnb clone guides the users to travel around the world by allowing communicating other parts of the world. If the user chooses the rental house in other countries, then he/she needs to pay the amount in their native country currency method. So, the currency converter is integrated with the app for the user’s convenience.

Wish list

Guest can bookmark the places or rental houses in their favorite list and even they can share it with their friends and family members via any social media. This feature will help the users while discussing there holiday trip and plan out their spot.

Transaction history, using the app itself the guests and the host can view the detailed summary of the payment. This helps the user to calculate the overall cost they spent for their vocational trip. In the history, the users can view the service fee, host fee, net amount and total amount. The app manager will get a certain amount of fees from each transaction.

Special offers can be the host sends to the multiple guest or individual guest. They also sent seasonal offers during winter or summer to attract the customers with the special price packages. They can offer a special discount for the long day stay guest for a week or a month.

Dectar service to their clients

Dectar will offer Airbnb clone app for the web, iPhone, and Android for the guest and the iOS and Android app based app for the host. They provide the service based on the package the customers have purchased from the app. There is the powerful admin panel with the host and the guest login. From a single dashboard of the admin panel, they can manage both sides of the users and also the guest posts.

The host can share and add the images of their rental house and also can update the offers to attract new guests. They furnish 24× 7 customer free supports without any breakage in the connection for both the guest and host. They can make call or message and clear any queries related to their travel, tickets, shelter etc. Clients will get the hundred percent source code from the technical team. They are well –trained experienced professionals in the clone scripts and code development. The code is in full-fledged bug –free and customizable one. The admin can add or delete the cities in the app based on the business expansion.

The customers who already own their app for the business also can approach Dectar to rebrand their app in the market. In that case, the tech team will add the required features and the special features are added in the Axibnb app.

Revenue from the app

The admin can define the free for listing the property to the users chooses for their trip from a host. Based on the number of the property they choose from the list the host need to pay for each and every property they are going to use their vacation for listing their property on the page.

When the booking is completed the owner of the house receives the commission. The admin also customizes the certain percent of the commission for listing in Airbnb Clone. Banner management module in the app supports to post the ads and displaying banner ads gets the maximum revenue from the Airbnb clone app. Lots of the owner ready to post their ads in the app and also they will pay money for each post to expose their ideas.