Axibnb- Airbnb Clone Script

Axibnb by Dectar

The Axibnb Airbnb clone is a specialized rental accommodation and Peer-2-Peer (P2P) script adapted from the award winning Airbnb software. The parties involved in completing the accommodation service matrix are the site administrator, host and guest or visitor. Axibnb comes with a host of incredible features designed to help the host pick whom to host and the guest to pick the most suitable accommodation using the information provided. The system administrator is charged with running the rental accommodation site to ensure everything runs smoothly. The role of site administrator includes permitting users and setting everyday tasks such as the duration of stay and the commission limits.

Axibnb is also customizable and flexible because it gives the administrator power to modify existing code to match the various business objectives and client needs. Making money using the Axibnb platform is easy because of the availability of safe and advanced booking and payment module. Whether you are operating an everyday bed and breakfast accommodation or a seasonal rental vacation outfit, every feature included in the Airbnb clone will make the administrator’s role seem more like an oversight. As the site owner, all you need to do as is monitor subscriptions, members and the properties listed online. The site targets entrepreneurs looking to invest in the promising virtual marketplace for travel and rental accommodation.

Axibnb Features

  • Apartment reservation
  • Car rental and hotel reservation
  • Recreational and sports industry
  • Events reservation
  • Learning and education
  • Buy it now

Advanced Features

Responsive design

Axibnb provides a flexible and fluid layout that effectively creates high resolution, scaled images and dynamic reflows. This means the site can be accessed seamlessly from various screen sizes, including mobile phone, tablet and laptops and other computing devices and operating systems.

PayPal Adaptive

The Axibnb platform makes it easy to integrate the rental accommodation system with the PayPal payment system. This allows users to automate the revenue sharing process between sellers and the administrator through the enhanced split payment solution.

Unique Dashboard

the dashboard contains a host of information and friendly setup which allow users to manage properties and change settings easily. For example, the host and guest can log in from a single dashboard. The site administrator can also edit personal details such as name and profile picture.

GoogleMap Integration

The search feature incorporates with Google maps to make it easy for users to see the exact property locations. One such view is the street view option, which offers panoramic views of the property and the immediate area. The other features supported by the Axibnb, Airbnb clone include map zooming and map planning.

Review Management

The review management system built into the platform provides a window where visitors can read reviews written by past and present guests before making a booking.

Advanced Search Option

The system is designed to produce optimal search results. Customers can execute a search criterion based on various parameters, including the category of accommodation, location and price depending on the need.

What is Airbnb Script?

Airbnb clone script is an easy to use online rental platform that gives users the opportunity to own, operate and promote a profitable rental business by booking orders online from travelers and other guests. The growth of Airbnb Clones largely stems from new funding initiatives the company continues to churn out as well as the responsiveness of its platform to various market needs. Since its release, the home sharing startup has transformed the vacation rental business by encouraging dozens of startups to set up their own unique and successful market niches. According to an Excerpt published by Wired Magazine, Airbnb is now valued at a whooping $25 billion, two positions behind Uber and Xiaomi in the list of most valued private companies.

How Axibnb Clone Works?

The platform is easy to operate because it comes with numerous user friendly tools. To get started, a signed up host provides a list of the spaces or items to be rented. Guests and other users who want to access these items, then sign up for the service to get access. The host makes money largely by receiving a percentage of the proceeds or commission obtained from the rent paid by the guest. The administrator, on his part makes money through various means, including premium listings, and commission received from all recorded transactions such as the registration fee, property verification, host service fee and traveler service fee.

The property listing fee is a commission received from the host when a property is booked. The property verification fee, on the other hand, is the commission earned when vacation rental script is verified. The admin can also make money using special tools such as Ad banner and Ad Capture. The Ad-Banner is dedicated to promoting online advertisements. The tool allows third party organizations to place their ads on the administrator’s website. Once the ad is uploaded, the admin receives a share of the advertisement money.

