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Renters™: Feature-Rich Airbnb Clone

Airbnb Clone is a holiday rental software that will help you launch a rental management business with your brand and logo in two days. It is the most reliable Airbnb-like script that helps you create a website like Airbnb and deploy it in the cloud.

Our software is a turn-key solution that comes with a responsive website, Android, and iOS apps. You can launch a rental business in your area and manage your business easily. It also helps you to promote your business efficiently through the app.

Airbnb is one of the best vacation rental websites, which has sidelined other holiday rental websites worldwide. It is still dominating the rental platform for more than a decade. Airbnb is best in providing long-term and short-term renting services online.

Renters script is just a replica of Airbnb. We have added a lot of features from the real website. Also, we went one step ahead and included lots of extra features that Airbnb doesn't possess.

We have developed the script in advanced node.js technology. It is one of the most beneficial advantages of buying our script. Node.js has proved to be having a significant breakthrough in the IT market. It has become a savior for heavy loading websites. Many popular websites employ this technology, particularly real-time web applications like Renter's.

Renter's Script - Highlighting Features

Currency Converter

Our script comes with an Integrated Currency Converter. It helps users to convert the native currency to foreign currency and vice versa.

Coupon Code Module

It is a user-friendly module that allows the admin to assign a discount code to a particular set of bookings in the script.

Message Communication System

The guest & host can easily communicate with each other in our integrated message communication system.

Commission Management

Our commission management module allows the admin to track the amount he/she earned and the amount they need to pay for hosts. It comes with an excellent user interface inside the admin panel.

Secure Payment Gateways

The Renters Script provides secure payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and We can also customize and add new payment gateways at the best hourly rate.

Google Maps Integration

Renters script has an integrated Google Maps feature. It allows users to search the property based on location[Map view].

12 Exquisite Features of Airbnb Clone Script

Google Analytics API Integration

Renter's script comes with a simple and powerful in-built Google analytics module. It will help you to monitor your website traffic for individual pages easily.

Responsive Design

Renter's software can adapt to PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Both script & mobile apps are responsive, and they can adapt to any screen size accordingly.

Auto Captcha (reCAPTCHA)

Our script comes with an integrated auto captcha, which automatically restricts spam. It is fast and accurate, and it stops bots from spamming the website.

Ad Management Module

The script comes with a banner ad management module, which will help you monetize your banner ads quickly. You can easily add/edit ads and maintain campaigns efficiently.

Commission Fees for Hosts

Admin can charge a service fee from the host for each booking. The price deduction is fully automated, and the script will auto-pay the commission to the owner's account.

Commission Fees for Guests

Admin can charge a part of the fees from guests on every payment made to the website. If the booking gets canceled, it will automatically refund the payment.

Property Document Verification

Admin can selectively verify the properties and assign tick marks[verified sign] so that guests will have more trust while booking those properties.

Featured Property Listings

Hosts can pay extra money to list their properties as "Featured Properties" at the top of listings. Owners can make extra money using this feature, and hosts will get more bookings.

Mass Mailing

Admin can send bulk emails to all users/hosts in a single click using this bulk email module. You can personalize the elements like name, phone number, and address in all emails.

Progressive Calendar Module

The script comes with an advanced calendar module. It displays the available dates and blocked dates in different formats. Also, it will avoid multi-booking on the same dates.

Invite Friends / Referral

With the help of sub-admins/managers, the admin can run a transparent dispute resolution process. The script comes with a resolution module that can be used to bring solutions to disputes.

Push Notification

Renter's comes with an in-built push notification feature. It will send a regular alert for individual and group chats.

Adorable Airbnb Clone Software Specialties


As per a recent survey, almost half of the searches will be voice search in the next two years. So we have integrated Google voice search into the script for the user's convenience.


The instant approval module will increase the number of bookings as it doesn't require the host's approval. Customers prefer to choose instant booking options comparatively.


As you move through the map, you can search for listings based on location. It will be helpful for you to search for properties in a particular area.


The host can change the payout preferences as per their convenience by selecting any of the payment modules. They can also choose to get paid in their local currencies.


Admin can export the list of all properties into a CSV by selecting the properties. Admin can also get the contact details of the customers registered on the website.


Admin can create and assign moderators for the website with restricted access. They can give access to selected modules as per their wish.


Website owners can create custom badges for hosts. They can rank them based on the number of bookings made in their listings. You can also customize those badges easily.


Our software comes with an advanced rating system. It allows the customers to leave ratings after their stay. These ratings will help new customers before they make a booking.


The cancellation policy module is fully customizable. The admin can add varieties of property cancellation and refund terms as per their wish. The script will apply the cancellation fees accordingly.