The steps involved in listing property on our Airbnb Clone are fairly straightforward. The property owner simply needs to fill the form provided with pertinent details regarding the non-used rental property. The details requested include the; Type of Property, Listing Title, Cost of Accommodation, Number of Accommodates, Privacy among other descriptions. Axibnb software backs its products, apps and scripts with own set of unique, customized tools, making it easy for users to operate across various platforms. The platform is also highly adaptable, which means it can be used with other vertical trades besides rental accommodation booking.

Secure Authentication

GPS Coordinates

This important intellectual feature on Axibnb indicates the GPS coordinates, by illustrating the latitude and longitude of the chosen property. Since this geographical location feature is protected, access to this information is only granted to guests who have confirmed their booking.

SEO Friendly URL

To build traffic, the Axibnb platform uses a combination of frontline and fundamental techniques to explore SEO advantages. For instance, the built in SEO feature can be used in the indexing process to produce quicker indexed results and build better search engine rankings.

User Reservation Management

This feature gives the administrator the power to manage users. Under this tool, the host can choose whether to accept or cancel a reservation based on availability of rental space. Airbnb clone makes this possible because it provides details such as accommodation date, location of the property, guest name and fee among other details.

Axibnb's HIGHLIGHTING Features

Axibnb has some attractive features that differs us from our competitors

Unlimited Property Listing

Axibnb supports unlimited number of property listings from motels to home rental and vacation accommodation.

Embed video Support

Users are encouraged to embed videos of their properties, accommodation spaces and guest experience to impress would be guests and travelers.

Easy checkout

The platform provides a simple, one step checkout that integrates various checkout information in one page to speed the process.

Social Login

Users can easily access the system using social media plug-in sites such as Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. The popularity of social media sites mentioned is highly convenient because it affords every one with social media account an opportunity to enroll.

Email notification alert

The site administrator can send email alerts to the host to inform them when a property is booked or when the new property comes into the stream.

Explicit property detailing

The platform allows users to upload unlimited number of pictures and related videos. Promotional details or special price offers targeting holidays and seasons can also be listed. The videos can be viewed on sites such Vimeo and YouTube.

  • Built-In Native IOS App for Hosts & Guests

  • Built-In Native Android App for Hosts & Guests

  • Unlimited Guests

  • Unlimited Hosts

  • Unlimited Property Listing

  • SEO Friendly URLs

  • Paypal & for credit card

  • Alert for Hosts and Guests

  • Sign in Using Facebook

  • Banner Management

  • Commission Fees

  • Export Properties, Hosts, Guests,Accounts

  • Coupon Code Modules

  • Elegant Search By City, State Name and Country

  • Msg Communication System between Guest & Host

  • Multiple Language

  • Multiple Currency

  • Sub Admin Management & Privileges

  • Wish List Features

  • Traveler Service Fee

  • User Registration Fees

  • Integrated Google Analytics

  • Review Management System

  • Water Mark Features

  • Trust And Verification System

  • Website Backup through Admin Panel

  • Phone Verification of Hosts Using Twilio account

  • Stripe Payment Module

  • Notification Management

  • Booking Status Management

  • 100% Source Code & Customizable

  • Google Maps Integration

  • Free Installation

  • Free Upgrades

  • Advanced Filter Options

  • Responsive Design

  • IP Based Currency

  • Uploading Images to Cloud Server Amazon S3

  • Free Support
    30 Days
    1 Year
    1 Year
    1 Year
  • Free SEO [ Off Page ]

Admin Panel

Try Demo Admin Panel

Server requirement

Linux Operating System

Mongo Extension, mod_rewrite is enabled(htaccess)

Enabled PHP CURL & Imagemagic

PHP Version : 5.4+

Mysql Version 5.0

Mongodb :3.0

XMPP server with Ejabbered 15.09 version.

Axibnb Key Features

Message Communication

This feature provides a user friendly platform for guests, hosts and administrators to communicate. In addition, the availability of private messaging service gives clients and site taskers a confidential platform to share information on booking requirements and rising queries.