The host can publish/unpublish the property anytime with just a single tap. If they want to hold the property from getting booked for a particular period, they can use this option.


Hosts may collect a security deposit from customers before they make a booking. In that case, the deposit will be automatically added during booking & refunded during checkout.


Hosts can set custom pricing for selective days in a year like New year, Christmas, and long weekends. They can make more money as the demand will be high during these days.

Why choose our software?

Stripe Connect

Stripe supports more than 135+ currencies worldwide, and more than 30+ countries accept Stripe payment gateway worldwide. It will help you to build your business quickly.

CMS - Content Management System

Our script comes with an easy-to-use CMS interface. Users can easily manage the contents by changing property descriptions, photos, facilities, and policies through CMS.

Scrutinizing User Chats

Both Hosts and Guests can chat with each other through the in-app chat. Admin can monitor those chats from the admin panel dashboard and moderate those messages.

Edit/Delete Property Listing

The admin can edit and change the details of the property anytime from the panel dashboard. Admin can also delete the listing if they find it violating company terms of service.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Earnings

Hosts can check their earnings using their login on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. They can also filter the payouts done by the admin separately using the filter option.

Edit Profile Information

Both guests and the host can edit their profile information from their panel login easily. They can add their photos, videos, documents, and other details and update their profile.

Script Performance

The script is completely fast and reliable. It gives an instant alert if the site goes down. The script creates SEO friendly URL's automatically for every new property added to the website.

Secure Software

Our script is swift and reliable. We have integrated the strongest possible encryption in the software, which guarantees secure payment processing. Also, it will be free from malware and hacking.

Arabic RTL Language

Our script supports the Arabic right-to-left language. Apart from Arabic, it also supports Hebrew, Farci, Syriac, Thaana, and 26 other RTL languages.

Advanced/interactive Dashboard

Our admin dashboard is a cutting edge interactive panel where the admin can edit and moderate user data. Admin can also create sub-admins to moderate the website.

Complete Booking History

Both users and hosts can check the booking history details by opening the bookings history tab. They can see the full booking details along with the price, date, and time of booking.

Property Image Slider

Hosts can upload a list of photos into the script by uploading the images in bulk. They can also categorize property photos using tags and labels.

Vacation Rental Booking Platform - Mobile Application Features

Switch To Host

The guest can switch to the host dashboard in the app and vice versa. Both guests and the host can log in and use a single platform.

What Do We offer with the script?

Renters script comes with an advanced website admin panel, iPhone & Android apps for guests, along with iPhone and Android apps for the host.

Native iOS and android guest apps

Native iOS and Android applications for the host

Powerful Admin panel with host and guest login details

Free 24x7 customer support for the customers

Get access to 100% unencrypted source code

Free Re-branding comes along with the package for the website, iOS, and Android. Reskinning is entirely free of cost.

How to Earn Income Using Renters Script?

Property Listing Fee

The admin can add/edit the fees for listing a property. The host has to pay a fee for every listing on the website.

Guest Service Fee

Admin can earn money by adding a commission amount in the guest service fee tab during the checkout when a guest attempts to make a booking.

Host Service Fee

The hosts can charge a service fee from the guests for cleaning, maintenance, and damages. The host can add/edit the service fee in the host panel.

Banner Management

Banner Management Module will help the website owner make some money by displaying banner ads. It will maximize the revenue for the website owners.

Technologies Used



Technologies Used

Architecture & Framework



Our Clients

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How Can you Take the Vacation Rental Business by Storm Using our Airbnb Clone Application?

Starting a vacation rental business is a smart way of investing in real estate. The rental place serves a dual purpose. Apart from renting the place, you can at times also enjoy your vacations there. However, to make the business successful, you need to make certain considerations. In the pandemic view, one question that arises is what is the future of the business. Well, according to reports, vacation rentals are performing better than hotels. One of the reasons may be that vacation rentals allow social isolation. Unlike hotels, people get access to their kitchen, laundry and have their own space. Dependency on others reduces, and so does physical contact. Besides, with international boundaries remaining closed, domestic travel is increasing. It is creating more demand for rental vacations. According to reports, rental vacations are witnessing a surge in occupancy rate. This pattern is likely to continue. The chances are high that people’s preferences will be the same after the Covid scare ends. After all, who does not enjoy their own space devoid of any interference? It will help you gain a foothold in the market. However, with pandemic redefining everything, you need to redefine your strategies too. Safety now demands the utmost priority. Sanitize the place, offer customers sanitizer, masks and use disposable cups and plates. Improving the cleanliness quotient of your rental vacation is beneficial any day. Most importantly, keep people informed of the efforts you are making to give them a safe stay. Hence, starting a business now will help you reap profits in the future. You can start saving from the initial phase. Use an Airbnb clone app rather than building your website. The benefits are numerous. You save money, time and get access to a time-tested revenue model.  Airbnb’s popularity is increasing since its inception. True that the pandemic has affected it, but still, it is performing better than others. It has witnessed a rise in short-term booking activities. According to reports, it has already crossed 1 million bookings of future stays. One of the many things that contribute to Airbnb’s success is its app. Getting access to its clone will certainly be a boon for your business. Airbnb’s clone that Dectar is offering has almost all the features of Airbnb. Navigation is super easy, and so is booking. Besides, as you are using a worldwide popular app, people will find it familiar. It will be an added advantage. This clone app has multiple attractive features for both the guests and hosts. Guests get access to all the necessary information like trip details, notifications, alerts, and more. They can also access Google Maps to find the property’s exact location. The app allows the hosts to better tap the market by advertising their property. Apart from this, managing reservations, communicating with customers, among other things, are super easy. In short, the clone ensures a superior user experience essential to tap the online market.