Performance Analytics

The performance modules provided are designed to give users the opportunity to check and track traffic. This information can be used to produce periodical reports to gauge business progress. When it comes to views, the administrator can view and extricate inquiries from visitors looking for various listings.

Advanced Pricing Module

This pricing feature lists various properties and accommodations using the parameters such as pricing and terms of use. Prices can be set based on various durations, including hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

User-Friendly Home page

The user friendly Airbnb clone script home page contains friendly features such as popular city accommodations, and popular properties as sorted by user reviews and ratings.


The platform comes with an easy to import and export calendar feature. The calendar can be used to request or share meetings and tasks with other users via a dedicated service extension or email service.

Trust and Verification

Every property that comes into stream is first verified to establish its authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does our free Server installation covers?
Our technical team will do a free installation on your recommended linux server or hosting at free of cost and this does not cover any support or set or installation in your local machine or local host.
Does your team support for App approval process?
Yes, we will provide support for the app approval process. For approval, the customer need to provide us the App store Login [IOS and Android] and our app development team will provide a checklist via our project management tool called which need to be supplied from the customer end inorder to rebrand the mobile app and we will send for approval process. Our team will completely work with the customer to get the approval on app stores. This does not support anything on your local host which includes simulator or your local machine.
Free Installation turnaround time?
Normal turnaround time to complete the free installation of files into client server will take from 12 hours to 24 hours which depends upon the hosting companies.
When does our free support gets voided?
After purchasing the script, if someone from the customer end modified or altered the code, our free support irrespective of the plan that you purchased get voided. Zoplay or casperon does not guarantee or support for any issues generated in our script because of any external resources or third party.
What is our Refund Policy?
Once the product has been downloaded successfully, we will not provide any refund since we are dealing with intangible digital products. We are given with the demo link on the website to check before making any payment. If you face any issues on the website after the purchase in regards to installation or website issues etc.. you can contact us directly via our project management tool or support email or via skype.
Do you provide any technical documentation on purchase for Cabily?
Cabily does not come with technical documentation. If you need assistance please contact us for an estimate on developing your custom module.
If I do not like your script, can I get my money back?
All sales are final and we do not offer refunds. This is because we believe that our pre-sales conversations and the live demo we provide is sufficient information for you to make an informed decision before making a purchase. For more information, please read our return policy


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Enter the Exciting World of Axibnb Plug-ins

The global online booking business is yet to be fully exploited because many markets have not been fully tapped. Although the rental accommodation market is highly competitive, having the right tools provides a sure way to succeed. Axibnb offers users an opportunity to get a head start in any adaptable business because the tools guarantee scalability, viability and adaptability, which allows users to work faster and smarter. The Axibnb platform is also easy to install and maintain. The site administrator can operate the system even when he or she doesn’t have the technical expertise. Axibnb parent company, Dectar provides timely upgrades and technical support to ensure every client’s rental business stays up-to-date. Some of the exciting tools and plug-ins incorporated into our latest Axibnb software to enhance user experience include:

Get in Touch to Enjoy the Axibnb Advantage

The need to provide accommodation to guests and travelers seeking affordable accommodation in various places has created a once in a lifetime opportunity for entrepreneurs to make extra income. Airbnb clone script such as Axibnb is helping bridge the divide that has long existed existing between those looking for rental accommodation and entrepreneurs with spaces. The growing popularity of Axibnb clone stems from its friendly, automated features that are designed to leverage various accommodation offerings to ensure great returns and efficient management.

To learn more about our hosting requirements and rental software and how to use it to make money, just drop us a line or visit our website to chat with our experts. You can also submit a form with your questions and comments. We provide a demo and premium services to give every investor an opportunity to get acquainted with our products. Our experts are well-versed with various cutting edge technologies, including clone site development, bug fixes, e-commerce solutions and SEO service to give a competitive edge. The experts also work around the clock to meet the needs of all clients.