Should You Buy turn-key Airbnb Clone or Start From Scratch?

To use a clone or start from scratch? This question might bog you down when you plan to start your vacation rental business. Well, developing a website may sound exciting, but it drains you of both money and time. Whereas, if you use turn-key Airbnb Clone to start your business, life becomes much easier. Let us see how.

1. Tried and tested formula

It is one of the major benefits of using the Airbnb clone. You get access to Airbnb’s revenue model and popular features. You get to integrate their unique factors into your business. Just like Airbnb, you too get to hit the right note with the targeted audiences.

2. Minimal launch time

Since you are using a reliable clone script, you do not face any major hurdles. The clone developer has already taken care of them. Hence, the clone app remains bug-free. It saves you a lot of time when compared to building a website. You do not have to research, strategize, or spend hours creating the site. Besides, testing them and making them compatible with major platforms also consume time. With the clone script, this is not your headache. You get to focus on other aspects of your business.

3. Cost saving

If you plan to build your vacation rental website, you have to incur the research cost. Apart from this, the developer will charge you a handsome amount for building the app. It will also include the UI design cost. You can bypass all these costs by using the Airbnb clone. You save on advertising costs as well as the clone is replicating a popular business model.

4. High scopes of customization

Using our clone, no way means your app will be one of the many apps available online. We can customize the app as per your needs. Use original content and incorporate the latest features to gain a competitive edge. The clone script developer has included all the necessary modules. Your website will run smoothly without facing any glitch.

5. Scalable

Airbnb clone script is scalable. It means that when your business expands, you can scale the app. It will successfully handle the load.

6. Effortless management of bookings

The renter’s application helps you to keep a tab on your travel bookings. You get all the inquiries through a centralized inbox. To confirm a booking, the app sends notifications to both you and your guests.

7. Upload pictures and promote your property

Uploading pictures is easy in this Airbnb clone app. All of them appear on the gallery page for guests to view them any time they want. Apart from this, you can also promote your location with the help of Google Map. The clone script comes integrated with a geolocation system. Finding the exact location of your property has never been this easy. The app also shows the distance of your property from popular landmarks. 

6 Steps to Create an Effective Business Strategy for Vacation rental business

The strategies you are following for your business can make or break your business. Competition is becoming tough with every passing day. Hence, it becomes important that you create an effective strategy for business. Here are some of the ways

Define your goals

You cannot skip this step irrespective of the business you are planning to start. Once you develop your website using the clone script, you need to set your target. How are you planning to take the business forward? Do you have plans to offer more facilities? What are the packages you want to highlight? How do you plan to maintain your property? All these questions need attention in the path of success.

Define your target market

Just like the goals, setting the target audience is essential. Do you want to target families, bachelors, or couples? By customizing the clone app, you can integrate features for each of them. Offer complementary services to make your customers’ stay special. For example, discounts during Valentine’s week and the Christmas holidays. Apart from this, you can help them plan events for their loved ones.

Make ways for easy payment

Nowadays, many people prefer to make online payments. Keep multiple options ready. However, users do not like going through multiple pages to make the payment. On the Airbnb clone app, the payment page is only a few clicks away. Besides, the app notifies the admin and the customers after confirming the booking. It leaves no room for ambiguity.

Allows customers to give reviews

Customers may want to write about their experiences. By using the Airbnb clone app, you give them the option of reviewing your service. As the number of reviews increases, so does your trustworthiness. It helps you secure more customers and build authority in the market.

Up the convenience level for customers 

It is a major concern for several customers. How convenient is the stay as well as the booking process? While the clone app ensures smooth navigation and booking, you have to make their stay happy. The app allows customers to book at the last minute. Apart from this, they can invite other people to plan their tour. The app allows them to communicate with you via messages. Also, it sends them alerts for check-in time and allows them to share itineraries with friends. In short, it does everything to impress your guests. Now, you have to plan and strategize to make their stay smooth and hassle-free.

Make their stay cost-effective

Most people evaluate whether the services were worth their money. Ensure you charge competitive rates and offer programs to help them save more.  Focusing on all these factors would make you future-ready for the business. 

How To Start A Mobile App Based Rental booking platform with Airbnb clone? 

There are several steps you need to follow to start a rental booking platform using the Airbnb clone. A few of them are:

Select the property wisely

The property should be worth the efforts you are making to start your business. Ensure that its location is near major attractions like the beach and theme parks. The customers should find it easy to access those places.

Properly maintain your place

Make sure your property creates a first lasting impression. Properly furnish and decorate our place to welcome the guests. Maintain the parks and sitting lounge and upload the pictures on the app. You can also write about your place and what makes it special. It will help attract more customers. Now, if they like your place during their stay, they may share pictures on social media. It will market your place.

Offer amenities 

Offer amenities essential to make your customers’ stay comfortable. Give them access to smart TV, WiFi, hot tub, drier, and more. Many people love to enjoy their vacation with their pets. Making your place pet-friendly will open another door to increase revenue. You can notify them about all these facilities through the app. It will help your customers make an informed decision. As they will be aware of what to expect, the chances of getting disappointed will be minimal.

Make your place efficient

Proper planning, keeping efficiency in mind is going to make all the difference. Focus on making your place cozy, pocket-friendly, and attractive. Missing out on any of these factors can hurt your business. By altering the features of the Airbnb app, you can meet your needs and market your property.

Properly market your property

The way you market your property will have a major impact on your guests’ list. Ensure that the photographs you post on the app are crystal clear. Write a short and crisp description highlighting the features of your property. Your content should be unique. The clone app gives you multiple opportunities to advertise your property.

Set the right price

Before determining the price, it is essential that you thoroughly conduct market research. Price varies with the location, amenities, and facilities that you are offering. If your property is in a prime location, you get to increase the rate. However, it should be competitive and justifiable.

Make ways to manage bookings and inquiries promptly

As you start the business, you desire bookings and inquiries from the first day. However, are you ready to manage them efficiently? If you sit on the inquiries, you are going to lose the customers. Besides, make sure bookings do not clash. Once the property is unavailable, notify the customers about the same. Disappointing the customers may result in negative reviews flooding your app.

Comprehensive Vacation Rental Management Software

Renters Script is a specialized rental accommodation and Peer-2-Peer (P2P) script inspired by Airbnb. The parties involved in completing the accommodation service matrix are the site administrator, host, guest, or visitor. The system administrator charges the host and guest to run the rental accommodation website smoothly. The site administrator’s role includes permitting users and setting everyday tasks such as stay, service charges, and commission limits. Renters script is a fully customizable and flexible platform. It gives the administrator the power to modify existing code to match the various business objectives and client needs. Generating revenue using the Renters Script platform is easy because of the advanced commission management panel. Whether the host is operating an everyday bed and breakfast or a seasonal rental vacation outfit, every feature included in the Renter’s Script will make the administrator’s role seem more like an oversight. Site owners can monitor subscriptions, member registrations, and listed properties. The Renters Script is for entrepreneurs looking to create a marketplace like Airbnb for travel and rental accommodation and make money from the website. Airbnb started in 2008, has now expanded to more than 190 countries worldwide.

What is Renters Script?

Renters Script is an easy to use online rental platform that allows users to own, operate, and promote a profitable rental business by booking orders from travelers and other guests. Since its release, this home-sharing script has transformed the vacation rental business by encouraging dozens of entrepreneurs to set up their thriving rental marketplace in the past five years. According to an Excerpt published by Reuters, Airbnb valuation is at a whopping $100 billion. Looking at this valuation rental marketplace is growing every day, and it’s time for you to jump in and make your mark.

How Renter’s Clone Works?

How Renters Script Works? The platform is simple & easy to operate.
  • (i) The host will signup and add a list of properties that are available for rent.
  • (ii) On the other side, guests will signup on the website and make bookings.
  • (iii) The admin can make money by charging fees from the host for every listing.
  • (iv) The admin can also make money by adding service fees on all the bookings made by the guests.
  • (v) Apart from host service fees and traveler service fees, site owners can also make money from property verification, ad-banners, premium listings, and registration fees.
  • (vi) All payments and fees are entirely automated, and our Vacation Rental Software comes with integrated analytics. It will show a graphical representation of earnings in real-time.
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